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How is this not the most dystopian coin possible? Why would people support this shit?

>rich people who hold the most kleros get to decide who wins disputes
>naturally they will be biased towards other rich people and rich perspectives
>no consideration given to supporting underrepresented racialized groups and viewpoints
>will just end up being a bunch of rich white men deciding everything

why is nobody talking about this? if you own Kleros you need to seriously reconsider the type of world you are encouraging.

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That sounds based though.
In reality it will be ruled by crazed twitter cancel mobs until nobody uses it any more

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Based PNK Chad
We’re gonna make it bro

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>will just end up being a bunch of rich white men deciding everything
OK so back to normal thanks OP topping my bag now

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He still thinks it only used for disputes.

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literally what dude

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>>rich people who hold the most kleros get to decide who wins disputes
and when they use up their pnk they'll buy it from me

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Is it worth it to stake rn? Honestly didnt want to burn $15 in gas lol

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You seriously don't understand. Every juror is going to be qualified to make a ruling on their specific case (doctors, lawyers, software engineers etc..)

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Won't work like that, the decisions aren't even going to be on crimes and ethics, they will be about definitions.

For exemple say you contracted a life insurance against accidental death, and died of a heart attack after being surprised by a bear escaped from the zoo.
Was that an accidental death, or was that a non-accidental health related death? Here's the kind of question a kleros court might answer

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>>no consideration given to supporting underrepresented racialized groups and viewpoints
okay this finally got me to buy in, well done op

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Lol, yes. The Kleros court is going to settle my 300k life insurance for my family after I am dead. Why hire a lawyer and go to court when dingledick from the ukraine and supreme court jester wild bill swackhammer from austrailia can make that judgement for me!

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no rupees accepted here

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>rich “white men”
Just say jews

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quality 9/10 tho

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>He thinks it’s used

token not needed

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It really depend on how this whole experiment turn out. If it turns out that a jury with skin in the game is actually able to make decisions as reasonable and predictable as a classic jurisdiction in certain regards, then kleros will take over.
It doesn't have to be on all subjects, maybe kleros doesn't work for something like life insurance.
But if there is any domains where it work, then there are a lot of potential gains.

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Kleros is a brown man coin sir if you don't like it buy a nazi coin such as BAT

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There is no fucking way Kleros will handle disputes for claims worth 100k+. I imagine anything over a few thousand people will take the time to go to real court. This may work for the millions of extremely small disputes.

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Why? If kleros shows its habilty to give verdicts as decent as a huge or an arbitration court, but for a fraction of the price and in a more timely manner, why on earth both parties wouldn't use it instead of waiting time and money in trials?

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This. Both sides provide their evidence, and the public decides unbiasedly and punished otherwise.

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PNKchads rise up
Kleros has a great concept and a working platform, its going to rocket up in price when the bull run kicks off

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It can make small claims court and its fees obsolete.

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YOU HAD 6 MONTHS! Also there’s a 300 page book that the Kleros team wrote that will answer all those questions. Why didn’t you just buy in February? You fell for the indian fud didn’t you? Hahahahaha Way to miss the easy 15x dumbfuck Kys read em and weep. See you at $4

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this was brilliant shilling disguised as fud
i'm impressed OP

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>>will just end up being a bunch of rich white men deciding everything

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>he’s never heard of smart contracts
>he’s never heard of subjectivity
Topkek, if you want cheaper pnk you’re going to have to try a little harder than that.

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It's absolutely autistic how people on here think this is a good idea. Imagine believing in this shitcoin, no one will adopt it and if you don't believe me speak with any lawyer or legally minded person

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i have all the time in the world to wait

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Not OP but tfw actually bought in pretty early for once only to sell at what i thought was ath / before a pNd, mfw its not a shitcoin

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Please explain why? Pro tip: you can’t. This is one of the biggest holds for e top 5k link wallets. Are you saying you’re smarter than them?
Fuck bros all this brainlet tiered fud is making me even more bullish. Those who are new, this is exactly how link went. Don’t fuckin sell a single pnk and we will be laughing at everyone soon. We already are though, we 15x’d this year. COMFY

>brown man coin shiller by vitalik and owned bigly by link whales
Sure thing

What if I told you they already are? Read em and weep

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Kek I just actually read OP and realized he’s actually based. Solid kek

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It means you need to go finger your butthole, now smell your finger. What does it smell like. Does it smell like what you ate? Stick it in again, dig it in there real good and feely the gravelly bits along the sidewalls.
Now try to roll a few down and out of your sphincter. Collect as many as you can.

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get this gay shit out of my pnk thread

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Fuck off weirdo. Seek help.

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Why would you use pnk instead of fiverr/kick-start and shit?

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notice how none of the shills in the thread even try to disprove op, literally bots and btw pnk is currently being pumped and soon dumped by whales manipulating the price

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lol, as opposed to what? Right now the civil dispute resolution mechanism (civil litigation) favours people who can afford lawyers. It's already disproportionately advantageous to the wealthy. What you're looking at is a situation where impartial judges need to resolve disputes according to what they predict to be the consensus outcome.

Look up the common law case Armory v Delamirie.

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Their video example is about an artist that uses PNK to settle an issue, why wouldn't they just use freaking fiverr or other freelance websites?

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that was an example of a dispute that kleros could settle, not necessarily the sole purpose of the platform.

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What in the absolute fuck are you talking about

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personally as a dapp dev i am looking forward to linguo because i have been scammed on bad translations before, so kleros being used to dispute bad translations seems perfect.

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For meme power anon. Obviously. Kleros team had nothing to do with this video. It was made by the YES side. This video made pnk double unironically.
It is fiverr. It’s a meme relax Kek. Why are you still missing out? Hate money? Gfs dick bigger than yours? What is it? This bitch has 15x’d this year. Where you been at faggot kek

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Hahahahaha HOLY SHIT I can’t wait to post this screencap in the years to come. This is actually how stupid noPNKers are.

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Imagine thinking courts are used to reach fair decisions and not as a weapon

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>no consideration given to supporting underrepresented racialized groups

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>imagine thinking this was for actual courts of law

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What part of small claims not lawsuits are you not understanding here?

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>will just end up being a bunch of rich white men deciding everything
Jews arent white.

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Got 21k staked in general Court for 16days and still I don't have any cases ,what gives?

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>be artist using fiverr
>fiverr takes a fee from your already low prices because you have to compete with every other artist on fiverr
>retard commissons you for art
>you do it to his exact specifications and he still hates it
>he opens a dispute on fiverr and you end up losing because Danesh spent 5 seconds looking at the case
>strike against you and out the commission money


>Be artist, sign smart contract with retard
>do the work to exact specifications, retard disputes it
>Take him to Kleros court, jurors have an interest in making sure that the verdict is fair due to staking
>they vote for artist and artist wins
>Artist gets his cash, jurors get their stake back + PNK, retard gets nothing

which one would you as an artist prefer?

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$1 EOY

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Ty fren, that makes sense... Ima buy some

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I buy and it dumps wtf is this

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>How is this not the most dystopian coin possible? Why would people support this shit?
Fuck it just bought I love dystopian shit

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You're still using an example that is too easy to settle based on providing electronic evidence.

Let's say I buy an iPhone on Craigslist. I pay for it in PNK. The seller sends me a box of rocks.

How does Kleros court settle that?

See, it's easy to come up with counterexamples of situations where you can't resolve disputes using this system.

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So you’re saying the Jews can’t distort justice if people just decide based on right and wrong
Oh noooioooooo that sucks

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Alright you petulant little fucking faggot I’ll tell your faggot ass what happens if some nigger sends you a faggot ass box of gay rocks
The first thing your retarded ass will notce about a box of rocks is that ITS A BOX OF ROCKS THEY JANGLE WHEN YOU PICK IT UP YOU FUCKING MONG. You then go “HMM WHY IS MY FUCKING BOX RATTLING LIKE A BOX OF ROCKS?”, film yourself opening the sealed box of rocks, and use it as your dipshit evidence in the god damn fucking court you cum snorkeling freak.

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Wow, are all Kleros Jurors this rude?

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Wow, are all Kleros fudders this fucking gay and poor?

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Imagine actually thinking this shit is worth investing in. Kleros isn't the next LINK, it's the next REQ. Screenshot this post.

>> No.21245419

Nah you’re all this retarded though

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God i love biz

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Reminder that bitchboi and Chico haven’t touched this because they are too retarded to talk about it on video

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This shit is literally like paying money to have reddit arbitrate important disputes for you via upvote/downvote ratios.
This has negative value.
What the fuck are you people thinking?

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Thinking about getting rich and buying hookers and cocaine, mostly...

>> No.21246234

being this stupid

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it's mostly going to be 3rd worlders forced to optimize around the schelling point but go off

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There is two parties to a contract, if trials can be used as a weapons that's all the more reasons for the parties to protect themselves from the eventuality of a costly trial by using decentralized arbitrage.

>> No.21246601

Look up "arbitration clause" on the internet. These are part of pretty much every real world contract because they avoid the time and expense of using courts of law. Kleros just makes this part of a smart contract. It's a damn good feature.

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>You seriously don't understand. Every juror is going to be qualified to make a ruling on their specific case (doctors, lawyers, software engineers etc..)

Who verifies if I’m a doctor if I tell PNK I’m a doctor?

>> No.21246756

Fuck, I didn't think about that.

>> No.21246853

You can get digital credentials on blockchains now.

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You don't understand. Read the documents. People will vote the right way because they are punished if they don't. This will in no way incentivize people to always agree to vote one way or another. Qualified jurors will take your case. You don't understand arbitration or small claims. Wouldn't you want random people deciding your claim instead of an institution?

>> No.21247245

What's special about DMG?

>> No.21247412

How much pnk to make it

>> No.21247453

you're thinking about this the wrong way. if you stake 100k towards the 'doctor court' you better be DAMN SURE that you are coherent otherwise you risk large penalties. therefore, it only selects for jurors who are confident in that area of expertise through punishments if incorrect

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>tfw only 190k

>> No.21247714

>tfw only 40k
I brought this on myself

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It’s okay. I’m one of the anons who’s been making a lot of the pajeet memes and I only have 16k because I’m laughably poor. Using this recent fave because I’m really feeling the term “Judge Judy coin”

>> No.21247863

211k mang
Olympia soon

>> No.21248048

It's unironically these Inidian memes that make me wanna buy

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>> No.21248111

Self depreciating memes are a good thing, first link memes were mostly self depreciating, even today.
Compare with FUN memes in the past, they were all about how much of chads the FUN hodlers were

>> No.21248837

Good observation and checked

>> No.21249422

You dont send money and goods on craigslist pajeet. you buy in person and its buyer beware

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