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I put this in last thread but i'll put it in here.

What do you guys think of a /smg/ run borkerage account. We would use a voting system to choose what stocks and ETFs to buy options etc. We can use something like paypal to deposit money into the account as well.

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Probability of a monday pump?

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how does the janny profit if he does it for free?

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Start selling covered calls, you will feel much better. Every day will be green.

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It would get fucked real hard for the lulz imo.

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33 here. Sometimes I wish I can just jump in to meme stocks that can moon.

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The trend is broken, -4% in 1 day, pic unrelated

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great final hour dennybros

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>have $450k account
>it has only been crabbing for the past two months
i was promised the more money i had, the easier and faster it would grow. i was lied to???
how am i supposed to grow this exponentially and triple it before the year ends?

>> No.21110248

50/50. Depends on how the stimulus shit goes over the weekend.

>> No.21110264

ICPT brothers, buy ICPT. It had a hard crash after one of its medicines was rejected by the FDA, but it will eventually moon again. It's super comfy to hold it.

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>4chan pooling resources into a brokerage account

holy fuck, please do this

>> No.21110267

I'd give it 5 minutes before 98% losses

>> No.21110269

I think the difference with this is that you would actually get paid for a good trade. maybe max 20% and the rest of the people who voted gets it evenly split between

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Are (((they))) trying to keep poorfags from realizing that options are an easy way to make money? Would more options buyers mean smaller gains?

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Yo, /biz/ what do you guys think about the Intel leaks? Think Puts are worth?

>> No.21110281

what tickers do you recommend for a smol (3.7k) portfolio, anon?

>> No.21110306

See, I told you guys there's anons here with some capital. When are we going to make SMG Hathaway and start buying out microcaps?

>> No.21110308

I sold
Gonna buy back in Monday morning

If it wasn't for Denny's id be all red today

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>I missed my chance to sell my Apple calls at 457

this shit is going back to 430 isn't it

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$500 buy-in, set up a discord channel, have voting. This would be a fantastic meme

>> No.21110351

kek, we should buy out some literal who biotech meme

>> No.21110357

checked, I would not touch intel yet, similar thing happened to twitter, still pumped and fucked all over my shorts.

>> No.21110362

Premiums will be higher along with volatility. I would probably quit options altogether.

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How do we ensure that we all get our funds in the event of a crash or if something happens to one of us

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Did you buy SPY call cheapies today? No way in hell boomers let Monday be red. They will POOMP out dollars into worthlessness to keep the rally going

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I'm the dude that said "no one knows what they're doing here, right" in the last thread, because you seem more intelligent than the others I have a question

Should we be buying airline or cruise ship stocks now? They are eventually going to "come back" in the next year or so, so should we be holding those currently?

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That's true, I guess. I think I'll still put $500 8/14. If nothing happens I guess I'll just get destroyed.

>> No.21110433

$JMIA anons! This fucker is up %20 today and the moon mission has just started. If they even meet earnings, this fucker will explode like OSTK in April
$JMIA !!!

>> No.21110443

It would function as a normal brokerage account. Pretty much /smg/ would be the entity that owns the account.

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she's certainly humanizing finance for me

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the large financial institutions - the option sellers - want you to buy more options. that's why they sell them.

>> No.21110499

Paper market sure. Not for real. We'd be broke in seconds.

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Guys what if we start a blank check company and just buy up failing businesses that we repo and sell for a profit?
The OG members hold the most stake in the company and we just sell shares to newfrens on the dark darkpool
As long as SMG stays relevant and we can convince the rest of the cryptokiddies to buy in we are all guaranteed to make it
And our frens would make gains as well
Let's fucking gooooo

>> No.21110538

I think we could test it with a paper account desu. Depending on how well we do we'll move to an actual account if people feel safe about that

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$JMIA will moon!

>> No.21110550

Would we only be managing stocks or would we also be managing other assets like real estate, PM storage, defi, etc
If this takes off I already got 2k in it

>> No.21110552

Would need to form a legal entity (LLC?). Then vote on who would be authorized to actually make the trades. Then fund the account. Then have a voting system for what trades are made

>> No.21110556

The thing about airlines is that your basically betting on a bailout because they just aren't making money and there's no telling when that'll be. I do think that they're a good long hold at these current prices but the entire market is due for another correction and domestic and international travel is still a can of worms rn so you could always buy in cheaper. Just stager your entry, and remember I'm just an /smg/ speculator.

>> No.21110583

BABA bros pls tell me everything will be alright
I need some gains

>> No.21110592

Absolutely, they have no counter against AMD in the server and laptop business, and their laptop market share would most likely shrink because of ARM

>> No.21110601

I think only stocks and options for now. However if we were to do what >>21110552 says i think we could move into other markets

>> No.21110615

Just start a hedge fund then? Isn't that what you're proposing basically? Or if you want to go more low-end you can simply make an index based on some random polls you post here.

>> No.21110624

Its tough when your capital is limited. Go to a stock screener and look for these features:
Security price so that you can afford 100 shares, but should be near or over at least $10, otherwise premiums will not be very good.
Has options (weekly or monthly)
Large/medium market cap (one billion plus) for stability
Has option volume (should be at least 3 digits in options trades a day)


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>> No.21110630

We had that before and it ended terribly lmao. Wouldn't hurt to try again.

>> No.21110638

I don't believe in puts (or shorts) in this market, but I would definitely not go long on INTC for 5-10 years. Longing its competition (AMD) however...

>> No.21110647

I am an attorney and could form an LLC in my state for it to operate. If prefer to do a bit of research before biting into this though. We should make a discord channel to gauge interest and see what our numbers are

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even tdameritrade is shilling the aapl split now, seems the got the call to pump apple

>> No.21110685

>stimulus talks collapsed again

>> No.21110689

Holy fuck yea i think thats the best way to do this. Should i make a server right now?

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Any recommendations for books specifically on options?

What would be your top 3 for the technical side?
What would be your top 3 for the psychological / market understanding?

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reposting bc no replies in last thread

ou pay zero capital gains in your Roth IRA, correct? So wouldn't you want to put your growth stocks in your Roth, since they will make the most gains and you wont have to pay any capital gains taxes?

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think it'll pump next week or pull back more?

>> No.21110729

Well they (U.S) just lifted the global travel ban. Any place outside the U.S Americans are welcomed with open arms is a travel destination again. DAL has clean airplanes and a nice center buffer seat.. It's only a mater of time before people wake up and go "hey here's a sector still down in the dumps we can invest in and make a killing off of" Course I've already got my claim staked.

>> No.21110756

Yes, but I personally think that growth stocks are a meme and I would much rather have dividend aristocrats in my IRA.

>> No.21110760

Can verify. I'm seeing it crawl back up on TOS. Slowly, but still up. Same with SLV.

>> No.21110764

Me to. Wheres the rest of the set.

>> No.21110792

Serious question are you guys worried about a crash or a bubble? I have about $34k in the market right now and I don’t wanna lose it all

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>> No.21110814

TSM has a 2.08% yield if you're interested.

>> No.21110821

if we get close to a circuit breaker index day get out other than that fuck it bro

>> No.21110824

Implying /smg/ didn't pump and dump BYFC just to mess up with joggers.

>> No.21110830

Go for it. Im be waging for the next couple hours, but we can go ahead and get people in the server

>> No.21110845

Like I said to the other anon. Airlines are a 300 IQ play, but I don't think now is the time to pull the trigger. Remember, everyone is thinking this at the moment so the market is going to do the opposite. It's going to be a while before they get back to what they were and there's just too much overall downside risk to the market currently with the shaky stimulus and elections around the corner.

>> No.21110848

>If it wasn't for DENN id be all red today

>> No.21110853

How long do I have to get priced in? If these unemployment numbers are right I think we might see a good holiday earning season

>> No.21110865

sitting on 65% gains in UPS and feeling comfy
marriott up 8% since i plunked 9 grand into it two days ago

>> No.21110873

Jesus what a bad idea lel

>> No.21110879

That's not bad. Best of both worlds.

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Anyone else stocking up on SHLL cheapies? Merger happening soon and I’ve already booked my ride on the rocketship

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Based fucking Sara

I was noticing that too. Industrial slowdown? China V-recovery maybe turning into a W?

What the fuck is happening?

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What should I look into if I want to bolster the long term stable side of my portfolio? I know FAGMAN are a decent bet for the time being but what else? I've been eyeing FIVG, CARR and FSLR but I'm not sure how much to put into them. I have around $16k cash but I don't want to throw all of it into the market. What are other people's ratios of cash to stocks?

>> No.21110934

nope, the second it looks like it's gonna go down the Fed and gov't jump in with both feet to stop it

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Thank fuck GSX is tanking finally. news of their userbase fraud (70% of users are actually bots) appeared in May but a Chinese brokerage firm close to the company kept placing large buy orders on the stock to keep it propped up but FINALLY its cratering

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We did this in late 2017 early 2018 kek, as I recall we scraped together ~800 bucks and actually did okay. Comfy was managing it and got freaked out that he'd lose everything so he sent everyone's money back with with a few % gains

>> No.21110959

We're definitely in a valuation bubble, but nobody knows how or when it'll end. Could be next week, could be next year. If your already long just play it smart and manage risk. If your flat, stay that way. Just, by no means, try to get in front of the miraculous parabolic NASDAQ.

>> No.21110964

People are betting that it will be the Zane they MELI or AMZN of Africa. Technicals be damned, just hype alone will cause it to moon. If the technicals are good, it will moon even more

>> No.21110974

personally i couldn't be in a position of that much power. I'm just here to propose the idea and see how it plans out. I'll probably run the server as best i can but thats it

>> No.21110983

So...........$NET go back up Monday?

>> No.21110986


>> No.21110997

I meant to type next, not Zane stupid autocorrect >>21110810

>> No.21111010

Guys let me be the honest title holder of our Bank. Ill literally rename my Robinhood acct to "4chanette Equities" & post here as i usually do daily, with frequent updates on our little shit account. I have paypal & venmo/cashapp. Those who donate will recieve back their investments potential returns at the end of the day with the option to pull out.


>> No.21111011

I got some $JMIA stock for ya sweetie

>> No.21111029

How do you know the circuit breaker prices?
Is it a certain percentage that stop losses trigger?

>> No.21111037


should I give them all my monies?

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why do you prefer divvy stocks in the Roth?

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thinking of writing 2 algos:
1. mini vix futures are launching soon, so im thinking of an algo that auto buys contracts when @realdonaldtrump mentions the word "china"
2. wsb/smg sentiment analysis, when the algo detects the word "moon", it buys that ticker symbol.

>> No.21111048


Here is the server. I don't know shit about server creation so it's going to be a bare bones server

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Alright lads, post your financial media wifus.

>> No.21111070

If the economy is doing so well and the bull run continues why does the government need to give out another stimulus? And why would it effect the outcome?

>> No.21111073
File: 631 KB, 1750x3000, shirosaki hana and crimvael (watashi ni tenshi ga maiorita! and 1 more) drawn by hana_kazari - c7c78a7564037ce39f9b3936da54bdde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21111076

Same lol, i have a buddy who runs a pretty big one so maybe he can help get it set up. Hopping in now from phone

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>jeremy was right again for me

free money value picks ftw

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File: 153 KB, 800x1411, _original drawn by houtengeki - 6601bde747bee54d89e3c286df26ef7c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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> another weekend is finally here
Hate the weekends bros, I need lines to watch. Guess I'll start swinging $100 worth of Bitcoin again.

I feel like such a moron for not even thinking about how good chink flu would be for UPS and FedEx.

Been bag holding since June

>> No.21111124

This shit just tanked 25% last tuesday

>> No.21111132

financial education on youtube

>> No.21111137

Numbers for $JESUS

>> No.21111144

I am going to keep shorting you dumbass PENT UP DEMAND airline boomers/robinzoomers until it stops making me so much money

>> No.21111151

Why will it moon again? It has a 10% chance of ever getting past this stage

>> No.21111161

For IRAs, you have to remember you cant put in or take anything out. Loss aversion is top priority, holding divvy stocks is generally less risky than growth.

>> No.21111179
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he seems to lack self awareness and knowledge of memes, I don't trust him

>> No.21111183

Because what happens to growth stocks when they suddenly stoo growing? I could list an entire graveyard of former growth stocks. Roth IRA is a retirement account. With compounding dividends and no taxes you'll get to spend you last years on a yacht with capital to spare. Growth stocks are just risky for such a long term investment strategy imo.

>> No.21111188
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>> No.21111198

pattern seems like a heavy baghold downtrending one

>> No.21111200

i thought you could withdraw your contributions without penalty, but not the gains?

>> No.21111209

This reminds me, a little while back an anon posted here about a trading algorithm he was building. Anyone seen any updates on that recently?

>> No.21111227

>SQQQ gonna moon

>> No.21111230


>> No.21111231

What does the future look like for $RKT?

>> No.21111238

yeah but can't you just sell your growth stocks when they stop growing? switch over to gold or something?

>> No.21111251

I was just recommending a stock that essentially does both. I, unfortunately, don't have a roth ira, only a roth 401k to get that company match.

>> No.21111254

Trips and the bull run continues through 2040

>> No.21111280


>> No.21111284

If you can just time the market like that then why are you investing in an IRA?

>> No.21111300

>I have about $34k in the market right now and I don’t wanna lose it all
During the great depression the market dropped 50%.

Time in the market beats timing the market.
Just make sure you don't need the cash while the market is down.

People that bought SPY at the top before the pandemic(extremely dumb people, given the year of the rat is coming and a recession was inevitable) are close to breaking even, in less than a year.

And if you hedge properly, you can even get profit from the down turns.

>> No.21111308

Wow, a based get for once.

>> No.21111314

they're not gona just dump overnight... if you're monitoring your portfolio regularly you should be able to notice a slowdown and switch to another stock

>> No.21111321

>anime posters throwing shade at frog posters
It's like a battle between the Tom and Jerry of cancer

>> No.21111327

The OP post is so much better.
It's a waste.

>> No.21111331
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>> No.21111348

If you're monitoring your portfolio regularly then why are you investing in an IRA?

>> No.21111350

Year's been nice as hell so far. I'm enjoying my semi retirement thanks to our virus pal. 401k's made back what I lost in march and then some according my last statement. My pension is fat and growing more with each passing month. Brokerage account is in the green. Still fully employed so hell I'm just living it up while I can.

>> No.21111351


>> No.21111375

>If you're monitoring your portfolio regularly then why are you investing in an IRA?

cuz its tax-free gains as opposed to a taxable account?

>> No.21111379
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>Mike Wilson
he basically called the bottom though

Now if you want to post a "don't buy the dip" bear who never really switched camps, you should be using the Mohammed El-Bearian screen caps.

>> No.21111384
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Tencent music puts and TGI calls. I'm gonna COOOOOM green on Monday

>> No.21111385

I dont think so unless youre over the age limit. If you got questions, googling would be better than asking here.

>> No.21111399
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Thank you boomer stocks for keeping my ship afloat

>> No.21111415
File: 731 KB, 974x1208, mii, piltia, and delly (ishuzoku reviewers) drawn by yakata_mana - 8adba2b97b87798d20fc5e8d58217491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He was right...
We didn't bottom til around christmas, right?

>> No.21111425


>> No.21111441

Digits for a dip on open followed by a pump eod

>> No.21111447

it took nearly everyone 1 or 2 hours to see that OPGN twitter bullshit. and looking at volume, some people immediately reacted on it and bought a lot.
how is that done? what kind of setup is that? some sort of scanning program and chat that shares news?

>> No.21111452

>Silver completely recovers before close

>> No.21111458

...that you can't access until you're almost dead. Anon, you do know that you only have to pay capital gains taxes once you sell. For what you're planning to do, you'd be better off just managing your own portfolio.

>> No.21111461
File: 34 KB, 480x270, DkgnOOiXsAUa_-B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>V shaped recovery imminent

>> No.21111478

Baggie bought tqqq today remember that

>> No.21111504

Neural networks that scan twitter for tickers and news and then buy/short based on textual analysis

>> No.21111511


I have another question, if an anon has like 40k just sitting in their savings, what should their stock portfolio look like? I'm going to call vanguard or fidelity anyway, I'm just curious what you think.

>> No.21111519
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>Pelosi wants an extra trillion so she can use the money to bail-out the democratic cities that are burning up and being left to rot

>> No.21111522
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>> No.21111537

nah man.. looking at orders, these were done by humans

>> No.21111539

the duality of /biz/man

>> No.21111547

i have a 401k w/ employer match - i dont touch it
i have a roth IRA that's monitored but not active trading
i have a regular brokerage with more in it than the IRA that is active trading

also, you can withdraw all contributions without penalty, you just cannot withdraw your gains:

this isnt a crypto get rich quick strategy... its 6k/yr specifically for retirement at 60. i'm planning to live that long

>> No.21111548


>> No.21111592
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Anyone else holding WKHS through earnings like a retard?

>> No.21111617
File: 1.10 MB, 4929x603, memed-io-output.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21111620

You and me both brother

>> No.21111631

Is there a SOXL dip happening or is it just kinda trending down? I wanna buy but idk how much more my heart can take today

>> No.21111651

buy into everything /smg/ shills :^)

>> No.21111655

assuming always otm

>write covered call 1 month exp
>buy to close after 3 weeks

what's the downside here?? am I retarded? the price 1 week before expiration is gonna be almost nothing because of time dilution right?

>> No.21111658

>Random wiggles : The who cares
Great post, anon.

>> No.21111663

After going up 40% the day before lol

>> No.21111664

you don't pay gains taxwith a roth ira

>> No.21111668
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the only thing a dip can do is make me double down anon

>> No.21111672

i am long term averaging into OLN myself with DRIP on

>> No.21111683

Can you make an ETF that consists 50% of other ETFs?

>> No.21111684

damn are you a boomer or how did you get 450k to throw into a brokerage account?

>> No.21111691

I gave them 12k of mine;)

>> No.21111696

Theta doesn't decay super fast until usually the same week Wednesday or so, prices can still swing wildly

>> No.21111703

Yes and there already are

>> No.21111729

i'm frothing at the idea of having done that with overstock when smg shilled it at sub $20... it's so fucking retarded that it just keeps going up
instead i spread my shit out over random tech shit and bluechips and it's only +20% after a few months

>> No.21111756
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Bobos are allowed tk cum

>> No.21111762
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We're all gonna make it. Here's to hoping they have tons of pre-orders.

>> No.21111781

i can't believe i'm getting beaten and out performed by fucking construction workers and karen investors that just went all in on wayfair or some other stupid shit

>> No.21111793


I'm worried about a tech bubble. Other things looks fine but fundamentals for stuff like Autodesk, Netflix, Paypal, Zoom just doesn't add up.

>> No.21111822

I think I'll wait and see if CLIS drops below 9 cents again before buying

>> No.21111845

I you made 1 million in your IRA, you pay NO TAXES. You only pay tax when you take out and it counts are normal income.

This. I did experiment with the different 401k options but I decided to just move it all into an S&P500 fund. Also I have an HSA.

>> No.21111860

I know what a Roth IRA is, anon. Well if that's the case, then you can basically just put fucking whatever into the IRA. I still personal don't see the point behind an IRA and I just long divi aristocrats underneath my options gambling. To each their own though. You seem to have a pretty well thought out plan.

>> No.21111864
File: 6 KB, 250x212, D33B1007-7799-458A-976E-3E9E3DE8702B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So....no stimulus? What the fuck

>> No.21111885
File: 18 KB, 480x360, yoddler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not worried about either,

As long as you can withstand the emotional toll of seeing huge losses on your account and hold steady the market will eventually rebound.
Providing you didn't buy dogshit companies in the first place.

But as others have said, the fed seems very willing to step in and just keep propping up the market but it is possible that when it comes to a larger decline in the economy the feds won't step in at all.

idk, who the fuck knows really. Im just here long term and I will keep slowly DCA my positions.

pic related

>> No.21111945
File: 118 KB, 692x1000, sample-292ca4517b5e7b64cca291cc588d78cc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21111953

So what's to keep someone from making money off crazy pumping stocks with high IV, selling somewhat close-dated calls?

>> No.21111964

Stock market noobie here, i have started putting some of my savings in stocks and my simplistic idea is that hotel and travel industry should be safe bets as long as you are going for the long game and is willing to wait out the corona effect.

Am i missing something stupid and is there any other industries that is reasonable to look into which have taken a hit due to corona but are very likely to make a come back a couple of years from now?

>> No.21111966

Trump might executive order the money printer back on. Stay tuned over the weekend.

>> No.21111971

short silver

>> No.21111973

The possibility that it keeps pumping

>> No.21111979

Reading this thread makes me think I am doing it wrong. I have $20k in a Roth IRA so far and it’s about 1/3 ETFs and the rest is growth stocks. Should I just go 50/50 on ETFs and divvie stocks?

>> No.21111981

20% is pretty good whats your problem with that?

>> No.21111997

Does this mean green market on monday?

>> No.21112024

who knows

>> No.21112030

Hi newfren, pls don’t repeat my mistakes.
Just go in QQQ and bluechips

>> No.21112033

Possibly, yes.

>> No.21112034

But what are the chances of that if it's something really hard and fast with no real substantive news? Or at least nothing immediately.

>> No.21112046

>I you made 1 million in your IRA, you pay NO TAXES. You only pay tax when you take out and it counts are normal income.

if you are over 59.5 years old and have had the holdings for longer than 5 years, you can withdraw everything with no taxes and no penalties

>> No.21112062

Sports and fashion and entertainment

>> No.21112067

Robinhood making API non-acessible to third parties, robintrack won't work anymore

>> No.21112090


>> No.21112091

Should I buy the top of Stamps.com?

>> No.21112105

would be cool but no withdrawals ever otherwise fruitless

>> No.21112106


>> No.21112131

no, you should only buy failing companies that had their stocks go -30% or more on a single day. that means you will get +30% very soon!
you're a genius

>> No.21112150

No idea, I'm seeing NET AH activity though. Knew the fuckers wanted another dip.

>> No.21112152

Conversely, why not invest in industries that weren't affected by corona and will continue to appreciate without being set back a few years?
If your goal is to grow your money, why bet on something so painfully slow and uncertain when 10% eps growth is all but guaranteed in a number of industries?

It's not likely that something pumping hard just crabs - it has a high likelihood of pumping harder or dumping.

>> No.21112175

>pets.com 2.0

>> No.21112183

>a bunch of people in a highly elite group, who happen to be jewish
>Every person who is jewish

>same thing
>/pol/ logic

>> No.21112218
File: 157 KB, 670x447, 1594966901065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My HR department fucked up and re-enrolled me in my shitty retirement account.. should I lie about the CAREs act so I can withdrawal my $262?

>> No.21112224

Prepare for squeezings. The airplane charts are primed to pump. You will say it's stupid and unsustainable and blame collusion/manipulation/jews as you lose several percent day after day after day.

>> No.21112226
File: 250 KB, 1124x1913, 82B7F7DE-301C-40BC-A86E-FCAA1C0044B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Woah yeah guys totally not like 2000 or anything

>> No.21112254


what are you even gonna do with it? Buy some ram?

>> No.21112295
File: 127 KB, 1125x1118, 1595882994114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gamble on SPY calls obviously

>> No.21112313

>world goes out of its way to prove /pol/ right
It's a played out trick but it still has life in it yet.

>> No.21112338

Is outstanding shares commulative of all types of share or the some particular type?
IBM has 38.5 million shares. What does this mean?

>> No.21112356

I think the 7nm issue is overblown. INTC has repeatedly beat earnings expectations. Yes it's a setback (to the tune of $13 per share if nothing else) but I see the drop as a good buying opportunity for a good security.

>> No.21112363

Oy vey nooo dont blame the Jewish senators. Any attack on the character of a jewish person is antisemitic goy.

>> No.21112370

give me tutorial link on how to add paypal, credit card, other payment option in your website. I have a spare website running with no content.

>> No.21112389

>(((happen to be jewish)))

>> No.21112393

You want to gamble, by all means go with your idea.

Long term index funds are nearly impossible to beat.

Take a look at cruise ships, business was booming but most cruise line stocks were not doing great even before china flu.
Out of 3 major stocks ( Norwegian / carnival / Royal Carib) only 1 was beating the market and now none are.

Thousands of stocks out there, how would you know that Dominos pizza would perform better than Apple during the last 10 years ?

>> No.21112437

oh baby this is the last hoorah

>> No.21112444
File: 1.41 MB, 2388x1504, Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 2.38.03 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Market roll-over time?

>> No.21112455

Any of you make tryhard calculations prior to selling covered calls or is it just "one month out at +20% market price *sips monster*"?

>> No.21112463

What am I looking at?

>> No.21112475
File: 246 KB, 634x640, tenor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.21112545
File: 786 KB, 760x870, 1587407576640.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a stock I got into at $62 went up 13% in one day and now all the meme financial news like Barron's is pumping it as a buy

>> No.21112552
File: 5 KB, 250x144, chaos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Yahoo survey, pic related
Some eye opening stuff in here. It's long and mostly political, but some finance right at the bottom. Most people think the pandemic will continue for at least 3 more months. And it looks like Biden is liked marginally more than Trump.

>> No.21112559


How do I short this?

>> No.21112560

Dip is already over, it's back up as is and going up even further in premarket monday.
>an uptrend is a downtrend now
I've seen everything. nu/biz/ really is terminally fucked.

>> No.21112564

Nah, pump it

>> No.21112576

The less you know about stocks, the more you make. Seriously. People spend years trying to figure things out and at the end of the day they just overthink things.Eventually, some boomer who knows nothing will stumble into $80,000 off a good play

>> No.21112604

Red on Friday green on Monday already priced in

>> No.21112630


join this discord server

>> No.21112633
File: 159 KB, 428x404, 65436432267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmmm me start building short position again after riding all way up

but should wait until 3500, or just 3400?

>> No.21112636

will it go back/pass 251 soon?

>> No.21112641

Did only jewish senators back this? No.
Is Buffett jewish? Gates? Dorsey? Why are they acting the way they are then? Rich = evil, jew or not.

>> No.21112667

Where does broker trade? Does he directly login to NYSE and has access to real time book order?

>> No.21112675

How to invest into moonshine

>> No.21112683
File: 411 KB, 1080x1399, morganb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'd be willing to do this with you guys, but we manage an account trading options only
and you know we ain't sellin premium
no fucking kids
only thing is, how could we possibly trust the person who's name it's under?

>> No.21112684

I wish Little ceasars was public. Hell that 5 lunch combo is hard to beat. They'd be up biggly now.

>> No.21112717

see >>21112630

>> No.21112756

>it looks like Biden is liked marginally more than Trump.
Read the data much closer. Notice fun stuff like, those who don't dislike trump love him, but don't who don't dislike biden are only lukewarm about him; repubs are 5% more certain that they'll vote; many of the questions are loaded; many of the issues are anti-loaded (a question that technically has nothing to do with either candidates is added to give the illusion that there's a connection between its results and a certain candidate's chances because the poll's fund source tried to force a narrative where those two are connected); etc.

>> No.21112762
File: 348 KB, 1080x2465, Screenshot_20200807-170539_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>still go up even though SLV went down
there's only winning with this one bros

>> No.21112776

I wonder if I just put all my money into ETFs and growth stocks and passively monitored them for the next 5 years I would make more money than the clown show I have going on now

>> No.21112786

Yeahhh hahaha, lets give 500$ to someone that is 99.9% going to he a pajeet. The internet historian will cover the /smg/ exit scam (((meme)))

>> No.21112846

only way to have a distributed governance would be to have this hosted on a blockchain

>> No.21112852

Huh, I thought you'd only gain money if the stock price passes through the strike

>> No.21112862

Is stimulus almost guaranteed? No way Trump would mess up at this time just 3 months before election. He has beat China recently, and made Democrats look bad today. It’s a perfect time to execute during the weekend. Trump will do it, right?
That means Green dildo Monday, right?

>> No.21112872

Silver itself almost completely recovered. Might be crabbing for a week though.

>> No.21112877

my god.. how new are you.

please go back to r3ddit

>> No.21112884

I think he'll do the EO and get the stimulus through.

>> No.21112888

Why was JNUG 5k in 2016?

>> No.21112895

That's what I did


distribute between any or all of these 3

>> No.21112896

This company is so weird how do you go from 280-30 back to 300 seems impossible

Seriously either put it into jumia wait 5 years or do The Wheel on aapl after it splits you can probably make 100k a year just wheeling Apple.

>> No.21112902


>> No.21112933

Put everything into SOXL and forget about it.
Thank me later.

>> No.21112941

When? Tomorrow? Next month? In a year or ten? Wait it out the longer you can, Baba is safe but don’t bother selling it for 10$ profit

>> No.21112950
File: 1.46 MB, 2048x2048, __khan_the_swift_last_origin_drawn_by_kakiman__91b81fa9f4360b4ac01781d84dcfa326.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

apparently it's official art for a game called Last Origin

>> No.21112981
File: 984 KB, 716x678, 1596781083191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah no shit dumbfuck thanks for proving my point. Literally any time you criticize a Jewish person they automatically make it about race

>> No.21112986

Anon... as long as the contract is worth more than what you bought it for, you can make a profit

>> No.21112994

I want to buy stocks with dividends. Is this a good mindset to have or is the "real money" in buying/selling stocks? I am allured by the idea of buying now, it initially being a loss, but after 10-15 years the dividends will have paid off the stocks I bought today and then just be PURE PROFIT for the rest of my life.

When I do receive my dividends, do they generally send checks in the mail or is it routed to my bank account?

>> No.21112995

Sadly there's no way to get another check unless congress gets off it's ass and passes it. Congress has to approve the expense. If trump tried to do it he'd be impeached cause it's written in black and white in the constitution that congress has to approve all expenses/money the govt spends. All the president does is sign off on spending it

>> No.21113023
File: 107 KB, 572x303, 1595304286341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait a second, jnug was 500 before corona. But it has been going up when dollar is weakening? Im staring to think I have no idea what JNUG is...

>> No.21113024
File: 76 KB, 588x430, 2020-08-07_15-15-59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.21113044

Good question, ask it again when a new thread starts

>> No.21113053

Worry not. If Trump and his puppet Jpow printed so much that it would ruin US economy for at least 20 years. There is no chance the market go March crush again. Trump would send Amanda into China sea before market drops 4%

>> No.21113088

dividends don't out perform the good stocks in total % returns/gains

>> No.21113100

They go to your brokerage account, and it is usually quarterly, although there are mutual funds that do them annually

>> No.21113117

Pent up demand?

>> No.21113126
File: 59 KB, 589x611, 2020-08-07_15-19-32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh fuck, executive order incoming

>> No.21113133

I guess I'd better do some reading on how options work

>> No.21113134
File: 52 KB, 500x292, 1589494526969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking kek
Silly anon, options aren't for kids!

>> No.21113136

Pent up insolvency

>> No.21113138

Divvies are paid out either 4x a year or in the case of Dis x 2 a year. Let them reinvest (go towards buying more shares). Via compounding and you buying more shares your looking at a nice fat income stream that never goes away once you tell it to dump all that divvy income into your account after 30+ years. Do both divves and growth stocks. Best of both worlds.

>> No.21113145

if you are going to hold for that long what you want to do is DRIP

>> No.21113147

Yeah, just like in >>21111384
Have you tried using a mirror recently?

>> No.21113188

+8% Monday

>> No.21113212

It's simple he uses EO to make them pass it. Loophole?

>> No.21113215

I believe its all types of shares outstanding

Also IBM has ~890m shares outstanding, not 38.5m

For example, FB has 2.84B shares outstanding

Of which ~2.4B is the class A shares (the ones you can trade)
and ~445m are class B shares (not on the market - owned by zuck and insiders)

>> No.21113220

That's probably something you won't read about much. Robinhood has a somewhat misleading layout on their options since they have a "break even" price so you may be inclined to think the underlying has to reach at least that price for you to profit. That price actually is only true if you hold the contract up till expiration day. If you can sell your contract at a higher price than what you bought it at before the exp date, not too bad to make a profit. Options traders very rarely actually hold their contract all the way until expiration

>> No.21113234

there has been proof shown that handpicked dividend stocks don't out perform SPY. so i wouldn't go around suggesting it to anons that just want to make it.

>> No.21113239

>bought the AAPL dip at 440
>bought the WDC dip at 36.96
>bought the NIO dip at 37.35
>bought the TQQ dip at 125

>didn't buy INTC


>> No.21113248
File: 32 KB, 396x353, 1593813809620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Right after hours end...that's not a good sign is it?

Is this going to be a hang in there type of message?

>> No.21113249
File: 44 KB, 675x603, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you missed TSM back in June, don't be retarded this time. I'd still shill TSM at its current valuations (I continue to average up at these prices), especially when the market still doesn't realize it's on track to become a monopoly. Heck, TSM in general rarely moves with news. It barely moved even with news of the US subsidy or how it was barely unfazed from losing Huawei (>10% of its revenue at that time) as a customer. I'm still watching it closely and considering getting some calls, not being impatient right now since this will probably crab upwards until closer to Q3 or Q4.

TSM's competition?
the most obvious one that even the market moved with the news. Practically out of the race now.
can't get 5 nm to work properly, trying to skip to 3 nm with their GAAFET thing now. Intel tried to skip a node size too and it's not a hopeful process. There are signs they are falling behind even more with losing the Qualcomm deal. They are behind TSM with transistor density and yields.
There are rumours they are already on 7 nm, but they're just gonna run into the same problems as Intel with sub-10 nm node sizes. ASML will not sell their equipment to CCP, only to the west with Taiwan and Korea as exceptions, so it's obvious SMIC will not be using the EUV lithography process for their foundries. SMIC is NOT going to catch up to TSM as the CCP hopes unless they somehow make a deal with ASML, this is not something you can just throw money in and suddenly get results or Intel wouldn't be having so many issues.
Dropped out of the race 2 years ago.

all the signs are out there but it's too dry for the general market to understand. TSM is such a no-brainer longterm bet, and the rest of the market is only going to realize when it's right up their face with earnings report.

tl;dr if in doubt on where to put your leftover cash, just store it in TSM. Don't bother with timing since the market is slow to realize anyways.

>> No.21113250
File: 1.02 MB, 908x778, 1587433881321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Told you. this was a play so that politicians and their buddies catch a quick lull before a big pump on Monday

>> No.21113263

Dividends are not the most optimal strategy, but if this what keeps you investing and excited then by all means go for it, it is better than nothing.

Dividends will be deposited right back into your trading account as cash.

>> No.21113281

Except if you use ibkr, then they just steal your divvy.

>> No.21113321

>AAPL dip

I wouldn’t call that a dip, just a red day. Still it’s never really bad to invest in apple

>> No.21113324

I forgot to mention, for the love of god if you do decide to DRIP , keep a record of every transaction.

Your future self will thank you with a hundred blowies for doing this, it can be a cluster fuck having to look through years of reports to figure out your ACB if you decide to sell at some point

>> No.21113326
File: 342 KB, 516x729, illyasviel von einzbern, prisma illya, and reines el-melloi archisorte (fate and 3 more) drawn by p_answer - b1a3cf8300779f8a99c5a94e4eebbb6f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so, a half hour?

why did he wait so long today, he doesn't have to worry about Cramer taking his ratings this time.

>> No.21113335
File: 1.13 MB, 959x1475, __ezo_red_fox_silver_fox_and_nana_kemono_friends_drawn_by_rumenia_ao2is__02ea7204dc0ffbcf7898ddea7ef81634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you buying on the last hour and holding over the weekend?

>> No.21113360

TSM's stuff got stolen by chinks last year (confirmed today) so SMIC is definitely going to match TSM. I don't see them being real competition though. Nobody trusts a chink, and the markets for chink vs non-chink is looking more and more like it'll be hard-walled (either you trade with the CCP, or you trade with the US, but not both).

>> No.21113372

Off topic, but is the countertop in that pic supposed to double as some type of cutting board. Looking at it is making me feel like a retard.

>> No.21113379

blue line basically represents institutional buying. orange line basically represents how volatile the market is allowed to be.

>> No.21113403

tendies, although I'm not holding them over the weekend I'm eating them

>> No.21113416

Feeling lucky.
Do i put my 3k portfolio just entirely into SPY puts?

>> No.21113422

anyone holding TQQQ over the weekend?

>> No.21113427

What do you expect from such try-hard pics? Of course they're just posing like usual and don't know what they're doing. 5 seconds after the pic was taken, they went back to their ipads to play some candy crush and make some tiktok videos on their samsung phones about the whole thing while heading to their downtown apartments, where they planned to order some mcd's.

>> No.21113441

>TSM's stuff got stolen by chinks last year (confirmed today) so SMIC is definitely going to match TSM
and how do you think SMIC is going to match TSM without support from ASML?
That SMIC is just the usual CCP bullshit they do to hype up their scams. They know the general market don't understand enough about semiconductors to see through their bullshit. There's more to it than just reaching a node size.

>> No.21113454

Dividends are "fine", but DO NOT fall into yield traps. Garbage stocks like IBM, XOM, T and so on. Zombie companies which built a reputation of being reliable 20 years ago but nowadays bleed all their profits into unsustainable dividends for boomers.

If you insist on dividends, first ask yourself if you'd be fine with owning a stock even if it didn't pay one because you believe in the company long term. AAPL, MSFT, NKE, V? Yes, please.

>> No.21113462

post proof then faggot

>> No.21113481
File: 350 KB, 1589x2047, Otogi-Shikimi-Азиатка-чулочки-попа-5718207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so... is it time to buy back into SMICY?

CCP is gonna dump cash into them, especially if they did steal some IP to catch up.

>> No.21113485

Trump is bad polls. Its gonna be 2016 all over again

>> No.21113488

You know the CCP is all about stealing shit. What do you think they're going to do if they don't already have the necessary equipment and can't produce it in time?

>> No.21113513

Straight NVDA in my Roth. Join me

>> No.21113515

I never touch chink shit, not even if it looks like a sure thing.

>> No.21113522

Story time?

>> No.21113530

Why are you all dumping workhorse, i just bought this morning at what i thought was a good price?

>> No.21113547

was considering buying some long 85 dollar October calls, should I push this out further? Or just buy ITM 45 day calls instead

>> No.21113565

earnings on monday. with this clown market any good earnings means dump, until guidance is set. Any bad earnings means pump until guidance is set. FTS

>> No.21113571

>Dividends are "fine", but DO NOT fall into yield traps.
This was a co-worker of mine who decided to buy Chorus Aviator "but look at that 20% dividend!"
I warned him not to buy, idk how much he lost on that their dividend was cut soon after he bought it

>> No.21113573
File: 6 KB, 235x122, Screenshot from 2020-08-07 18-34-28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TSX chads report your TSX gains. I'll buy more of these every time they dump close to the daily moving average or below.

>> No.21113588

NIO is 35? Fuck I had it when it was 3.50.

>> No.21113598

anon, what do you even think these EUV lithography equipment are?? They're like $250 million each, and ASML selling like a dozen was already record breaking.
Even if SMIC somehow stole one of those ***somehow***, good luck maintaining that shit without actual support from ASML.

your assumption is exactly the general market not understanding how semiconductors work. For the same reason that buying INTC right now is retarded since they keep insisting on their lithography process that has so many problems sub 10 nm.

>> No.21113619


>> No.21113643

Where can I buy VIX options?

>> No.21113651
File: 43 KB, 677x584, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my stupid Toronto REIT is maybe starting to finally wake up after crabbing for a couple months

>> No.21113681


TQQQ and SOXL for 5k each bought at $125 and $237.5

>> No.21113693

Someone else bake

>> No.21113705

My only positives are AQN, Empire and Telus and VFV, everything else went to shit so I am waiting out an eventual recovery

>> No.21113723

>AAPL dip
Do you know what a dip even is?

>> No.21113752

Link to watch?

>> No.21113784


>> No.21113794

The Fed stopped caring what it's allowed to do a while ago. Emergency Public Credit Facility. Interest free $2k from Powell.

That'll get the inflation he wants.

>> No.21113803
File: 28 KB, 584x353, Screenshot from 2020-08-07 18-43-09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, the crab is strong with RioCan.

Good luck.

>> No.21113814

Someone make a real thread

>> No.21113819

whut up wit Rocket Companies? it gunna keep goes up dawgz?

>> No.21113827

i sure hope you have your tech exposure too since recovery for these battered shit is probably going to be a 2- to 3-year outlook. The only reason I even have them is just so I'm not over exposed to tech *just in case* but I expect tech to keep outperforming these value picks.

i guess worst case scenario these value picks will just crab and not actually dip any lower with how oversold they are. Assuming those are all picks not at risk of bankruptcy or any other massive cash burn like Air Canada.

>> No.21113836

it is not

>> No.21113847

So where can i watch the trump last minute conference live?

>> No.21113856

That’s as real as it gets

>> No.21113876
File: 349 KB, 516x729, grim aloe (quiz magic academy) drawn by p_answer - 269829104aa4fccae26e5ce2d0281357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.21113885


>> No.21113898

Fox, youtube, WhiteHouse.gov, probably twitch, twitter, it's not hard to find trump

>> No.21113925


>> No.21113926


The white house's official youtube channel

>> No.21113928


>> No.21113940

ily nohomo bro

>> No.21113962

On it anon. Give me a minute.

>> No.21113968

my dumb ass was on abc news live watching something about food robots wondering when the stream was gonna start

>> No.21114009

Nothing to say, it's well known (and also happened to me, so can confirm) that they don't give you your divvies. In my case they paid me $14 from one stock I didn't even know gave divvies and still owe me about $243 from stocks that are literally still there from several quarters ago that I got as a test having read that ibkr doesn't deliver divvies.

>> No.21114038

Anon, you do realize ccp gets shit for free if it wants to, and that it has infinitely deep pockets, right? I know you're a bit out of your depths on this but goddamn, you're really grasping at straws here.

>> No.21114045



>> No.21114056

I am weary of tech on its own.
Maybe you can consider VFV my tech play since it already leans heavily into tech
it's all relative, I made a few small gambles a long bigly, my larger more conservative positions are down but catastrophic losses.

I will continue to grow my position in VFV for the time being and put everything else on hold unless some real good deal comes along.

>> No.21114069

Here you go


>> No.21114110

Looks like you beat me.

>> No.21114295

>meme lines
If you find any of that line useful or predictable, kys

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