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Daily? more hourly

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Bbc addict blonde twin sister sluts

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Most likely privacy coins. Widespread adoption of crypto will bring more scrutiny to open blockchains. Money will move to more private and anonymous, less centralized blockchains

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Statera obviously.

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Is it retarded of me to say "XRP"

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>next link
who knows
whatever everyone's shitting on
probry something on another chain like erd ada or whatever

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chainlink hasnt even ended yet, there wont be the "next" chainlink until this run is over

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$DMG. use your brains

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Anon it's not funny to get people to waste their money

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Vite for long hodl

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SBTC is the next ampl

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>there wont be the "next" chainlink until this run is over

How high will this go realistically?
I would figure the market cap would stay below Ethereum for a long time because the Boomers know about Ethereum.
Since ETH's market cap is about $40B and the current #3 spot XRP has a market cap of $12B I would expect LINK to go between $20 to $30B, which would put it somewhere around $50 to $80 for a while after it reaches the max awareness for this phase.

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MKR and KNC will be in the top 5 EOY

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no one but KEK can truly reveal the next link. Be patient but listen for him, he told us many times about link for years.

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$100 is definitely achievable, but I like your thinking. It could bounce around 50-80 before jumping up into the 100 or even higher range.

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should I sell all my link to buy link?

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Coinmetro securities market place.

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BANCOR - with the jews you WIN!!! It also has a purpose and adoption unlike the rest of these retarded shit coins.

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Fuck yes

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It's PNK

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...I mean, it kinda is, though.

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SingularityNET (AGI)

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Suku just launched. It's going to get reasonably big. Not as big as link, but still worthwhile.

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explain yourself

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Its band and you've already missed that train unless you're lucky enough to hop on a pullback

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Current rate is $1 = 100BID.

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>before jumping up into the 100 or even higher range.

BTC, ETH, and LINK will keep marching toward infinity in the long run vs the USD.

I don't see LINK breaking out past 3/4 the market cap of ETH for a long time without money from another source pouring into it. Sure, it could go well past $100, but don't see it going higher than ETH without some kind of sea change.

How high ETH goes is probably capped at 2x or 3x for a while.
Rush Limbaugh talks about Ethereum. The Boomers don't know about Chainlink, and the plebs probably cannot learn about a 3rd crypto unless it starts taking over the markets it threatens to with a functioning product or celebrities start shilling it.

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I wanna suck their cocks so bad.

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The only right answer here. This coin is relaunching near the end of August. Easy 5x this month.

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the fuck is it
you faggots are all so obtuse

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Rlc. It is beeest coin, it go up very high. Plssss buy, family very hungry.

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BZRX. Why are you hating on free advice?

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what does it do, why should I care.
a one sentence non-autistic QRD is much more beneficial

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No way.Thats the same shitter which made recent exit scam with uvwfi.I lost 3ETH there.Been watching those wallet all the time

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XSN. if XSN reaches link MC that's a 30x

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Unironically, the next Chainlink is uhh Chainlink... kinda. Look into YFL, but hurry because it won’t stay down here for long. Read the article and you will understand why. https://medium.com/yflink/the-idea-of-yflink-is-born-aa520921a4a3

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It's the token for DeFi margin trading by the same name. It is relaunching this month. Also DYOR

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It is already $14B.

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ok. none of this shit is on coinbase. wtf are you niggers using to trade thess shitcoins

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2 million max supply
1 and a bit mcap.
$200+ assets on the way to being tokenized
Successfully tokenized and sold Ferrari worth about $1 million last month with almost no advertising

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Uniswap, it's a DAPP. Quit being hostile if you're asking for help.

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Literally this quad post

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AGI (SingularityNET)

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>Quit being hostile if you're asking for help.
I'd really prefer not to, but your advice is extremely helpful. thx bruh

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This, it's just common sense. USD is printed indefinitely, btc eth and now link are limited. They will always go up just like metals. Plus they will become more valued with widespread adoption. But for now at the very least you will beat inflation

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Chainlink is still the next Chainlink get in now.

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Where the HECK do I get BZRX, coinbase doesn't have it

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you should unironically be doing this via aave

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RMPL is gonna eat AMPL’s marketcap it’s a guaranteed moon mission.

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Absolutely BNT. Shit is just getting started. Only two v2 pools that are capped right now. Once more pools are added and the caps are lifted, say goodnight, Gracie.

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QRD this anon

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The bubble is gonna burst any day now. It's still a good investment long term but everyone knows this isn't sustainable.

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Im not kidding

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only when you capitulate

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Built for BBC gangbanging

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even if someone told you that, you wouldnt care to do research and buy it

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It's gonna crash. I'll buy if the bubble pops.

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stakenet is 100x for sure.
then some privacy coins like DERO.

if you have few thousands to invest just buy some of NIMIQ, QUANT , Enjin

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Unironically STATERA. Here is the info pasta:

What is an index fund?

An index fund is a fund that can track a specified basket of underlying investments and in this case: BTC, ETH, LINK all balanced with STA.

The rules are that these coins are set in the fund at a specified percent so as one goes up or down the others are automatically bought or sold to balance risk and maximize profit. HOWEVER, the key is that STA is deflationary (whenever a STA transaction happens for buying/selling/pooling, 1% of the transaction of STA is burned). This token burn + tokens being locked in pooling pressures prices up to again make sure the other coins will be balanced. You also are given a % of all the fees paid in STA transactions up to 36% APY and during a run up to 40,000% APY.

The power of STA is that the ripple effect of: (1) compounded fees, (2) token burn, (3) price pulled up by ETH, BTC, and LINK leads to an exponential effect and positive feedback loop on price.

So why is it low at only a 5-8million mcap right now?
STA was used by balancer labs and someone hacked the % exploit from balancer. This was balancer's fault but they used STA. Balancer and STA are refunding this.

Can the team dump? No, this is the most decentralized token as the project much like BTC is out of Satoshi's hands, STA is out of the hands of the devs who only own <4%.

If you have ETH or LINK then there is no reason not to hold STA. it can only benefit you.

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DIA obviously

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The only answer is LITION
Dyor but this is a legit project and is destined to moon very soon

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Just look at what this project has gone through and tell me that we can't make it to $10, I dare you. It's been an absolute rollercoaster already and it's only 2 months old. Make it through the balancer hack and now we're holding steady above .10.

If you're lucky, it might dip to .12, but once the refunds start coming we are shooting to.50. Not only that, but it is still to be whitelisted on uniswap and added to more mainstream exchanges. Once ease of purchase happens, we are gonna take off. You can miss out if you like, but I honestly believe this is the next small cap project to truly make some money off of.

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Where can you buy it?

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Only possible answer

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Statera unironically

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Based lit fren
Don't say we didn't tell you /biz/ ... I'm not fussed if you are buy in or not, just know that if you don't, you will eventually kys

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I just bought 27 link, what Im in?

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Statera is the next bizcoin

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OG linkfag here. It will be a while, link was perfection there won't be a next link on the protocol layer. I'm thinking apps now and I think we will see something in this cycle or into the next and when I know it biz will know it. Yeah biz has gone to shit but I love you turd sniffers so I'll let you know when I find it.

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You'll likely need to install the MetaMask chrome extension and use that as an ETH wallet to trade on Uniswap. I know it trades on Hotbit as well, but I don't like the volume there. It will likely be listed on more popular exchanges in the following weeks, but there's no way you'll find it under .40-/.50 by that time. If you find a Statera thread, most of the community is willing to help you through the process if you have questions.

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Where can people buy BZRX and STATERA

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Gold and Silver

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PNK if you have any fucking brain matter in your noggin.

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I'm a brainless retard and only just now came to /biz/ intending to buy chain and have only wrapped my head around coinbase so far
But if you are certain it's a safe bet to make money off this coin I'd be down to figure it out. I'll keep an eye out for a stat thread, thanks

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Don't trust them. Read up on lit instead or check out the lit generals as they're posted.

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PNK seems interesting but I'm suspicious of the amount of foreigners that appear to be aggressively trying to sell it. Makes it seem like a scam.

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It is a scam. The only coin you'll find mentioned on /biz/ that isnt is lition

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ZIL you dipshits
keep ignoring this, I'll just load up some more so I can dump when you start panic buying

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Any of the sub-$1million cap crypto on tradeogre. I own probably 1000 each just to spread my anus.

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No, with Jews you lose. Never invest in full Jew projects, those projects only exist to steal your hard earned cash. The projects you want to invest in are projects that have shabbos goy as the figure heads and Jews controlling things behind the curtains.

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You don't have to trust me, and it's always a good idea to do your own research. I'm not promising gains as I can't literally look into the future, but I haven't felt this bullish on a project in a while now. I also just recently started looking in to the smaller uniswap defi projects because there's so much potential upside, similar to the ICO run we had a few years ago. It's starting to explode and even dumbasses can make stupid gains, that's essentially the entirety of this board (a bunch of NEETs who autisticlly do research and get in projects early. Just by stumbling onto /biz/ you're ahead of 95% of crypto investors. You'll run into a lot of information and it can be overwhelming especially with the amount of posts during a bullrun (it's starting now). Lurk a lot, soak in all of the info you can, process it, and make a decision based on what you've learned.
I bought in Statera just a while a ago at .03 and it's already made me thousands in the course of days because I followed my own advice above.
Do what you want with that info, but I'm just trying to give you my honest opinion/feelings because a few other biztards did the same for me and I owe something back to this insane community.

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Dont need your advice I have my litties

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Correct answer.

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YF Link

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dis desu

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Would it make sense to buy $1k now?

>> No.21196233

1000 eoy
You tell me. If you are prepared to sit on it for months you will see that 1k flourish. If you plan on just selling out once this bubble pops then you're going to lose your money.

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Unironically NKN

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How long term from now?

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DAM is the next LINK

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PAR. Obviously.

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Are there any penalties on Coinbase by letting it sit? Just wanna plan ahead I’m cool with not touching it and ignoring the pop

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Low IQ

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No, just do what I'm doing and make your buy now, don't look at the price for a month. I don't want to think too much that I could've gotten a few extra bucks by buying 10 minutes later than when I bought in, it doesn't matter. I'm zen. I bought my chainlink. It will be worth a lot more in a few months. I am patient and I am prepared to wait.

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iexec rlc

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>He doesn't know

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Say it with me: DIGITAL BANKING

>> No.21197181

DeAI partnered with Ocean, CISCO, largest insurance company in the world, Cardano, etc.

Get in while you can because this baby is going 100x

>> No.21197252

This. If only it didn't have such an ugly name. But this regardless.

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Sweet, thanks man. What’s all this talk about moving all your link into a wallet though?

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Generally it's best to keep your assets on an offline physical wallet but if you use coinbase you're probably fine.
It's mostly once you're further into the game that you need to worry about stuff like that or if you've got a shitload of link you're sitting on. Just a casual investment you're fine, long as its coinbase

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coinbase is apparently out of link

>> No.21197506

epic cash is the next big privacy coin

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RSR, why?
>Paypal Mafia backing
>Coinbase backing
>Strong Sillicon Valley Team


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I just bought 27

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If you’re buying crypto with crypto, how do you not get slapped with cgt?

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Why would anyone being refunded but back into the thing that lost their money?

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>see you in kleros court

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based. Top 150 wallet checking in.

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the og of course

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They’re buying off of binance to give to people rn.

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damn what's it like to have a built in best friend

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Blease blondies tell me, do I swap NKN ?

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I own 107 LINK and have invested roughly $750 into this excursion. See you guys at the yacht club

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Anyone else unable to invest more in smaller coins due to MetaMask issues? I've tried all three of the options MetaMask gives me to buy ETH to try to buy PNK, but none of the services are working at all. I'm very confused here.

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There will never be another LINK.

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It's called AGI

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AGI (SingularityNET)
AGI (SingularityNET)
AGI (SingularityNET)
AGI (SingularityNET)
AGI (SingularityNET)
AGI (SingularityNET)
AGI (SingularityNET)

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