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More RSV users onboarded
RSR will Rise
Get in now faggots

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buy RSR if you wanna stay in poverty. NGMI

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app update itself wont cause any moon but it is indeed great news. things are going well. looking forward to the next rally.

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>buy RSR
this is the least retarded thing you have ever said.. and buy iy on Binance JEX when you do so..

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It will certainly raise the MC of RSV

There is a second App update that will happen before the year end. That app update will finally get us out of the beta test phase

Things are going great.

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how will they deal with eth fees

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fee-less meta transactions. no ETH/gas needed

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I told you to buy more.

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400k reporting in. Am I going to make it boiz?

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How does $22.672M sound by 2028?

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Sergeant reporting in.

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omfg scam

Circulating Supply
6,847,804,000 / 100,000,000,000

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Good. Don’t buy.

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>newfags still calling RSR a scam
/biz/ discovered the gold that is RSR last year and these Leddit niggers come in here FUD our thread not knowing shit

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WFT is binance JEX

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Where can burgers buy this?

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Uniswap man, but you have to input the contract address manually. I feel good because it's not a big coin yet, reminds me of back in the day when Metamask didn't even have an icon for LINK.

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Oh okay. I just assumed it would be in the search bar by now.

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sorry for deleting my post anon, but I fucked up the censorship

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I have over 5M

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>found out about RSR when I could have gotten 100k of them for 100 quid
>only bought in when 100 quid gets you a measly 10k

End me

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is it going to $1?

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Fuck, only 27K here. Feels bad being poorfag.

HuobiGlobal + VPN. ProtonVPN gives freetrail without asking credit card, just try to login with a protonmail e-mail and the free servers are good enough.

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sergeant major general captain to the extreme

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I'm finally not a private in something. Specialist reporting in.

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You forgot to add change to make it more real.

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In the model that number was pulled from, that was the absolute highest burn price, of all the sampled bull cases. The average predicted burn price was like 4 cents or something.

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didnt read, not selling

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>buy on binance

doesn't know uniswap

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Not selling until $0.10-$1
And even then I wont sell all of it
I will keep some (1-2M) for years until $10-$56

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