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"You need money to make money"

Ok i have $20k saved up, now what?

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now buy chainlink

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Buy $20k worth of limited supply dildos and hold for 3 years

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give them to me, I'll invest them for you

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buy link and rsr pussy

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Thats like dropping $20k at a casino

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why did you ask if you got all the answers, retard?

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Leaving your mo year in USD is like investing in a currency with legal counterfeiting.

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lose it all options trading

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>mo year


Did anyone else’s iPhone keyboard get worse after a recent update?

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Put it in something that won't tank in the upcoming recession, can't be confiscated during wartimes with china, and something that's easy to unload. Trade it for realestate when the asset bubble pops.

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>lose it all options trading

You can buy 2022 long option spreads on blue chips and get free money because the Fed has to keep printing.

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kton about to 5x

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Somewhat similar position here. Finally made 50k and I'm probably getting a couple XSN masternodes, at least 1k link and 1mil RSR.

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This. Now leave.

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All in RMPL.

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all in chainlink

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chainlink stack

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start an etrade account, invest in 3-5 well researched growth stocks. You'll have an extra $5k by next spring

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buy a house

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> He doesn't know

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buy Ethereum

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