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What is everyone’s thoughts about GME? I heard there could be a massive short squeeze that would make people a ton of money. Every time I ask about GME in smg it gets ignored.

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Bump. This reminds me of when I used to ask about NIO when it was 4$ and everyone ignored me also

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because there are tons of other stocks to trade

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The EV sector is hot so NIO did well. GME is another retail store that’s destined to fail and most people buy their games online nowadays

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Interested to hear other's thoughts too. Long term I cant help but feel this is dead but it might be worth while holding till Dec to catch the new console Xmas boost. I am considering opening a position

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They were doing pretty bad before the crash. Look at the 5 year graph

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Doesn’t it always go up on a new console cycle

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I play vidya almost every day and haven't been into a physical vidya-related store for 7 years.

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I haven't gone to gamestop ever since they charged 80 euros for a PS4 game in 2014. Not even special edition or anything, just standard ones.

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The OG OP posted a long ass tirade about how gamestops are basically pawn shops now and that is the reason to buy before the short squeeze, iirc it was right after they brought on that Nintendo guy as a VP.

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Invest if you feel like it and shut up. But I hope you are ready for a long baghold. This company's price isn't going anywhere until they demonstrate they are growing in the growing videogame market instead of shrinking. 4th quarter report at the earliest, but possibly a couple of years down the road. Until then, no massive squeeze other than the usual cyclical bullshit to shake the paper hands.

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When ganestop sells a new game they make 0 dollars. They make pitiful margins on used games. Failing business model. Wouldn't buy, they are likely to go bankrupt. Don't get too caught up on this stock theres other stocks that have the same rewards with less risk.

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