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When is my $600 a week coming back?

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Never, you fucking leech

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ikr i put all my money in trying out trading both options stocks, cryptos.

now they gave me measly 200 bucks and called it day like nigga i got bills to pay. No do not bail out banks GIVE ME money and let ME pay THEM, sheeeiiit. got a debt collector calling on my phone like stfu theres 60 mil unemployed ho i aint got cash

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>t. nigger

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im still waiting over a month for unemployment in general. No way to contact them, still pending..

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Back to work faggot.

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You're all so easy. Jesus christ

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then they im lazy nigga I DONT WORK TO GET SICK DAMIT, i saw pics of chinks turning black off that shit wtf. Work for what? To get sick? shit scars your lungs for life. at what price?

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You didn't sign up for it 5 months ago?

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You'd be surprised. There are subhumans among us. More likely than someone just trolling.

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wrong. cuckservatives caved, as they should, because they realized their poor ass voting base literally needs it to survive.

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its pretty funny when you consider the poverty rates are the highest in republican lead states kek

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>poverty bad

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It'll return in a week or two. Trump and the conservatives will absolutely lose the election if they take away anyone's checks right now.
Mitch Mcconnell already said he will back the $600 extension, through the end of the year, if Trump will also back it. Trump is not a spend thrift, and already said he wants to give even more money then the democrats.

Money printer go BRRRRRRRRR

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even a compromise of $300 a week would be nice

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Republican states are generally cheaper to live in though