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Bought 400k in Feb. Not selling before $4.

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thats a good boi anon

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I already have a healthy pnk stack, I've been trying to diversify but every other project out there seems like trash.

Shill me some PNK bro recommendations

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get some ARPA went up 30% yesterday

it is based on security.

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You found a winner and got in early. No need to diversify. Congrats anon.

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guys I really wanna buy in, but my mind tells me it I should wait for it to go down first. TA fags will it go down a bit soon?

>> No.21251892

yh if you want wait for dip not very hard

>> No.21251894

After pnk, I have diversified to ampl.

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It's still really early game for PNK anon. Not even in the top 100 and no big exchange listings yet. There will always be more volatility in small caps but PNK has just been crushing its ATH week after week. How long can you afford to wait if you realize it might be trading above $1 in a couple of months?

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Is there any hope for poorfags with this coin? I can only put in around 1.5 eth...

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bzrx I share with you because pnk bros introduced me to good shit as well

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Search your feelings, you know it to be true

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It’s currently making a new high to ETH. May see 20 cents soon.

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How does $50000 sound?

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I hope it does happen, I keep checking the prices and it just goes higher and higher

yeah, that’s why I’m anxious I don’t wanna miss it

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Yes, it’ll make you more than ETH will.

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Outside of PNK I am in STA.

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>RSR is trash
k retard see you next year

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These Greek memes are perfect. The name, the concept of law and justice. Perfect.

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