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not foreseeing and still not understanding what's happening with link made me lose confidence in all my abilities bros

i'm so lost

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Im a newfag that someone outside of /biz/ convinced me Link was gonna blow up, about like two weeks ago. I finally decided to get into crypto yesterday go to buy it today its fuckin taken off fuck me

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Its okey anon. You are literally in a time where coins pump 10-100x left and right. You just got to find the right one. You should start by checking out Statera. But their is alot more gems popping up all the time fren.

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Give me the fucking microphone.
Listen up.
I'm sick and tired of all you suicidal no linkers running your mouths around on this sharpie in pooper board.
Every single day you come out here, you make the same damn posts. "am I going to make it" this, "make it stack" that.
Well guess what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna take my mouse
I'm gonna click on the post number
I'm gunna start typing in the reply box
I said I'm gunna start typing in the reply box!
I'm gunna call you a no linker faggot
A bird trying to catch up to a rocket
A disappointment to your ancestors
A redditor
I'm gonna solve that captcha
The one with the fire hydrants
The one with the stoplights
The one with the bicycles
The one with the cars
The one with the busses
The one with the CROSSWALKS
I'm gonna click submit
I said I'm gonna click submit!
I'm gunna derail the thread!
Send all you late buying faggots back to fiat currencies!
That's right, I said I'll send you back!

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i have millions in crypto, it's more a sentimental thing. if there was one thing i could keep from this world it would be /biz/. this simply is the best place available to a human being at this point in history and even if i break free for a month or two i quickly find myself come back and spend most of my days here. i wouldn't miss anything as much as you guys.
i'm strongly emotional about chainlink and feel incredibly demoralized by the fact that i was standing on the wrong side pretty much all along

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Could of had my stack secured days ago but I FOMOd into silver and not only lost but got margin called for what could of been 200 link

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I cope by going all in on LIT and hoping it will make it.

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It was honestly just a scam that caught fire. Sort of like tesla. I wouldn't worry about it.

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test post please ignore

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i'm not phased about missing out 100x pumps and dumps. i can strongly feel chainlink is something different. that there is a painful lesson that has to be learnt here.

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dont sweat it man,

nuy some link when it crashed to 9.00 again.

i suggest making a buy order at 9.87 and another at 9.13

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>Bought 700ish last fall at $2 and $2.50
>Sold in February at $4
>concussion at work a few days later
>too addled to rebuy anything during the crash
>buying back into LINK would've let me go car shopping

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