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I read that Reserve have the same market makers as XRP had back in 2017. What exactly do the market makers do? Is this bullish? XRP went on a pretty crazy run back then

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They provide liquidity among other things, and yes ots bullish. But don’t shill this too much can’t wait for biz to miss out on the next link

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>is this bullish?

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10c EOY

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all crypto went on a crazy run in 17
market makers are shamwow tier shills with deep pockets
I have a suicide stack of rsr
but like xrp theres a gigantic supply
the ripple fuckers dump everytime theres an uptick in price
I got in rsr under .004 & I dont see it going that low again even if the dev team pulls jewish maneuvers

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>the next link
No way in hell that this does as well as chainlink although we will see some nice gains in the bull run

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Where do I buy it?

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Yeah, XRP has the same max supply as RSR, and with these market makers they went to $3.40. That's not even factoring in RSR token burns.

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Huboi for large orders
Uniswap for a suicide stack (100K)

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I’m not finding it on uniswap.

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plus RSR doesn't have doucebags Brad and Jed dumping billions on them

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1. Click on markets tab
2. find uniswap listing and click on desired pair (RSR/ETH)

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you have to input rsr smart contract manually

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Lookup on ehterscan for the contract and import into uniswamp

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Thanks bruvs. Bout to drop a suicide stack. I bought pnk ss with a couple hundred bucks now it’s 1600$. Did the same with LINK. Now I’m gonna do it with RSR. Been seen in you guys shill this for awhile.

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here's the contract you stupid faggot

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Thanks. Nigger

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>Where do I buy it?


You need a VPN to register. ProtonVPN free trial is a good method.
It's pretty easy to register on Huobi. Just register and send Huobi some BTC to exchange for RSR.
Huobi doesn't require you to take a photo of yourself with your ID or any fucking shit. You can get an account just as quickly as you can click on an email verification.

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aww he cares

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Just bought 100k. Feels good to be early for once.

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This is a long term hold btw. Dont expect it to randomly pump 300% like one of the 2m mcap shitcoins shilled here every day. Nothing wrong with those, just have separate stacks for moon missions and safe hold stacks like RSR.
RSR will certainly pump hard when there is good news but that might be weeks or months away. As long as you're in before that!

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Whats this shit about Houbi accounts being shut for selling RSR to yanks?

Just shit fud?

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Alternative 1: Don't go to Huobi if you're a yank
Alternative 2: Uniswap smaller amounts at a time

There's really no problem with amerifats being banned. Only good.

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It's just satsgang-tier fud, muricans are fine.

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Just make sure you hold at least 1m of this by 2021.

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Holy shit I’m a retard. How do I get it out of uniswap now.

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Never mind got it.

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bilaxy has decent volume too & burger friendly/shoddy kyc

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So to be conservative, $0.20-$0.30 is possible which would be a lot from here. That's XRP's current

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I would be disappointed by that. If the team knock it out you can look at how XRP did during last bullrun, you might get a good idea of prices.

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the projected meme value is like $56.xx
do whatever you want with that information

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See you at 3$ frens

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>5.6 trillion market cap

OK, see you in 2050.

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>what is token burn
Do some research before trying to converse with experts

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