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the vaccine is just vodka

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>Russian vaccine

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Should I go all in on the Russian etf

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SPY ATH TODAY! 350 EOM. 400 in 2021!

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nooooooooo u cant just kill our corona lockdown narrative by giving out cheap russian vaxxines!!!!
u have to buy expensive and Safe (TM) american vaccine!!!

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Good morning frens! May our lines today be as green as Pepe's bottom.

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Russia is so full of shit.

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I'm short the QQQ via options and long the S&P 400 midcap

>> No.21256625

Primers to Read up on the Intellectual Intricacies of Quantitative Easing:

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Just dumped $4K in, what do?

should i just go all in on AAPL?

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Our noble leader duterte said he will take it himself! best prez ever!

>> No.21256655

Anyone buying Suncor?

>> No.21256664

why do you think that? it's probably just a meme plasmid vaccine that isn't as effective as believed.

>> No.21256708

NIO up 11% pre market. Maybe $20 EOW

Keep seething americuck,

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holy shit actually broke green from yesterdays massacre

>> No.21256738

at least that's theoretically backed by a government, unlike NKLA which is just photoshopped vehicles

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I like that putins daughter used it but not him. Why?

>> No.21256753

>my GDXJ is in the red
Wow what the fuck happened

>> No.21256759

At this point i think the robinhood and wsb zoomers will jump on and boost it higher, open will be deep green, honestly i can see it reaching $17 EOD

>> No.21256784

WKHS will end the day higher than NIO

>> No.21256794

Yeah, since full of shit. They are trying to imply that they created the first real vaccine and its horse shit.

>> No.21256811

buy puts on NIO, post image proof. It feels good seeing others fail

>> No.21256817

China, our best trading partner and friend stabbed us in the back again

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If russia give vaccine to americans and trump - will it be considered as interference in american elections?

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h-horsie will go up today, right?

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hi /smg/, my parents roped me in to some permanent life insurance while i'm in school and now i'll be done with that soon so I'll be paying the premiums from then on. I'm 99% sure my parents just duped by the "financial advisor", but i've already had this life insurance plan for a few years, and now it's a question of whether it's still smart to cut my losses right now or if I'll be much better off just continuing it to the end.
Now that im using my corona NEET bux cheques as a student and getting much better returns (around +40% thanks to tech), This life insurance is a fucking scam to me. What's the point of these measly 7%-10% gains (which eventually becomes a lower 3% yearly after i stopped contributing) if i can do much better with stocks? And that's considering the full death benefit, withdrawable cash value while i'm still alive is irrelevant for the most part and just a bonus.

>$95/monthly premium for 20 years
How do I salvage or make the most of this situation? There's already a sunk cost of ~$4000 from my parents into this plan so there's really only ~$19000 over 15 more years to pay. Keep paying or cut losses? If I put that money into stocks instead i'd probably be richer after all. As for life insurance needs, eh i guess i might have kids eventually and i'd prefer not burdening my immediate family with funeral costs if i do die prematurely, but that's it?

i tried asking elsewhere and no one else knows, and outside of /smg/ it's just crypto currency in /biz/

>> No.21256862

Actually may be alright. Russia has history of creating vaccine last of these type - they are really simple non-intrusive virus shell strains. But may be not as efficient as what Astra is building.
I’m Russian myself but I will not be taking it though.

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Exited all my positions for the first time in a while. (Hope anon from Sunday night listened to my DENN prediction of $10.15 yesterday and takes his gains today. I see it going down a bit the rest of the week.) Everything I usually rotate in and out of is a bit high. Any suggestions for a swing trade in the $5--$20/share range?

>> No.21256874

Thoughts on GME? Could GameStop pop to 6$ soon? Yesterday saw a big spike and it’s up on PM

>> No.21256885

Mother Russia is first country with vaccine. Me? oh no no I don't take. I give to daughter... not the pretty one. It is... uh how you say, a show of good faith to public.

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350 guaranteed today

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It most certainly will dump, for no other reason than I bought calls before the close yesterday.

>> No.21256958

reminder that anti russian sentiment is bluepilled as fuck and shows that you just eat up mainstream media bullshit

>> No.21256971

I'm a manager in the restaurant industry and you would be surprised how many people with masters degrees have applied on indeed and I didn't even call them.

Dude RH took like 4 minutes to set up. Vanguard was a pain in the ass and made me physically mail shit in but their entire web site and online infrastructure is archaic and probably hasn't had an overhaul since 2003.

Safe? JNJ

Because companies fired everyone so they have good earnings per share reports which neglects the fact that THEY FUCKING FIRED EVERYONE.
I guess it means that it's way cheaper to run a business than previously thought which is going to absolutely fuck over the lowest of skilled employees and those looking to break into the job market aka young people and college grads.

lol non. Cap gains only applies when you've held a stock for a year +. If you sell before that threshold you pay regular tax on it. I'm not sure about this part but I believe it also on applies to certain classes of stocks and doesn't apply to K1 tax fillings.

I really don't want in on either of those turds

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Keep it for your wife and later on for kids. It will build cash value tax free.

>t 50/mth for 100k

>> No.21257025

>green by 5.1%


>> No.21257044

>life insurance
Unironically a scam, you'll be dead lmao

>> No.21257050

got 100k, all in AAPL or SLV?

>> No.21257055

Also to add, you pay over 20 yrs about 23000 but get 50k in life insurance. Rest is gravy that will pass into your wife and kids tax free. No brainer. I maxed out on life insurance. Life changes when you’re married and have kids. You don’t want to die and leave your family to Tyrone Jackson.

>> No.21257061

>silver and tech are tanking

what the fuck bros

>> No.21257064

Thank you for your 5 month loan to people who wanted to make actual money
>oil prices
>oil stocks

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I bought at 36 on RDSB and I still haven't seen a return.

>> No.21257169

I am russian myself, and I heard rumours Putin put homo-killing virus into anti-covid vaccine.
Are you still willing to take it?

>> No.21257185

Today is the day I may be able to dump my EVRI bags

>> No.21257189

will CLSK keep mooning like yesterday or was that all its got? im a bit skeptical

>> No.21257216

getting bored
do i go back to WoW or continue trying to max out in CoC

>> No.21257241

Dxy up

>> No.21257268

Invest in royal Dutch boi

Up by 4%, on track to being the largest energy producer in europe

>> No.21257275

There's lots of vaccines, they just aren't yet tested to western standards

>> No.21257277

I'm up 20% on my NRGU

>> No.21257292

RDS doesn't want to be an oil company

>> No.21257343

Is this the beginning of the end or will there be a 2nd round of stimulus to pump everything back up?

>> No.21257465

Is NET gonna go up today?

>> No.21257480

looks like boomer rock rally is over boys

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>> No.21257518


>> No.21257527

Doubt it. 29 for silver and 2k for gold are resistance points that should put up a fight. Much of the DOOMPing has been from China.
Now is the time for cheapies.

>> No.21257547

ur nothing man. why dont u research it instead of chasing candles?

>> No.21257548

lol get ready for the long food banks and bread lines. you guys earned it.

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>mentioned on biz

>> No.21257611

It’s diversifying towards clean energy production.

Primarily it still throws out oil, but it’s looking to become an energy provider once the oil runs out, meaning that as an oil company it has a backup plan that gives it a stabler investment opportunity

>> No.21257627

Why? I already have 1 years of dried beans, rice, and peanut butter

>> No.21257706

But I actually did DD and zoomed out anon why’s it going down :(

>> No.21257707

Yes, the VC sold yesterday only up from here

>> No.21257745

Set your alert for low 30's.

>> No.21257759


>> No.21257788

Bought 12k of 22c UVXY for friday yesterday. Think it'll print?

>> No.21257914

>NIO mooning
>WKHS slumping
Oh boy, can't wait for the angry boomers today to complain about this

>> No.21257919

Daily reminder that if youre a /x/ or /pol/ tinfoil wearing conspiracionist DO NOT TRY TO INVEST cause you will def lose money. Market is not for stoopids.

>> No.21257937


It’s not for soft faggot niggers either yet here you are

>> No.21257940

Lamo don't buy rtx they said

>> No.21257962



>> No.21257963

>reddit spacing
kys boomer

>> No.21257967

Depends, did it break its march high of 66 yet, set almost 5 months ago?

>> No.21257985

yeah i suppose it's good in that context and that's my family's justification as well since premiums would be cheaper while im still young and healthy.
the only problem is, they really put the cart before the horse.
shit i guess it's because im the only hope left for grandchildren after they've given up on my siblings, shit i dont like this pressure

>> No.21258000

You typed a lot of words and not enough of the numbers needed to do the calculations

>> No.21258002

NIO bagholders already have their sell orders in
you're going to get absolutely shit on

>> No.21258026

Any RLFTF bro? What to do?????????????

>> No.21258032

nio earnings are in chinese....wtf

>> No.21258051

I don't baghold electric memes
This general is just full of "HORSEY" garbage during the day. And as it slides downward it becomes usual boomer rambling about NIO somehow being the cause.

>> No.21258077

Why do people care about NIO

>> No.21258079

Tfw sold silver at the top

>> No.21258081

I swear more people complain about NIO then people talking about it normally on here.

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Markets and bags blood green for a few days now..

Surely its about that time Trump tanks momentum for some trade talk shenanigans and undo these gains?

>> No.21258093

Learn a lesson about biopennies.

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it'll bleed 2% everyday for a week after this

one of the worst bags i've ever held, fucking dutch

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Celchads, today is our day. We will see a 15% run today minimum. Make sure to buy as much as u can if there is a morning dip.

>> No.21258171

>25% short of float
squeeze incoming, could get pumped above $18, position accordingly, yesterdays vol/tape was extremely strong

>> No.21258188

RIP Kodak. Heard they're getting SEC'd too. I hope no one seriously bought such a shit company.

>> No.21258212

I don't get it. Why is AAPL still so high and potential for going even higher? All they do are overpriced smartphones and computer. This is a clown market.

>> No.21258214

Fcel has 23% short. That combined with the beautiful technical setup and ceo speaking today. Could possibly see 4 with heavy volume. Best play itm imo

>> No.21258221

also already bullish volume premkt, all the shorts getting nuked + all major sectors are flagging green, rally incoming, nasdaq probably will lag, i guess this the rotation is in

>> No.21258233

What’s about to happen with GME? Not sure if I should have calls or puts

>> No.21258242

65.82 right now. Bought at 57 few days after earnings. I don't see anything with China getting better

>> No.21258247

the state of this board when i can't tell if this dude is being serious or not

>> No.21258261

yep, already have in my watchlist, not a huge fan on sub $10 stocks tho

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>This is a clown market.

>> No.21258279

Heck yeah, same here. Not my whole stack, just enough to rebalance. Still feels good.

>> No.21258303

Premarket sucks. Russia sucks. China sucks. Yurop sucks.

>> No.21258304

Might be worth grabbing a few calls its breaking lt resistance and could gap above $5

>> No.21258309


>> No.21258327

>direct to consumer product that sells on insane margins and is highly popular globally
>literally a nontrivial component of basically at least one ETF likely everyone is holding
>in line with other Nasdaq listed corps in terms of PE as well, so none of that meme plays a part.

did you even... like think for two seconds?

>> No.21258338

also there might be a slight pb at mkt open, but that's bullish after a breakout like that and is a gift of good entry for anyway you want to play this trade

>> No.21258348

Holy shit Kodak earnings is today

>> No.21258378

also not a fan of options too kek, i like to be active in my trades, but i know that i should learn more about them

>> No.21258416

Fucking funny as shit. They got knock back on the loan after the investigation on that high volume before the pump. Shit gets better and better

>> No.21258517

So will NIO become tesla's number 1 rival in the coming years?

>> No.21258521

i plan on buying, come at me

>> No.21258528

I don/t understand the DJX rally. There's a lot of closures, layoffs are increasingly permanent (which is how the companies were able to perform 'well' in the first place), things are not opening on target and there has been many setbacks.
I also think there is going to be a second round of stimulus it's just going to take a little while to get there which will inevitably tank the dollar again which will be bad for DJX and good for tech/PMs
I don't know. What am I missing here?

>> No.21258535

Tesla's major rivals are the end of subsidies and carbon credits. That or having to define what accounts receivable is.

>> No.21258549


>> No.21258561

Defense stocks and cold war with China, tech stocks might be rotated out of

>> No.21258569

yeah, man
gonna be chinese spy cars imported by the tens of thousands

>> No.21258588

obsessed, take your meds

>> No.21258589

why did you invest in such a painfully irrelevant business?

>> No.21258593

bro game stop was dying before corona virus,now its even worse why would you want to buy it?

>> No.21258619

Because if you do DD they have tons and tons of cash on hand to keep things running and there’s 2 new major console releases with games this year and the short interest is 98% and there could be a massive squeeze

>> No.21258639

Why is the price going up then? Who is causing it to spike? Why are insiders still in? Y’all said why invest in a chink scam with NIO now it’s talked about all the time

>> No.21258650

Shell is a zombie company senpai.

>> No.21258655

bull run for oversold boomer stocks commencing

i hope you're holding REITs that have, still have high rent collections, plenty of liquidity, and located in places with low mortgage delinquency rates. Bonus points if they're not cutting dividends.
i dunno about BPY itself but it's the big REIT i know with after hours movement unlike the rest of canadian REITs.

>> No.21258662

a lot of those companies also do stuff with other countries, for example, delta is going to be flying people all over asia. is that what you are asking? some reits are still opening and operating properties that are outside of the usa as well.

>> No.21258668

because new consoles coming out

>> No.21258679

talked about all the time by bagholders

>> No.21258685
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fuck lol, pic related

>> No.21258686

The music hasn't stopped yet.

>> No.21258687

I understand that tech might be getting rotated but why? Is it due to tensions with China and the loss of Chinese consumer market?

>> No.21258691

fucking lmao 98% short interest is not gonna get squeezed by console releases. GME has been on an unending downtrend since 2015 and console releases in that time have done nothing for the stock. park your money elsewhere retard.

>> No.21258692
File: 82 KB, 570x456, 035d3daf36f0465a945c127425e8e766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Bought XOM at 45$ per.(320 shares)
And RDSB and 17$ per. ( 1k shares )

Didnt regret since .
Also diamond hands oil, finally we see a rising. Because people are in great amount of need for their meme consoom life.

No matter how much those Eco green activist antifa left scum larp Biological shit into the minds of people, the majority still is going to need a shitload tons of oil for a veryy long ass time

>> No.21258704

Stimulus checks replace wages.
Fed junk bond buying backstops risk.
Bailouts replace revenue.

>> No.21258731

Nokia may survive tech sell off just because there's talks of US gov buying part of them

>> No.21258732

looks like it is at lower range in a slightly bullish consolidation, short interest is ~95% of float, which means a squeeze might be coming, the problem tho is that huge supply zone everywhere above $5, lot of bagholders eager to head home

>> No.21258733

and the military protects it all
can't forget the most important part

>> No.21258735


>> No.21258747

You'd be better off investing in Funko because the only thing getting bought at Gamestop is Funko Pops

>> No.21258759

gme stop is the only place selling them?

>> No.21258768

fake virus is getting a fake vaccine so they may turn off the money printer sooner than later

>> No.21258770


>> No.21258777

i held at the all time low and give zero fucks, the dividend still came in and now it's rising. the question is if i want to short. if they had solid financials they are already figuring out how to operate post covid bullshit.

>> No.21258778

It is just weird how America gave up fighting against socialism within the span of like 4 months. Now its just teams arguing for social welfare vs. corporate welfare.

>> No.21258779
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Low to 0 interest rates are forcing people into riskier assets like stonks to collect some yield.
Many of those r.hood newfags have literally 0 clue of what they buy. A fast majority bought Ford when it was crashing in march and most of them hold onto it. Literally every kindergarten kid knows Ford is about to die

>> No.21258783

Someone has a buy order up for 1,200,000 of RME at $0.370

>> No.21258792

>I don't get it. Why is AAPL still so high and potential for going even higher? All they do are overpriced smartphones and computer. This is a clown market.
They also get 30% of every purchase made in any iPhone app at any time. That’s a chunk of revenue that doesn’t cost AAPL anything to produce and is growing at an insane rate, numnuts.

>> No.21258819

i have options in nokia and i kinda wish the ceo would play ball and go with the anti china 5g game. right now nokia is looking like another ford though, it doesn't want to soar.

>> No.21258822

royal caribbean vs norwegian?

I have about $1,774 of stock in NCLH at avg cost of $15.69. Been trying to buy the <$15 dips but haven't yet made a pretty penny. Otherwise my portfolio is heavy tech.

is NCLH a good play?

>> No.21258824

Apple in 2021 will be the Nokia of 2001
proof me wrong

>> No.21258825

No stimulus, no ath. We still don't know if there will be a stimulus.

>> No.21258838

also, their numbers are getting shittier by a q, so i don't think they have a bright future ahead of them, also, if swinging it, then a sudden chapter 11 drop could leave no survivers

>> No.21258845

Do I dump RKT or hold it till it reaches $50

>> No.21258849

Yea most these tech stocks are either Chinese or have interests in China. Also defense stocks will still be good if Joe Biden wins due their history of wanting to go into Syria

>> No.21258855


Yeah there’s no small government platform anymore left and right are both ready to suck all sorts of dick for big gov just for different reasons

>> No.21258861
File: 44 KB, 598x711, 1595019434800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ran into a faggot just like you at the bar last week. He spoke at a volume loud enough to let everyone know just how smart and virtuous he is before nagging me about wearing a cuck muzzle. I smacked him in the mouth and sat back down to my drink.
Hopefully it will be you next time.

>> No.21258879

people think that the WeChat ban was directed against Tencent
actually it was Trump's 3d chess move to kill the apple app store monopoly

>> No.21258883

Anyone else's Robinhood acting strange?

>> No.21258885

why not ccl? rcl over nclh imo

>> No.21258895
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>> No.21258904

For my burger exposure should I go with a Nasdaq 100 fund or a 50/50 split between Apple and Nvidia.

>> No.21258936

>What am I missing here?

money printer go brrrr, plus fed buying up corp bonds. Literally no where else for the money to go. Doesn't help either that even NPR had some story about some retard killing himself after doing some r/wsb tier yolo option and losing. Lot of new retard money coming into the market.

>> No.21258950

it is if you have no faith in idiots and just invest in whatever stupid trend they are going to follow

>made money on azn options
>made money on hanes mask options

I just keep remember how dumb you motherfuckers are and that you will never see the light, it works.

>> No.21258953


Supposed to be stronger than royal debt and cash holdings-wise


Something newer and trendier will come along and oust Apple from the cool status symbol spot

>> No.21258957

half nasdaq 100, half s&p500

>> No.21258959

No but it’s obviously good for them. Price jumped for all other major console releases

>> No.21258961

Yea it's pretty slow moving and they still have some Chinese exposure due to their phone business, but I believe it was bill Barr stated the us should buy a controlling interest

>> No.21258968

Shitty russian vaccine hasn't even got a phase three clinical trial. WTF?!

>> No.21258995
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Oh I wish I wish I hadn't bought OSTK at the top.

>> No.21259018


It’s just lip service to get retail to buy into a morning pump itll crab red by eod

>> No.21259036

>Something newer and trendier will come along and oust Apple from the cool status symbol spot
i'm honestly thinking TSLA
i would say AMZN but they're too openly evil

>> No.21259052

So where can I go get one of these vaccines?

>> No.21259066

The Russian vaccine news is fake to cover for cold war China edition

>> No.21259082

Will SLV go back to $27 today...?

>> No.21259084

Apple is the Coca Cola of Smartphones. They are here to stay.

>> No.21259088


>> No.21259093

I am getting absolutely fucking hosed on silver right now in my 2x leveraged commodity etf.
I'm going to stomach it on expectations of a second stimulus but im hesitant on 'buying the dip'. Doombulls where you at this wasn't the plan

>> No.21259098


No. Maybe by end of week tho

>> No.21259103

Why is pre market even allowed its clearly completely manipulated

>> No.21259119

What is your broker's interface for writing options? How do I get the option written so I can sell it?

>> No.21259126


You’ll be fine

>> No.21259132

musk is already too old, the question is where are the young movers these days? I mean guys in their 20s and early 30s working as front men.

>> No.21259135

p r i c e d in, don't blame the game

>> No.21259139

Can I just go to the Russian consulate? I've been to russia it takes forever to get there from here.

>> No.21259143

Shit, should have sold yesterday then.

>> No.21259201

>priced in something that jumped 8% AH should dip 12% premarket p r i c e d I n

>> No.21259203

So do we sell our Nio's at opening or eod?

>> No.21259206

choose the option "sell to open"

>> No.21259230
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what stock is being "manipulated" anon?

>> No.21259249
File: 148 KB, 1920x1080, alexjones.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone help me set up screeners on thinkorswim? I'm looking to find stocks that have a) higher than normal trading volume and b) strong TA indicators to either buy or sell (e.g. MACD, RSI, etc). the goal is to day and/or swing trade

>> No.21259250

Not priced in it is big money suckering in retail investors

>> No.21259251


Normally at open, but in this case eod

>> No.21259267

The absolute state of the average value of the top 100 NASDAQ components

>> No.21259271
File: 215 KB, 500x500, porn director .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

niggas complaining about pre market
nigga i do all my trading pre market
they call me pre market man

>> No.21259272


>> No.21259280

SLV without a doubt that's widely agreed upon. Then shit like SRNE yes I get its a clear biomeme pnd that had a 30% day but this isn't correction lol it was over 20 AH

>> No.21259295
File: 1.20 MB, 640x360, 1596523871519.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.21259302

Rumours are shell wants to leave NL.

Expect massive losses

>> No.21259303

Market is currently correcting. Wait 2 more days, then go all in into your favorite tech.

>> No.21259314

i can't think of any who have the spotlight
but i'd disagree that 20s and early 30s is where you should be looking
unironically watch out for baby musk and spacex
not sure who fills in the gap

>> No.21259332

>leftoids suddenly become anti-vaxers

What the fuck timeline do we live in?

>> No.21259334


>> No.21259341

lmao, people really buying into a dead retailer?

>> No.21259350

Okay thanks will sell asap then

>> No.21259358
File: 4 KB, 125x120, 1597091417143s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

leftists are all bobos who hate it when you make money

>> No.21259371
File: 170 KB, 500x500, AAAAAA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fucking retarded robinhoodies dumping INO and MRNA at lower and lower prices for fucking institutionals to gobble up while I have to suffer here


>> No.21259406

if institutions were gobbling up the shares, it wouldn't be dropping 20% in a day, would it?

>> No.21259418


Normies go with whatever is the trendiest opinion at the time. The world was a better place before social media made everyone feel the need to be cool. It use to be only young people cared about image and being cool and boomers just faded into obscurity the older they got now you’ve got old crusty faggots chasing clout trying to be hip online still

>> No.21259430

Announce vaccines. Tech market crashes. Ok

>> No.21259441

>tfw sold JBLU and RTX to buy NET and RKT


>> No.21259450


the play was to take those +8% profits on the day of earnings
u gonna have to hold these bags for a while, US tech is popoo right now

>> No.21259453


>> No.21259457


Quick rundown on this stock? Is it the next $FSLY or $NET?

>> No.21259469

it might interest you to hear that research on the ideological distribution of antivaxx puts it squarely in bipartisan territory

>> No.21259471

What will the horse do today?

>> No.21259473


There’s only so much money in the market. One sector goes down so another can go up. Pharma will be down today too

>> No.21259485
File: 2 KB, 117x125, down but not out .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i got 73 dollars left

anyone know any cheapies

>> No.21259488

Anyone know anything about MC (moelis and company) someone shilled it and didn't seem like a bad company for this time. But it's been going up pretty steady

>> No.21259493
File: 223 KB, 900x1200, 1594848484231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

goldbros when is the bleeding going to stop!?

>> No.21259499


>> No.21259502

Bill Maher "was" an antivaxer until his bosses sat him down for a coming to Jesus moment.

>> No.21259506


>> No.21259510

literally anyone who isn't a moron is "anti-vax" for therapies that are unproven.

I don't know what the slav one is, but the one in the US in stage three is literally an mRNA vaccine which is entirely brand new. Even plasmid ones at least were used in horses to prevent west nile. this is brand fucking new.

>> No.21259523

>supply and demand

>> No.21259525

Is the market beliving the russian shit or is this just a coincidence?

>> No.21259535


>> No.21259544


i bought nvax at 169
am i getting justed?

>> No.21259545
File: 5 KB, 225x225, 524984564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

while i support a vaccine in it gets normies back to work to pump my boomer stocks

i aint taking that shit nigga

>> No.21259548

Why are you buying gold to make money

>> No.21259553

still priced in, that's literally wall st. 101, why do you think stock even go up? who do you think traders with 50M buying power unload to?

>> No.21259563
File: 403 KB, 2035x2500, D9A05167-E70D-4AB9-9F19-622DE6D887E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21259564
File: 123 KB, 1023x682, dennys_clientele.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21259568

Wait till end of month. Bag apple cheap as hell (112 per). Ride the wave back to least 300 per. For reference not even the march low knocked apple to 112 a share. Hell Apple could go back to 300 by winter this year depending on what happens (Investors spooked by resurgence in virus cases move back into tech, iphone sales are way better than expected, stock buybacks)

>> No.21259574


>> No.21259577

>it wouldn't be dropping 20% in a day, would it?
It actually would. Why would they buy giant blocks when they can average down over longer period of time, then buy one big chunk synced to some good news and watch retail robinhood kiddies do the rest?

If nothing else, INO has proven their DNA vaccines are safe and effective. That knowledge alone is worth 30 bucks per share atleast. You think tutes are ignoring this info? It's literally all panicking robinhoodies with 1k in their account, all in on INO.

>> No.21259580

You're right. Nothing is ever manipulated we live in a perfect and unadjusted true capitalist market

>> No.21259584

Why did SLV drop 5%?!

>> No.21259602

is this real

>> No.21259609

>bought at the dip

How fucked am I?

>> No.21259611

that dude is immune to the rope

>> No.21259612

You are seriously suggesting that the market cap from about 1.9T to 6T solely because of a split?

>> No.21259618
File: 42 KB, 600x600, CCF381B6-9724-4CDD-8038-4F218AAC7A45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got any forecasts for SRNE? I'm think it'll go to at least $24 EOD

>> No.21259627

At least you stopped calling it our "virus pal". But a virus resurgence closing all Apple stores would not help their value

>> No.21259633

>It actually would.
replace the ticker with one you aren't emotionally attached to and read that again

>> No.21259634
File: 137 KB, 900x900, 1596304510268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one is going to take this zog vaccine, but ironically a Russian vaccine might make me trust it

>> No.21259659

I have $39 calls and I’m WORRIED

>> No.21259667


>> No.21259673
File: 48 KB, 794x472, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont feel so good PM bros

>> No.21259683

>not being manipulated
you still don't get it, of course they are, (even more than you even would guess) you have to price them in, profits become profits only when the register is pulled

>> No.21259685

Is it worth buying into nkla? Their shares are 42$ wondering if i should get in now in case they blow up like tesla

>> No.21259688

I wager it'll dip more

>> No.21259693

never underestimate robinhood zoom zooms. if individual stock becomes affordable, they'll potentially buy in droves.

>> No.21259697

Apparently its priced in priced in priced in p r i c e d i n

>> No.21259712

Basically retards are overreacting. Nobody will buy and use untested russian shit that can be literally saline solution for all we know.

>> No.21259723

Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?
Quick rundown on $LLNW?
>Quick rundown on $LLNW?

>> No.21259727

short squeeze in cruises and airlines incoming, rotation out of tech, do want you want with that information

>> No.21259733

You mean 7%

>> No.21259739

And it literally applies to all of them provided the tech checks out like in INO's case. They had 100% immunological response and cured all monkeys of the coof for fucks sake.

>> No.21259750

I’m shorting TQQQ at exactly 10:15am

>> No.21259753


>> No.21259758

Nope. Inform yourself literal NPC.

>> No.21259765


>> No.21259777

Put everything into TNA. Shit's finna launch. Or, you know, launch as fast as an index can.

>> No.21259784

monkey lovers everywhere will surely pump your bags
i'm not saying YOU'RE right or wrong
i'm saying that what you're saying sounds like bagholder cope that leads you to thousands in unnecessary losses while you wait for the market to be smart

>> No.21259793

>knew I should have sold SLV at $27
I’m never going to make it, am I?

>> No.21259795

it was a 3 buck stock six months ago, what's your valuation on it?

>> No.21259799

>being this invested in a boomer DNA plasmid vaccine vs chad mRNA vaccine.

>> No.21259812

Alright, just sold my TQQQ and spread that money across some airlines. Fuck I didn’t expect to wake up to this.

>> No.21259819

Hey, bros. Just woke up.

What on EARTH is happening to SLV???

>> No.21259821

Not if you bought in at 25. If you're holding sub 22 though you're comfy

>> No.21259835

Sometimes trading with your feelings leaves you with lets regrets.

>> No.21259838

you just HAD to announce that you sold the bottom

>> No.21259856
File: 65 KB, 662x712, breh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21259858

his valuation is unlikely MOON SHOT from getting through drug trials and actually being stockpiled. lol

>> No.21259865

>bought the $FSLY dip
>it's still dumping


>> No.21259868


>> No.21259869

It’s just a dip r-right?

>> No.21259874


>> No.21259878

I almost did too

>> No.21259886
File: 118 KB, 1242x1532, 1568929753201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to lose 90% of my portfolio on slv
2 days ago i was all cash and almost finally back to even

>> No.21259900
File: 682 KB, 748x1228, ko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pump KO, please.

>> No.21259908


>> No.21259910
File: 893 KB, 1427x766, 209DEA7C-7897-4C8C-9C18-2D2B49DBE17C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21259920

Last chance to buy fcel. Gapping up 50% today. Ill be back later to make fun of you guys chasing pump and dumps

>> No.21259922
File: 173 KB, 1080x1873, 20200811_081408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SLV down because I bought calls yesterday. Sorry SLV bros. :/

>> No.21259927

Now you get to learn the virtue of patience

>> No.21259930

Short term irrational movement. Baby brains thinking vaccine makes slv go down when it actually should be the most bullish thing for it. Aka cheapies

>> No.21259948

You MOTHERFUCKER. Do you know how much you just cost me?!

>> No.21259956

If a lot of money does get rotated out of tech then TQQQ is gonna get hit bigly. Airlines have been pumping since yesterday so insiders must know something.

>> No.21259962

>that anatomy
holy shit never post this alien ever again

>> No.21259963
File: 61 KB, 338x1273, manipulation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

WKHS being manipulated hardcore

>> No.21259974

Im sad too. I should just go back to sleep.

>> No.21259976

Right now? Depends what happens. I'm seeing it'll recover to 30s once the shitheads stop selling at a discount due to panic. Once it gets funding+FDA approval for phase 3, it might shoot past 60.
I actually hold both and they're both eating shit.

>> No.21259999

based bobo

>> No.21260011
File: 26 KB, 628x353, F71DF08D-849F-4DE9-9576-FA8147E1F325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yo dawg, I just sold grand dads silver for some crack and Doritos cuz I dun give a fuuuuuck!!! Ya only live once! Keekeeeekekeekeekkkkeeee

>> No.21260012

How is this manipulation? babby here

Also what the fuck can I buy to cover my impending losses on silver stocks? I was looking at CARR but I'm also feeling hesitant about putting more money into stuff

>> No.21260016

I lost $200 because of it.

>> No.21260036
File: 889 KB, 1111x597, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sounds like bagholder cope


>> No.21260039


>> No.21260040
File: 914 KB, 1207x2048, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you'll see it a lot more, i guarantee

>> No.21260046

TQQQ already got hit

>> No.21260078

>Also what the fuck can I buy to cover my impending losses on silver stocks?
More silver and wait 1 week

>> No.21260091
File: 261 KB, 1080x1242, NINTCHDBPICT000574866764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

finally up on airlines and reits, should i hold or sell? someone tell me and justify your argument pls, right now i plan on holding

>> No.21260100

1-5 shares traded all night and morning to push it down by algos

>> No.21260113

End of thread reminder to sell calls or buy puts on airlines today

>> No.21260115

I would have agreed with you if it weren’t for this morning.

>> No.21260120


>> No.21260128

Look at history. Apple is known for it's buybacks. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if after all the coming iphone sales they do another buyback with all that money they just raked in. Less shares to buy - existing shares worth more due to demand. Also the last stock spit in 2014 took the shares from I think 600 per back down to 100. Funny how the shares have bounced back ain't it.. Hey works for me, I'll get my green without resorting to risky plays

>> No.21260144


>> No.21260148

I am getting absolutely anally destroyed on silver right now holy shit hahaha

>> No.21260151

Last time airlines went up they tumbled back down to near atls, just sell and put it into a stronger growth stock.

>> No.21260156


>> No.21260172

so buy AAPL before or after split?

>> No.21260177

fear shills on CNBC fucking coping HARD right now
meg knows the spotlight is threatening to fade

>> No.21260178
File: 50 KB, 500x598, 1EC5C262-C269-4108-A5C3-D57AD4D1C198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine a fat black COCK gaping her pussy till it looks like one of those worms mouths from Dune. MADE FOR BBC MADE FOR BBC MADE FOR BBC

Also buy fcel its gapping 50% up today

>> No.21260189

how big is her benis?

>> No.21260215

best of luck to us all

>> No.21260216

GLD is up 30% this year, I bought a few months ago and am still up 10%

>> No.21260228

The French are right, Jerry Lewis is the most underrated man to ever make it in Hollywood.

>> No.21260240

Should i just sell my SLV calls and cut my losses?

>> No.21260261

Im selling mine and putting it in airlines. Ride the russian news for a few days then sell.

>> No.21260274

why would FCEL be going up 50%

>> No.21260279

I shorted United Airlines ama

>> No.21260296

i hear you, i'm considering it but last time i did that i fucked up the short, i'm expecting a consolidation....fuck me....maybe i'll try to short

leave her ALONE!

>> No.21260308

Is RIOT worth a buy if I'm already invested in crypto? Looks like it might be dipping today.

>> No.21260369

Good luck everyone.

>> No.21260373

New thread

>> No.21260376


>> No.21260393


>> No.21260401


>> No.21260402

I got 8 shares, that was the last 20 bucks in my account so this better work out or the bit's gonna sour on me real quick

>> No.21260441

Just to point out, im holding airlines myselfs and the moment ive broken even im either moving the money to tech or buy more index funds

>> No.21260481

AMD freefalling this morning keep an eye on them.

>> No.21260686

I could've stayed in DAL. Waited 2 - 3 years for 60 per to come back. Or take advantage of the apple split and get my payday a hell of a lot sooner and end up potentially with an even better payday as a bonus. Tough choices right. I sold DAL yesterday for a small profit.

>> No.21260809

Fuck whoever told me to buy SILJ

>> No.21260883

>can't buy stocks because I'm transferring brokerages
H-haha dip tomorrow

>> No.21261282
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