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Is Chainlink ever going to reach $10,000

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1000x would put it at 3 trillion marketcap

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hold my derivative

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No chance. It's literally dumping right now.

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Dubs knows about the planned token burn to eliminate 1/3 of total supply.

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If it does I have soooo many plans...
I'm gonna fix up my community and buy a nice and calm ass place for my parents and grands

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No, crypto isn't going to get that fucking big. If we have a huge fucking bull run again like we did last time, the total market cap may get to like $3T if we're lucky. That would put LINK around like $250.

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Anon did you even consult the chart?
>this is two hours old and we're already up two spots

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That's it? Hahahaha 10k EOY

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Yes. But that’s in a world where inflation has pushed the price of a Big Mac to $250.00

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Wait I'm retarded, how can it be the market cap of all crypto but obviously counting the other crypto market caps that would be higher.

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nvm I get it

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Kek it's okay anon I'm drunk too

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In 1 year

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If I get trips, then yes. It will hit $10,000 on September 24th 2025

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my apologies september 25 2024

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nigger where the fuck have you been in the last 2 years, let alone the last 10?

Crypto hasn't faltered one bit, in the long run it just keeps going up and up, and it'll continue to go up barring mass apocalypse, a solar flare or technology disasters.

FIAT currency is fucking dying.

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$24 is the ceiling for the foreseeable future

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I guess if you can only forsee 6 months then yeah

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You missed bitcoin. The next thing to go parabolic you won't own or expect. Tough shit.

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