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Your favorite insider is back, every Monday like an atomic clock.
Ask me anything.
Here is last weeks recap
[email protected]

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how was your meeting with Sergey?

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Best coins to hold for next bullrun?

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>mfw Chainlink insider posts a LITpepe

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based monday anon
what's your take on BTC vs BCH
also is ETH the true king or will something eat its lunch

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How much longer do I have to buy chainlink?

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when moon nigga? eoy price prediction?

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It was great, what a nice guy

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Btc is the king, I can't see Bch overtaking Btc anytime soon.
Eth is facing some issues with the upgrade, so there could be some opportunities for smaller coins

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A bit longer buddy :)

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This. I'm 49 off a 200 stack is it even worth it to buy these days

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Thoughts on ampleforth?

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1)where is price of silver going?
2)is it worth holding gold and silver miners right now?
3)Who is controlling the crypto markets?
4)Are banks getting into crypto? What are their plans?
You are so nice! thank you fren

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Are you the guy who works at SAP?

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Stay away from it

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What does the magic money ball tell you?

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Aside from BTC / ETH / LINK, what coins do you think will perform the best this bullrun?

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>Stay away from it
Care to elaborate?

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1. Sell your silver for gold
2. God miners, yes.
3.Mostly the same guys who pumped the ico's in 2017. And a few whales.
4. Yes banks are in already, They got in because crypto is threatening their business model, this is their only chance to get a pice of the action.

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XRP when?

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Used to be there a long time ago

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>They got in because crypto is threatening their business model, this is their only chance to get a pice of the action.
i hope defi is causing them a massive panic right now

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1. why to get out of silver? just curious because everyone is saying silver will reach 80-100 level.
2. What cryptos is worth hodling?
3. Is there gonna be a pull back for bitcoin?
Thank you!!

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Welcome to the bullrun buddy

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dis. Would like to get a rundown, what is going to be en vogue. Topics, coins, whatever

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Thoughts on XSN?

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Should I hold DIA or TRB eoy

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Thoughts on DMG?

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is LINK still gonna be the Oracle king or something else will take over?

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You mentioned FLETA last week. What would be your exit strategy? Long term?

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What's your net worth? What does your asset allocation look like?

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Privacy will be highly valued post covid, people will pay a premium for xmr.
Eth is having some issues with the latest update , so there could be some opportunities for competitors like matic, fleta, xtc.

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Google pump and dump :)

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I have an extra 500, should I buy chainlink or XRP?

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what's gonna happen post covid with privacy?
no more fiat money?
also, can't they make privacy coins illegal?

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The reason you know this guy is a legit insider is because he shits on xrp and intentionally fuds it. That's what everyone in the know is doing.

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list your best holds

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thoughts on pnk?

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oops looks like u guys mistimed that one lol

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Top fortune 500 companies are starting to use cloud technology, what reason is there for Iexec to be shit on when it's built around the technology of the future in mind

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DeFi is the new ICO

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No I just remember he fudded xrp in the past and will continue to do so.

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1. When retail buyers are buying it's time to start selling.
2. A few.
3. Yes.

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Thoughts on RSR?

>> No.21211016

What do you think about ocean?

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My stack:
Btc 78%, link 11%, eth 8.5%, xtz 2.5%
Is this good? I have been working and polishing like a mad person, trying to get a solid position for the next bullrun.

My latest finetune was I just sold all my 10k xrp and put it all in link, do you think I will regret that?

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i like this pepe
and we know how the ICO went boom and bust
is DeFi going to be a slower burn upwards, leading to higher gains?
i don't want it to pump and dump

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>like an atomic clock

I see what you did there. Very clever. Buy ATOM!!!

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Nice chart, to show how centralization works

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What do you think about DMG? Should I get rid of my bags for something else?

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Oracles the new smart contract platform?

>> No.21211065

-Your Thoughts about OCEAN Protocol
-What and when will be the new BTC ATH.

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haha, let see if Augur can make a come back

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How was your week anon?

Also I only got 12kusd to throw around what's my safest bet? I don't have the time to watch/time charts.

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Do you think link will drop back down a little bit before the next moon mission?

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No fucks given

>> No.21211114

since i've got you here anon:
what good DeFi projects would you yourself buy?

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is RLC a scam?

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Taking profits a 0.84

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Thoughts on HEX?

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You can find this in my previous threads

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Is LINK going to experience a big dip to scare off the normies before the next bull run?

I want to buy more but atm it seems a stupid move.

>> No.21211191

So when staking? What returns monthly/annually? How much link need to stake?

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what privacy coins are good for post-covid?

>> No.21211212

Is chainlink going to dump hard

>> No.21211213

If you don't prepare you will not have any privacy.
Fiat will be there for a while, and cash is being phased out.
I am in Sweden, and her people don't use cash, which is bad for for you privacy.
They can try :)

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Are you balls deep in STA or will you miss out?

Hop on, anon, it's not too late!

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Also nonironic thoughts on VET op? I have an xnode locked up from back in 2018. Any word if its close to actually scaling up use? Or did I get hustled

>> No.21211236

Dream on buddy

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Oh yeah also, thoughts on AGI, VET and OCEAN?

>> No.21211257

What about RSR?

>> No.21211268

I made some good $$$ with xrp in 2017, and I won't buy Garlinghouse's xrp bags. If you guys are willing to hold another few years while it's dumping. I wish you good luck

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Noted, with thanks

>> No.21211279

What do you think of statera?

>> No.21211281

how do you prepare to protect your privacy in cashless society?

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So what's your update from the meeting with Sergey regarding chainlink?

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Not going to ask your opinion on shitcoins, I'm more curious in post-corona era. You mention how there will be less privacy, but there is already little to no privacy, so what's the point? Will there be some black markets behind the scenes selling the people's information?

Also pic related, surely you did not meet him for shits and giggles I presume? You met him one/two days after you visited us last week, which was before the huge pump. Did he tell you of this pump?

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appreciate ya friend, most of my stack is all in on link. if it bleeds like last year at its previous ath up to this massive pump we’ve just been graciously gifted would it be possible for it to simply never reach single digits again? i feel like the “price out” is sinking in which could drive the price up, but with eth having its problems could we see LINK dominance rise to #2 mc at the end of this next bullrun? thanks again anon.

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Smart contracts are important for future crypto transactions between companies, and Chainlink solves the oracle security problem, hence being a useful asset to a future technology a lot of people will use.

Iexec is based around cloud computing, a technology that is being used more and more daily, and is growing as well. Iexec has no competitors, tech that works, and is lead by a guy who wrote about the idea of cloud computing 2 decades ago before most people even knew what the internet was. Please, explain to me, why it's not valid

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what do you think of dfohub? recently presented at edcon along with a few other big players in the eth dev community

>> No.21211408

Kommer chainlink att dumpa nu efter ökningen? Eller är det ett bra tillfälle att köpa mer just nu?

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Thoughts on OMG / DNT / ADA and RVN?

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Are we living 2016 all over again?
>implies 2017 is coming

>> No.21211519

>Chainlink solves the oracle security problem, hence being a useful asset to a future technology a lot of people will use.

Chainlink doesn't fix shit. It can easily be broken with the 51% principle

>> No.21211520

Thoughts on unification?

Have you heard of what suterusu claims it does for privacy?

>> No.21211570

what do you think about atom and irisnet? irisnet was also on the bsn-slides and i cant make heads or tails of atom

>> No.21211578

why do you think they're rolling it out the way they are

>> No.21211590

should I short bitcoin at 12000?

>> No.21211598

Give it up guys, when the questions got harder our insider left. Should've known to ask about shitcoins rather than real questions

>> No.21211737

see ya next Monday anon.

>> No.21211743

this. Dumb faggot larper can't answer anything more than yes or no questions or things that involve common sense.

>> No.21211747

Where ever you can pay with cash or crypto
and set up a holding company in the Caymans or BVI. And do your payments through there.
Be smart don't leave and trail

>> No.21211766

You said that XRP will moon when the media starts saying buy XRP now. Is next week when that starts? https://mobile.twitter.com/barrysilbert/status/1151272715392815106?lang=en

>> No.21211768

Haha we got really drunk, I'll meet him again next week

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Why are you against XSN? What about PNK and NOIA?

>> No.21211802

There is already a big black market, which values privacy

>> No.21211811


1. What do you think of STA?
2. Should I buy LINK now or wait for it to drop? If wait, how low will it go?
3. If I had 100k, where should I put it in terms of crypto to make it this next bullrun?

>> No.21211829

Of course :)

>> No.21211851

Excuse me mr insider but I fucking missed the link boat where do I put my money now, where is AB. FUCK.

>> No.21211857

Lol this thread is a fucking joke

What a gay profile pic too

>> No.21211860

>Sell your silver for gold
Faggot detected

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>> No.21211925

You've literally said nothing worthy of an insider. Fuck off and never post here again.

>> No.21211933

Haha , äntligen en riktig viking här. :)
Det kommer att gå upp ett tag till

>> No.21211967

Yep that's right bud, be smart :)

>> No.21211986

Since you believe in privacy, I'm sure you see a future with Ghost, right? Talking about the black market, john mcafee isn't a fucking larper involving it and more than likely has a lot of connections he can shill to. Especially since the tech is forked from Pivx with improvements. The tech and staking works, all that needs to happen is it to be listed on more exchanges.

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>> No.21212016

Still here bud :) Just tired about shitcoin and moon questions

>> No.21212045

1. is tether going to scam us?
2. will the coins that pump the most for this cycle be coins that have already been released(2017-20) or new icos that haven't started yet?
3. is defi going to lead this bull run?
4. how can i tell that the top is in for crypto?
5. pretty obvious that the bullrun is in effect, but it's hard to decide on what to do for this bullrun. which option should i choose for max cash? (I have $1M)
a. all-in LINK (what i've been doing)
b. invest in new ICOs and ride the pumps
c. something else

>> No.21212058

Will xtz be a winner? It looks like its being primed to host securities, but I kinda want to cash in my profit

>> No.21212071

This dickface told us he’d update us on meeting Sergey and his update was “we got drunk” kek. Fucking dropped these larps suck now

>> No.21212088

No that shit will fail, man I love my buddy John but c'mon guys you can all see through it

>> No.21212090

Yeah what a joke, this guy ain't shit

>> No.21212101

do you know what sergey thinks about the other bsn-related projects?

>> No.21212107

Good profit taking range for Bitcoin?
Also seconding >>21212058 's question about Tezos. Could it be a legit serious competitor to ETH?

>> No.21212126

Sorry to disappoint you, buddy, that's what's called networking :)

>> No.21212132

OP is a faggot with no friends who larps on biz to feed his ego.

>> No.21212154

>Just tired about shitcoin and moon questions

No what you meant to say was "I can't give actual reasons to why a coin will or won't work, and just speculate with no real track record proving anything"

Give me a reason why it will fail. Why does it keep getting updates and john keeps pushing it, and is risking going to a conference in person to talk about it in september, if it will fail. The tech is proven to work, the main net works, everything about it is solid, all it needs is exchange listings.

Give me an actual coherent response explaining why it will fail, and not some petty smug response like >>21212126 that is intentionally vague so you have less of a chance of being called out if you ever give false information.

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nice larp, true insider here, link is a scam get out now

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Yeah this is the third Monday in a row that I see his thread, so this week I was genuinely curious. I asked this simple question

and got literally these replies
Not going to shit on him, but rather praise him for getting a bunch of believers. Really shows how easy it is to start any cult or religion these days, people are retarded into oblivion. Anyways, this is /biz/ and larps bluefilled fags are what makes me check in every day.

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All privacy coins will fail, even xmr and cash. And I am using xmr daily today.
Once bitcoin has good privacy features all the others will fail.

>> No.21212315

why are they going to start phasing out cash and privacy?

how to prevent it?

also how to transfer money into cayman island holding company

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I met OP, this is him actually.

Oh I'm an insider too.

>> No.21212351

>34 posts by this ID
>Not one piece of insider information
Gee thanks for another episode of "the insider larp chronicles".

>> No.21212361

I know all about getting drunk but what I don’t know about is telling people you’ll update them a week in advance and your update being “dude weed”.
Fuck off

>> No.21212452

Ok rolling the dice, if digits then OP is faggot...

>> No.21212484

At least make up something interesting for next time, instead of just single word replies and smiley faces. You cunt.

>> No.21212520

Pics with thread id or it didn't happen still

>> No.21212561

In Sweden, it was done because it would "protect" people and business from robberies
Which it is doing a very good job at, since people don't use cash and most shops don't accept cash.
But this was done at the cost of privacy, now the government can make sure that you have paid all your taxes and VAT's.

Cash is still one of the best privacy options we have today.

There are companies that can help you with that.

>> No.21212574

So much insider info "we're losing privacy with the rona; cash is good privacy coin; don't short btc" don't overwhelm us bro, we can only take so much insider info at once.

>> No.21212575

>Once bitcoin has good privacy features

Yeah see you fucking never for that. Here's a contradiction to your post. Places these days allow eth, bitcoin, litcoin, and a few others, to be used as payments. All these things, however, have some kind of trail, some kind of info. If you are a true insider, it's obvious I don't need to explain the logistics of it, nor do I need to explain the logistics behind why a major company would ever allow a coin with the privacy of ghost to be used for transactions through their websites.

So, if all privacy coins will fail, I assume you mean because of the exact reason I stated, then what is stopping companies from disallowing bitcoin privacy features to be used through their platform? Why the fuck would bitcoin ever take that gamble and create privacy options that but them at risk of being taken off as an option when using crypto to pay? Bitcoins main concern right now is being able to be used to purchase any goods or services without the need of a regulated currency, putting in privacy and stealth features jeopardizes that vision.

>> No.21212590

Haha, looks like I have gained some weight

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> go home, your drunk insider
you plebs think this oracle will bless when in fact he's just some drunkard having a good laugh

>> No.21212693

Thoughts on statera? New moon or pnd?

>> No.21212774

Thoughts on prostate stimulation?

>> No.21212778

You have $100.

What specific asset would you put it in?

>> No.21212806

First of all privacy on bitcoin will be optional, so you could theoretically ban all private bitcoin transactions. At the same time, there are projects that are working on making those transactions fungible. Wasabi wallet is doing a pretty good job already.
It's pretty easy to shut down something that is centralized, SEC have proven that.
Why would bitcoin take that risk? That's why you run a full node so you can vote on that

>> No.21212833

Thoughts on k20A head on a k24 block and swapping it into an EG civic?

>> No.21212842

For which coin is this?

>> No.21212879

Is this the top for LINK in the short term?

>> No.21212889

>ripple, iota

>> No.21212921

I just do the opposite of what he says and I win. That's the trick. He also fudded Link a few weeks back when we hit 7$ and now look at where we are.

>> No.21212923


No one wants your privacy shill bags; your worst than McAfee pushing this bullshit. Placing you in the official scammer section you dumb fuck....

>> No.21212952

Btc pull back when and how low?

>> No.21212981

are there any new emerging technologies we should be aware about?

>> No.21213022

you heard of OCEAN Protocol? is this good or shit project in your opinion?

>> No.21213025

What do you think about:
1) BSV
2) nChain crypto patents

>> No.21213048

See, all you have to do is give actual answers. Insider or not your post is actually coherent and has a point to it.

My response to that is PR for Bitcoin, and what node holders would vote on for it. Giant companies don't like taking risks, bannable or not, adding privacy components is a bad marketing and PR move when it comes to bitcoin partnering with payment processors. Bitcoin announcing privacy options will be seen friendly to a consumer, but risky to any payment processor. Big companies fucking hate privacy, they want all your data, and they don't want to work with anyone who thinks otherwise. This is a pure fucking fact, they do this for legal reasons and financial reasons.

So, bitcoin officially announces privacy options, companies see this, and they don't want that shit. The value of bitcoin could go up from consumer reaction, but will be dropped by companies, which is whats important to bitcoin

You make a good point, but you forget bitcoin is not just a token, its a company and a business. With that in mind, I'm willing to bet money that you cannot find me a company that announced it will allow full privacy features that collect no data, and boardmembers AND consumers rejoiced.

>> No.21213062

will China be the next superpower? when?

>> No.21213530

I checked the last few threads and you didn't have anything useful to say. Give us some concrete coin to buy or gtfo. The cryptic insider schtick has been overdone for years now.

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