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Why does link always pump out of nowhere?

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Some say it comes straight outta Tel Aviv.

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That’s a man

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what about this one?

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Swinging is against Gods will. The bond between a man and his wife should be sacred.
The duality of the masculine and the feminine is a refection of the duality that drives all existence.
Light/dark, cold/hot, truth/lie and of course wealthy/destitue
Sacred should be the bond between a man and his link.
You do not mock God. You do not swing link

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Insiders (see pre-BSN pump) and the FOMO attached. Also swingies getting burned and buying their stacks back at a higher price.

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is that the twitch streamer? She's a trap???

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> https://amouranth.tumblr.com/

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this picture makes me sad. anyone else?

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Out of nowhere, ima bout to pump that link

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Bruh, that pic makes me hurt.

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You just win

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Check the link I posted for a lot of hurt. Kek.

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I like to pop into his stream sometimes and laugh at the simps who literally think he's a real woman. He's a damn good trap I'll give him that.

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What the fuck. Is this what happens if only have women friends but never ask one out?

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cause its LINK, and /biz/ fags with no own brain fomo in with 400k of life savings gathered by their parents.

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Now that's what I call a woman!

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any sauce on this girl (male)

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I guess. It's pathetic and hilarious.