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Why did price explode. There’s no news at all. It’s been three years and then a sudden spike from 5 to $13? What caused this ?

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my nigga






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sergey said get this bread

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Whale games. Russian whale games to be precise. Zeus Capital had to be liquidated and it only cost Russian oil oligarch a few million dollars to do it. Now they will pump and dump link back to 5 dollars to make their money back. Risky....but its happening.

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insider info, we'll probably here about it in a week , expect 18 in like 2-ish months

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Checked and based anon

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You will find out at the end of the month.

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What it boils down to is that the few people backing the link scam are supremely pissed off anybody dared to oppose them. Now they are flexing.

Nothing about links growth past about 50 cents has been natural.

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Jesus you moron

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there was news idiot.
i, and others told you all on 8/8 was gonna be BIG.
we'll let you know when the next one is.
now chill out. and relax.
chill out fren. chill out.

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did you not see the speech where he said fundamentally vertical? he even looked right at the fucking camera anon

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When staking?

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bad fud 81k EOY

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Insider trading, most likely. If you're not a newfag then you should know this is common with link. Link will seem to moon out of fucking nowhere with zero rational (public) reason behind it. Conversely, there will sometimes be a big conference and important partnerships announced, and the price will crab or dump. In both cases, it's because the movers and shakers knew ahead of time what was going on behind the scenes. Priced in.

Reminder that chainlink is supposed to be used big corporations. /biz/ wasn't even supposed to be able to get in at ICO

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Its a network of underground Finnish investors who have manipulated the price til here.

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It's like the Korean Bank moon.

It was crabbing at $4 dollars than shot up to $7 for no apparent reason, a week or two later it was emerged that 4 major (Worst) Korean banks were test some use cases with CL.

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>Zeus Capital had to be liquidated
> it only cost Russian oil oligarch a few million dollars to do it. Now they will pump and dump link back to 5 dollars to make their money back. Risky....but its happening
>What it boils down to is that the few people backing the link scam are supremely pissed off anybody dared to oppose them. Now they are flexing.
>Nothing about links growth past about 50 cents has been natural.
Bro you really need to get a hobby outside of 4chan

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someone knows something. big announcement coming soon.

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>Whale games. Russian whale games to be precise. Zeus Capital had to be liquidated and it only cost Russian oil oligarch a few million dollars to do it.
Can you or anyone explain and help me understand...
Why did Zeus Capital have to be liquidated?
If it cost this russian millions, couldn't he just let Zeus not get liquidated? Did he benefit from doing this?
I don't understand the requirement for Zeus to be liquidated.

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Zeus’s shorts got stopped out and caused a rally.

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Waves and technical anal

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It's the Southern Americans, they hired a bunch of cartel people to pretend to buy Link and then they bought the Link by accident :[

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I saw a thing about how paradigm shifting tech explodes during times of crisis or war. It has to do with the fact they can’t just introduce something to society that has the potential to eliminate 100’s of millions of jobs.

Covid is the fake crisis that is being used to usher in this 4th industrialized revolution. Even if round two hits and crypto crashes big again, the rebound will be even bigger then this 1st round. Buy as much crypto and link as you can. The party is just getting started

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And why would they do that

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It was fucking amazing watching the price draw toward 11.28, and as soon as it hit that, it rocketed almost instantly way past 12 from simeon needing to cover his short

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chainlink has been growing parabolically since the beginning basically... it has always been one of the sexiest charts around, with cups and handles forming into more cups and handles

while every other project was boasting about partnerships and promising lambos, this one stayed lowkey.. so over time the things we discovered years ago are coming more obvious on the scene... and lo, the bags were passed

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I can explain why it came from $5 to $7. It's because the partnership with BSN.

but I cannot explain the bull run since July. No big news at all.

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People are spreading the word, I had my friends buy in even. It has doubled since we all bought in

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I saw pic related on normiebook. These people are why it's gone up and it's going to drop like a stone in no time. I love Chainlink, but it's gone up too fast and attracting the normie brainlets is never good

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A bunch of other shorts got liquidated in a chain that followed as well.

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That's the bittersweet thing about all this. Link is potentially going to make us all filthy rich, but we're basically making a deal with the devil and profiting off turning the future into a neo-feudal hellscape where everything is controlled by big brother government and mega-corporations and literally everyone else doesn't even have a job due to automation. But the game theory is simple; either help bring about roko's basilisk and live a comfy life as a result, or end up one of the suffering neo-feudal serfs living in a cuckshed forever and ever

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Well, we did. But yeah, I hear you. Chainlink is fundamentally going to be one of these tech companies. It’s located among them geographically and they all hang out with each other at the same bars and go to the same google launch pad tech talks. I’ve been to a few of them because my friend works for google. Coinbase is also here in san Francisco. Ripple and 0x are here too. So think of chainlink as a start-up more than just a crypto-currency. It’s fundamentally more a technology than a store of value or currency. And start ups don’t offer shares to outsiders. Only employees and angel-investors. But kek willed us to get rich. And so it is. All praise to kek. Peepee poopoo.

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You’re not wrong, fren. Just like fake and gay 9/11. They orchestrate these events to move the world in the direction they want it to go.

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the start of the new bull cycle.

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sauce on your thing please

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It was time. The singularity will be much the same. One day the price will just go parabolic and a mile high green dildo will appear. Normie investor money not needed

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Nice fanfic

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Should I trade the stagnating bitcoin for more link or keep my halves separate?

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You’re not wrong, fren. I may even help bring down this awful panopticon system. But I want to have resources either way.

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So this is the new fud? the "my mom asked me about chainlink" or "my boomer boss told me he bought some" yeah right. We're nowhere near mainstream.

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Sergeys main job is controlling multiple chainlink wallets that have buy and sell bots at the exchanges, he can cause any pattern he wants owning 75% of tokens

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I will FUD the shit out of the current price, but not Chainlink itself or the tech it's built on. These retards who are $100 in and will sell at the earliest possible chance will fuck everything up

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Lighten up fren. I see it more as a future where things work better and your data is more secure

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Here you go friend, took me a while to find it. Another anon posted this in a thread a week or so ago.

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Yeah I unironically might start fudding myself. Gotta buy more.

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>no news
korean banks, tmobile, elastos, binance, enj integration...thats like 1/4 of partners announced in the last month

go scroll chainlink twitter feed july to now

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Yep you are 100% correct. I’d still rather have money then have nothing and live in a hell world though.

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That's it I'm selling my 6 figure stack of link. I never expected normies to own $100 worth. I guarantee eth never had to put up with this bullshit of normans

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they fired someone from their team, maybe that had something to do with it.

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Why do you keep saying 81,000 you silly bitch

Why that number specifically

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nice fud kys immediately

1m eoy

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>didn't buy stinky linkies at $0.30
>still didn't buy at $4.00
>definitely can't buy at $12.50

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Thats it! That does it! I'm selling my 8 figure stack!!

;) Get it? ;) ;) Get it? ;) ;) nudge nudge ;)

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They thought it would be funny

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It's from one of the old derivative-link memes

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chekd and based

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it's more than a meme though. i'm from the future.

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1 billion total tokens.370mill in circulation. 1/3 of the supply is in circulation, 2/3 is locked up.

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this was almost me but I made the right decision and fomo'd in at $3. Close call I almost fucked up big time.

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>Why did price explode.

Everything is exploding. Did you Notice BTC went up to 12K?

Money flows into BTC first, and then into Shitcoins like LINK.

Here's a small tip to you NuLinkers: Once BTC starts making another leg up, your shittcoins usually drop by about 40-60% until BTC rallies and the SAT values equilibriate.

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"Stayed lowkey" ok retard

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kys this isn't 2017/2018 anymore. LINK has been leading the BTC runs lately.

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Now that reddit is firmly priced out (a suicide stack is $12,000) I welcome the first normans. They’re what caused the ‘13 and ‘17 bull runs

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Have you been paying attention at all. BTC (and ETH) have been lagging behind every major move by Link. And when Link pumps, it's a much higher percentage than king shitcoin. Yes, there will be periods where Link levels and chills out for a few days while BTC sorta catches up, but nothing like what you're saying.

You also have to come to terms with the fact that the bitcoin cycles have proportionately lower increases and longer waiting periods as time goes on. BTC isn't going to see crazy moves. It's no longer something where some college kid can put in his lunch money and get a lambo

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institutional buying.
LINK doesnt depend on normies reading the news for the price to go up.

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Not sure leading up to the Zeus Capital incident but I'm fairly sure the goal now is to completely liquidate Simeon and then once he buys enough link to cover his shorts, dump on him while he's been forced to buy the top

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How the fuck could anyone look at this lineup and have money in ANY other asset.

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There's nothing wrong with taking profits. I sold my LINK and went on my birthright trip where I found a gf. The banking system is pretty based when you think about it so there's no need to rock the boat with any revolutionary ideas. Sure they control the media but at least they're not Nazis.

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You think a $50 investment is driving this market. Do you know the daily volume of link? GTFO brainlet

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When you know the liquidation price of a large short position you can pump the price to there and sell into the liquidation at a pumped up price. The short holder has to buy the asset he shorted to pay back the loan he took in order to short.

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w.e newfag stay out of discussions you know nothing about

go buy xvg they have a pornhub partnership and lambos with logos

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Lurk more and you will see

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You just don’t get it. Also Link explodes well after announcements (except google). Maybe you fell for the fud about the korean banks. That shit is simply no joke. Same w T-Mobile. Don’t be a retard ok

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Hahahaa some dude posted the same thing about eth at $20. Hahahahaha.

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his AI proposal just snake oil wrapped up in a new package. everyone knows there are plenty of useless office workers. they're really easy to spot if you spend any amount of time watching them.
you don't need an AI to tell you to fire them, you could have already done that before.
what he's talking about isn't even creative. its just firing dead weight, which is illegal in many cases.

its amazing how stupid rich people are.

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Are you the guy who said time has run out, you have two days max, etc...

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Nazi are cool you retard... Go back to watching TV or some other normie shit.

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74 linkies, am I gonna make it?

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Reported to the ADL.

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thanks anon, godspeed

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you talk like a fag, and your shits all retarded

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Fucking based and checked

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Imagine being a delusional Redditor that bought STINK above $4....

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Can it go to $5?

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Chekd Basd

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>they arent nazis
That's the problem

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I don't think you faggots understand. It's meme magic. We just win.

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I bought at $3 because of memes. Wish I had more, almost a 1k stack.

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Funny, looks to me like btc is the one down 40-60% while link pumps.

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same thing is happening to xsn right now. big money coming in

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the who? (Pic related)

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can someone explain to me what happen to eth?

I guess its whats happening to linkchain

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Chink Scammers

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There were thousands of dickheads that borrowed $20k from pops to buy LINK, They pumped it.

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This. I don't know how or why, but God tends to favor us. The universe just works with us.

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Chosen undead...

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Paradigm Shift 2077 TedX talk

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it disturbs me greatly that leo frank looks exactly like my brother, and we have no jewish blood

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>Think of the paper-pushers bro! The office dronerinos!

Fuck 'em. They can learn a trade.

>> No.21164680

This chain is the link with the data told my coworkers bout dis over family gonna pump like an em effer on steroids let's get it imma be rich af

>> No.21164854

You did notice that Coca Cola announced they are using Chainlink right? Is that not big enough?

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weird post, but I like it.

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Businesses are going to be run by smart contracts, there will be no paper pushers inputting data anymore or HR managers. Tons of jobs will disappear. As an employee you will have to sign a smart contract and obey and meet it’s requirements. All production and employees will have their data tracked and everything will self execute in accordance to the smart contract, if you fail to show up on time too often, meet dead lines, or minimum productivity requirements you’ll get notified 1st with a warning or two then be fired. It’s entirely customizable to what the business decides. Nobody has to tell you you are fired, you just get fired and replaced like a dog in a machine. They will also make you wage slave as hard as you can by giving you finical incentive to do so, for example if you can meet certain goals outlined in said smart contract then it’ll execute and give those rewards when the conditions are met (e.g worked past 3 months, productivity goals, overtime, ect). You clock in and clock out, you are paid by the second in real time and even your taxes and everything is also, no accountants needed. The computation systems will do everything. This is just the tip of the ice berg. I fear that when things get too automated the Jew will decide to kill us all as we are no longer needed. The old bastard at the start of the video says, “what is the purpose of the human once all these machines start taking over”. Scary stuff

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Ur gonna feel so fucking stupid when its $82.000 shut ip and buy

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A json parser valued at $13B :D

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Kek. New favorite fud

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Can confirm

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A suicide stack is 120 000 usd now

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Aliens stole my body!

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>Russian whale games to be precise
How do they communicate each other anon?

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>The short holder has to buy the asset he shorted to pay back the loan he took in order to short
Does the short holder shorts with BTC that AVEE has lent to him?
Then what happens next? Once the liquidation price is reached (and he get liquidated) he should have no more money y pay back the loan (he has been liquidated).. where does he take the money to buy back the coin he shorted?

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>no news at all

BSN China, Oracle integrating this quarter, InterWorkAlliance (i.e. Nasdaq, Microsoft, AMD, ...), Baseline Protocol (i.e. EY, Microsoft, ...), T-Mobile running a node, the Colorado state lottery, ...
All from the past few weeks/months.

I'm leaving out a ton of stuff here.
You're retarded.

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It's been doing this shit for years. I really don't know why.
Hell, I would argue ONE, RLC etc etc have made more progress tech wise than this shit. But now LINK is the posterchild of DeFi and ONE and RLC are shitcoins.

Amazing how memes made LINK #1

I mean, I've been following LINK for years, can anybody actually give me news why LINK is going up so fast?

>> No.21167854

Sergay has been saying this shit yet nothing happens
Look, I'm a pro LINK man but the price explosion doesn't make sense

>> No.21167864


My night thanks for keeping those digit 100

No cap

We are all in this together. 15 eow

>> No.21167900

the ABSOLUTE state of nolinkers just not fathoming why link is the future. do your own research fags, you had three years

>> No.21167911

>Sergay has been saying this shit
lmao, all those names announced FIRST you schizo sandwich.

>> No.21167927

God you fucking GLOW holy shit. "I'm a pro LINK man" christ almighty LURK MORE YOU ARE BAD AT WHATEVER THIS IS TRYING TO BE

>> No.21167931

see >>21167734
you absolute dumbass

>> No.21167959 [DELETED] 

You are dinner dumber than seven boxes of niggers.

>> No.21167975

Who cares who announces first
Same shit
Sergay's literally sitting on his laurels making mad dosh for some god knows what reason

I have LINK you fucking faggot. I've been following this shit since the ICO, and bought (and sold) link in that shitty time period using my link gains and I've made good investments (Raiblocks, NEO, etc) and sAAAAAAAAHHHH ones (ICON, fuck that shit)

>> No.21168013

And you still can't figure it out?? What the fuck is your mental block, holy shit. Chainlink just in the past two months partnered with:

>Korean banks
>Coca-Cola thru Provide
>China (the country)

>> No.21168015

>Who cares who announces first
You do.
You said Sergey was the one who announced.

>> No.21168020

The last accumulation channel was between $0.45-0.55 for one year before it pumped to $4.97. We then had another year long accumulation channel under $5. Once it broke, we went into price discovery with many expecting $10.

Chainlink is now demonstrating that it not only performs the best during a bear market, but is also a fucking beast in a bull market.

There are still a lot of things to look forward to. SmartCon will be a nothingburger in my opinion but will bring Chainlink further into awareness of people involved in this asset class. Oracle should be significant news for the price, it’s extremely important as an integration and validates Chainlink for all the boomers.

>> No.21168023

2/3 is held by Sergey you mean.

>> No.21168048

oh shit Fernando is back? Will he update us on Gravel Coin?

>> No.21168100

You're arguing semantics for some reason, since it is irrelevant who makes an announcement first since an announcement is obviously consented and known by both, in fact the smart marketing strategy is to let the other party announce first, so, what's your point

It's been doing that partner shit for years what makes now so special? Has it actually done things they keep saying? I mean, it's been 3 years

>> No.21168113

>You're arguing semantics
No, you said Sergey announced those relationships, but he didn't.

>> No.21168135

This. It was at the top of the band we either pumped or retraced

>> No.21168150

The partnerships themselves are special. Household names are involved in this shit now, which means all the investors who pooh-poohed blockchain cuz they were stuck in 2011 are forced to update their worldview.

>> No.21168163

>Mfw I remember that post that got trips (777 i believe) and it was a 4d chess sergey looking right into the camera. Then this massive pump happened. Interesting.

>> No.21168184

Because Sergay did say it, obviously just not explicitly. A partnership is two people, an announcement of one is an announcement of all. Did you even read my post?

>> No.21168241

Fuck you linkies. I bought some today anyway, only started browsing biz about 2 months ago.

I got shilled XRP on pol and don't regret it. Thank you anons, God bless and hope you all make it

>> No.21168270

Buddy, all these names: >>21167734
announced first.

If you want clarification, ask them.

>> No.21168292

Chainlink x Ripple is the power couple of the golden bull run.

>> No.21168317

Learned from the Jew, just own both instead of 'this one or that one'

>> No.21168341

>I got shilled XRP on pol
Oh geez lmao. Somebody's gotta do something about these goddamn cripplekikes.

>> No.21168392

Ripple bagholders are impossibly salty about it (seriously, I have no idea why they're so mad about LINK,) but LINK enables XRP's entire business model. It is an excellent business model otherwise however, so the partnership will cause banks to fomo into ripplenet, and XRP will use Chainlinked oracles to deliver the goods without fear of data collusion & tampering. Banks cannot afford another libor scandal.

>> No.21168398

>he dont know

>> No.21168432

So you're telling me Zues Cap are actually the good guys?

>> No.21168776

Whale Wars or Money Laundering Operation, it's still okay to buy, just after the dump that's about to happen. Don't buy the top.

>> No.21168936

It's a russian pump And dump scam.

Watch it eventually go back to $1 where it belongs.

>> No.21169207

but codius already does what chainlink does but it does it without a token