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Silver is now $29 per ounce.

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>it's real

is 20 oz a suicide stack? that's all I got, I'm mostly in crypto, which has done a lot better than a mere 50% but I'm still feeling silver fomo

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I have almost 40 sitting around I haven't looked at in years. Finally making it off crypto, if silver makes it too I will lmao

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you mean $29,5


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It better not stop at 30 and start dumping again goddammit

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a toast to silverchads, the LINK of metals

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Hoping it dumps hard tomorrow so I can buy more from my local suppliers over the weekend.

I have 300+ oz already but it's not enough. Unfortunately it's probably punching straight through 30 like gold through 2000.

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I know the pain. I wish I had more time. Unfortunately no one knew exactly when the moon mission would happen and we for better of worse are along for the ride. See you on the other side rocket man.

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OP here, just took a break from scarfing down dicks to check the silver price. I would appreciate if everyone could let this thread die, as we are currently on track to hit $30 tonight and I would like to be able to post a new thread when that happens.

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>a toast to silverchads, the LINK of metals

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Its creeping closer just wait til Asia wakes up.

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>All in LINK and physical silver
Am I doing it right?

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i had to wait a fucking long time to be profitable on silver
strongly thinking about selling here

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man fuck you guys

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I'm not, just imagine if the COMEX really does go bust.

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Yeah anon, sell it to me! :)

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can't sorry my imagination is not good enough to see silver ever making a new ath.

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It’s going to be 30 in a minute

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Who cares? LINK is $10, GTFO with your boomer rocks


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