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Okay guys, I see a lot of high value portfolio's here. This is all I have, 90% of everything I had saved.

How much can this grow to? My goal is to pay off college debt (Atleast 50k by the time I finish) in the next 4-5 years.. Give it to me straight frens

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If you bought at 180 you would have already doubled it by now...

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kek buddy dont dream too much. its fucking 1 ETH. maybe 1-2k at most. try to get a part time job, save up, look into crypto low caps with room to grow and keep browsing biz and other sources

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You'll see a solid 2x on eth, you've already made it.

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You should pick up a job on campus, and pour 50% of your checks into Link/ETH
We are the edge of a bullrun.

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Why didn't you buy linkies?

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Thanks guys, This is all I could afford. I will try and find a parttime job.

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If not bait you'll need to put in more or gamble it on uniswap scams

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thats total bullshit. i started 3 months ago with 2 eth and now have over 40 eth. I got lucky with trust swap ico, Statera and bought XOR when it was $1.50. it's possible but it takes some research and good judgement.

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It isn't.. You have any suggestions? There are so many. Can't make up my mind

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Wow, congratulations to you fren.. Any tokens you think can grow? I will research into them

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put it all in OCEAN dude, good luck on +10% month gainz with ETH while you could be making +80% per week with ocean, graph speaks for itself

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Unironically deal in shatcoins. Started with $600 3 months ago and already have 10k. It's dark market where you can get fucked so dyor if something is getting shilled to you. Always take back your initial if you can. It might slow down your money making process but at least you decrease the risk.

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Thanks anon, looking it up right now

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Don't gamble too much. Just stick to ETH/Link/BTC

Probably the best thing you can do right now is minimize your student loans.

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So basically the ones that are shilled here? What makes you able to differentiate the legit ones? Website or?

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ok retard, our friend here however is completely new to this and has no experience doing shit, listening to biz pajeet advice.

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Yeah, I have zero experience. Bought Ethereum because I could afford an entire one.. Sucks to be a poorfag

So no shitcoins then?

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>browse biz for info

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You study up on it. What is it for? What is the current market cap? Who's behind the project? Do you think it'll work? Look at people with good track record of predicting pumps. The more you know about it the less chance that you panic sell when there's a dip. Also try to decrease the amount of time you look at the charts. Multiple times I have sold because I keep seeing dips, which made me nervous, even though there were more gains to be made.

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If you just focus on earning money and study and literally nothing else for like half a year, put all the money you can spare in crypto, you'll definitely be rich as fuck in a couple years time.

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Thanks fren, That's very helpful

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So 100x, doable, but it’s a zero sum game. Considering how you racked so much debt I am not confident about your abilities to pay it off with crypto.

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Just make sure you read the white papers and research properly. Dont buy into a pump and dont panic sell the bottom. Look for coins with a low market cap that haven't pumped yet. There are some good telegram channels which specialize in these things. Uniswap gems, oddgems, etc. You just missed DIA which was under $1 for a few days and will easily reach $7 soon. So you could have turned that 1 eth into 7, but that train left. I cant really recommend any coins right now because im fairly new also. But watch out for scams here on biz. They are pretty obvious. One coin i have been looking at is Inft (Infinito) and KardiaChain (Kai). Might be long term holds though. Good luck

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Fuck that. OP you're in college, just introduce your friends to ketamine and when they're in the k hole nick their laptops and phones to sell online.

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OP first and most important tip, don't listen to jeets like this. He's lying to flog some shit on you.

Just ask for a photo of his hand and move on.

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Also OP you should learn how to differentiate between pajeet scams and legit projects. If someone shills you on a project with devs from asian countries and europeans and has amazing partners, its probably legit. There will always be kneejerk retards who right away accuse someone of being a jeet based on literally nothing. This is called fud and they do this to keep the price low so they can continue filling their bags.

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Chain link, btc, eth are the safe bets. Rlc, ZEC, and waves are more risk/reward. Good luck. Are you white op?

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I would pick infinito.

Looks decent and retraced a lot.
But always DYOR and pick whats fits you the most.

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Still no hand. Don't talk to a white shitskin.

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>$500 Eth
>Will I make it
Go back to freddit nigger

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1st mistake : put too much of your savings in something so volatile

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Don't be mean. It might take a while but he'll make it if he's smart. He might have to take some early risks because he has a low initial investment.

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U gotta have $ to make $ OP

Build capital and invest. You’re probably young too

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>white paper meme

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Obviously duh. Why are you acting like it's impossible? One good timing of shatcoin and he can 10x or more his money. I already did it with AMPL so it's clearly not impossible.

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Thanks for the responses frens. I do not have any more capital unfortunately. I will have to look into some risky coins

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>I do not have any more capital unfortunately.
Keep working and invest smart
> I will have to look into some risky coins
This is why stupid people stay poor. Are you white?
See >>21131342

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ok since this is the newfag thread I'm just gonna pull the trigger:
how do you buy coins that aren't available in coinbase, binance and such? Do you have to trade them for ether and then put them in a wallet?
How about selling them? How does that work?

For example I want to buy PNK or XSN, but they aren't available on coinbase. What do I do?

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PolyPuX. New Coin on a moon mission

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Its been said a few times here already but I just want to +1.

1. Find a job to generate income
2. Use that income to take bets on a few low cap coins shilled here (but use your own judgement, 90% of the time 4chan is garbage, but there are some good calls in the other 10%)
3. Trade the small caps, take gains at intervals, and accumulate Ethereum - long term it will grow a lot, but hard to time those growth spikes. Just keep growing your pile of Eth

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Download coinbase wallet then go to uniswap and trade eth for whatever

PNK is solid. Don't buy meme coins
t. 180k brr

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how does one go for selling? Do i just trade it back for eth?

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Yep and hopefully for more ETH than you started with

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No, you won't make it. Kys for being a good goy and for making this thread.

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Remember, the more you risk, the more you stand to win. Take out a loan and buy some 1000 LINK.

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thanks a lot anon

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ETH or a stable coin. When you wanna cash out, Turn said stable coin into ETH then send it an exchange where you can get fiat.

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Why are you fags helping these Leddit Niggers? don't you want these niggers to leave so we have a more educated productive board free from trannys and newfags?

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People say this as a meme but it worked for me. Took out 5k loan, paid it back off and have a lot of link stack as a result.

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Yeah, don’t panic like me and sell off your linkies sub $7!

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make sure you check github activity on the projects. stay away from projects where the team is either anon or have little to no background.
if there is a bunch of threads on here about a certain project, stay away unless the market cap is low and the idea is good/proven.
95% of what you read on biz is either written by a retard or a scammer.
lurk different telegrams/discords/forums and when you see someone mentioning something youve never heard about, read up on it (99% chance its worthless, but its still worth it when you find the 1% gem).
In general you should stay away from coins/tokens that just did a 10x, if you like the idea wait for the dip.
Best entries for a buy is when there is signs of a clear accumulation phase (price flats out with little volatility).
Get tradingview and learn some basic TA. TA isnt science, but it will make you a better trader. Dont take too much risk.. sometimes unforeseen events happens, especially in crypto.

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Only way you can make it with that is by gambling on shit coins. It works, but it'll cost you your sanity and sleep

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this is already up 1 million %. with 1 eth you should be looking at microcaps (BEFORE they have pumped) if you really want to turn it into anything significant. Just don't go all in.

I will recommend DYT. Still 200k mc, deflationary, partnered with Parachute, share community staff, releasing dapp soon.

If it experiences anything like the PAR hype cycle it could 20x from here.

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Looks like I will never make it frens...My entire day is filled with classes. No chance of finding work before getting a degree (Pajeetland)

Thanks for the info frens

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Born too early to travel the stars, too late to become a crypto millionaire. But you were born right on time to fuck some real primo traps, so just focus on that, OP.

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Buy link

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If you're first year could you defer and work some regular job in order to catch this bull run? Or would that make your family furious?

Ultimately a degree and good job is the better bet, but if delaying a year would be easy enough you could consider it.

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I’d say, don’t rack up $50k in debt on the biggest cash heist of all-time, college. That is, unless your passion requires it. After you spend a few months on biz, you’ll likely be able to better discern blatant pajeet shilling and a hookup! Good luck, mate! Also, this is not an endorsement, but my money is tied up in btc, pnk, sta and last but certainly not least, buidl. I’m missing link and eth, which I would highly recommend increasing your position in these 2 gems!

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Go all in on a good microcap shitcoin or go 0.6/0.6 on two shitcoins and you may be able to see some good returns. Pro tip: never buy presale and only buy projects where liquidity is locked. Not worth risking a rug pull with such a small starting amount.

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I can't do that. I have to pay for rent, groceries and bills. Fuckkk. What terrible timing.

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Yeah well. Pussy it is I guess!


Ok frens. I will browse the boards more and look for opportunities. Appreciate you all to take your time out and respond :)

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