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Give it to me straight, /biz/ bros. Does ETH have a 10x left in it?

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>Does ETH have a 10x left in it?
on what timeframe

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i dont know but i have 15. is that enough?

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I don't know, between now and August/September 2021?

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In the next 5 years? definitely.

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>five more years

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i dont think so, not that soon. need to go for a lower cap if you want a 10x in a year. eth will still do well and be the safest play though.

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if bitcoin can be $11k so can ETH

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Easily. At $10k ETH's market cap would still be lower than Amazon or Apple.
ETH will be much bigger than any single company.

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What is the realistic ETH stack to make it.bros? I'm tired of waiting and checking prices everyday.

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Enough for what? Are you stupid you don't know how to count or something?

Fucking idiot

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probably like 500

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make it? probably around 500

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If BTC hits $300k, eth will hit $3k

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eth 2.0 might.
if people rush to get their POS

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Probably but will take some time. I have 0.1 ETH left, the rest is in LINK and STATERA. I'll make it much faster that way.

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Only have 225 now. But have the cash equivalent of purchasing another 275. Feels risky to.buy now though

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It definitely has a 1/10x left it in

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When it solves the issue with gas prices, abso fucking lutely. Until then it's doubtful.

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ETH is one of the easiest 10x bets on the market, it just won’t be soon. Good luck finding another 10x, the risk is high af tho

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This. Easily within the next 10 years.

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Yes, but it will be gradual. However, you the tradeoff is you get a safe play instead of pushing your money in a shitcoin. Right now, everything cool in crypto is happening on Ethereum. It's only going to go up

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Probably not but etc might. Its going to be pumped adn dumped by CH. >>21195849

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ATH next year. Mark my words faggot.