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Anyone else completely fucking miss the altcoin bull market? I didn't buy anything because the second leg down meme.

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It’s not over bro lol

Plenty of accounts on Twitter do TA for free, take any shill here with a grain of salt and DYOR.

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>second leg down meme

fuck that was me bro. I thought there was going to be 2nd lockdown that would blitz the economy and cryptomarket

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Honestly I would not be surprised if we see a second flash crash, the economy is in the absolute shitter and the DJIA won't be able to pretend we aren't heading over a financial cliff for much longer.

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Me too. Gotta move faster these days. Once I saw the markets weren’t tanking I quickly bought rlc and sxp.

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dude im in alts and missed the whole thing. large caps have done jack shit outside of link

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I had to buy a new car and decided to get a new one, so I took out a loan. The car cost less than I expected (thanks, Corona-chan) and so I had several thousand that I could either repay some of the loan with or invest in hopes of outpacing interest. I went with the latter and got my first stacks of altcoins, just a few weeks before the bull run started. Green days ever since.

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lol no. just hit 1/2 mil net worth :)

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TRANQ is going to be enormous. Imagine investing in ETH in 2016. Imagine investing in BTC in 2009. This is what investing in TRANQ will be like in 2020 before TranquilityNET launches in 2021. Then we’re off to the moon.






1. go to https://tranquility.network and read the explainers so you have a chance to understand the product. Have 5 ETH ready for the minimum investment.

2. Contact them using the contact form on the website. Explain you want to join the ITHA.

3. Wait for a reply and fill out anything they ask you. Wait for steps on how to invest.

Not on any exchanges yet. No Uniswap bullshit.

5 ETH could be worth over 100 ETH within a year. Once TranquilityNET is launched for hotels, it’s on.

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do a one sentence QRD bro

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just put all my LINK into TRANQ

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Token not needed.

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For audit security, yes.
Did you read about it at all?

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>tfw started getting into crypto like 3 months ago
its good that i got in before the bull run started

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