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$20,000 is being wired from my bank to coinbase bro right now. I’m going to be buying crypto for the first time. I’m going to buy 1000 chain link and put the rest in ethereum. What do you guys think? Am I going to make it?

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Is coffee good for you

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why would you buy a shitcoin at ath? or is this subtle fud pretending to be a sell signal?

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Because it could go even higher and will for sure be much much higher in a year

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get 1k of XRP too

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>What do you guys think?
Link isn't crypto its blockchain
>Am I going to make it?
No, Mutts need to renounce to make it

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Trade ETH for PNK on Uniswap and you've made it.

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Damn she is near perfection.

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Any reason for the PNK?

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That's a man

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Yeah, great idea to buy all time high, nothing going to happen dude

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Way to throw $20k down the drain. You realize this place is just a shitcoin pump and dump enclave right?

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To answer your question, no, fomo buying indicates you will never make it, you need to be selling when the retards are buying.

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You will make more money atleast. You should read the Statera whitepaper to. But Just chainlink and eth are safe bets.

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>built for bbc

And crazy enough to get it. Just look at the psycho in her eyes.

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poor cumbrain

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Yeah - a pretty good plan
Swap some Eth into BTC as the ratio narrows

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40% BTC
40% ETH
20% LINK
the chadfolio

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Do not listen to this faggot. He's trying to scam you into buying his bags that he bought at 1USD. cRIPPLE is NEVER GOING TO REACH IT'S PRIOR ALL TIME HIGH FUCK OFF.

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The safest thing is just to put it in eth and bitcoin. Don't play around if you don't know what you're doing

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Buy 1 btc. Split the rest between eth and link. Take half the eth and put it into PNK. Enjoy your new life.

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its crazy to me that people are buying 1000 link for $10,000 dollars right now. 1000 will always be a $200-$300 purchase in my mind. must suck being a latefag

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Unironically this. I bought some ripple a while back and it has been basically stagnant for a year. Never buying this shitcoin again, selling if it ever hits $0.35

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Do you think it’s a retarded idea though?>>21023897
Thank you anon will look into PNK too

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25% XSN
25% RSR
25% LINK

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People are addicted to fuding link here but it’s a fine idea if you want a safe 10x in a year or two with potential still for over 100x if you have iron hands. Buying the top is only stupid if you’re trading or trying to find a hidden gem, for established coins as long as you can hold long enough just get in when you can.

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Appreciate it anon I will buy link

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eh i bought in at .22c i ain't trying to scam anyone, i just believe in the crypto

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All in RSR.

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The real move is to buy $1000 LINK and then spend $500 or $1000 every 2 weeks or month and average the rest into more LINK. ETH is trash. It will make gains but they will pale in comparison to LINK and the risk level isn't much different

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>buying stinky linkies
>in [current year]

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1000 LINK I mean not $1000 worth of LINK. Half your money now and the rest over time

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If youre buying crypto for the first time you shouldnt be dumping 20 grand into it retard

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put it in cream

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>$20,000 is being wired from my bank to coinbase bro right now. I’m going to be buying crypto for the first time. I’m going to buy 1000 chain link and put the rest in ethereum. What do you guys think? Am I going to make it?

How to lose 20,000 dollars in 1 month the thread

You're literally buying at market peak u imbecile

it's 2017 all over again. even chainlink god is taking profits at 10 dollars

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This is the part of the bullrun when ETH was 50 and people still 6x'd from here.

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I’m not going to dump it all in at once, but slowly week by week

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to be fair LINK is a strictly "buy and never selling" coin

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Get 5k ($250 atm) of this so you can continue using these charts next week


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use 1000$ of that to buy XCM to make it

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Thank you, OP. Without simps like you, we couldn't cash out.

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>All in RSR

This. Get your money denominated in the NWO’s new reserve currency before the network effect.

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50% ETH 30% RSR 20% DEV

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chainlink is never going back to these highs ever again after this cycle

ur buying dogshit wrapped in layers and layers of memes

if ur so stupid u want to be alts, put it all in cosmos and fuck off for a year

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Buy Fantom, it's gonna replace ethereum

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Uniswap will bring out the exact same tool for free and kill this shitcoin

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Veteran linkie here. Bought around 55k linkies in 2017. If you're buying link now, you're too late. Tops is gonna be 10 or 12. Your call.

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>not buying akro while under $1
Normies lmao

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DCA into link and eth over the next few weeks

Idk if we’re at the start of a bull run but we may be - if its just peaky vol DCA will hedge it

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id go 80%link/20%eth

or all link. but hey youre on the right track anon.

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Is Thiel still behind this project?

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Wait for an Ethereum retrace. 30% it will come sooner or later and you will be glad you did.

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Literally this. I got 1.7m and that will have to be enough.

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Can RSR ever go up? Is it not a stablecoin?

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Throw 5k into BTC
Throw 5k into XRP
Throw 5k into Chainlink
Throw 5k into RLC

Hold for at least 6mos thank me later.

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>He doesn't know

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ETH is required to run the chainlink network you idiot. ERC-20 tokens literally depend on ETH for functionality, but please tell me more about how ETH is "trash" fucking plebe

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If you want people to buy it and increase you value, you should explain why it is attractive to do so. Just saying ngmi really makes it look shidcoin

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Go back to plebbit fag

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>hehe ngmi XD PLEBBIT XPPPP am i cool now guys?
Fuck off with your shitcoin

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>its crazy to me that people are buying 1000 link for $10,000 dollars right now. 1000 will always be a $200-$300 purchase in my mind. must suck being a latefag

Can someone explain the stable coin aspect? Do they pull some crypto fuckery like AMPL?

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>He doesn't know