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I just want to make it but I only get lied to and dumped on

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What are you currently in?

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Step back and examine your position and see where it went wrong. Research successful projects and see what they did right. Buy Chainlink and XSN :3

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And don't compare yourself to others to make yourself feel bad, but realism is important

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bzrx and rsr but I lost $500 on donuts, motherfuckers. And they been shilling sta for days, fuck /biz/

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Why didn’t you just buy link?

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Honey. :( why would you buy Donut. Like seriously walk me through your process of decision making there.

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He thought tacos sounded too much like a scam token, but donut had a nice logo

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you should focus on researching projects and weighing whether or not they'll have staying power. you need to look for projects that contribute to the crypto space, etc.

as stated by the other anon; look into xsn, read the whitepaper and all the info you can find on it.

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Anon. Just buy chainlink and dont ever sell it. It really is that easy. Stop trying to be a trader. Stop buying pumps. Just buy link and dont sell. Were all gonna make it.

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this, fren

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I basically thought I would get in on a pump. Thankfully i cut loses before it went above -10%

I sold my links 4 months before google announcement like a fucker, and recently sold the remaining 250 or so at $13 for the other projects I'm now in.

I'm gonna buy more linkies but there are some good projects to make money on which I could see higher returns on. I'm just fucking mad at losing money it's burning a hole in me ever so faintly.

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i have ETH and PNK. PNK is so cheap and has a legit team behind it. Conservative estimate is .30 by January. It is around 11 right now.

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i swapped all my AMPL yesterday for EQUUS and it hasn't pumped yet
now that AMPL returned to $1 i'm feeling kind of bummed

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oh yeah don't take my word for it. Google Kleros. Check their website, do the research.

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That was really dumb bro, you should buy back in. It’s holding steady 12/13 and is sure to go up. Just hold them and don’t focus on quick money it’s better in the long run

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>I'm gonna buy more linkies but there are some good projects to make money on which I could see higher returns on

Yeah your decision making and analytical skills are obviously flawless.

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mmmm yummy donut must buy

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Never sell your LINK and wait a few years. It really is that easy.

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He doesn't beat Recoome?

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Buy back your fucking link.

Maybe sprinkle some ARPA/RSR since it seems you cannot handle turbulence.

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Unironically go for Xamp.

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I'm not finding anything through google

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>the bloodbath that is STA right now

I'm not even in it and I'm mad

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>uses Honey unrelated to iota
>uses faggy frowny emoji

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Statisically you are Nigerian

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Buy AAVE and wait. Stop buying things more than 5x up besides LEND.

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