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>bought my Asian gf a $300 18k gold necklace
>she loves it and she loves me
Feels good frens

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Better be getting some fucking rice minge tonight for that lad

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>Asian gf
>she loves me
anon, I...

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Jungle asian or civilized asian?

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Any tips for getting the rice off your fingers afterwards?

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rice washes off easily, good luck getting curry smell off your wang

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>>she loves me
she loves your money

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Asian love is an illusion. Develop yourself and get a good white gf.

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That's worse. At least asians have a longer shelf life before they hit the wall.

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>asian girlfriend
>she loves it
>and me
Sweaty, I...

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Didn't even need to dig the gold.

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>asians have a longer shelf life before they hit the wall.
you believe that meme?

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The point being made here, which you will learn one time if you stay connected to this female, is that Asians are not capable of love any more than an ant is capable of love.
They merely respond to stimuli by following their hard coded instructions. This makes them good at simple tasks such as copying, but prevents them from feeling emotions. For a better understanding of how this works you should study a beehive. There are workers, and soldiers, and whore-bees to fuck the workers and the soldiers, but there is nothing resembling love between any of them.

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>Implying white women can show real love
They fuck dogs bro

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>Asian gf
Assuming you're white, why would you betray the greatest race that's ever existed?

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Date left handed white women.

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>falls for the jewelry scam
fucking idiot

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>implying you'll ever have children

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All of you guys hating on the Asian slayer bro, but None of your guys really want pussy alone though.
If your issue was pussy, then you would just get escorts everyday after you made it.
Minimum sex dolls or onaholes.
But what you REALLY want is someone who fucking love you, who actually enjoy your company...who actually find you sexually desirable....
In reality op already made it if she really likes him

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It’s only gold and alloy, no scammy gems
Infact in case the government decides to do a 1933, gold jewlery is the least likely to be confiscated

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How much is the necklace worth in terms of gold value?

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Did you pick a well bred asian or a chinese mutt? Some have empathy but many are lacking. They have a severe disconnect from emotion which is why you see them operate as hand whores or in nail salons

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>mfw fucked curry ex-gf
>never smelled curry unless she was cooking with her parents then the scent stuck to her hair/clothes

too bad she was fucking nuts and had awful genes

current asian gf is mentally stable, financially responsible, physically strong and her brother/dad are high test with defined chins and muscles

they divorce you 5-10 years in like half the people's parents ITT

in b4 >elliot rodgers

there's plenty of fucked in the head purebred whites on 4chan for that example

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18k is 75% gold. It’s not very big and I think it weigh less than 5g in total, so gold value is somewhere between $250-275

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