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Remember why we are making it frens

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to give away property rights to a rejected socilaist arts student?

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no one:
absolutely nobody:
still nobody:
not a single soul:
literally no one:
not even big chungus:
random incel on 4chan: Can we just chill together and share good memes?
[everyone disliked that]
baby yeed: wait that's illegal
brie larson: ok that was lowkey on point
pickle rick: slaps roof of car luke did i ever tell you about the time i turned myself into a pickle? it was an epic moment.
luke: is retarded
CIA: Bane?
sans undertale: hey don't google HP Lovecraft's cat name
[OP googles hp lovecrafts cat name]
CIA: congratulations you got yourself caught!
stan lee: flies past in a spaceship ooooh i dont care what universe you're from that's GOTTA HURT
[everyone laughed]
keanu reeves: you're breathtaking!
area 51 guards:i bet i can take keanu reeves
keanu reeves: you sure about that
keanu reeves: kills all area 51 guards
area 51:wait thats illegal
Everyone liked that
CIA: am I joke to you?
Alt right incels: there's no way star wars can be good agai....
Baby Yeed: hold my beer
Big chungus joined the chat
Drumpf has left the chat
4chanlets: 'Yeah, I'm thinking this is kind of epic based pilled, maybe a bit of a coom moment?? Idk think I might post a frog

Edit: Thank U So Much For The Upvotes. Can we Get 100 Likes on This Comment ?

Edit 2: OMG !!!!! Holy Crap !!!! Thank You So Much For 100 Likes.. I Love You Guys So Much for all the Support (Can we reach 200 next?)

Edit 3: Wow, 184 LIKES ?!? We're so close to 200 upvotes now ! Come on, reddit !

Edit 4: HOLY CR*P ! NO WAY !!! 200 LIKES ??? Thank you SO MUCH Reddit. we've made it so far... And this time... maybe we can hit 300 UPVOTES ?

Edit 5: OH. MY. GOODNESS. WE'RE SO CLOSE TO 300 LIKES !!! We can make it, everyone. Let's get there to 300 upvotes. We're so close, reddit !!!

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get out filthy jew, we are coming for your repulsive kind sooner or later

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thanks for bumps

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To leave this hyperpolitical hellworld full of mentally ill zealots behind.

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go back

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>posting 'cringe' at a swastika flag

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I love that trannies will watch Nazi's become rich and start the 4th Reich

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>worshiping a dead pedo who lost and embarrassed an entire nation of otherwise normal people while also killing countless young Germans in the process

turbo cringe

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worshiping people who actually fought for freedom instead of being good goys and slave away their lives
I hate kikes so much

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>living under an autocratic dictatorship is freedom
there's no hope for you

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Shills on suicide watch

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This time we'll make it brother. Now its not just a single nation getting out of their claws, we're doing it globally, grab your whip were going to the temple.

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At least we're not speaking German amirite?

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If wasn't by this pathetic association with nazism and the unnecessary Reddit FUD Chainlink would be already $1000
Fuck /biz/pol, seriously

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you either a psyoped poltard or a chinese shill

in either case /biz is a capitalist board accumulating wealth to facilitate their self determination. There's no reason for you to be here fuck off back to pol you socialist

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amazing id

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Seconded Satan-1

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/biz/ is a /pol/ colony you untermensch.

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I mean the nazi fud is based because we've accumulated so long, so there's that. Count your blessings, we made it on the backs of retard pol boomers

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go give away your property rights to xi you cuck

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To support India?

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das rite my fellow ubermensch

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Unironically these haters keep on bumping the swastika, thanks.
Their subconscious fascination for the truth and their superficial racial hatred for it is short-circuiting
Quite pathetic to be honest

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you really need chainlink to be that high to make any money on your 50 stack, right pajeet? back to street-shitting with you
Real humans (whites) have other philosophical concerns compared to dumb animals like yourself

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>double speak nonsense
we have property rights for you as long as you do what we want. Sounds like ccp, that's your boss right?

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Got it's funny how triggered people in here are

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Fuck off faggot

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based and 14/88pilled

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Rule of law is integral to any functioning society you atomized dog.

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>Germany decides to invade Ukraine again
>Satellite imagery of their advance is seen by intelligence agencies all of the world
>Germany gets cut off from the rest of the world
>Embassies closed
>Visas refused
>Skies constantly monitored by US and European spyplans 24 hours a day
>the entire world sees that nazi Germany tried to revive itself and kill the jews again
>Germany becomes literally becomes the new china and any nazi supporters who attempt to defend their position are lambasted until the thread is closed
Hitler failed and (((they))) are protected by FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY get fucked nazis

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Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post

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This here is 4chan. Get out.

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Fuck off faggot.
You sound like a kike.

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cringe, get a fucking life. its 2020 not 1920 fucking retard.

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don't worry, kike, next time it will be a global thing.
We will finaly cleanse this world of the cancer that the jews are so that humanity can finally evolve to the next stage

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I know you're baiting but if not you're a fucking retard and a cuck for announcing this

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>it's [current year]

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Is that a single mother on the right?

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>jew in ID

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all the people posting anti-nazi stuff just shows how much plebbit has invaded here

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fuck all you cringe posters, OP knows what's up. Making it for my boy adolf

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Kek, never noticed her, but yeah I think it is.

It's just shameful what happen here. Absolutely shameful.

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Sieg Heil!

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I'm gonna have an SS uniform tailored as my first purchase with Link gains

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fuck communists
fuck the world economic forum
fuck the chinese communist party
fuck national socialists
fuck technocrats
fuck pedos
fuck satanists


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>get jacked for my race
>get laid for my race
>get stacked for my race
haters can't comprehend

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and most importantly, fuck your mother, small dick chink

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>fuck the world economic forum
This is your brain on pol. Celebrating link gains.

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yes, fuck everything except our wonderful neoliberal status quo. kys

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There will be a global bounty on anyone with confirmed jewish DNA, powered by Chainlink Oracles. This is not a joke.

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fuck everything but freedom you wanna be slave.

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We're all gonna make it brother.

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literally no ones cares about nazis except for /pol/, you're all cancer and should stay back there

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what we have now isn't freedom, retard

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