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This is the total market capitalisation of all crypto between May 2013 and December 16. In it, you can see crypto reach its all time high in December 2013, and then, after a bear market that endured until November 2015, a bull market commended and it re touched its all time high in December 2016.

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Here - we see the bull run continue from December 2016 in an astronomical fashion until it's all time high's of January 2018.

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Here - we see a steep decline from the high's in January 2018 and the commencing of a bear market which lasts until May 2020.

What happens now is what has happened countless times before in emerging markets. After years in a bear market, we will now commence a bull run that will recapture the high's of January 2018, and subsequently blow past them to achieve all time highs that will dwarf the highs of the previous bull market.

Strap in gentlemen.

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So we bull?

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Seriously bearish thread OP

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Not an argument

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Not til btc hits it’s old ath again is the point of this thread

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Can't you fucking read?

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Haha, but yeah hypothetically, what would the top 6 coin's market cap be?!

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then this thread is shit, because BTC is waiting for the BTC ETF being approved by the SEC, and that will only happen thanks to chainlink. BTC ETF has been rejected because of price manipulation to trigger their liquidation mechanishm. With an unique value coming ponderated and aggregated by multiple sources, BTC price will finally be real and an ETF will be approved

TLDR Chainlink will be 30% of total marketcap, and then it will allow institutional investors to put billions on btc through the ETF framework. Then btc surpass old ath and we dump for 2 years. We are going to see at least 11 more months of bull market.

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>TLDR Chainlink will be 30% of total marketcap
Why do you retard ignore that Chainlink is a Cayman Island unregistered ICO with 60% of supply owned by a fat russian, unsustainable model and unfinished non-functional mechanisms? It is a JSON parser of price feeds and its usage volume has but declined during 2020.

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Why do you ignore the fact that the only way the SEC will approve a BTC ETF is that if LINK supplies the average value of btc and ponderates answers based on real volume of the exchange?

Answer this without sperging like you did before pls, you are an adult now

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Why would the SEC use an expensive, centralised and unreliable solution as Chainlink when they can use a cheap, centralised and reliable solution such as regulated exchanges themselves, anon?
Also, fuck the EFT, we don't need it.

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> *shits self and goes crying to reddit*

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Crypto doesn't need your bullshit paper backed Ponzi schemes to succeed, get the fuck off my board SEC intern.

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Chainlink holders are the most delusional bunch of faggots on this board. I hate seeing them in every single thread. I have all LINK threads filtered and yet I still see these fucking pajeets shilling their shitcoin.

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Checked, but not based

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This, SEC can go suck a dick u manipulative joos