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6255 linkie here. I popped a bottle of Hennessy xo at 5usd. I have this waiting to celebrate and feed the ritualistic meme energy. When can I pop this shit? Tomorrow night?
>it’s cheap
>you can do better
Im not gonna drop 700usd for some 12 year old nip whisky.

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>folded over one thousand times

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Hennessy is so fucking gross I don't get the meme

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Finally an anon with taste. Nikka is patricians whisky. I wish you all the luck with your quest for $10

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Hennessy is shit and nigger tear. Hennessy xo is great. Full of flavor and smooth. Try it out anon.

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Iv never had it anon. I’m excited. Maybe tomorrow nights. God speed.

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>Im not gonna drop 700usd for some 12 year old nip whisky.
Then buy some from somewhere else. Japanese whiskey is overpriced and mediocre.

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The hibiki harmony masters select is another Japanese banger

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It's for people that want to look classy but have no idea what good liquor is. Same assholes that buy Johnny walker blue and think it's the good stuff. Kek

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Who or what denied Link to break $10? Was it whalers?

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Psychology anon. That’s all it is. We are consolidating right now for a big pump. The best time we get to 9.90ish it’s gonna blast through.

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Jap whisky is god tier. No way around it. They turned that shit into a science.

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Johnny Walker Blue is unironically pretty great.

Just get a bottle of eagle rare or Weller OP. Stop being a nigger/weeb.

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Checked. Iv never had anything better then 40 dollar a bottle nip whisky. You guys are getting me excited.

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I heard this shit is the truth. Ty for the tip anon. I will grab a bottle.

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Pinch is a pretty solid mid range scotch that you may find worthy of spending $65 or so on for a fairly tasty celebration.

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Unironically I hate scotch. This is going to sound pleb tier but my go to drink is shots of Tito’s along with yuengling.

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Weller is fantastic

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>Johnny Walker is pretty great
Please stop now

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You'll work your way up to drinking just about anything given enough time. I mostly drink Everclear and New Amsterdam vodkas these days but that's just because they're sold nearly everywhere and light liquors don't usually give me hang overs. Neither of those are really celebratory bottles though, you could go for grey goose if you wanted though since you mentioned that you drink titos.

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Bourbon > whiskey

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Kek, the absolute state of Twitter newfaggots.

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Iv has basically every vodka.... Tito’s imo is the best, even compared to vodkas that are 2-3x the cost.

As you said though, I don’t get hang overs with vodka. I’m a blue color Union waggie who works outdoor in the heat. Hangovers can literally kill me.

There is nothing celebratory about any vodka to me... the whole point is blandness.

Cognac and whisky.... now we are talking.

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I just had a bottle of Laphroaig quarter cask delivered and although not as good as the select its really enjoyable.
Don't see the point of jap whiskey at x3 x4 the price when I can drink scotch.

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what? bourbon is whiskey you nigger.

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I hope so. I got a big, fat short waiting at $10, and long orders at $6.5 and $4.8.

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I also drink anejo tequila, vsop xo brandies, some cognacs, islay whiskey, and red wines.

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>There is nothing celebratory about any vodka to me... the whole point is blandness.
In my experience this is the case for me as well but I want to believe that their is some ultra high class vodka out there worthy of celebration based on taste alone. Closest I can think of is the Polish potatoe vodka Lvov but it's mostly because of the artistry of the map on the bottle, pic related.

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I turned 21 a few weeks ago and so far anejo tequila is one of my favorite liquors, do you have any brands you would recommend?

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Well well well... we pumping. Maybe tonight I will taste decent jap whisky

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1800 is probably my favorite but Herradurra is good as well. I usually drink it in the little glencairn whiskey glass to preserve the aroma.

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Thanks anon, I'll go out and buy these on Friday to celebrate link hitting $12

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Digits confirm anon drinks nip whiskey TONIGHT

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I used to drink way to much Hennessy. Xo is a giant leap above regular Hennessy. Ive had a couple shots of louis 13 over the years and I gotta say, once you exceed about $200 alcohol the diminishing returns on more expensive booze is insane. Still worth the $80 half shots from time to time.

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>18 years old to go to war and fucking kill people
>21 to drink a beer


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Fucking tell me about it bro I'm literally in the military. I have already made decisions that have caused men to lose their lives.

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Checked and I agree. I think these anons hating on Hennessy never had XO. It’s truly on a different level. I love a good YAK.

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Gather round zoomers and let UncleOldBoozeFag fill y’all in.

First up, vodka is vodka. End of. You’re buying the bottle. I will not tolerate any discussion of which vodka is better. They are chemically indistinguishable.

Gin. Gin is perfume. Again, you buy the bottle.

Rum. Cuban rum is the best bar none. If you have to drink non Cuban rum, don’t drink anything under 7 years old neat. White rum is for mixing and quaffing. Gold and dark is for sipping.

Tequila. 100% AGAVE is what you’re looking for. If it’s not that, it’s paint stripper. Also grow up and start drinking Mezcal.

Whisky - SCOTCH IS A SINGLE MALT CATEGORY. Don’t fall for the Johnnie Walker marketing, it’s a blend and all blended scotch is garbage.

Whiskey - Irish whiskey is almost always a blend, and they’re good at it. But if you’re gonna spend money on an Irish whiskey, make sure it’s Single Pot Still.

Have I made myself clear?

T. 38yo boomer with 20yr experience in drinks industry.

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Pretty based anon. Mescal is nothing without the little sour plums they have with it.

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Tonight is not the night. Calling it an evening. Good luck anons. Tomorrow we 11

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Euro poors are waking up

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Brutal man. Hope you make it dude so you don't have to deal with that shit when you're older.

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This is the best rye I've ever had, I did a tour of this guys distillery and he is insane. Was a farmer with a chem and agribussines background had a fuckload of leftover rye from a harvest and decided to buy a still. Ends up winning liquid gold in the world whisky rankings lmao. If any of you nerds go to Tasmania pay him a visit, all other distilleries try and be super clean and posh but this dude does not give a single fuck. He toasts the malt in an old 3 phase drier and open ferments in a rusty shed, a proper farmer. As a side gig he competes in ice sculpting and sand sculpting just because. Also his rye coffee liquor is to die for.

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Best tequila for the price is corralejo

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Milagro, Casa Noble, Herradura

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the best bottle of whiskey ive ever drank only costs $150 and its Jack Daniels Sinatra edition.
worth every penny too.

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Anons I forgot to post. I joined a whiskey club and they're sending me two bottles this month. This is boomer culture I can get behind

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Whisky distilling anon here. This anon fucks. Probably has huge LINK bags too.

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I'm waiting for LINK to pop $10 myself. I have plenty of Whiskey and Tequila but I stick with my favorites that are pretty inexpensive. Johnny Walker Black and Milagro Tequila.

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I’ll make a slight correction for the Scotsman who’s shown up, Compass Box make pretty outstanding blended scotch, but they’re in the vanishing minority of blends.?

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this is my favorite shit

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Powers is great mid-tier single pot still. Save yourself the money buying more expensive versions of it and buy Green Spot instead.

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I honestly just buy their $40 bottle, it's my favorite tasting whiskey. I don't really go for anything higher than Powers, unless somebody is giving it to me.

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Wait til you read the reviews
> Truly a taste experience!
> The absolute height of African whiskey!

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The aging in plastic lets plastic leach into the solution and gives it a better finish than oak.

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Another tassie classic, more of sweeter dessert style

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>best before dec 2012
i guess they were really hoping that mayan doomsday thing would pan out

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how pleb is jameson? thats all i drink

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We do have some good drops down here.

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We will likely reject 9.9x again, third time we go to 11

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>I'm not gonna drop 700usd for some 12 year old nip
I would

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