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>no use in real life

>token not needed

>no use in real life

>token not needed

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Go ahead and get the fat russian his second home on the Cayman Islands morons!

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Just waiting for the engineered dump

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op my brother *pats op on the head* what do you know about real life

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Chainlink is shit with a marketcap of 3.5 billion.

Buy agi instead with huge potential with low marketcap. Easy 10x

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Only crypto with a team of paid graphic designers posting memes and people think this is organic. Its like when Novagratz dumped WAX out of the top 100. Screen cap this

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Anyone with a brain knows in 5 years link will not be anywhere near the top 10 market capitalization if its around at all. The chance of there being a better time to switch into another crypto with an actual use case is about zero.

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Have you ever tried to count gravel by hand anon? It has a use-case, to serve Brazilian gravel workers in counting each piece of gravel.

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No, because gravel is better sold by weight or volume you retard. Sounds like kike shit to me, oy vey gonna have to charge you for that extra pebble goy.

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Hey don’t shoot the messenger anon! i’m just reminding you of the main purpose for ChainLink.

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I smell curry.

>muh low MC