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Imagine being a normie with thousands of dollars in debt, yet buying an iPhone™, a Macbook Pro™ or travelling abroad every 6 months, but too lazy to invest.

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Know a lot of these folks, imagine the recession EOY how these folks will feel, lmfao

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Lol at your pic.

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Never buy a Macbook Pro, i've had one for a year and its incredibly shitty.
There's all kindas of shit designs that are extremley annoying for anyone who isn't a brainlet.

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I actually got paid by Apple several times for hacking their stuff

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I know, right? I hope there's another parallel reality in which she becomes a worthy woman.

Consequences will never be the same.

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like bounties for finding exploits or like you ogga boogad them?

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>traveling abroad every 6 months
>he doesn't hoard loyalty points and travel for free
Kek at normies, it's sad

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lmao I know amara IRL though Jake, what a skank she is, people pretend to like her but deep down they know she's dirt. nobody will marry her lmao

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absolutely based suraj

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>Work with normies
>Everyone else kisses the boss's ass, goes golfing together, buys boss's daughter's girl scout cookies
>Talks about their cars and car payments
>I didn't
>Mass layoff because coronachan
>I am among the first laid off
>Get free neetbux, equivalent to 45,000/year passive income
>Get hired 6 weeks later for new job working from home with 25% higher pay, better benefits and no ass kissing expectations
>Normies probably relieved they jumped through all those hoops to keep their jobs so they can keep up with their debt payments

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My debt is mostly from accumulation of PMs and crypto
I’ve barely bought anything for myself this year

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based Suraj

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Very based. I hate normies so much. We are truly more superior then they are.

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sometimes i think i recked my life but then OPs pic reminds me that not everything is so bad

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With severance pay and unemployment, I came out with more money than if I had kept my job until I started the new one. I will never see them again but for some reason, I want them to know that I am better off now.

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No, not really. Her yahoo posts when she was a teen show that this bitch is literally straight-up fucking retarded. I doubt her IQ is anything higher than 75, max. She was NEVER EVER going to have any prospects in life beyond being a dumb thot. She would've made a terrible mother and cursed her children with the same room temperature IQ.

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This has got to be bait. Apple laptops are based as fuck for the average person. Pro tip: Buy a 3 year old used one in great condition.

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Yeah, but they seem happy, I see my friends and coworkers just being happy and not caring about stuff. I just put on a fake mask, and pretend im happy. Yeah the number on my phone magic internet money app keeps going up. But is that really happiness? Somtimes I wish I could just be a retard happy normy with my apple macbook and italy trips. T. Fk Crypto.

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i messaged him on ig one time to tell him how based he is

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>Average person
Still, I'm embedded in their products. My headphones talk to my apple branded fleshlight and I can't escape.

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>i messaged him on ig one time to tell him how based he is
He's the one pajeet who will be allowed in the citadel

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>Imagine being a normie with thousands of dollars in debt, yet buying an iPhone™, a Macbook Pro™ or travelling abroad every 6 months, but too lazy to invest.
heh yeah dude that person sounds dumb

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>with my apple macbook and italy trips
Just cash out $3k and keep investing the rest.

I wouldn't recommend buying a brand new Apple product though. Extremely expensive for no real reason. You'd be just as happy with a second hand product.

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Its not the laziness that bugs me, its that theyre scared to lose

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low iq here i don't get it can you please explain whats going on picture?

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Holy shit based pajeet

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>be normie
>paying upwards of $100 for a cell phone every month
>have several recurring subscriptions many of which are redundant costing them upwards of another $100 a month
>constantly eating out or ordering food costing them at least $60 a day on food alone
>hopelessly addicted to caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol costing them even more money
>have several credit cards, all of them they are paying interest on
>in hopeless amounts of student loan debt because they were dumb enough to go without being able to afford it and just ended up wasting their time
>they think living in a city paying hilarious amounts of rent is better than being a racist redneck paying pennies on some land and a house half an hour out from the suburbs is a good thing
>all of them are usually unironically socialist Bernie-bros or unironic commies
Normies are hopeless. The amount of normies I interact with who unironically have zero fucking dollars in their bank account is staggering.

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Both pictures belong to the same girl, Amara Maple (also known as Lana Rhoades, her porn actress name).

Up you can see a question she made in Yahoo Answers when she was 14 (there's also a screencap of one of her YouTube videos attached, mostly gymnastic stuff). Down you can see her nowadays.

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in college i was really shocked how many people didn't even have $20 handy

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the annoying part is when you actually try to help people out of these traps, and they reeeee.

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Greentext, please.

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A lot of people really do feel like money 'burns a hole in their pocket' and don't really have a concept of keeping some extra money around to help you out when you need it

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>bro why the fuck do you have netflix, hulu, and disney plus? just cancel them and you'll save not only money but time

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>hopelessly addicted to caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol costing them even more money

The thing about coffee really bugs me. I love coffee, but I I own a french press, grinder, and buy my own beans. The people who pay like 10 dollars at starcucks for a fucking cup of coffee are retarded.

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Most shows are crap anyway.

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you aren't as smart as I'd hoped

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please tell us some stories anon.

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What should I get as someone who recently started drinking coffee for not too much money. I prefer iced, can that be done at home easily?

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Add more grounds for iced to compensate for the ice melting. If you add sugar you're a faggot.

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You can make god-tier cold brew coffee at home. Buy fresh beans and store them in a sealed air-tight container. Grind them yourself, then put that in a big jug with water. Put it in the fridge and let it sit like that for a full day.

Next day, filter out the grounds with a french press. Boom, cold brew coffee. Smooth as fuck with zero acidity.

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fuck i really hate normies but I'm really lucky tho. lucky to have found this basket weaving Philippino anime board, and to never spend money on cigs drugs weed alcohol netflix and other bullshit. i was legit spending money only on food rent electricity and other necessities. now im on my road to making it and couldn't give a fuck about the unfavorable situation of those retards. they deserve their fate. those neurotypicals were destined to be poor and nothing more.

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You make fun of normies but everyone has their addictions to cope with life. We were just lucky to get addicted to the internet where shit is mostly free.
If it wasn't for the internet most neets would have killed themselves or not been neets at all.
A mobile game can hook an 80 iq retard and he will drop hundreds of dollars on pay to win. But the greatest library in human history, an universal fountain of knowledge is basically free.
And in this fountain autists find a place where they can make millions on vapoewave coins.
Dont you understand? Everyone here is blessed for their path in life took them here. And we are all going to make it.

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I really dont understand their mindest

why would you buy anything if you dont have the money for it? this is beyond me

I bought my car in cash, my phone in cash and everything else too
I will buy my house in cash aswell, even if its just a small one

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Your quote reminds me of an Isaac Asimov's quote.

It is interesting the way we choose to use the internet. Some people only use it for social networks and animal videos, others use it to make money.

I am using it to look for a job abroad while I learn a new language.

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I get what you mean, pretty much all of my hobbies are free

>4chan and internet in general
sure, internet connection and vpn still costs money but it's a cheap bill
download anything for free from libgen or gutenberg
running in park and calisthenics, no need for a gym

Literally the only things I spend money on is rent, utilites, food, transportation and an occasional date or a prostitute, that's it.

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based prostitute anon

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It's a trade off anon. They'll have adventures and experiences when it matter and be broke when it doesn't.

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>intellectual property is property
First to get the rope

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They're buying tangible items that are used everyday while you're cocky about buying imaginary tokens on the internet

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Smart bro! I learned in a 6-sigma course recently, a cup of Starbucks coffee has $0.10 worth of coffee in it...

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imagine getting btfo by a pajeet

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I feel for the one answering her question , talking about her needing to go into academics and become a proper woman. Such great advice going right over her head unlike all the cumshots that go straight onto her head.

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Trying this tomorrow! Any difference in coffe:water ratio?

>> No.21189736

IDK, never measure it. I just put a ton in; you can always dilute after if its too strong

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>different timeline where she was a worthy woman
Bro she has an iq of about 85 and she grew up poor as dirt. There’s no timeline where she is anything other than white trash.

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what is this supposed to indicate? that the kind of unstable bipolar teen who ends up in porn would also do something unhinged low iq shit like post about acting on yahoo fucking answers?

no shit

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I turned my life around. not even normie just straight up drug addict. blowing several Ks on cocaine and then using other drugs for the comedown, fucked up my health by going on a 2 week mdma binge.

been clean for 2 years now and slowly starting to get that debt away. my only monthly costs besides rent and food are spend on cryptos, STATERA TO THE MOON BABY

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>Implying your raging semi cares about IQ when there's some potential doe-eyed idiot that could be on the recieving end.
>Accidents happen
Come on, you know she'd get wifed up one way or another.

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Apple laptops are actually incredibly cheap in the long run.

You can buy a Macbook Pro used for like 30-40% of its retail price, and resell it in 1-2 years at small loss/profit.

Now buying an Apple laptop at retail price is retarded. But tried and true models that are 3-5 years old will hold their value extremely well and are built to last.

Either that or buy a gaming laptop ricecooker that will lose 50% of its value in a year.

Thinkpads are also a great option, but much harder to resell, so you really buy a cheap T460 or something, and run it into the ground.

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He's an entrepeneur, they're a consumer. We make money off of them

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suraj.777 is based

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>touching someone else’s used spankbox
No no no thank you

>> No.21190099

>But tried and true models that are 3-5 years old will hold their value extremely well and are built to last.
Your advice is dated by like 5 years

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I didn't believe this was real and had to look it up, that shit is beyond sad. Any of these women who became whores and say they don't regret it must be lying.

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Or, now hear me out, you could buy something else at 30-49% the cost of a MacBook brand new, and keep it for many years.

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Similar situation even walked away with a nice severance package. I never been happier and I’m increasing my stack weekly. HR thot was expecting me to be depressed or something CEO in her mind was thinking she really gave it to me. They where shocked how happy I looked when the day came. HR thot started smiling near the end she knew I had something else going on. I even got her cell # I might spit roast that normie one of these days.

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>we put our hearts into this movie!
>white girl being analed by 12inch black cock
this is what aldous huxley tried to warn us about.

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Disagree. We can see she has three motivations in life:
1. Taking dick
2. Being adored
3. A comfortable financial situation

In an alternate universe she's the perfect trad-wife. Husband dicking her brains out daily, clutch of kids who look up to her and a stable home.

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Got used 2010' 17 inch macbook pro 6 years ago. Added some RAM and an SSD and it's the best machine ever. Would buy 20 inch.

Stuff made after Jobs died is kinda shitty.

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Debt is too easy to get into in our society but it's not always a bad choice, for an educated person who understands the trade off. It's a tool in the tool box. For example I took on a car loan to be able to work a better paying job that needed a car. Many small businesses need a loan to get operating in the first place and have a chance at profitability. I can understand taking a home loan too if one is confident that the land will appreciate, or they want to start a family now instead of a decade later.

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>gets into debt to gamble

you've got a problem.

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Congratulations, anon. We're all going to make it and be happy. Normies seething with envy is just icing on the cake.

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I bought a laptop on loaned money as well as music gear.

I make music now for a living using the laptop and music gear. best loan ever.

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Imagine being a normie with thousands of dollars in debt, yet buying an iPhone™, a Macbook Pro™ or travelling abroad every 6 months, but too lazy to invest.

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yeah desu i cannot put into words the feelings of utmost hatred disgust and disrespect i have towards these whores

>> No.21190800

I only got a just under 4000€ credit card debt left and then I 'm free. I completely turned my life around and for the first time of my life I have a positive outlook on financial matters. Its all good. I broke out of the normie lifestyle just in the right time. I am happy.

>> No.21190830

My first gf was like that, living from paycheck to paycheck, her whole apartment was a mess, one week she fucking lost a paycheck, we had to look for it, it tooks like 2 hours to find in her messy apartment. Some people absolutely cannot handle money. It's pathetic, really.

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One of my irrational fears is that a fellow non normie think of me as a normie, I mean I have an outward appearance of a normie because I want to stealth in, but sometimes non normie think being non normie mean being unsuccessful in normie things like fitness, which make them just stupid and contrarian in my opinion, what do you guys think

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Thing is these things are important to have in modern culture. You NEED to own expensive trendy things and travel to shot pictures with it to feel good and be accepted. This is the world of normies. I have a cheap mobile phone and even my intelligent fellow programmer friends tease me about it and flock around the guy that just got the newest iPhone. If you want to be a normie you need this stuff more than healthy food, otherwise you die socially. And your social life is everything.

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My mother in law does this.

>trade in car for newer one every tax return cuz i need muh bigger truck
>maxes credit cards and carry full balances statement to statement making minimum payments on dozens of cards
>goes out to bars on Friday and Saturday nights and multiple times at restaurants on weekdays
>goes on a cruise every year she puts payments towards
>cries about her 50hr/wk job slaving for $60k/yr
>ends up yelling hysterically I NEED 60k/yr OR ITS OVER, I CANT JUST QUIT
>is rich at payday, has to ask to borrow money 2-3 days before payday
Just stupid people doing stupid things. I have no idea how a ~50 year old woman still does not have it even close to being together. When she found out that we own our stuff outright she insinuated we were liars. Pretty unreal knowing that majority of America lives like this.

>> No.21191199

i think you're a normie

>> No.21191278

making any kind of a big deal about tax returns is the sign of a complete fucking loser

>> No.21191300

>not educating your 85 iq wife through eternal sessions of sex, transforming her into a submissive traditional female.

>> No.21191366


Different anon but I have some

>Sit next to normie coworker in his late 30s
>He looks like the human version of that "The Wageslave" meme, constantly shaking because he's constantly stressed out of his mind
>Giving financial advice to a younger coworker
>None of it is good
>"You can take a loan from your 401k, that's what I did to pay some of my credit card debt. Also, I got a good deal financing my new car..."
>Just from this one conversation, I found out he has a mortgage (bought a house in 2007 kek), a home equity loan, a credit card balance, 2 car loans, a 401k loan, and still hasn't paid off his student loans
>Shit, no wonder he's so stressed
>Talk to younger coworker about it later on and he says something about not wanting to end up like that

>> No.21191414

imagine instead of spending 2k on an iphone 2 years ago, instead u used that money on link.

>> No.21191426

just get caffeine powder/pills or drink your coffee black

>> No.21191512

That was easy

>> No.21191604

these are the people we take money from

>> No.21191654

now that would be a butthurt kek

>> No.21191677

checked & based

>> No.21191714

Tell us more about messy-gf chan.

>> No.21191892

The problem with your line of though is that your laptop depreciates. The used Macbook has already depreciated. You lose 10% of the value max if you buy the right model.

That rice cooker, you will lose 70% of the value over the same period of time.

Stop thinking of purchases in terms of cash flow, but in terms of cost per use.

I can buy $200 dress shoes that will need to be replaced when the soles wear out in 2-3 years. Cost per year: ~$80.

Or I can buy Goodyear welted Allen Edmond Park Avenues (a $395 shoe), on sale for $<300. Personally I got mine for $250. Every 3-5 years, I can replace the sole and upper for $125 and wear them for 15-20 years. Cost per year: ~$40 for a far superior shoe.

The same goes for vehicles. It's far cheaper to buy a $7-8K Camry/Accord than a $5K American/German used car. This applies to insurance, maintenance, fuel cost, and depreciation.

>> No.21191960

I feel some millenials and zoomers have this thing when they cannot control themselves and say no to pleasures and commodities, even at the brink of bankrupcy.

>> No.21192057

Thank you for your really good advice. I started thinking like that about mostly clothes and furniture and feel like I'm throwing less money at shit.

But that is also one thing that maintain poor people poor. They can't afford quality on the moment and end up buying crap that use super fast and that they do have to replace.

>> No.21192152

Smart advice here:

>> No.21192368

nigger a rice cooker costs $15, it's not meant as an investment, it's meant to make cooking at home way easier

>> No.21192411

This is gold

>> No.21192448

Hope you bought chainlink

>> No.21192458

ah okay i see lol, overall good advice

basically people shouldn't think lower cost always means cheaper. The most simple example of this I can think of is morons who buy a smaller container of something for a few cents less than a giant one that will last them a year and think they're being thrifty.

>> No.21192497

Please don't even get me started. I work a minimum wage job and I manage to save enough to invest and pay for shit. There's this girl at my work who drives a brand new Audi A1 on finance (they're $30,000) What are these people going to do for their futures when they're in so much debt that most of what they earn isn't theirs?

>> No.21192590

Anons, remember to unironically pray for these people rather than judge them. Misdirection coupled with a batshit society causes this, and part of the blame they aren’t responsible for. I hope she sees the light one day.

>> No.21192610

that niggress has a lambo while white boi on biz trying to gamble for a 10x on their last happy meal dollars

i wish it wasn't this way biz trust me

>> No.21192618

If you look at her AMA, she says she doesn’t even like sex. Plus any woman in 2020, let alone an attractive one, can have kids if she wants them.
She is an attention whore, nothing more.

>> No.21192702

>$1-2k per scene
>2/3 of income goes to drugs and LA rent
Just because she’s done a photoshoot with some kike producer’s rented lambo doesn’t mean she owns one, anon.

>> No.21192711

Yes the only thing I don't agree with his post is that at some point you don't want to send time for a nice but cheap value/year, when it's about 20 bucks for something that last 2 or 3.

Buuuuut when you consider the accumulation of thoses things...

>> No.21192742

Audi A1 is like $149 a month plus gas and insurance. Its really not that much. Working a side job on the weekends can net you up $800-1200 easily, if you are completly irresponsible you wont end up in debt

>> No.21192761

i feel bad for her. Don't you feel like these girls were 18-19 and tricked into doing it? and now they ruined their lives forever, they are literally worthless

>> No.21192803

Peak gentile

>> No.21192840

In Greece we have a strong cold coffee called a frappé which is very refreshing in the summer. It’s simple. Nescafé instant coffee and water are shaken in a blender bottle or frothed with a milk frotter. Add milk and sugar as you please.

>> No.21192872

he didnt literally mean a rice cooker lol

>> No.21192939

On some level yes, but the alternative (church, marriage, family) was always there for her.
Although with most porn girls, their stepdad started fucking them when they were like 11. If that’s the case I genuinely feel bad for her.

>> No.21192986


Sad but you get what you fucking deserve, the wages of sin is death. Shouldn't have been a whore.

>> No.21192995

Furniture is a great example.

You can buy a shitty new $300 chair from staples or you can find a used fully loaded Herman Miller Aeron for $400, ($1400 new) use it for a few years, and it'll be worth at least the same amount.

>> No.21193005

She is first gf I ever had so I guess I was grateful in a way. But in retrospect she was low tier human. I couldn't say garbage because I still hell some respect for past relationships, but damn. She would ask me to go to the bank with her because she would feel like she could get attacked. Almost impossible, we lived in a rural area, peaceful, no immigrants (at the time). She would cry because she could barely extract her rent from her bank. Now that would be a sob story if she wasn't completely atrocious with her money despite me trying to give her saving tip and not spending on absolute necessary shits and then being attacked because its not my money. Guess who is rich now. She was also fat, but I felt for the gamer gf meme. Never feel for that. They all are unstable as fuck. Not that I'm not unstable myself like most people are desu, but another kind of unstable we're talking here.

>> No.21193042

I think you're gay but unironically

>> No.21193134


>> No.21193227

They aren't happy, you'd be shocked to know how many normies (especially women) are on some sort of anti-depressant.

>> No.21193298

I think she's one of the top only fans and has huge instagram, $100k-500K a month easily

>> No.21193330

>an entire pol thread about BBC porn
lol i'm not reading that. Chainlink is pumping

>> No.21193359

i swear I went to a co worker' s place a couple of time and they have a giant screen thats always on and takes almost a whole wall with the volume oppressingly loud (especially during ads) and we watch netflix and it shocked me how disgusting most shows are nowadays, he insisted to show me rick and morty and love/death/robots and its full of gore, sex and nihilism and the actual storytelling is shit
everytime I go to a normie's place its like this and something else that shocked me is they almost never drink water, they always drink sodas or juice or stuff like that and they can' t eat something without adding a shit ton of salt and sauce no wonder they are all fat/skinnyfat
fuck normans are so disgusting and bluepilled, its like they always need to stimulate themselves with something wether it be weed, sugar, sex, violence, alcool

>> No.21193520

french press is the best

>> No.21193570

yet with biz it's money

>> No.21193616

At least money can buy you freedom from servitude.

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I just looked on the website. A basic plan is £200 a month plus a £2,727.31 down payment. after the 44 weeks are up, you either pay an additional £8,793.20 to own the vehicle or give it back. This is a TERRIBLE investment

>> No.21194096

normies are quite useful for keeping the economy churning

>> No.21194241

>i messaged him on ig one time to tell him how based he is
what did he say

>> No.21194286

she grew up in a rich part of Illinois though she's not white trash

>> No.21194421

Chicken/egg. If normies were better at saving and not blowing money on frivolous shit the economy wouldn't be built around those consoomer habits.

>> No.21194467

>use money to advance far-right political causes
>start to fix the underlying problems

>> No.21194481

can u swap it for another vehicle?

>> No.21194488

Imagine buying an Audi A1 instead of a Mazda 3.

>> No.21194782

The laptop is a rice cooker you illiterate

>> No.21194866

That's just sad man, kikes have sure brainwashed the normies. If you're so superior pick them up and help them instead of kicking them when they are done.

>> No.21195019

I bought bicycle parts worth 100 euros this year. Biggest purchase in last 2 years. I feel like a fucking millionaire doing it, even though it's just cents basically.

t. from eastern europe.

>> No.21195130

This shit right here.
All that crap they're buying? It's retail therapy. It's their coping mechanism.
It's all a big cope.

>> No.21195177

IQ may be a factor, but you're a retard for believing in Social Constructivism. She chose her life, as can you.

>> No.21195250

Jfc is Eastern Europe really still this poor? No wonder all your girls do extreme porn.

>> No.21195394

>first time reading through a thread thats not /smg/

Wow you cunts can actually stop shilling link and other shitty cryptos to have somewhat of a discussion on /biz/

>> No.21195397

would a college girl fuck if you offered them $100

>> No.21195646

had a coworker previously that was 22, got his girl pregnant, she didnt have a job and we were making $13.5/hr. always had a new phone and bought her matching apple iwatches, jewelry and shit. played Fifa (yes he was mexican) and paid for some gacha player cards or something. one time I told him "you don't need that stuff man, isn't that too much $?" and he got really pissed at me.

lots of people also spend like $300/mo on weed and maybe even 2-300 more on alcohol.

>> No.21195754
File: 41 KB, 531x531, 1576712646616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this better be bait

>> No.21195790

I chose to straighten up after the five-year degeneracy gauntlet that is college. Found a good girl, got engaged.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss hooking up with random sorority sluts though, those fucking crop tops are my kryptonite.

>> No.21195942

OP here. I am surprised this thread survived until now.

I am proud of you, bois.

>> No.21196090

Ofc not, this will get a police called on you

>> No.21196388

The upper half is sad because you know had the environment been better she wouldn’t have walked down that road. Lower half isn’t sad since she made her choices and is retarded. Either way the pornographic and adult entertainment industry needs to be abolished and all the ring leaders need to pay up for all the lives they ruined

>> No.21196441


They are still happier and more fulfilled in life than you, a bitter incel.

>> No.21196458

If its any consolation for her, Marilyn Monroe said she had to suck a lot of dick to make it in Hollywood so theyre more alike than she realizes.

>> No.21196535


>Captain Save-A-Ho has entered the chat

>> No.21196704
File: 38 KB, 1109x356, 1596982281274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normalfags hate spending money to make money because they don't see the value in doing so. After all, why save that $10 and buy some stock with it later when you could have fucking McDonalds now?

The reason we win is because we are the rare few who are actually invested in making money.

>> No.21196867

That’s where the vicious cycle comes in, you buy whaat you can’t afford to gain happiness but since you’re basically poor this creates stress and burdens you making unhappiness. You have to actually HAVE money first. You have to be wealthy, not look wealthy

>> No.21196930

Look man she deserves a to be taken out in the streets and stoned but let’s not act like most pornstars weren’t dealt a bad hand. Hannah hayes would’ve had it better growing up in Nazi Germany

>> No.21197002

obviously the former you fag

>> No.21197022

Offer to pay the semester and be at least a 6/10 and she will. Not worth it for you though

>> No.21197053

No, they are literal retards. Genetic garbage. They had zero prospects in life and they were always doomed to be thots. It's just that back in the day trash like this would've been relegated to being normal prostitutes instead of online prostitutes where they're used to advertise degeneracy on a mass scale.

>> No.21197082
File: 856 KB, 900x856, 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heh, fucking based

>> No.21197217

She's obviously retarded. Do you honestly think this idiot would be doing anything other than the most basic wagie shit possible if porn didn't exist? And to top it off being sub 85 IQ, she's poison in the gene pool. Should be happy they voluntarily remove themselves from it and entertain us with the only assets they have. Ass and titties.

>> No.21197220

>pay the semester
Way too much money.

>> No.21197329

She wasn’t educated properly, I guarantee your mom would’ve been the same if she went through the trauma Amara did.

>> No.21197356

IQ is genetic, retard. Jesus fucking christ get off my board you simp

>> No.21197404

she made more than most actors ever make anyway

>> No.21197418
File: 4 KB, 160x170, 20200809_164453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Based suraj

>> No.21197428


>> No.21197440

Do you have her actual scores? You don’t know her, retard.

>> No.21197461

>$1-2k per scene
lmao no. 10-20k maybe

>> No.21197480

Bro she's a e-celeb. Plenty of info on her. If you can't see how she talks, thinks, and acts and clearly see she has sub-brick intelligence, I don't know what to tell you

>> No.21197507

My nigger, a semester at my uni costs 100€, 200€ if you're in the private quota. East Europe here

>> No.21197509

thats sad tho we shouldnt forget our most vulnerable WHITE people

>> No.21197531

pornstars always act and talk in a stupid, ditzy way with few exceptions because that's what the audience wants

>> No.21197537

And you know what’s funny? Amara HAD the talent, that’s why her net worth is $2 million. Had she grown up in a loving household with parents who paid attention to her and didn’t let her go to some marxist school she probably would’ve used that same raw energy and talent to become the next Kylie Jenner or Meghan Markle

>> No.21197562

She has an internet history going back much further than when she was in porn. Sorry dude, she's literally retarded. Keep coping with the white knight shit though

>> No.21197586

did u get ur info from vice?

>> No.21197597

why would the police be called. I thought europe didn't care about prostitution or soliciting a normie as one

>> No.21197600

how did she end up in porn?

>> No.21197621


>> No.21197660

>She has an internet history going back much further than when she was in porn.
and i suppose you're a sad enough case you've researched it extensively? cringe

>> No.21197661
File: 18 KB, 321x321, lAn6SFF-_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back to fucking reddit.

>> No.21197722

Did either of you fags even read the retarded shit she posted AT 14 YEARS OLD in the OP? Jesus holy fuck. Anyone defending this bitch deserves gas.

>> No.21197751

Dw anon i think ur right and coming from the right place. These vultures are high on money and wouldnt think twice about exploiting a vulnerable beautiful girl

Theres more to life than sex. Appreciating and conserving beauty is high spiritual goal that most of these zombie cooming dregs wont understand

>> No.21197781

>Did either of you fags even read the retarded shit she posted AT 14 YEARS OLD in the OP? Jesus holy fuck. Anyone defending this bitch deserves gas.

Being retarded doesnt mean u deserve to be preyed on by wolves. Men should prevent that from happening but unfortunately we are stuck with souless coombrains like u

>> No.21197887

This anon gets it

>> No.21197895

>not using tax returns to max out your 401k

>> No.21197972

Would you simps even give a shit about her if she was average-ugly looking?

>> No.21198081

Imagine being so poor that $15/month makes any difference to you.

>> No.21198095

Reeeee it’s not a literal rice cooker you illiterate nigger Brazilian. It’s a laptop. A LAPTOP. Now picker up your asshole I’m coming in dry

>> No.21198107

Is Suraj the Chad Indian while Pajeet is the virgin?

>> No.21198160
File: 71 KB, 671x1024, 1593680369660m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being retarded means you shouldn't even survive in the first place. But due to society thinking each life is special they unfortunately do. Then again, you're probably the type of guy who thinks pic related is ok.

>> No.21198165

>excusing kikes for exploiting poor whites
kys parasite defender

>> No.21198196

I feel the same. I feel like an outsider. I've had to teach myself how to behave like a normie. To other outsiders they probably think I'm a chad or something.

>> No.21198202

the entire point of the economy is to consoom

>> No.21198229

>giving the Jew $180 a year to voluntarily consoom anti-white propaganda films
the absolute state

>> No.21198253

this all sounds right except.. sauce on food? Like most people eat food that is way too bland, its not some hedonism trap to properly sauce food you cook yourself

>> No.21198281

>Being retarded doesnt mean u deserve to be preyed on by wolves.
Come the fuck on dude. That's how the world works. Thats why scammers exist. And that's why information its the most valuable thing to have nowadays. Stupidity is punishable by any means life wants to.

>> No.21198347

this is you
>wow you actually backed up your point??
>truly cringe, my friend

>> No.21198371

Because most people are consoomers. The economy isn't a force of nature, it's a product of mankind's behavior. If most people were savers instead of consoomers the economy would have developed along a different path and it would not be so reliant on consumption.

>> No.21198791
File: 40 KB, 538x640, 1596904836218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21198838

based, as long as you have low/no interest. i'm doing the same

>> No.21199050

The reason you save is so that you consoom later. There's a time difference sure, but it's the same shit.

>> No.21199112

What's PM?

>> No.21199768

Retarded simp, hater of the truth, lover of deception and lies, slave of Saturn, kill yourself.

>> No.21200124

soo sooo accurate. esp the water thing

>> No.21200177

Penis Mittens

>> No.21200222

Are these the same person? Can't tell because all roasties tend to look similar.

>> No.21200278
File: 36 KB, 360x328, 1594547986739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not like they're reducing wine and heavy cream in a skillet that they just cooked a steak in to make a sauce anon. They're eating disgusting shit fried in vegetable oil (which is probably the worst thing you can put into your body) coated in some shitty hot sauce to cover up the horrid flavor. It's not that people eat food that is way too bland, it's that people eat prepackaged garbage and think cooking is a meme.

>> No.21200507

someone asked her if she wanted to do it and she did. More women then not would do porn if asked. especially at 18-20 and if they want to be famous, doesn't famous for what as long as they're known

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