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how much do i need to stake to make it?

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the entire company and fire the sleazy andre. Andre is hyping the shitcoin when no one else is

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General consensus is 500k-3m is the make it stack. Anyone who says 10k is enough is 18 years old. Go big or go home.

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10k is all I can afford lol. Guess I'll get some gains instead of making it.

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you guys think ftm is legit? i'm a shit poster from 2019, i'm not familiar w/ their current state atm

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If you take the economics similar to make it stack of Chain Link, 20k USD at the same valuation think it came to be about 1-1.5mm. Which post the March Crash would have been pretty cheap.

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Fantom + yfi = THE NUMBER ONE!!
If u like the hard fuck u like fantom + yfi!!
So u buy fantom + yfi!!

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can 10k fantom tokens make me a millionaire?

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Yep I’m sure some anons got lucky buying march. I’m with Fantom for the long haul though, there are like 20 bullish things going on in the background that aren’t even public information yet. Unironically going to be a top 40 crypto eventually, just gotta be patient. 5k-25k investment in this is enough to make substantial gains. See you guys again in 2 years.

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Fantom is a scam, but we’re entering a bull run and scams pump the hardest.

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That’s okay then man just stake your 10k and try to add some more every month if you can afford it. It’s still pretty early, fantom is under 2c. They have enough funding for the next 3.5 years at the bare minimum, that’s not even accounting for the money they will make doing government projects and enterprise DLT. This can very well go to 0.50-2$. It’s basically Ethereum with DeFi built in and instant transactions, can’t wait for the massive moon and watching fantlets try to scrape up a stack. There’s only ~27% of the supply left on exchanges, including people just holding on Binance. Try to get more anon, sell everything you don’t need or just work/get a loan.

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It’s not though. You’ve just been brainwashed by an indian spammer who has been accumulating the entire time. Midwits wont make it.

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I’m probably the only one in this thread with 1m+ fanties that actually is going to make it since I’ll take profits while you guys are screaming “new paradigm!”

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Cool, go ahead. What the fuck do I care what you do with your money? You’re selling btc at 1$

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would you recommend staking everything or holding some/staking some?

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Staking you get to compound your gains fren

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Don’t listen to this fag (>>21169677) if you stake you’ll be trapped with a seven day lockup when you go to unstake. Just hodl and don’t be afraid to take profits when the exit pump starts slowing down.

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This guy doesn’t even know what he bought as is just a newfag 2017+ guy swing trading. Heard the exact same shit about ETH XMR NEO and LINK. If you think 2020 is the end of the bull market in the age of infinite quantitative easing you’re quite literally a retard. NEWSFLASH: Fiat is the shitcoin. BUY ASSETS.

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100k is suicide stack
We'll hit $1 before eoy and about $5 late 2021. If 90% is staked then you will get roughly $12000/month by staking 150k

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Dunno about Fantom but if you want to be in a good place, here's my gift to you anon. Qubix Credit has been just listed on Uniswap and as far as I dig into, this is legit and hyped af. Dyor and jump in.

Uniswap: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x5ce32638e0a491ac4bc5dc98f582e6aa504a9275
Web: https: //www.qubixcredit.com/
Tg: qubix_credit
Discord: QHdXxae
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QubixC

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>You’ve just been brainwashed by an indian spammer who has been accumulating the entire time.
You are delusional, discord tranny. Enjoy your bitconnect style scam while you can.

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kek okay anon

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Dont buy if you unironically think that
Nobody is forcing you

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Lied about tps Korean team bailed it’s a bla bla. Don’t fail the iq test bros. You missed link, you missed the bsv pump don’t sleep on the next biggest meme on biz

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Scam. You're shilling this scam everywhere Rajeesh

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Lots of people on here sold at a loss or right before it pumped so they’re fussing for saltiness. Fantom is a legit project, expect link type of gains sometime in the next few months.

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This desu