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Stacking Beenz Edition

Explanation of what the fuck is going on:

>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info



>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

https://youtube.com/user/silverguru David Morgan

Additional /pmg/ resources and info--

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Beenz, Deenz, and... sheenz?

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Who needs Chainlink when you have Bayhorse Silver? >>21084516 >>21096010

Thanks PM Anon.

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Kikes just dropped us 40 cents. Killed our afternoon rally

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All the guaranteed return products where they put your money in a treasury and buy a spooz call. Listen to the grant williams and mike green. They talk about it in this one I believe. Either way its a good listen

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I can’t handle this dump. I’m going to go catch a fish and prepare for the collapse and food shortages that I keep hearing about.

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Nobody told me one oz would be so small

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Fucking bankers

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What dump?
Just filling the gap on the paper silver charts then back up.

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60 cent drop in a few minutes
I fucking hate these jews

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Do it anon. A $100 yolo is $30,000 if it fails. Only really works if you can trade for zero though. I pay $1.25 a contract which cuts the returns in half

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The density of gold is 19.3 g/cc what were you expecting?

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Lose weight and it will look bigger....including your dick

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How fucking old are you? You look like you're at least 60 years old

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It's all completely organic, no way this is at all manipulation.

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just ordered 100 grams of 90% U.S coins with my last currency. hope i get 40 dimes
feeling really paranoid about holding currency over the next month
gonna have to live on ramen, rice and beans until september

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>just move away!
to fucking where? I'm white, where the fuck am I supposed to go.

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George Gammon says Colombia is nice

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>I'm white
Oh, in that case you are supposed to die.

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This happens every day on every chart. You can draw these lines before market open.

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Always wanted to find a piece of merch or display (poster, tshirt, etc.) of Beenz.

Just a fascinating story that would be cool to have something from. Didn't think it'd be this hard to find though. Looked everywhere.

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What does a return mean if you are losing purchasing power? Lose it slower? Gold is far superior to any of that. Once people realize that, good luck finding any. Big money has already realized it and that's the reason for the rally.

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Is that because of standing sell orders for prices in that gap?

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Robinhood is guilty as well, but I don't think they could dump it so heavily, so must be the Jews. Previous thread had a nice 40min video explaining why their game is over this year.

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very interdasting

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Guys omg told me that my I could find deals at my local coin shop so I went to mine for the first time

Guy was friendly but he wanted 40 fucking dollars for a random year ASE. 11 bucks for a Kenny half dollar. 2200 for gold standing liberty. No silver rounds that I could see, not much variety just junk silver and ASE essentially and the premiums seemed high... didn't ask him his price on dimes or the fractional gold, maybe I'll go back

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>buy crypto instead of PM's
>walk into grocery store and shop for an organic beef as poorfags outside protest
>approach checkout
>emaciated woman rings up my item and gives me my total
>"that will be $289,638 and 71 cents s-sir"
>never takes her eyes off my 6oz organic beef burger patty I plan to grill later
>seems like she might have been pretty before the collapse
>"sure thing babe"
>pull out my chainlink wallet
>"heres 1/100th link, keep the change sweet tits. Just need the stores address"
>she looks confused
>says they dont take whatever that is, they only accept Fed Coin, USD since there is still a few months left to turn them in for Fed Coin, or Gold and Silver
>try to argue with her
>security comes and takes my beef away and kicks me out of the store
>walk back in and demand to see the manager
>start yelling at the woman and the manager who calls security again
>"Excuse me, what is going on here?"
>everyone stops, I turn around to see what silenced them
>see a 6'2" gentlemen in a suit with a cart full of whiskey and steak packages driven by multiple young virgin women
>"y-your eminence! this man here tried to buy his burger patty with something called..link I think? he is causing a scene..im so sorry"
>the man in the suit chuckles as he looks at me
>"Here you go fren"
>tosses me a small weird looking dime, seems old
>everyone in the rooms is wide eyed, manager looks at me
>"shall I ring up your 6oz burger patty, our dear customer" he bows his head as the woman goes to the register
>"Not so fast" speaks the well dressed man in the suit
>I turn to him confused
>"He needs to earn that Mercury Dime" he says with a twisted grin
>the girls to his side giggle to each other

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Oh, it's also in this OP at the top, nevermind then. If someone is curious how it works, go for it, very good video.

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It doesnt matter. You can look the customer in the eye and tell them they have more money now then when they bought the product.

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Americans that can will mostly end up in Asia or South America or even Africa. Europe will not be an option.

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Not this time. Inflation is going to be a big buzzword in the near future. They can't hide the effects this time. People are going to feel this.

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Can someone explain this? I'm not really into miners and this sentence makes no sense to me.

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I have small hands so I used Gramps to take a picture.

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also followed this anon's bean trail Bayhorse is getting another chunk tomorrow after my funds clear

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OMG I dont fucking care. The point is nominally these products blow up with negative nominal rates. The real rates dont matter. The loss of purchasing power is all an illusion

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I don't want to go from one country where I'm a minority, to another country where I'm a SUPER minority.

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Pmg told me**

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First Majestic now has 200M more oz in the ground in reserves they can mine

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I think he's referring to instruments with contractual agreements or instruments that use tools based on higher interest rates. Guarantee isn't a word to be taken lightly in finance.

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So I hold 100oz silver, 1oz gold, lots of lead, but also a ton of SLV calls. Yes, I know it’s a scam, which is why I’m considering buying some Armageddon tier puts just to hedge in case it crashes, which are worth practically nothing at the moment. Anyone else doing this?

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You're an illusion

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i pray that whenever silver reaches $100 or whatever that it actually crashes again like in 2012 so i can enjoy stacking as a hobby for another couple of years before the world economy finally kicks the bucket. i root for the jews

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Try another one. Earlier in the year one store I went to had eagles for $28, another had them for $22. When spot was around 18-19.

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The price for the Half dollar isnt bad at all, only around 55 cents over melt.

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>The point is nominally these products blow up with negative nominal rates
which products?
You keep talking about financial instruments that will blow up with negative interest rates, but you never follow it up. Can you tell me:
>which instruments
>why they will blow up with negative interest rates

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Last time silver did a 10x and then settled down at a 3x. Using those numbers we can expect a run to around $200 and then settle around 60-70ish

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>whenever silver reaches $100
The economy's probably gonna kick the bucket long before that

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God I wish that were me

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in both cases i will keep on stacking

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The guaranteed return products. Because they are no longer guaranteed return. It also blows up the risk parity trade which is every boomer retirement portfolio

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Agreed thx fren

Also check out blind Creek resources

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Silver inverse of itself on the 3 day. Interesting

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Is the dip over?

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((( )))

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I hope they don't use that portrait on coins when he becomes King.

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Real rates are the REAL rates.They will matter. Institutions recognize this and that's why gold is soaring. It won't be long until your mom is talking about negative rates.

>> No.21231530

How could they? His hair is gone now

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Life insurance gets a fucking crunch. They need to keep a good portion of collected premiums in T bills or other incredibly secure securities. There's issues in P&C right now farsighted where the money has gone. Some firms, I assume Cincinnati might be one of them, have gobbled up a bunch of cfds with presumably bad risks and would then be going broke over the shitty nirp t bills they have to have by law and the shitty cfds that are falling through the floor.

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Quite possibly, given that 80% of trading is done by AI.
Attempting to fill gaps happens often, and in both directions. Japanese traders (being the perverts they are) came up with the rule that if a gapping hole is not filled within 3 trading days then you can't use it anymore.

For SLV there are 2 gapping holes between 26.85 and 26.34, so I will go long at 26.40-ish.

>> No.21231573

What's the difference between spot and melt, what so you mean by melt

>> No.21231576

>I hope they don't use that portrait on coins when he becomes King.
they won't. They always use a fairly up-to-date picture of the king/queen.
I have a nice collection of various coins with the queen of england on them and she gets progressively older as the years go by on the coins

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it will go up once the stimulus is blown, ok? please tell me it will be that way

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It's a really terrible situation. You will migrate mostly for economic reasons. Most people have a three day time scale: yesterday, today and tomorrow. And today was the same as yesterday and tomorrow will be the same as yesterday. So not until they are faced with absolute destitution will they act. Suicide will be a real way out for many. Mainland Europe will be a no go zone for almost all Americans and their friends. Sorry pal.

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Hey when is the next actual comex delivery date? Any analysis videos on open contracts, etc? Too much of a brainlet to look it all up

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Omit this.
>tfw phone posting

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Looks like it may be ready to leave the station

>> No.21231648

Is $36 for a 1 ozt. round a good deal at today's prices?

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This is how they ram it down your throat. The fed itself doesnt have the power to hold the yield curve in place. They mandate insurance companies and GICs have to hold treasuries and then they ram it down savers throats. Theyve done it before.
They will keep nominal rates and let inflation do the job of wiping out savers and tell you this is totally normal. In 5 years you're wiped out if you hold bonds. Things is most institutions HAVE to hold bonds. They dont have a choice

>> No.21231660

Don't worry about it, at this point in time the best thing to hold is gold and silver, or Crypto if you're a prophet and you know what's the next x100.

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Missed scale.
Red Inflation
Black Interest Rates Nominal
Blue Interest Rates Real

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coins are 90%...spot is .999 bullion

>> No.21231819


Add to this their lies about inflation. Boiling the frog indeed.

>> No.21231830

if we are referring solely to US coin silver- rates vary around the globe historically from 5% to 92.5%

>> No.21231846

and also 30g and troy oz 31.1 spot

>> No.21231859

Until they see .gov as the problem and realise .gov needs a bit of help out the door... and they sell and park in stonks.

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This might be helpful.

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I got 16 silver quarters for $92 on Saturday, cash so no tax haha. Beats JMBs prices for sure.

>> No.21231904

So I have a funny story to share. Last Saturday I was at a gas station waiting in line to buy a drink and the guy in front of me is buying shit. He goes to pay and he pulls out 2 morgan dollars and pays the cashier with them. I get up there and hand her a 5 and ask if I could get those coins he just gave you, I like old money. She doesn’t even blink and hands them to me with my change. Why are people so oblivious about silver?

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So I sold all of my stinker stocks this morning and got a good bit of SILJ and PSLV. So far, I'm down 0.97% on SILJ and up 0.78% on PSLV. Is this average movement or am I going to lose money on this?

>> No.21231928

Insurance companies will need to charge even higher premiums. I don't know much about health and p&c, but life insurance reserves and cash values are discounted at a prescribed rate. As that rate drops, reserves and cash values must increase because of basic time value of money. This causes insurance companies to charge higher premiums to achieve the same profitability.

>> No.21231946

They. Cant. Do. This. The government mandates in law they must hold these securities. This isnt new

>> No.21231979

What do we do to fight against the fed holding us down? I am worried. I have $400k in 401k. I am unemployed and collecting benefits. Should i liquidate my 401k and go all PM? all gold or all silver or a mix 50/50?

>> No.21232026

Shouldve chased the guy out to see if he had more. Give him 2x face and offer to suck his dick. No Homo/

>> No.21232080

All of those are in a corrective wave, meaning they should trade sideways to lower short-term, then continue up. I think there is one more strong push up through $30/oz, then another correction. Of course if you are holding long term, none of those meme waves matter to you.

How many shares did you get of each?

>> No.21232093

What is your 401k in? Self directed?

>> No.21232101

Use coinflation its one of the links at the top.

>> No.21232113

They can. It's easy. Don't follow the law. That time will come. 65,000 DOW will be a thing.

>> No.21232137

Correct, but usually premiums should be around their claims. It's not competitive to Jack up premiums like that. A very successful insurance company will only have about 1-3% market share tops in a given region and LOB.

>> No.21232151

I see, thanks for the insight. The 3 month and 1 year charts don't look bad but if I zoom out more than that I get nervous. I got 30 shares of SILJ and 20 shares of PSLV. Kind of baby tier but I wanted to at least get that money out of shit like Tesla

>> No.21232164

holy shit

>> No.21232171

God you're stupid. Then they lose their banking/insurance license. They will follow their law. It isnt their own personal money. Its retirement accounts. They dont care. Even recently the dutch pension was forced to sell their gold and they did it.

>> No.21232189

I am fully vested. I just went in because of company matching. I dont even know what self directed is but I dont like stonks and wondering if I should pump PM prices and take a penalty and be free of paper

>> No.21232208

that is a solid list. I have this list saved to my phone- has most of the common stuff on it:

>> No.21232212

Closing silver price predictions?
Based my on A D V A N C E D T A I'm projecting 29.19

>> No.21232251

Insurance is typically heavily scrutinized and heavily regulated. They really can't do much with some assets and lines of business. Premiums will go up to compensate. It's just going to suck because premiums shouldn't really be exceeding claims too much. It's a bunch of economic waste.

>> No.21232304

Thats tough. Most people with 401k basically have a choice of 25 mutual funds they can buy. Their only choices are pick a fund or withdraw and take an obscene penalty. Have a good hard look at the funds available to you.

Self directed is basically its a broker account but tax sheltered and you can trade any stocks you like. Im a leaf so I dont know all the options. I know some companies let you buy physical gold but it has to be held by a 3rd party.

>> No.21232307

Seems like they are doing everything possible to keep it below $29

>> No.21232373

god please just close over 29 thats all i ask

>> No.21232392

That was some time ago. There is a policy to even out gold holdings in Europe - you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. When the government is seen as the problem... and they will be and also seen as a paper tiger... then those things can happen.

>> No.21232394

Can you convert it to an IRA and take control? Or are you locked in with the company? Who is your plan administrator? IE manulife etc

>> No.21232406

I actually don't think this kind of activity is unusual. For the last few weeks we keep getting a really huge overnight spike, a few days of sideways or maybe even slightly downward sell off and consolidation, and then another huge spike. This just seems like more of the same to me.
So what's your prediction?

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File: 33 KB, 1280x720, m_bison_yes-2nd_time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can take a penalty free withdrawal from your 401k because of the CARES Act and corona. I think the max is $100,000. Penalty free but its taxed so consider your 2020 taxable income. I took $100k out of mine and will offset it with capital losses, kek. The rest leave in the highest risk equities option within the 401k. You can't touch it until you are a boomer anyways.

>unemployed collecting gibs
Nice. If you are like me and think inflation is a sure thing, consider guilting your bank into giving you a personal loan. I got one from my credit union for $40k at 7.5% APR due to my GoodBoy score. I started using that as capital to sell puts on GDX. 10 different contracts at any given time, within the 7-20 day expiration. It comes out to 5.25% gainz per month, already at +7%, so interest on the loan is basically paid off and I have 10 more months till the loan is due. So I can shove it into PMs and when the loan is due it will be worth 5% less due to inflation.

>> No.21232504

Those things will not matter at some time in the future. Regulation means nothing. Trump is proving tax isn't needed. Why have regulations too?

>> No.21232511

Dont bank where you borrow anon. In rough times banks have been known to "Sweep" Accounts

>> No.21232515

So...when a person reaches the age of 60 they
will become a "Boomer" now?

>> No.21232544

With that sort of money you could walk away. Why do you want to be around to be a slave?

>> No.21232547

This. Trump is phasing out the IRS. It has to go

>> No.21232566

That is solid advice anon I will look into it. I have a fat stack in my 401k, but it's a shame all I can do is shuffle it around. If I can get it out I think I can do some damage.

>> No.21232577

I can withdraw but I want tangible and willing to pay the penalty to get outta dodge from stocks entirely. I am worried about a crash in butgerland. I am not here to maximize profits but to create wealth and I understand that PM is to store wealth.

>> No.21232668

Good work. That pension will be gone when you can get to it anyway. Why people want to tie themselves in to this system for their old age easy living dream is insane.

>> No.21232706

>Why have regulations too?
Definitely not arguing for them, just that they exist.
>Those things will not matter at some time in the future. Regulation means nothing.
Uhh... Good luck slamming through the DOBI, it will take a while. In any case, there are many instruments that are contractual obligations that will be unprofitable for some time. Other contacts might be defaulted on due to these obligations. I'm sure there are regulations worth a damn, but that goes far beyond the scope of this thread.
>Trump is proving tax isn't needed
Brr, stale meme.

>> No.21232709

So ideally if you are going to pay the penalty you have a few options.
You can buy PHYS which is the sprott physical gold etf. It is stored in Canada.
You can use a service like vault chain and hold physical in the cayman islands or singapore
Or hold physical yourself but premiums are high
Best option is vault chain. It lets you buy in at 0.5% over spot and convert to physical at a later date when premiums arent obscene without creating a taxable event.

>> No.21232763

Does it really so you bought 4 dollars face value so if I use this chart
It shows you bought 2.87 ounces of silver for 92 dollars which is roughly 32 dollars an ounce. Isn't that pretty similar to online bullion stores?

>> No.21232914

defund the police is just the start. defund .gov. It'll be a slow grind but big money is going to swing that way as they will have no other option unless they want to add to the smoke. regulations be damned.

>> No.21232944

He paid 23x face value. JMB is 24.5x FV and you likely need to pay sales tax and shipping on top of it. On the flip side, JMB is completely out of 90% quarters unless you buy a $500 face bag for $12,000. So he got a good deal. 90% is getting harder and harder to find and the premium is getting higher.

>> No.21232980

defund the police is not really defund but rather shift the funds to dem stooges
its bio-leninism

>> No.21232989
File: 109 KB, 1047x585, just inflate my shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More on the loan idea. June PCE inflation was 4.5%
That means my $40k loan is only worth $38k now. When the bank gets their money back next year it will be worth probably $30k in todays dollars.

When I took the loan I was looking at the $DXY (which is down 8% since May), but looking at PCE gives it more merit. The Feds 12-month inflation target is 2%. They are hitting it from all angles at this point, I can't see how inflation slows down.

>> No.21233008

Probably will have to pay tax on the rollover because a 401k is pretax.

>> No.21233027

Is the loan interest rate fixed or variable? Jews always get their gibs

>> No.21233060

Hair below $29.

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File: 1.58 MB, 2448x3264, shime3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About to get my 1 oz Au soon. lcs only has maple leaves or krugs. Which one should I get?

>> No.21233079

Day of the pillow soon, old man. Thanks for selling us out. Even when you pass down your shit it'll be taxed to death.
You ruined us. Hope you get what's coming for you.

>> No.21233084

You must think Latin American style "corruption" will run in the US. I'll let you know that the insurance industry at large probably won't and can't.
>defund the police
I mean..... Police state tyranny sticks, but also muh crime. You read like a young ancap or some kind of weird federal govt. supporter.

>> No.21233120

niggers died for that gold and their blood makes it more valuable, well it does to me

>> No.21233123

Maples if priced the same. krugs are 92% Which can cause issues crossing borders and some places charge tax on sub 999

>> No.21233129

My choice works be leaf for anti counterfeiting

>> No.21233148

Kinesis > vaultchain. No storage fee and it's an actual market with competition so you don't have to accept whatever spread sprott and apmex decide to fuck you on. Kinesis secondary market silver is going for 29.50 right now vs 29.91 on vaultchain. And its storage is more distributed than vaultchain.

>> No.21233205
File: 160 KB, 1600x1200, kneegrown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what about other fine negro silvers

>> No.21233209

I’d rather live in the ashes of America than the cucked state of Europe. Hopefully we get a complete collapse scenario where we can take the rest of our freedoms back by force and the weak are eliminated.

>> No.21233223

Thanks for the stack posting fren, not seeing too many anymore.
Get whichever coin looks cool in her hands.

>> No.21233242

>niggers slaves leave america
>move to africa
>enslave natives
>live like kings till eventually deposed
yeah libera is based and I would buy some of that silver

>> No.21233246

Maples all the way

>> No.21233253
File: 1.76 MB, 2448x3264, shime4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks guys I'll most likely go with a leaf for purity

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Spanish anon who has been stacking on PM for a couple of years.

I have been reading on gold's history in the USA and I just saw that gold was forbidden for private storage for most of the XX century.
I started shaking as I was reading that, like, what if they do that again? How did stackers handle during that 50 year period? What if I need to convert my gold to fiat? Will I be shot on sight by the Google Police?

>> No.21233316

Back them people owned gold. All that gold is now owned by the US. No one has gold anymore. 12% of the population has gold and 14% has silver.
They could come for it but they would spend an awful lot of blood/treasure to get very little

>> No.21233326
File: 243 KB, 680x709, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Will I be shot on sight by the Google Police?

>> No.21233349

I'll turn in what I need or deem as financially advantageous (likely less than an ounce) then send the rest to Switzerland or up my ass.

>> No.21233351

pure gold is soft
you will have to be careful. don't let your waifu get hold of it

>> No.21233359
File: 100 KB, 640x404, 6826DA8A-D514-44CB-B1E8-7654F070B490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21233416

Fixed because 800+ credit score and only 12-months and under $50k. There was another option up to 60 months and $200k, at a variable rate between 7%-18% based on my ongoing credit score.

>> No.21233424

A lot of people turned gold coins into "jewelry" where it was just a chain necklace with a st gaudens on the end. You can actually find these chains on ebay. Jewelry gold was still allowed. If someone wanted to buy gold they'd just fly to zurich, buy it there and put it in a safe deposit box under a numbered bank account.

>> No.21233433


>> No.21233446
File: 389 KB, 1547x806, Smugglers Wallet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For Comfort

>> No.21233481

You can trade it for jewelry or you can just send it to Switzerland. Only the American pleb sold their metals, Jews didn't sell an ounce.

>> No.21233495

>the relief you feel when you take a $6000 shit

>> No.21233511

Yeah, it's purely therapeutic. Like a uh, emotion pet or whatever the hell.

>> No.21233540
File: 339 KB, 1281x720, peter-schiff-interview2v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When the stock market crashes, so will our miners, won't they?

>> No.21233573

gold krugs are way more iconic than gold maples

>> No.21233584

Did your ancestors stack any gold?
Spanish is definitely the most based ethnicity when it comes to gold stackin'

>> No.21233600

Lol based!

>> No.21233606

Israel has no official gold holdings. Anyone know why?

>> No.21233609

Those percentages seem high. I'd bet 75%
of Americans have no idea what silver is

>> No.21233646

The silver is high because there are likely still silver coins in circulation and some people have kept a few silver dollars as momentos. They definately dont own much

>> No.21233659

Only five or six people were ever charged with possessing Gold, nobody ended up in jail, a couple people got fined. You couldn't aquire or bring gold into the US during that period, but a lot of people who didn't turn in their gold or have it stored in a bank were able to (illegally) hang on to their gold throughout the duration of the period.

>> No.21233697

Almost everything will go very low, some companies will just go "low a bit". Some businesses will rebound in a month, some will bankrupt. I think miners will be safe, together with stuff like eBay, Facebook, basically companies that don't NEED any space or much capital. Data selling will always be hot stuff, that's how Amazon makes a lot of money too.

>> No.21233707

Here is the survey
how true it is that is up to you but I think the point is your take that the bulk of americans have no fucking clue.
but when the inflation really starts and the system buckles they will learn fast.
1 mercury dime = 1 blow job

>> No.21233710
File: 30 KB, 500x492, 556A-sub.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they did it again they would just hit ETFs and maybe bullion dealers. That it. They arent going door to door with pic related behind every door. It simply isnt happening

>> No.21233721

>12% of the population has gold and 14% has silver
i bet only 10% of those again are actual stackers, the rest have some piece of jewelry/think their wedding band counts

>> No.21233732

I don't know if Spain has a history that mmmm... sets a similar precedent.

>> No.21233745

Last time I checked they had 8000 tonnes, just not within the official territory of Israel ;^)

>> No.21233781

I can tell you from personal experience that
95% of people who think they own sterling
actually have worthless silver plate

>> No.21233794
File: 30 KB, 926x411, Image1-edit-10-17-2019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the the survey addressed specifically gold/silver bullion/coins

>> No.21233797

>I see what you did there

>> No.21233798

Gold confiscation in the US really wasn't that bad, that's why so many Pre-33 coins still exist.

>US government says, "guys gold is illegal now, you have to turn in all your gold at the bank and we'll give you $20 an oz for it. if you don't you'll be in trouble."
>The government then bought the gold
> and immediately raised gold price to $35 an oz

They didn't go around actively searching people's home for gold or anything. Some people with safety deposit boxes were fugged, some private storage businesses too, but the only private citizen who ever actually got in trouble was one who literally announced he wasn't handing in his gold in a newspaper. If you just held your gold at your house, not only was it fine, but thanks to the govt backed price change it almost immediately gained 75% in value.

Now here's what's really awesome about this. Back then, the dollar to gold ratio was only like $30, and the spot price was $20 an ounce. Think about what the price of gold is today, and how much the govt would have to increase it based on the dollar to gold ratio if they wanted to back their currency with gold even just 10%.

>> No.21233804

Bullion is sales tax free where I'm at and shipping is free over 199 orders so he saved a buck 50 but he had to leave his house, use gas money to drive to his lcs and make eye contact with sweaty boomers

>> No.21233827

This. Or they think Grandma's silverware is
silver and it isn't

>> No.21233838

Any woman who owns earrings has at least one silver (or silver plated) pair bought to avoid getting infections when they first get the earrings in. In most cases they contain less than a gram of silver and were bought at some absurd multiple of spot. That alone probably almost doubles the numbers.

>> No.21233841

Huh maybe there are way more stackers then we think but we're too scared to out ourselves to our friends

>> No.21233869

how can i tell the difference? any tips?

>> No.21233885
File: 209 KB, 1000x668, schiff-apu-headshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tech is a bubble though, lets be honest m8.

>> No.21233933

Inca One + Minera mining corp are my short term miner buys. Sold WPM, PAAS, SAND, and USAS recently. May invest in k92, RIO2, Liberty Gold as longer term holds soon. thoughts on miners?

>> No.21233943

You don't know the amount. Many might just own a few coins because they look pretty. For example they found women were more likely to own just silver.
I bet they just have a few novelty pieces.
but you are right beyond the family that I live with no one knows I have any. Hard to hide from my family

>> No.21233948
File: 32 KB, 300x375, hemke-head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please replace schiff with our new god

>> No.21233971

I wonder how many people have clad Ike dollars and clad halves thinking they're silver?

>> No.21233983

Tap two pieces against each other and see if they make the right sound. I don't have the webm but someone here can probably post the recording an anon did of him tapping two silver buffalos together. It's a very distinct sound.

>> No.21233986

>Huh maybe there are way more stackers then we think but we're too smart to out ourselves to our friends

>> No.21234006

Yes. I am a professional sterling dealer. American sterling is stamped "sterling" or "925". Foreign
marks get more complicated but can easily be found online

>> No.21234058

a bunch I imagine
My parents had a big bag of junk that I sorted from them. ~50 oz of 90% but the rest, and I mean so much I didn't bother counting, was 40% half dollars.
I bet many boomers have a big bag like that especially if they loved Kennedy

>> No.21234062

Did that many people own gold stacks back then? Nowadays it's mostly weirdos who stack

That's one way to overcome the problem

Maybe a couple hundred years ago, when Spain was the biggest empire. Nowadays I roam some PM spanish forums, and their stacks are pure garbage. I have seen cute anime dolls with bigger stacks.
On the other hand in Madrid and Barcelona, you can buy some pretty cool old Spanish Empire gold coins.

Wouldn't the government raise an eyebrow when you went to sell your gold one year after the ban?

>> No.21234078

I agree 100% but most of that 14% probably own
an ounce or 2 at most

>> No.21234081

another fucking day of watching my mining stocks shoot up right before the market opens and then stagnate throughout the trading day. what the fuck bros

>> No.21234134

>Did that many people own gold stacks back then? Nowadays it's mostly weirdos who stack
They were making gold coins up to 1880 so yeah I imagine many had stores of gold/silver coins and what not as savings

>> No.21234186

also there were large media programs aimed to shame people for keeping gold, especially during ww2

>> No.21234240

>Wouldn't the government raise an eyebrow when you went to sell your gold one year after the ban?

"Oh I was going through some of my grandma's old things and found this coin/box of gold." Or don't sell it to the govt at all, sell it to someone else. Or take it abroad, you can literally just put a gold coin in a bag of change and nobody will ever look twice. Or hold through the whole confiscation period. Or turn it into jewelry, or any of a million other things. The govt ban on gold is about as effective as the govt ban on weed. So long as you're not retarded about it, it's basically guaranteed you'll never get in trouble.

>> No.21234241

I think you gave all your gold to Stalin for "safekeeping"

Never got it back

>> No.21234299

conformity and peer pressure is powerful stuff
they can make you do and think things that your own senses will tell you is wrong

>> No.21234365

Busy at work today, who is our new god? maybe I can shop something this week.

>> No.21234423

All of it tho? Google, maybe, Facebook? Not so sure, that's the biggest data harvesting operation ever, they make money in creative ways. Even with the crisis around, it just makes people use Facebook more, be it out of boredom or browsing local job offers. Zucc is a fucking reptilian, but I wouldn't bet against that slimy jew.

>> No.21234425

>Did that many people own gold stacks back then? Nowadays it's mostly weirdos who stack
Up until 1933 you could get Gold coins at most banks. If they were out you could order uncirculated gold coins directly from the mint for face value+postage.

>> No.21234451

How many of these to make it?

>> No.21234530

please type more about how you think this would play out and why.

>> No.21234597

I agree. Fuck this shit. I will pay the penalty I dont give a fuck. They have supressed us long enough. I am going gold silver and crypto everything that hedges against the USD. Thanks frens for clarity

>> No.21234681

About 10, better start stretching now so you can move them all in one go

>> No.21234694
File: 100 KB, 700x700, mu6mp0qcny341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Did that many people own gold stacks back then?
Incredible, huh? 2 generations and the understanding of value of the precious metals is GONE.
Posted my today's encounter in previous threads, might as well mention it again.
I'm from the UK, moved to a new town recently for reasons, so today I finally had a chance to talk one on one with the owner of the biggest gold/silver dealer here. There was no one inside his shop, so I took that opportunity to ask him like one man to another. I asked if there is any increased interest in gold and silver lately, he knew instantly what I mean, laughed a bit and said "No, none, nothing. These people don't understand what's about to happen in 6 months. This country never went through a crisis like that. In America they'll run out of physical silver soon, UK will start exporting for profit, there won't be enough bullion for the Brits when the time comes."
All you needed is a few years of socialists ruling to turn this powerful Empire into a debt slave, where people don't understand why gold and silver were important for 7000 years.
Asked if he has any bullion for sale, he said he's never selling, but he'll happily buy. I said to him the same, so we parted ways in mutual respect and understanding.

>> No.21234739

You will know when your rectum can no longer hold any more inside your guts.

>> No.21234748

Apple has good fundamentals and a good moat, Google is poor value based on its PEG Ratio (2.1x). I don't think Google would be a terrible investment, but not sure it would be a good one at this price. Facebook has an even lower PEG. I'm not saying these aren't good companies, it's just you aren't buying them on sale and how much bigger can they get?

>> No.21234787
File: 81 KB, 600x900, uk-gunban.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>UK will start exporting for profit
that is fucked please buy more anon and get yourself a gun.
a shotgun should be easy enough and an over under is very sexy

>> No.21234799

I pray for your strength, will and best judgment.

>> No.21234801
File: 12 KB, 480x640, 1585431239292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Investing in FAANG

>> No.21234831

Be nicer to the boomers itt, /pmg/.
PMchads are PMchads, irrespective of age.

>> No.21234837

Please keep posting this. I love seeing it in every thread. Better than that SLV garbage.

>> No.21234848

britbongs can't obtain firearms anon

>> No.21234883
File: 174 KB, 959x1280, 1569610435078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get thicker skin
people call me a degenerate weeb but that does not prevent me from posting anime

>> No.21234898
File: 1.20 MB, 640x360, 1597055008193.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bck blind Creek Resources will go to 2 dollar from 25 cents atm when Eric sprott announces his participation in the private placement.

>> No.21234902

>Facebook, basically companies that don't NEED any space or much capital.
Do you have any idea how much they spend on datacenters? Probably not...

>> No.21234910

>get a loife bin that knoife

>> No.21234937

I am a millennial, God help me.
Just thought it was a little mean-spirited.
inb4 >>>/plebbit/
Yeah, yeah.

>> No.21234958

I wish it would

>> No.21234988

There is a literal fucking gun shop in my medium-sized town. Full of shotguns and hunting rifles. It's not that hard, but there are certain things you have to ensure, like keeping it locked in a safe-like container, and sometimes the Pigs can drop by on a random control to see if you store it properly.

>> No.21235035

That was kind of my point, I'm not.

>> No.21235039

You can get a lever action rifle, right?
One of those can be very effective and far better than a bolt action

>> No.21235052

lmagine having daddy government having the right to tell you what to do in your own fucking home lmfao.

>> No.21235061
File: 48 KB, 634x262, F545A5FD-D7D1-44D3-88BA-A96B3891B05E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>that anon who posted “reddit said you guys wouldn’t bully me” wasn’t being ironic

>> No.21235131

I'm not born in the UK, I don't have their subservient genetic phenotype, but yeah, I agree. Old saying goes something like this: all the people with balls who respect freedom fucked off from the UK to America when it was colonized. All those who didn't were sent to Australia not long after. Now it's just sheep, obedient cattle. You can tell by the way they reacted to CoronaMeme.

>> No.21235147

I know they’ve had a good run, but do people really think silver and gold are going to drop for any significant period of time? What is going on out there? Are financial types really this fucking blind as to what time it is?

>> No.21235167
File: 25 KB, 770x410, silver_3d_b_o_USD (5).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21235183
File: 84 KB, 540x596, dominoes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21235191
File: 238 KB, 1720x2088, SILVEEEEER.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any specific Silver 10oz bars to stay away from?

>> No.21235193

I don’t understand the question. It sounds like you think a countermove means the trend is over, and can’t just be fluctuations, rebalancing, profit taking, etc.

>> No.21235197

What is this monstrosity

>> No.21235230

Unless they are thinking significant nationalization risk...

>> No.21235247
File: 457 KB, 1600x1200, your_finance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no safe havens left

>> No.21235253
File: 75 KB, 728x455, 14406AAC-7221-47B3-ADFC-3CFB7602ADC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fuck is this?
Is this fucking bloomberg crayon drawings?

>> No.21235299

Guys sorry to ask again, but as a PMG newfag, what is the move right now? Do I want to use the provided links and start stacking bullion? Is now a good time to start stacking silver?

>> No.21235350

It's an interesting anecdotal story. The jewelry stores in town are quite because of the high price and there are plenty of offers on Faceberg and Gumtree for scrap silver ans gold at stupid prices. I've picked a number of shops clean of their low priced gold that they failed to update prices on... normally the cheaper pieces. People here don't get a sense for how this isn't a typical swing in the market and how the decade to come is going to be defining. The dealers are almost always out of stock here and a few months ago I cleared out a local dealer with ease and I'm a no one. I payed a high premium at the time but I'm in the money without a problem now. I am curious to see where this goes in the next few months but I have the feeling I'll be trying to buy as much as I can get my hands on with throw away cash. I'm aiming for 10,000oz. It might sound like a lot but it's really not in comparison to the typical persons wealth. A few thousand people like me and throw in a few hundred wealthy millionaires that are ready to burn cash like they do on their wine collections and the market is gone.

>> No.21235359

Yes basically the silver/gold train is leaving the station but its still moving slowly. If you run you can still hop aboard the train.
Anything you pay now even if you think its expensive is really nothing compared to its final destination.
Hop on with what you can afford before you the train is gone

>> No.21235416

Spot could go down a bit, but good luck finding it. If you don’t own any physical now, but some right now.

>> No.21235434
File: 87 KB, 650x420, 1596944145679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No safe havens left.

>> No.21235441

I'm looking at junk silver on bold. Good idea or bad idea?

>> No.21235443

The train is leaving the station, are you onboard or not. Gotta decide. Gotta decide right now. The train is leaving the station. Are you on this train or not on this train. Make up your mind.

>> No.21235460

Nationalization of Barrick?
By the Canadians?

>> No.21235498

Damn I went to sleep after seeing (((someone))) constantly trying to smash it under 28. Now it's 29, they failed horribly.

>> No.21235504

Thanks friend. Is there any other website that I should focus on besides SDBullion? Also, how are silver dimes worth?

>> No.21235518

junk silver is great and can usually be found for a small premium over spot.
its also in small units which makes it great for trade in a shit hit the fan scenario.
end of the day silver is silver get what you can

>> No.21235530

>and sometimes the Pigs can drop by on a random control to see if you store it properly.
Wow. I can’t believe this exists and people tolerate it.

>> No.21235575
File: 72 KB, 440x406, 1550210643789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$1.40 mercury dimes = 1 oz if i remember correctly
i like providentmetals but check them all and get the best price you can

>> No.21235579

I think we're going to have a terrible next 10 years when it comes to economy. This crisis will make us strong, hard times work this way. You must ensure that you'll have at least something to rely on when everything else starts failing. This debt bubble will not pop, it will explode, annihilating many things.
How old are you? What country you from? How much savings you have? To help you make the right choice I'd need to know a bit more, metals work differently in different countries, taxes and such.

>> No.21235580

I believe congress passed a one year exemption which you can withdraw 100k from your retirement accounts in 2020 with no penalty.

Also I'd roll the 401k into a Roth IRA where you can do your own investing (sprott trusts, mining stocks). Principal can also be withdrawn without additional tax or penalty after 5 years

>> No.21235607

Can you turn it into land. I mean, can you envision handing it over to by a nice building block in town or a large chunk of forest in the future? Will someone take that... or do they want a dollar bullion coin? What do you think?

>> No.21235611

if you're unsure, you can take 50% of what you own and out it right into silver and a little gold. just remember that gold and silver have never hit 0 in the history of the world.even if prices were to crash, the losses are salvagable. but the chance of a crash now isn't likely at all, we are at the start of a bull run. you're late but you're not too late

>> No.21235677
File: 207 KB, 775x445, Homemade_electric_forge-2-775x445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are that concerned you can build a DIY forge, electric or propane, and melt it down in to a bar yourself

>> No.21235714

Or... I know this is going to sound crazy. Melt it into the shape of a soda can.

>> No.21235727

NOMEX closed at 29 and a quarter. Very happy

>> No.21235749

I'm 32, wage slave at retail, USA, only about 5k savings (fug), recently started trading stocks and investing in crypto

>> No.21235781

Strong close after a full day of jew fuckery

>> No.21235811
File: 285 KB, 720x304, keep-calm-and-keep-stacking010_zps5221e382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No safe havens left

>> No.21235827
File: 59 KB, 657x527, Analytics Pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well boys looks like >>21232373 got what he wanted, and my prediction was just off by a smidgeon. Who's got predictions for after hours? Based on my A D V A N C E D T A I'm completely in the dark because Asia is always a mystery to me.

>> No.21235840

Should we preorder silver now? I am seeing that as an option on alot of bullion stores.

>> No.21235869

Oh fuck, 32 and that poor? It won't be a problem for you then. Sorry, I know it will sound shit, but you don't have enough to worry about losing anything. I f I were you I'd honestly put 1k into some crypto, 1k into silver and 1k into fractional gold. Don't bother with stocks, market is in a bubbly pump and it will dump around election.
Again, it almost doesn't matter for you. Ironically, the poorer you are, the less scary the crisis is. Still, you can probably have some nice gains if you buy any cheap .999 silver you can find. Any at all, no matter if it's a coin or a bar.

>> No.21235872

Am I doing everything I can for my family?
>70k mortgage
>20k crypto (10k invested)
>15k physical (2 Oz gold, 400 Oz silver)
>3k miner stocks/ETFs

>> No.21235875

Especially bars

>> No.21235877
File: 1.04 MB, 960x1202, 1585618312111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not saying you should not stack physical, because you should, but look in to the junior miners.
If you are trading on the hood look in to GPL, MUX, and NGD.
You hold the physical to protect what you have, or at least a portion, and the miner stocks to hopefully make some profit on the crazy times ahead

>> No.21235903

I was pointing out that most people want their money to look like money. No one is going to trade in bent spoons and old barely legible coins for a piece of land. i mean, maybe someone would. Sure a furnace is great but that costs money and I'm not going to strike my own coins. Maybe homemade silver coins will become a thing in the future and as long as they are of a good recognisable quality could trade alongside actual bullion coins.

>> No.21235934

personally i don't preorder
i go for what they have in stock and ship as soon as they get the money

>> No.21235943

Bro, that is nothing. I have about $500 in savings and 20ish that is in college. I knew about the silver gravy when it was at $14, but I did not have the savings to jump in.

>> No.21236035
File: 125 KB, 500x497, 1576431711669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks boys, really puts it into perspective. Am trading on the hood, will look into. Fuckin love 4chan, you guys are the best family.

>> No.21236046

nice gets and checked anon. I want to thank PMG for holding my hand and sucking on your teet for wisdom.

>> No.21236148
File: 19 KB, 612x408, wealth_in_can_form.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm tell you whatman, solid silver soda cans.

>> No.21236165

I have over 300 ounces on order from jm and other places since July 27th and still NOTHING has shipped

>> No.21236188

Best of luck friend

>> No.21236192

Just know that these are not for day trading they will be volatile and you could see huge swings.
These are medium to long term and you will need a strong stomach to handle the swings.
don't fold and sell on the first drop you will have to ride these out for a few years

>> No.21236194

Feels like we need a /shtf/ general or something to just talk about ways to financially prepare for the times ahead in all cases. PMs are a key part of that, but there’s more to it than that I would think.

>> No.21236214

I have a bad news for you...

>> No.21236234

Mailman ganked your shit bro...

>> No.21236285

Id dump the crypto, 10k into mortgage, 10k into miners. You can be bullish or bearish on crypto buts its absolutely bonkers to be more bullish on crypto than miners at this point

>> No.21236295
File: 54 KB, 603x423, 1543819189277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Understood fren

>> No.21236334

>splitting the thread
fuck that shit
when you split things too much you kill discussion and destroy the organic nature of a thread. Sometimes the discussion will move in one direction and other times another.
Just let the natural conversation take place and as long as its circles the topic of precious metals all is well.
splitting lowers the number of active users and ultimately destroys discussion

>> No.21236371

>1oz gold eagle FV is $50
>1oz silver eagle FV is $1

Can I assume if the government ever goes back to some metal backed standard or enforces some sort of ratio between gold and silver that it will be 1:50 gold silver?

>> No.21236389

it's not uncertain when they planned it month before any announcement.

>> No.21236442


You have a lot in crypto, desu.

>USD starts plummeting, inflation is skyrocketing, zoomies flee to crypto
>Feds are pissed that some some cattle trying to escape their chute
>"Here's our new Fedcoin, It's like bitcoin but better!"
>It's 1:1 with USD and there's no fucking difference except less privacy
>"Well you have an Approved Cryptocurrency you can use now, so only a criminal would want to keep using bitcoin, we'll just help you with that..."
>Coinbase cashes out every wallet to Fedcoin overnight, offers only exchange to Fedcoin afterwards
>Congress passes law banning business from dealing with "dangerous unregulated currencies"
>somehow, BTC maintains its value
>wait haha just kidding, it goes to fucking zero as does everything except maybe Monero

Basically I'm saying 20k is too much as it is a very high-risk asset given government hostility. If you want to speculate, probably there's still money to be made, but as soon as you start hearing rumblings about Fedcoin, party's over.

I can only imagine how bad this is gonna fuck some people when this shoe drops. They're gonna have a bunch of pissed off libertarian spergs going full-Kaczynski.

>> No.21236445
File: 405 KB, 400x300, coinrain.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ahhhhhh .6 toz of gold for 1490 Cad finally a good deal

>> No.21236448

kek Washingtonfag. Place is a joke

>> No.21236498

The other way around

>> No.21236533

Craig hemke

>> No.21236557

not until fiat and usury are gone and that's not happening with retards bitching about nigger instead of going after bilderberg members. They already have control of finance and now much of food.

>> No.21236559

sure why not

>> No.21236614
File: 10 KB, 437x229, monero_vs_btc_tx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

monero is literally the fucking GOAT. it's what bitcoin wishes it was. glad to see it getting some love in /pmg/

>> No.21236622

No, I mean it hasn't shipped from jm, most of the orders are ups not usps

>> No.21236647

>SLV up 3%
>SIL up 0.5%
>SILJ up 0.7%
When will this clown market end?

>> No.21236691

Still probably got ganked, I saw a kid maybe 6-7 selling 1oz'ers on the street corner today. Silver is getting wild

>> No.21236700
File: 135 KB, 1532x576, coinminers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mux earnings out
>everything is good
>increase target from 2$ to $2.50
>stock down 3%

buy the dip bros.....

I suspect aurcana will dip after blasting from the ~.68 to ~.91 range so fast, dont miss out.

>> No.21236736


>> No.21236761


Well it's the one that knows what its use-case is: buying illegal shit online.

It has a very clear utility and has nowhere to drop to as it doesn't have any inflation of its value based on some delusion of future "mass adoption" or being embraced by govt (lol).

>> No.21236844


Interestingly, it seems that SILJ is following gold slightly more than silver. Not sure what to make of that, perhaps others can speculate.

>> No.21236864

Heck, if you don't mind getting dirt under your nails, get into the silver and/or gold mining business. The entire industry is about to see a massive explosion in demand and growth, and they are hurting for people

Get in early and maybe you can be some kind of manager/foreman

>> No.21236903

I wonder if I can trust this source since it is on the find bullion prices, but I do not see it on the Bullion dealers from OP. Specifically their junk silver for $240.

>> No.21236928

Be glad we have the chance to continue buying cheap is how I look at it

>> No.21236961

Thanks. I was hoping to flip the bullrun into paying off my mortgage. But I'm mostly positioned in LINK, ETH, BNT, ADA. I'm in profit on everything. I hate to dump at this point. I know it's volatile, but I was in this position during the last crisis where I ignored bitcoin thinking it would be a bad SHTF investment and instead put everything into physical silver. Welp, that did not work out well for me. So I was thinking I don't want to make the same mistake twice (if it actually ultimately is a mistake). But maybe you are right and I should maybe move 5k out at least and put into miners. I trade on the hood, so some of the miners are not available. I have 500 shares of MUX, 250 GPL, 50 AG, and the rest in GDXJ and SILJ with a couple hundred bucks on MUX and GPL calls. I guess I can put more into GPL and MUX for that moonshot gain. Thanks.

>> No.21236979
File: 1.49 MB, 2448x3264, shimau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I went with a Maple. All they had were 1984 for some reason but its still gold right?

Uh oh...

>> No.21236980

What's the point of buying gold and silver bars? Don't you take a big hit when you sell it? Wouldn't it be smarter to buy and sell gold and silver futures?

>> No.21236998

They are legit

>> No.21237015

i've ordered from them 3 times experienced no problems

>> No.21237020

they are legit one of the best dealers, no idea why they are not on OP.

They are tied for first best international dealer outside of first majestic

>> No.21237049
File: 341 KB, 213x199, malfoy disdain.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>22K mixed bag with 0.9999

>> No.21237052

That's roughly what the ratio was back in 1986 when they first started minting the coins. The face values are about 1/6 of spot price at the time.

>> No.21237057

Maple will do you better for resale, not by much. It will also cross borders better due to purity, and its only worth 50$ fiat on declarations.

>> No.21237098

Yeah I am looking at it that way too. It is letting me get all my little bitch emotions squared away as I build my stack. I'm new to PMs and investing in general so I've got some real hardwired bullshit about fiat being valuable to overcome.

>> No.21237146

No worries. I just get worried that some anons don’t take kindly if the discussion goes too far outside of PMs.

>> No.21237310

I'm okay with generals wandering a bit, tends to happen with the community that builds up around them.

>> No.21237314
File: 846 KB, 1074x1350, Fresh buffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ordered some presale buffs on the 28th and they just got here saturday so dont lose faith fren

>> No.21237338
File: 1.49 MB, 2448x3264, shimemtg2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what I was mainly aiming for. Just wanted to finally get some major coinage.

>> No.21237345
File: 366 KB, 735x1215, ASIANMARKETBUM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So we closed above 29$

Asiam market bum? or asian market futa?

Also what the fuck rhodium.... why? why did that happen?

>> No.21237501

Thanks guys. Got me some 90% junk silver from them.

>> No.21237607

Oh no no no no, SLV outperformed SILJ yet again!

>> No.21237634


>> No.21237766

Listened to a podcast with schiff last night/this morning. Not impressed.

His assertions seem to be faith-based. He claims “they can’t kick the can down the road any longer” and while I think there’s a greater than 30% chance he’s completely correct, and also a good chance he’s partially correct, there’s really not much to this.

He also ruined his own argument a bit by claiming the QE of the past 10 years didn’t cause real inflation and the negatice consequences he predicted because “the central bank said everything was working and everyone believed them.”

If all it takes to keep the game going is to convince the people that the emperor is clothed, there’s nothing fundamental to indicate that won’t be true in the future. People are still very, VERY malleable. Look at the shit people are worrying about these days. They’re getting upset over professional athletes kneeling for the national anthem, and they’re pissed that people are standing for the national anthem.

Unless the rest of the world has citizens that are keenly aware of monetary issues, that’s not a very convincing

>> No.21237775

Is $35 likely by 1/15? Looking at some debit spreads which will be around 300% profit if it closes above $35 at expiration.

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