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- Layer 1 solution to scalability and speed (Lachesis consensus protocol)
- Academically-researched development (similar to cardano)
- Fantom.finance DeFi platform
- regular github development
- Port Ethereum Solidity contracts in about five minutes
- Same Ethereum addressing system
- Suite of defi tools being released

As Ethereum is strained and begins to show cracks, Fantom provides real solutions.

At 30% (of today's Ethereum MC) , it'd be nearly a 700x.

Even 1% puts it about a 20x.

So many coins did that last run.

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based picture

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what are the cons of this project? why is it still in diapers?

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I miss the schlop schlop threads.

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The cons are it is all a lie and a moneygrab

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me too

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>same guy posts shit like this in every thread

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it's interesting as an idea but i will wait a decade before i trust any leaderless dag based system let's see how they fare against sibyls first.

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sounds very ambitious did they deliver anything so far?

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I ain’t superstitious, but

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>First mover advantage
Hard to dethrone a eth, you need more than better tech

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*S C H L O P S C H L O P*

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yes you are you shit and now that you lied in your post, the prophecy will turn the opposite way for you... sorry, but don't fucking lie on the internet

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only reposting this because for some fucking reason i don't have danger dog on my desktop

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>ftm thread is also schlop thread

this is good memegic
buying ftm now

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>layer 1
>33% byzantine resistant
fuck off with this honkey insecure garbage

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>layer 1
>33% byzantine resistant
great memegic, increasing my stake

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You’re not the OP of that image, therefore your statement is rendered useless. Also I gave an exception to said image, therefore: Nigger