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Can you realize it yet anon?
Imagine being 22, it's 2020 and you just bought into the, dare I say, new standard. I'm holding 20.000 XRP.

Fuck being a millionaire, I'm going to be a billionaire.

And I'm feeling fucing ecstatic about it. We made it bro's.

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We haven’t made it yet

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Useless for xrp.

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You buy the new standard for $0,30. This is bound to go at least 1000x. How do you mean we haven't made it yet?

And saying 1000x could actually be seen as FUD at this point.

Stay poor

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100 billion supply lol. XRP will never make anyone. It hard it’s day

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Doesn’t use xrp

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Are you guys really desperate shills or is this just the Ripple founders and Jed paying people to keep this worthless dead project visible while they dump on retards?

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Not buying XRP now is like not buying bitcoin when it was $0,01

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Some of its bot posting. Either that or they have a script. Some of it is legitimate mental illness. Some of it is shitposting to get outsiders to buy xrp instead of link. There is one xrp poster that goes into an insane rage and starts typing nonsense and spelling errors in these threads - he’s probably a bag holder from 2017.

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Funny way to spell Enron

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People reacted like this to bitcoin in 2015 and link in 2017.
Biz is literally showing you gold and you disregard it with brainlet comments. It actually makes me even more bullish than people already should be.

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looks like a semi legit bank in curacao, with a picture of horus as their logo. at least they have a sign out front unlike chainlink.

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/biz/ is literally stupid. Even reddit knows more. It's not what it used to be.

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Keeper of secrets
Messenger of God

Yeah, we're gonna moon

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i wasn't sure which egyptian guy it was, interesting though.

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cringe cRipplets won't even break $1 for two years at least, imagine spending time in this jewish scamcoin instead of making money elsewhere. Pathetic.

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Do you realize that banks in tax havens like the Bahamas look the same? I'm getting more and more bullish.

Ripple has already started replacing swift. It's just a matter of time, when we see a tsunami in xrp price soon. Institutions like Grayscale Investments, who earlier used to criticize Xrp are now doubling down on their xrp trust fund. People are realizing the potential here.

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What is with all the ripple shills today

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Both xrp and link were 20 cents in 2017 though. Now only one of them is.

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You just know in a few weeks when xrp is 50¢ everyone in here is going to be saying
>hurr you fell for the fud, we were only pretending to be retarded

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>today, right now is the end of all crypto

okay. and xrp is going to be $2000 within 4 weeks. what's going to be your angle then?

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When xrp is still below 30 cents in 4 weeks what will be YOUR angle? More delusion, right?

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Had to google it myself kek. This is in the Caribbean and there's 2 BMWs in the picture therefore wealthy for developing country.

Also had a look at the island, there's a city called "Labadera" literally translates to "washing" which indicates this is a money laundering island. Makes sense since it's close to Venezuela.

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Once financial institutions start buying, you have no idea how fast XRP price will rise.

You will go to sleep and when you wake up XRP is $50. This will be just the start.

It's bound to happen.
Get your Pink Wojacks ready.

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XRP chart will be called Pamplona with all these bull storming the place

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yeah, it actually looks alright for a 3rd world country.

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I’ll have them ready in 4 weeks as long as you promise to get your rope ready.

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the staff doesn't look malnourished so i assume they get paid regularly. looking good, brad, noice

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>measly 50c

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looks like this guy hired a diverse staff to push pens while he runs a bank in curacao. like i said, it looks semi legit at least.

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If you're lucky. That was a hype pump based on news that won't amount to anything anytime soon.

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>when xrp is 50¢
i'll be up 150% in under a couple months then, sweet

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I already told you I will not be a millionaire, but a billionaire thanks to XRP.

If you want to miss out this opportunity then go ahead, but stop the shitposting and fud. It does not work on people who understand what XRP is and where it's heading.

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>Small Caribbean bank
I am all in on XRP, but who gives a fuck. I want the lawsuits dismissed, and more details on BoA/Bank of Canada/Bank of England partnerships.

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Who are you, what do you know and what evidence do you have?

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Neither are $0.20 so what exactly is your point?

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You're right, XRP is moving too slow so it has no potential.

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>0.30 drops to 0.17
oh no the money I'd otherwise gamble/ smoke/ drink away has halved it's value, am I glad I only deposit the surplus on my saved account

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And jed still dumps 500k worth every day lmao. Why is he selling if its gonna moon?

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people think they're going to be billionaires owning internet tokens, I don't care how much you ride bubbles up, if you're that retarded in the end you'll own nothing

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I'll still own my tokens, idiot

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Don’t be greedy. Be patient, and make it with your boys.

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yes you'll own xrp, but you wont own xrp2 or xrp3

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It’s quite obvious really anon. Just look at who Bank of England recently partnered with. Digital transformation is coming rapidly to banks and ripple is the centrepiece.

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I need some diagram and stuff to shill to friends about xrp, do you guys have some.

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looks like a consultant in the bank industry
>The company was established in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean in 2000, and is a leading consulting firm and solutions provider, specializing in Profitable Efficiency, Straight Through Payment Processing, Digital Banking and Regulatory Reporting.

The three founders Clark Russel, CEO, Michel Bon, Director and Eduard Sluis, Director have decades of experience in the international payment processing field as well as banking operations. They are supported by a team of developers, project managers, and banking experts that have helped the company grow into almost two decades of existence with a loyal client base.

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It's the coin that is adopted by banks, the elite and the kikes. It is, dare I say, the new standard. $0,30 is a fucking steal.
Even $30 is a fucking steal.

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$2000 is a dream, but XRP will definitely reach double digits by EOY, this is more than obvious. People that can´t see this are not prone to make it, so it really doesn´t matter, keep being poor

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Yes i know this, but i need some visual explanation for my brainlet friends.

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This guy gets it.

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If you know, you know

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Maybe this will help them?

I will not sell my 20.000 XRP for less.