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ATH waiting room.

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What is an index fund?

An index fund is a fund that can track a specified basket of underlying investments and in this case: BTC, ETH, LINK all balanced with STA.

The rules are that these coins are set in the fund at a specified percent so as one goes up or down the others are automatically bought or sold to balance risk and maximize profit. HOWEVER, the key is that STA is deflationary (whenever an STA transaction happens for buying/selling/pooling, 1% of the transaction of STA is burned). This token burn + tokens being locked in pooling pressures prices up to again make sure the other coins will be balanced. You also are given a % of all the fees paid in STA transactions up to 36% APY and during a run up to 40,000% APY.

The power of STA is that the ripple effect of: (1) compounded fees, (2) token burn, (3) price pulled up by ETH, BTC, and LINK leads to an exponential effect and positive feedback loop on price.

So why is it low at only a 5-8million mcap right now?
STA was used by balancer labs and someone hacked the % exploit from balancer. This was balancer's fault but they used STA. Balancer and STA are refunding this.

Can the team dump? No, this is the most decentralized token as the project much like BTC is out of Satoshi's hands, STA is out of the hands of the devs who only own <4%.

If you have ETH or LINK then there is no reason not to hold STA. it can only benefit you.

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Statera is the fucking bees knees. $1 is a VERY conservative target.

If you've read about it and understand the pooling fees and everything else that's wonderful about Statera & the community, then it should be a question of HOW MUCH SHOULD I BUY, not when or if.

If you don't know much about Statera, then join the telegram, read the various articles and vids about it, then come and get comfy with the project they're calling the King Of DeFi.

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Also the STHANOS memes

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Is .12 late to get in

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Nope, we're still early. If you want to wait and see if the price will drop a bit again be my guest, but by the end of the year you won't regret getting in regardless of whether you bought for 10 cents or 12.

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You are still early, anon. Get in and fasten your seatbelt.

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My man, outside of biz and amybe few newfags now and then, nobody hasn't got a glimpse of it...

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Im an idiot, i saw it was .1 yesterdsy so now im scardd its gona dump

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Current refund values

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Also can someone explain to me what the refund is? Cant ppl just dump when they get stat back?

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Most people that pooled are still in the community.

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$10 EOY is FUD

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Please note the plaid as we STAastronauts are OG linkies

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Absolutely fantastic.

They could dump, yeah.
But consider this - why on Earth would you want to?
Statera is going to some serious, serious highs. Anyone getting the refund knows this - that's why they got involved in the first place!

Would you jump out the window of a rocket as it's just a few hundred yards above the ground, anon?

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JFC! It was $750k when they anounced it a few days ago

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If 100% of the refund is sold for a dump think about how much of the supply is burned at once. Whether they buy, sell, or pool, you win.

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LOOKING FOR A TOKEN WITH 500k+ LIQUIDITY THAT WILL 2X IN 48 hours because I am too fucking scared to let go of Statera in case it pumps.

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Yeah...this action is BEFORE the refund
It is BEFORE new listings
It is BEFORE the fomo token burn
It is BEFORE balancer is listed on coinbase

Yeah, $10 EOY is indeed FUD

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Dude STA is a 6 month hold to $10

I would be hesitant to look for short term pump n dump gains here.

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Poor balancer, they really need to pay 2x back

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/Biz is and was always based.

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Anon please tell me what you are saying is true. Please tell me $10 EOY is not FUD and that STA is going to change my life as I know it. Please anon I need this fucking win

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10$ EOY is literally inevitable.
Not necessarily this EOY though

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There is no reason anyone wouldnt want to earn this insane roi that you can get from pooling. This is going to be huge. You will make it depending on how strong your hands are. You can also gain passive income for life if you when STA is very high in price.

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but are you guys holding linkies also?

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checked and truth based.
STA will be $200-$300 toward the peak of this bull run end of 2021

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Got my stack in 2018

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Anybody trying to get in now, get in before that balancer refund.

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shitcoin going to zero

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checked and poor based

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You said this at 1c, 3c, 4c, 7c, 10c, and 12c

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Just DCA you buy in

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>11-13x in under 30 days

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Is this only on uniswap?

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Whether you pool or hold or do half and halgmf the key is you need to wait only look at your stack every 3 months. This is how I got through all those times with LINK. Imagine holding link through endless fud and toilet memes and dumps after google, oracle, coinbase, etc. The biggedt tip is to look at it ever 1 to 3 months and be patient. All the linkies who were not patient are upset since they could have had more.

$10 is realistically going to happen in months to 2 years. But you need to have ironhands.

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Hotbit and hoo and more coming. But uniswap has the highest volume and is the best place to buy it.

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2018 bought at 20 cents OG linkie here. STA keeps my link safe.

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Reeeee whats going on with gas prices? I was away from crypto and now i cant even sell my sta

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i wonder where the anon is that was spamming DEAD CAT BOUNCE after the hack. we tried to tell you

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Be thankful the gas is so high its saving you from regrets down the road, retard.

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I know its gonna pump in 2 weeks but my next paycheck is in a month and im broke because all my shitcoins dumped except for STA. Its easy to call someone retarded on the interwebz

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I have a mid poorfag portfolio and so glad I went with STA. Great hold and not one in my short term sells.

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Guys 13% have been burned since June. The market cap doesn't need to be crazy high to get double digits because so many STA will be burned by then.

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says i cant swap because of price movement / fee on transfer. increased my slippage to 1% what do i do

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im a poorfag and i took out a fat loan over 5 years to buy in early
100x or bust

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You need atleast 1.03%-2% slippage and no decimals in the STA ammount. So instead of 1000,5454 only have 1000

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thats cute but also delusional

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10k acquired. will i make it ?

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What price did you get in at?

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Every Sta bro will make it if they dont sell at to low profit.

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Dangerously based

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0.07 and 0.09

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holy shit this is based

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Butthurt whale here. If I had common sense and listened I would have sold swinged at 3c, sold at 15c and rebought at 0.003. Yes it was our fault, STA1+STAC+STA3 showed us that swingers would had been instantly rich if they sold the top and bought the bottom.

The only projects which surpassed all expectations were BUIDL, Sora, Pamp Network.
As for Chainlink... Aave was a better project. Chainlink was something you were suppose to buy at 15c and 1$ and borrow with Aave or margin trade with Binance, FTX, etc.

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Is uniswap not working for anyone? I can't seem to buy any sta, transaction keeps pending

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1.03%-2% Slippage and no decimals in the STA ammount. So instead of 1000,435 have 1000

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Nice. I don't advocate taking out loans for crypto, but you will be able to pay it back and still keep a stack

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Have a few eth to spend on an alt.

Considering STA, LIT, or OCEAN. Safest bet of the three? Greatest upside potential?


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is $.15 possible?

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I'm 75/25 STA/OCEAN from the funds used in both

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we're breaking ATH TODAY, my friend!

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Statera. Only 10 million mcap right now and its growing bigger everyday. Alot of things are coming our way like exchanges and a 1 million reimbursement, lots of marketing and more updates. And the pool has completly insane ROI. This is going to be huge

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Greatest upside definitely STA, the mc is less than 1/10th that of Ocean.
Safest bet would probably be Ocean, slow steady uptrend, but may take a long time to do a 10x.

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I like ocean more but it seems overpriced? It just doesnt stop winning.

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fuck i am trying to buy this thing i only have usdt on my metamask, and it says ether transaction fee with approve button greyed out. i need ot get ether first?

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Statera is also raising fast in price. I think both ocean and sta will continue to grow but i think Statera will get you more money.

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Yes, to use uniswap you will need a few dollars in ETH for gas

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fuck, i thought it might retrace a little more today so i pooled. Oh well, ill wait to see if it dips slightly before buying back. Definitely buying in by at least tomorrow tho

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That’s really close. Why not? They’re refunding $1,000,000

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Thoughts on BREE? (CBDAO) Need a second coin to hold

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ath was at least 15c

>> No.21181600

68.9 cents in 4 days

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you meant DOLLAR

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We might break ATH today if weak hands don't take profits

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I can't buy because stupid fucking metamask/uniswap. I put the slippage all the way up and left a hefty amount of eth for gas and it still doesnt fucking work bull shit nigger

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Slippage 1.03%-2% and no decimals in the sta ammount. So 1000 instead of 1000.543543

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Lmao still pumping over 15c

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What are the official STA sui/make it stack amounts?

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0.155 on uniswap now

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I did all that, still no fucking worky

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>Suicide STAtistic
Didn't buy or sold below 0.01, will buy at 100$

>Slow STArters
5k stack or less

Between 5k and 10k

>Suicide STAckers
Between 10k and 20k

Between 20k and 30k

Between 30k and 60k

between 60k and 100k

Between 100k and 250k

Between 250k and 500k

Between 500k and 1mil


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The higher thr volatility, the higher you'll need to set slippage. Try increasing that and then try again until it works

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John Doe Here....I told you it was comming, somthing else is comming, you have no clue. I've already stopped my meds again so I can scour the information all day.

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Based i remembered

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Fuck this nigger seriously. I sold 700000 at 1c because of all his fud. At least I bought 1/7 back in a 7 cents.

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We're all going to make it boys

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? I predicted at .03 that it was going to go sub .01 and maybe even hit .005-007. I was always bullish on longterm and was giving people short term advise.

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How does one buy STA? I can't even find it on uniswap.

t. retard

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You need to add the contract adress on Uniswap
Then you need to set slippage at 1.03%-2% and remove any decimals from the STA ammount. So instead of 1000,543 have 1000

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Get in bitch because we're getting rich.

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lol that sucks so bad idk how i can bring myself to buying back in a coin that i already knew about in the past. its like BUT I CUDA HAD 7X MORE

>> No.21182950

Imagine when they finally whitelist us on uniswap. There is still a huge barrier to entry right now, and when they remove that barrier, we will fly

>> No.21182986

Yes its a bright future ahead.

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I have just spent the last 10 minutes straight laughing to myself autistically, I am so unbelievably bullish on this shit that my head hurts.

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HA did this with 420k
sold under 1c hours before we began pumping again. swingies do indeed get the rope. trying to be happy with my work stack

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post positions

>> No.21183228

not work stack. 100k stack

>> No.21183295

My transactions arent even showing up on etherscan

>> No.21183383

Are you me?

>> No.21183480

Thanks anon. I found the little link on the site and it has the same address in the URL, but thanks for the no-bs response.

>> No.21183528

No problem!

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Does anyone remember the kid who used his mom's money to buy statera? It was funny to see him panicking after the balancer debacle.

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>0.145 Stable coin

>> No.21183701

Poor kid might have roped right then, or he might have panic sold and roped just now as we hit ATH again

>> No.21183787

>sold under 1c
You guys aren't swingies, please do not defame the sleek hot 11/10 geniuses that are swingies.
I was ready to sell at 15c back in June, I don't know what came over me... shit DNA.
I was suppose to sell at 3c before it went down to 0.0066-0.0088$ then sell with a 4-6x profit at 15c before buying at 4c, selling at 7c and finally rebuying like 30% of the total supply at 0.003 during the hack.

Can you imagine?? holding that much? You would have murdered the volume if you didn't bother trading it between your 20 addresses or you would had been the hero /biz/ didn't deserve. 30% of the total supply would practically be burned and undumpable.
It's a great feeling knowing nobody can dump on you. The bad part is when you have to pump the price again yourself, you need to put even more money into it.

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Scam. Buy DIA.

>> No.21183853

okay phewph boys finally got in, lost a couple hundred stas in the process but it's okay we'lll make it bois

>> No.21183960

Leave pajeet, chainlink already exist and the flippening will never happen for you.

>> No.21184002

Get comfy

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swung myself 700 more sta, spent 1/3 my stack awhile ago trying to ride AMPL

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What's the EOY price target for this? Any chance it hits $10?

>> No.21184196

double digits are fud

>> No.21184242

We 14 cents going $1 to $10

>> No.21184294

I had swung better than I thought I could from 310k up to 420k starting with when Scott crashed the priced from about 2c to .6c. we had been crabbing so long and I thought there would be no action til balancer news.. I thought I had time to ride some other pumps and get back in with a fatter stack. turns out I'm retarded

>> No.21184338

>EOY price target
$1 easy

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where do i even buy this? i hate being a coinbase retard

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>> No.21184548

Send ETH to Metamask browser plugin, and then connect it to uniswap.org and put the amount of ETH you want to trade in the input, and put this contract addy as the output
Click the cog in the upper right corner and set the slippage to 1.5% and click swap.
A metamask confirmation will pop up, click edit under gas fee and set it to high, then save and confirm.
Always leave $10 or so in the wallet to pay for gas in case you ever want to sell

>> No.21184572

Uniswap is literally one of the main dApps on your coinbase wallet. Go to your coinbase wallet and go to the uniswap app and trade your coin for STATERA. Make sure you use the right STA contract address in uniswap.

Forgot to say that people should be looking at what happened to XOR as what will happen shortly in the upcoming 1 to 2 months for STA.

We told you to buy link at 0.20, we told you to buy XOR at $1, and now we are telling you to buy STA before it hits $10

>> No.21184574

So what is there going on for STA. Just waiting for the refund, then what? What revolutionary thing have they made? In a few weeks you guys will be surprised by a competitor that will come and cuck your shit up so fucking bad you wish you'd put that Meghan's tranny cock out of your mouth earlier.

>> No.21184609

Yeah it already happened with stonks and look how that turned out topkek

>> No.21184653

what is XOR and what happend with it?

>> No.21184703

$10 is probably this time next year. Over $1 eoy

>> No.21184887 [DELETED] 

>What revolutionary thing have they made?
A simple crypto index fund. Nike makes billions selling shoes, and there is nothing revolutionary about shoes. No one else was doing it, and people that have tried to copy it have failed

>> No.21184900

no idea what you said

can't find it in the app, I'm logging into the website now.

>> No.21184934

What revolutionary thing have they made?
A simple crypto index fund. Nike makes billions selling shoes, and there is nothing revolutionary about shoes. No one else was doing what Statera is doing, and the people that have tried to copy it have failed

Yeah, I reread it and realized I wasn't clear so I deleted it

>> No.21184969

Careful make sure you choose the one with the icon

>> No.21185539

Do you have the coinbase wallet app? This is separate from the coinbase app.

>> No.21185610

No, I don't have coinbase, but maybe the other anon will chime in

>> No.21185619

XOR started at like 4-7 cents and raised all the way to 100$ in only 2.5 months.

>> No.21185631


>> No.21185713

> when Scott crashed the price
It was Frederik, he then proceeded to delete his telegram account after that incident.

>> No.21185740

Damn, that feels like it was years ago

>> No.21185776

Hey guys I need some advice. I am currently have 3k of ETH locked up on Coinbase. I can't touch 1k of that ETH until Wednesday.
What do I do? I only have 4000 STA and I want to put all my ETH into STA before the run.
Also what do you guys think about holding STA until November?

>> No.21185845

Guess you have to wait untill you can get more.
>what do you guys think about holding STA until November?
Depends on how much you want to earn. Ill hold for a long time and pool. Insane ROI

>> No.21185992

What do you think the ROI is?

>> No.21186042

You can see it here. Just fill in the liquidity from the pool and the daily volume and how much you want to pool.

>> No.21186064

>what do you guys think about holding STA until November?
Most STA OG's are holding long term. They will sell small amounts along the way , but everyone knows the potential here

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You'll be surprised soon enough

>> No.21186535

There were like 20 fucking STA copycats on here and what happened to them? They ALL were pajeet scams and rug pulled. STA is still here and surpassing ATH’s. Keep buying your meme coins and come back when STA is $1.

>> No.21186619


>> No.21186684

There was a time a copy cat could have taken off, but Im happy all the pajeet scams pretty much exited non-stop for a week after like 2 eth gains, which made everyone even legitmate copies. Jealous baby bag holders try to steal MC with Stonk but they got recked with their quick 180 on the deflationary while STA found a solution. At this point its over. We surivied a hack, and 1mil+ funds are about to be given back to people who see STA on fire. The universe is funny, you are still early. T. Day 1 Whale not pooling until 10$

>> No.21186691

as far as im aware it has an inherent use case as a flexible crypto index fund, this can be shilled as a 'safer' option of crypto noobs/normies to buy into with the boom in crpyto adoption.
as long as this coin gets enough adoption, double digits is fud

>> No.21186832

Bought 500 and want to buy more, but fucking binance is being a little bitch with my funds. I hope it doesn't moon too much before I can get my 10k stack

(also, fuck these gas fees)

>> No.21186840

Where to buy?

Why isn't this on uniswap?

>> No.21186867


>> No.21186892

But I don’t get it. Some people are saying about crazy roi cause of fees. Are you being paid for these fees? I know you get bal rewards but what else are you getting?

>> No.21187107

When you pool you own a % of the pool and you own eth,btc,link,snx and Delta that is 50%STA and 50% ETH. So when 1 of them goes up in price you get more money. You also get fees from the daily volume, how much you get depends on how much % of the pool you own. You also get bal airdrops that currently is about 16.8 % apy but it could be more if they increase in value.

>> No.21187194

You get fees, BAL tokens, and the bot trades using arbitrage, so there is 3 ways pooling makes you money

>> No.21187261

trying to buy on uniswap, keep getting this error

"This transaction will not succeed either due to price movement or fee on transfer. Try increasing your slippage tolerance."

>> No.21187266

If balancer would whitelist delta then the bal airdrops will become much more lucrative considering delta is 40% of the pool. I can see them whitelisting eventually

>> No.21187311

You need to increase slippage to 1.03%-2% and then remove any decimals from the STA ammount. So instead of 1000,5454 have 1000

>> No.21187317

holy fuck go back already

>> No.21187441
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Almost 0.16, comfy as fuck.

>> No.21187680

Wtf is this a dream

>> No.21187740
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No this is the beggining.

>> No.21187921

I love my precious janny coin. Makes me wanna get pegged.

>> No.21188039

>ID sixy9

>> No.21188508

Watch this if you're having any problems. Uniswap is really easy and intuitive.

>> No.21188742

im hodling 100k, considering pooling.
am i right in thinking you can maximise profit on coin price increase by holding, and pooling can be used to soften price decrease?

>> No.21188795

Yes that is correct

>> No.21188808

Yes, if you expect the price to drop, you can pool to reduce risk, and then unpool at a lower price when you expect it to pump so you don't miss any mooning

>> No.21188840

how do i see statera price on delta app?

>> No.21188883
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It honestly fucking feels like it, literally two days in a row I wake up and find that my LINK and STA bags skyrocketed in value. We've literally made it bros, it just hasn't sinked in yet.

>> No.21189005

would pooling my measly 10k make any sense right now, or should I hold my comfy STA?

>> No.21189052

What ‘fees’ tho?????

>> No.21189215

It feels like a dream to non-investors, non-traders, non-savvy people.

But to experienced people ... everything was obvious. We're butthurt we didn't become the main whale when the hack offered us a second chance.

>> No.21189232

A portion of the fees from uniswap go directly into the pool balance, and balancer uses the coins for liquidity which also earns fees

>> No.21189237

Everytime someone joins or leaves the pool 1% is charged that goes into the pool. Also when one of the coins goes up in price the balancer will sell some of it to stay at the set %.

>> No.21189724

Dude if you pool STA with ETH and LINK etc you get a % of the transaction fees back in ETH/LINK/STA.

>> No.21189826
File: 21 KB, 492x459, 1592472403634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is 5k STA enough ? will i make it frens ?

>> No.21189900

5000 x 1000 = 5,000,000

>> No.21189931

checked and based, lets aim for that then

>> No.21189944

Every STA bro will make it. When it reaches 10$ you could pool with 50k. That ammount would give you insane passive income.

>> No.21189998

Yes. All of us will make it

>> No.21189999
File: 6 KB, 211x239, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scam coin.

Pump and dump group shilling this thread

>> No.21190035

yes we are all one person on multiple vpns lol mad fag

>> No.21190075

Almost 2,700 addresses. Still climbing.

>> No.21190162

Ok finally just read about the balancer and it dawned on me that back in 2018 there was literally an app I used in my discord trading group that rebalanced your portfolio for you.. not sure if it's still around, but STA sounds similar in that it automates arbitrage ops for your portfolio, unless I'm misunderstanding the balancing mechanism.

>> No.21190177

Good dip opp anons. Get in for the next ride up. Chart is flagging.

>> No.21190179
File: 370 KB, 547x388, 1596230484684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21190205

>it automates arbitrage ops for your portfolio
You got it.

>> No.21190212

hahhaa.. . silly monke

>> No.21190332

You had 3 months.
1. V1
2. V2
3. V3
4. Fredick Crash .02
5. Pre hack dump .045
6. Hack .003
7. John Doe Fud .009
8. Post Hack crab .01
Buy now or Rope forever, you have between 1-14 days before refunds are released and this go parabolic. Everyday price is going to increase as probability of funds increases.

>> No.21190333
File: 105 KB, 696x492, 0 HwKMqDuGxOpgIHmv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scam pump and dump

>> No.21190353

>7. John Doe Fud .009

>> No.21190390

>working product
>insane roi
>most decentralized defi since no one holds over 6%
>worlds first deflationary index fund
I can go on but you obviously havent read the whitepaper.

>> No.21190423

>devs own <4%
if devs dump their ENTIRE wallet the burn from those transactions ONLY HELP THE PRICE. What are you talking about anon? I HOPE THE DEVS DUMP. It only makes STA stronger...

>> No.21190431


>> No.21190443
File: 83 KB, 552x280, rawImage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21190499

If the entire group dumps the coin only increases in value. I am constantly looking for people to buy and sell and pool to burn this supply down to 1 million. The price will be forced to 89x just from burning tokens. FYI we burned 13 million in the last month and we are now at ATH transactions and growing sooo what are you talking about dude?

>> No.21190536

Samefag swinger. I hope this keeps pumping just to fuck you over. Buy back in at 20c

>> No.21190548

You wont get it any cheaper pajeets. Buy now because we are only going up

>> No.21190595

I hope hes ok

>> No.21190596

This anon knows

>> No.21190604

Wheres the best place to store statera (over 15k?)

>> No.21190634

Waste of quads

>> No.21190652

Hardware wallet or metamask. Pool it if you think the price has stabilized

>> No.21190708

if you dont have a ledger by now gg rip all your money you deserve to lose it all

>> No.21190738

Can both ledgers have Statera or only 1?

>> No.21190766


Retards. Paper and metamask are much more secure than your backdoored overpriced usb drives.

Also you are literally throwing money away if you transfer STA.

>> No.21190781

I pool half at local tops and store the other half in a hardware wallet. Will crack that open in 1 to 1.5 years.

>> No.21190811

metamask is ideal, this is true.

>> No.21190925
File: 26 KB, 540x504, 1596327426303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought the top @ .15 am i fucked should i sell and just quit trading alts as a noob and keep buying ETH on dips?

>> No.21191003

Hold on you shit tard, the happening hasn't even started yet

>> No.21191004

Metamask is only as secure as your computer. If someone backdoors your computer or you get a virus, your crypto is as good as gone.

Someone in the tg lost all of their STA in this manner. HW wallet requires a pin for every transfer. It isn't perfect, but it is much more secure than nothing, and they are cheap.

>> No.21191037

same here, just fed in a little at .15
if the price settles, pool
otherwise hold on with strong hands

>> No.21191068

All you have to do is nothing, we go up then we retrace a little and then we go up. Just wait a month and if you want to cuck yourself for some profit then sell

>> No.21191121

So, I should be patient with BUIDL? I’ve lost quite a bit in the last 24 hours from it.

>> No.21191125

You are good, might retrace a bit, or it might shoot up to 17c, I really didn't expect 15c today, I figured it would be a week

>> No.21191203

if we keep buying it will go up. buy. just bought 1.5 eth more.

>> No.21191287

im late to the party should i buy at .15 or wait for a dip

>> No.21191352

buy so i dont feeel like a tard for buying at .15

>> No.21191356

I'm not in buidl, but most likely it will settle for a few days and then begin to rise again. You had a bunch of people hoping to catch the conference pump and they all sold before/during the conference, so now it has to finish dumping before it can build momentum again. You could sell if you think it is going to go down more and then buy in at a lower price, but it is generally a bad idea to sell at a loss if the project is good

>> No.21191429

Alright, just got my shit with binance figured out. Now proud owner of 2000 statera! (even figured in the 20 extra for the burn for round numbers)

>> No.21191471
File: 1.30 MB, 2688x1242, 80D81320-9F30-49B4-A663-B0C1A326820B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.21191506

buy im in the same boat fren

>> No.21191520

Ultimately up to you. It should rise substantially from here, but you might have a dip opp

>> No.21191531

Holy shit, G C is an absolute fucking chad

>> No.21191568

We're just getting started, potential is literally limitless.

>> No.21191570

When you guys say to pool your Statera when it is about to stabilize/dump, would a good way to do that be to convert STA to Delta Token in uniswap, then put the Delta Token in Phoenix Fund?

>> No.21191576

time 20:44

>> No.21191580


Dollar cost average it, if it dips you get more over time, if it keeps going up you got some cheaper.

Support was strongest I’ve ever seen @10cents this is the reason for another massive rise, everyone waiting for a dip never came so buy buy buy

>> No.21191583

I keep mine in coinbase wallet which requires my biometric or a 4 digit pin I think I'll be alright faggot

>> No.21191607

Fuck yeah, good to have you aboard

>> No.21191621
File: 45 KB, 670x470, trumpeta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not enough ETH to make the transaction

>> No.21191667

Was in the same boat the other day. Its not fun anons.

>> No.21191708


He is. We are lucky to have him

>> No.21191753

Probably so, I actually meant that reply for

>> No.21191777

Are you trying to sell?

>> No.21191784

Learn to ask for help and openly give us your address so you make it as straightforward for us as possible. A lazy drunk whale or anyone will give you some 2$ eth if it takes less than 2 minutes.

>> No.21191844

.15 is not the top. do not trade emotionally. if you sell now you'll be sorry
>t. been hodling for 3 months

>> No.21191955

same shit happened to me earlier, i watched it go from .12 to .15

>> No.21191972

This is why we will all make it. Willing to help each other to get more volume in. I love biz

>> No.21192023

I don't even care anymore. If I buy 1k of STA will I make it?

>> No.21192042

how much passive income are we talking? is there a way i can calculate rewards over time?

>> No.21192126

Hope so, I have 2k worth. and I need to make it. I didn't trust biz with the link scam till it was too late. I looked back and had bought 20k links at .1 a long ass time ago... about took the rope when I realized that.

>> No.21192162
File: 58 KB, 860x579, scam-alert1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21192172
File: 31 KB, 686x447, 1596908539417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got only 23k statera stack, still comfy but just wish I'd bought more

>> No.21192221

I have 1M statera and I still wish I bought more.
(that and the fact I missed Ampleforth and a bunch of other goodies because of STA)

>> No.21192235
File: 12 KB, 293x172, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pump and dump scam

>> No.21192249


Here is a calculator. 900% would be at the very high end, but doable in a bull run

>> No.21192272

Fuck off. Swingers get the rope

>> No.21192273

can sta bros answer

>> No.21192364

bros why is there fud? should i sell

>> No.21192389

fuck me these uniswap fees are insane, 3$ gas price for an 11$ STA purchase sucks to be a poorfag

>> No.21192475

its the same person you nob

>> No.21192487

yes dummy
thanks anon, that is very helpful

>> No.21192518
File: 78 KB, 800x1036, 1595942880561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are people who sold STA at 15c and are trying to drop the price to buy in lower. This fud is comically lame compared to what we have endured in the past

Yes, though I am not sure if you can do sta->delta directly. I'll wait for someone else to answer since I haven't pooled yet

>> No.21192776

Lol at you new kids. Scared of little dips. Yall have refunds on horizon, the scam label has been expunged with vegance. Us old Staternuats went though this thing rebranding because of bugs, hacks, gulp bugs, fud. Lol i'm glad you are joining the ride, I hope the pain I endured holding my bag to keep STA alive, will bring our whole family fourtune.

>> No.21192837

is 11k enough?

>> No.21192870

Still going up wtf. What’s causing this?

>> No.21192897

Fud is so bullish.

>> No.21192921

It is undervalued as fuck but I didn't expect it to surge so much in one day

>> No.21192944

How do I buy this. Newcomer to crypto and my eth from coinbase wont go into my wallet without waiting up to 6 days. How do I get ETH into my coinbase wallet to buy now.

>> No.21192998

Alot of new people will find out about sta from all the videos and articles over time.

>> No.21193008

Uniswap is the best place anon

>> No.21193077

This is the next Chainlink. Remember when LNIK was 20-25 cents? If you're in, you've made it.

>> No.21193091

My Balancer Phoenix lInquisition pool stake has done 36% in 3 weeks. Wait until the normies fomo in for those returns from the near 0% interest rate world. That’s the biggest most bullest STA secret of the lot!

>> No.21193151

That was supposed to read “liquidity pool”

>> No.21193161

There aren't many good ways to get ETH fast. Cash App is good or Coinstar at your local grocery store too, although they will both charge about 4% in fees

>> No.21193193
File: 19 KB, 405x507, Przechwytywanie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why i can purchase only this amount of sta?

>> No.21193236

Damn, I was ready to crush some heretics

>> No.21193268

Put in the amount of ETH you want to buy with and make it a whole number.

>> No.21193293

Click approve STA, that isn't to buy it it is just to allow you to use uniswap with this coin. You will have to do that for every coin you trade using uniswap, I don't really understand why

>> No.21193300
File: 36 KB, 655x527, APUSTAJA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why this is the next Chainlink?

>> No.21193303

Kek, classic pol crossposter

>> No.21193315

>2,728 Holders
We will be at 3k in 1-2 days.

>> No.21193342

Because this rocket is TAKING OFF

$1 in 4 weeks, cap this

>> No.21193375

is there any new way to purchase sta without using uniswap?

>> No.21193430
File: 59 KB, 446x320, apustaja_thumbs_up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is very convincing

>> No.21193431

someone convince me not to sell at $.20

>> No.21193458


>> No.21193470

Hotbit or hoo but they both have really low volume so i would check before.

>> No.21193476

bought 2000 STA at .15c am i retarded

>> No.21193478

Yes, you can use hotbit or hoo exchanges, but they don't have as much liquidity, so if you are buying a lot, you might not get as good of a price. Also, if you are an American, you might need a vpn to use those exchanges, but you can use Opera browser which has a vpn buit in that you can use

>> No.21193499

It has by FAR the most liquidity, and absolutely no selling/withdrawing problems whatsoever.
Why on Earth would you wanna do that, anon?
Unless you're absolutely desperate for the money, don't even think about it. We're easily going to multiple dollars.

>> No.21193509
File: 128 KB, 680x566, g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21193510
File: 26 KB, 291x291, 33269233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to believe this too!

>> No.21193527

I guess is you just want to leave money on the table

>> No.21193546

You should already be up by a few percent

>> No.21193568

even $10 is fud

>> No.21193578

Holy shit this thing is pumpppinggggg!!!!!!!

>> No.21193582

Proof that this isnt a scam?

>> No.21193586

Whale just bought a HUGE stack

>> No.21193597

Prepare to sell soon, $.175 @ HotShit

>> No.21193599

you're early, congrats

>> No.21193612
File: 169 KB, 381x400, ziemniaczek.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks anons

>> No.21193630

Where is the best place to buy this shit? Uniswap gas fees are way too fucking guy

And best place to get price?

>> No.21193659
File: 26 KB, 191x191, 1593296841113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why moon sirs

>> No.21193692

Team has literally stayed through hell on this project and never stopped giving up. The token cant be changed. The smartcontract has been audited by Hacken. You should read the whitepaper.

>> No.21193708
File: 61 KB, 1000x800, 1550704676019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i've given over 500 sta to random anons in these threads over the past month for the bantz
>tfw it will be worth $5000 end of year

you're welcome bros...

>> No.21193709

What are 'gas' fees anons

>> No.21193728

The team are true decentralized heroes bro...

They own <4% and they can't change the code. STA is to BTC as the devs are to Satoshi

>> No.21193736

We have alot of videos and articles and a member was on a podcast to today. More people will join all the time once they found out.

>> No.21193747
File: 17 KB, 618x244, pppppppppppppooooooooooooooooliin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg.g... I...hnnnnnnf.......I am pooooooooooooling you guys

>> No.21193756

Lain anon :D
I'm finally going to finish the series now, you've inspired me.. I'm on episode 2

>> No.21193770

eth used to make a transaction go through, goes up when there's more volume

>> No.21193780

its getting close...

>> No.21193803

Basically everything. Dev owns less than the top wallet, contract is audited and trustless, part of the ecosystem is adding liquidity to uniswap so there is plenty and it is not controlled by any one person. It just isn't possible for it to be a scam. Many people have been in since day 1, like me, and we hang out in the tg and on biz, if you go there you can look through the entire chatlog since day one

>> No.21193816

Please fucking dip. Please God stop going up.

>> No.21193818

We are so early, <3k holders, and i am so errect already.
Get in you retarded nosta faggots, we about to moon violently.

>> No.21193824
File: 314 KB, 1440x1036, 1592864896725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21193825



>> No.21193830


>> No.21193843


>> No.21193848


>> No.21193854

I watch it every night in bed

>> No.21193883

1% of every transaction is burned.

>> No.21193885


Most coins use the ETH blockchain and have to pay a small fee to transfer or exchange, but ETH is getting congested and it is causing those fees to rise

>> No.21193924

1% burn baby. it happens on every transaction
thanks for making my 10k stack even rarer in market value and more profitable in the long term. Go ahead and send it to a different wallet and experience the burn a second time. You'll make us all richer doing so..

>> No.21193933

You better believe it! After $1 the sky is the limit. There will be so much FOMO...

>> No.21193937

frickin ETH needs a "gas" fee for transactions because the network is so clogged and slow. CAN'T WAIT FOR ETH 2.0 or Polka Dot

>> No.21193978

Which asshole caused the dip to 15.5 cents????

>> No.21193984

I'm top 40 hokder this is unbelievable. I held through everything. I'll come back and help my sta bros out when I'm all the way up.

>> No.21194044

So you'll then send some my way? ;)
31k STAklet here

>> No.21194104

I am still seeing 17.4

>> No.21194126

Did some asshole really dump his 100 STA stash for a measly 15c???

>> No.21194201

>Thinking it's not someone baiting people to sell low
Anon i...

>> No.21194205

On hotbit, it's just a temporary laps.
Still, I need another pump tonight, gold and silver doesn't seem to do so well on the futures

>> No.21194232

>tfw in 3 weeks a suicide stack will cost 10k

>> No.21194278

Interesting... I wonder what I can do to the price on hotbit that way with my 32k

>> No.21194298
File: 229 KB, 500x357, 0e1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You'll make it on your own

>> No.21194312
File: 39 KB, 1271x715, Thanos-Endgame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21194372

Can me NEET money come in any quicker so I can load up on another few K ??????

>> No.21194389
File: 222 KB, 913x1024, Renesanssi_pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see

>> No.21194391

With 32k?
That may take a whole while though...$10 is achievable in a Christmas bullrun, but >$30 will take some waiting and iron hands of 10 times folded steel

>> No.21194430

Just kidding, I leave my STAck be

>> No.21194433


>> No.21194518

Use the pools, you can reinvest your passive income. You're in Statera you'll figure out the next moves