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is it time yet?

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not sure, but when it pumps, it'll be fucking biblical.

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no, fren. Bitmax Users have their 1.000.000 Tokens unlocked soon and they are sitting on massive gains. Expext a correction to 2.00. I expect huge selling pressure.

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Any user could unlock their tokens on Bitmax instantly with a 0.7% fee or wait 7 days to unlock with no fees. If people wanted to sell they would sell.

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enjoy the dump brainlet

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Bought at $1.8 never selling, dump please I wana buy more

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i dont hold stake but this is pretty fucking obvious that it would make sense to just beat people to the punch
here's a juicy bit of info for you. large wallets (likely advisors) have already begun participating in easystaking.
there's already $700,000 locked away into easystaking which is pretty bullish for the project

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Ask POA Holders how they feel about Igor. Stake is just a moneygrab with stolen POA Tech.


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Igor isn't even the developer though lol

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I haven't looked into POA network and I won't waste my time doing it. Even if it is 'stolen tech' like you say, xDai has been invested in by Bitmax and is working with Splunk. That alone gives xDai a massive advantage over your POA shitcoin (assuming they both have the same tech)

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Stolen tech so he wasent apart of POA development?

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>Ask POA Holders how they feel about Igor
how do you feel about POA?
after like 3 seconds of reading this is true, it just carries similar principals
>xDai has been invested in by Bitmax and is working with Splunk. That alone gives xDai a massive advantage
fuck bitmax, they're okay but they're not something to care about
splunk however, is fucking massive. any anon that thinks that xdai is running a multi billion company around is an absolute coping low level education idiot.
also, you faggots have no idea whats about to come this month
this will make link look like a pebble next to a mountain

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enjoy -40% Boi.