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Eth will be 30k Eoy, screencap this

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$3k i can see, 30k no way jose.

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20k min

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Why does vitalik look so weird?

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>eth will be 1000 eoy

No way jose


never bet against vitalik

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You mean $300.

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will that mean transaction fees are also 1000 per transaction eoy?

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at most it will be 450 (realistically)
unless some crazy shit happens and btc went to 15k or 20k and so on.

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kek I cant pay 5 dollars in gas fees to move the worlds supercomputer around.

Vitalik is so fucking smart and based 150 iq's have to re-read his tweets 5 times.

Buying eth now before 2.0 will literally be like buying bitcoin in 2011

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god his face is so creepy

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2017/18 isnt going to repeat itself. The market and regulation matured. If you want wild west investments, you won't anything close on /biz/

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Smart contracts arent even born yet retard. They're in the 8th or 9th month of pregnancy. You sound like the morons who said the internet was like the fax machine

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>It will grow dude just buy
>now buy
Crypto is done as a space to make insane gains, just late comers and marketeers selling bags

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> companies and governments are slowly beginning to invest in crypto
> every normie thinks bitcoin is for buying drugs

You have no idea what you are talking about

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>crypto is done

linkfags on /biz/ are literally millionaires because there was good memes


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Thats a man

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2.75k+ this december, 20k+ the next december. Anyone wanna make some bets with me?

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>The government is in crypto. FREE MONIES!!!!
>crypto is mainstream
>Insane gains ma dude
lmao, you will never make it

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Crypto is not as mainstream as your are making it out to be

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only if theyre on a smart contract with a link oracle

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ETH is so undervalued IMO. You should at least have 32 ETH before ETH 2.0 or you will kys

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kek good number but staking would be too risky for me. if something fucks ups with yr connection for longer than a certain amount of time you lose half yr eth no thanks

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That's why the return rate is between 2-6%. With 32 ETH you can easily run it on raspberry pi 4

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what now, are we at the top of the technological S curve for buttcorn and even your granny uses it through tax subsidized gubermint programs, or are we still early. You cant have both, and personally I see crypto having reached the top of its S curve

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