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*Beep Beep* just got a truck load of these little fuckers. What am I in for?

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haha, dat meme! you made that yourself anon? I think Fantom is the most undervalued in crypto right now, it's not just one type of use case, it's like DAG ethereum, it's Defi, it's mainstream usage with legit companies, and it's so much more, yet valued as a shitcoin, I think you did well!

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How many fanties for a make it stack?

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Fantom is a high risk high reward investment
The XAR fud and delay of DeFi affected the price development a bit, but imo the potential is to big to not at least hold a suicide stack
>$1 eoy

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.25 EOD anon

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5 years of bagholding

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Agree, there is always a high risk it could go the other way, on the other hand Fantom doesn't need XAR, also it's better to release DeFi at a full blown bull market, maybe we are at the beginning of a bull market so perhaps a delay now doesn't matter.

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Kek yes anon
I think one million is considered a make it stack

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that meme is so awesome! well done, I hope your stack will be worth lots of money, you deserve it!

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More waiting. That's all for now.