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I still hold ampl

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Me too. Fully expect my AMPL to evaporate by 40% or more before this starts becoming profitable. I'm throwing pennies at it at this level though because whales are unpredictable creatures.

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I'm not too worried about it. The movement of the amount in peoples wallet makes this sensational, for better and worse. And the sensational losses are the perfect thing to drive people out, so market makers can start again from the bottom without having to wait. I think it has a few more runs it in at least. The most dramatic of which has yet to come

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i use ampl as a hedge

it should do well when the rest of the crypto market tanks

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I think that will be soon

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me too, even though selling my stack at ATH would've let me buy back in at the same rate, with great profit

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Will the whales always dump on us now? Or Will They let it run.

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Hodl it but cover your losses by buying AMPL's clone RUZE.
Check ruze.io this will be starting at 15th August.

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I still love AMPL

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top 500 wallet here

i held ever since mid july. some anon dropped a hint about geyser on day 0. since then i swung here and there and ultimately made 13x.

im still holding. my value is now 9x of my entry. im wondering if i hold and mc rises, will i have the same value as before at an ewuovalent mc? or will i actually have lost value even if the mc hits the same level as it was?

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Go shit in somebody elses street pajeet

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So what you're saying is you're poor

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Good. You cannot lose if you hold the NWO coin. Welcome to the ranks of the new social and spiritual elite.

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your wallet if being evaporated every day, the longer it takes, the longer mc is going down to adjust the inflated supply
I had ampl before all this pump, 4 weeks of negative rebases drained like 60% of my stack, their concept absolutely needs buy pressure when its below 0.95, but since its super inflated right now it will burn for a long fucking time, you should have sold long time ago and moved on to another shitcoins that are pumping 100% every fucking day

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Go fuck a dick.

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found the nigger still holding this piece of shit
hope you at least sell before day 30-31

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Look at it this way. If you buy 1000 AMPL today, you receive 0.00015% of the circulating supply. That's the number that matters. When circulating supply increases to 20 billion, you will still own that same percentage, which will be 30624 AMPL and change. Don't focus on the number of AMPL you own. That number is arbitrary. Focus on your percentage of circulating supply and just hold.

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Except it still would be more intelligent to exit ample and buy back in when the market cap is below 100m. You'll have a larger stake for less money, and when the positives begin again you'll be closer to the absolute bottom rather than a bleeding mess.

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