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what the actual fuck

post link you useless idiot

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> Imagine holding that old piece of shit
> Already patched

No sweat


> unironically calling someone useless when you can't google

You are absolute nigger tier

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Don't use BTC don't care

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>> unironically calling someone useless when you can't google
no just provide the url you dumb fuck if you can make a post and take a screenshot, you can copy paste the url moron

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i'm unironically done with ledger. will never buy another product from them. first the hack, then this.. they knew about it and did nothing

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>"A new version of the Bitcoin app will be released today, with an update that will display a warning and prompt for confirmation when an unexpected path is used—therefore solving this issue," said a Ledger spokesperson.
gotta be honest, I'm starting to get kind of pissed off at these fucking people, first the database breach and now this. they're French too if I recall correctly. might look out for a new hardware wallet. fuck

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They are also ignoring all gdpr claims. Customer service is non existent and no contact phone number. Wouldn’t be surprised if they hack all ledgers and steal funds themselves.

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Wat do with my Ledger Nano S then? What are some alternatives?

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pretty stupid to be using anything for payments thats linked to addresses with more than a thousand bucks or something, I only use a prepaid credit card for internet purchasing for the same reason

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Trezor is the way to go I guess, is there any other decent alternatives?

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phone app wallets, never been hacked

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I dont want to have my private keys on a computer (unless its air gapped runing linux).
Hardware alternatives?
How do paper wallets work?

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Suck as? Blockfolio?

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such as exodus

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enjin wallet

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yeah I'm not putting more than $500 on a hot wallet, mister phone poster. I think coldcard is another possible option

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sure but i have read that phone apps are not secure blablabla, the reason why i bought a ledger but the reality is none of thesea app wallets have been hacked. the btc in my mycelium wallet are still there.

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The jews fear BTC.

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I wish i wasn't a retard and I could understand paper wallets

Keeping all my coins on metamask on phone

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wait a fucking second
pic related

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After all these years this is the first "hack" on the hardware, and it's minor at best.

This vulnerability centres around allowing a third party service to write your transaction request for you, for example using the ledger directly with a dApp.

This alone is quite dumb. If you own a ledger, you are probably using it as a secure cold storage and so using it directly with some probably untested dApp is completely at odds with why you bought the Ledger.

I'm not sure what the safest way to create a transaction is but certainly I would not want some third party dApp doing it. I would probably use ledger's own app to send small amounts to a hot wallet imported to Metamask, and then play with yolo dApps using Metamask.

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Have over 900Eth on Ledger and 0BTC, so don't care.

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lol jesus this actually sounds really bad for them. fucking ledger man. if you have any doubts about the ideology of the people you are trusting you should probably look elsewhere. they chose not inconveniencing users over security. fucking lol. i was about to buy one to try for a hotwallet prior to the email thing too.

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Just saying but you might want to make a little interest on that at blockfi or crypto.com while waiting to stake. for extra thou a month that you can spend on cool shit.

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Fucking Chad

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Don't wanna risk it by putting it in Crypto.com wallet for a petty interest.
Gonna sell all but 50-100 this year itself.

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if you use your ledger to make a trade on idex the transaction the transaction is third-party made

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yeah i bought one, then like 1 day later they announced the email leak. then this. not sure i even wanna use it now desu
what's the alternative? trezor?

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i use trezor, yea. its quite ironic as i was a bit miffed with them lately for an update where they made the decision in favor of security over locking people out of their funds (they warned that this would happen with the firmware update tho and its a fairly specific issue) over a vulnerability that requires physical access to the device.

desu i'd still think its safe to use and i'm still ultimately going to buy one most likely. i will probably email their support first and harass them about letting me buy with monero and asking if they will stop storing sensitive data after getting rekt like this.

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NGRAVE and BC Vault

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How do cold wallets work? I have all my coins on my trezor connected to MEW. Is this safe enough?

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Can trezor hold erc20 shitcoins? Or should i get a ledger?

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You don't need to Reddit space. We read your post.

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This. I only use ledger for ETH and ERC20 tokens and have done for a few years with no problems..

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Heard on the back channels that the BTC was funnelled in to LINK which explains the pump.

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I don't use altcoins. this is a +17' fag issue

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I do not understand these hardware wallets. I been in btc since 2014 and I never had any problem just scrambling my private key with a bible verse or something then memorizing it or writing it down. Much more secure and easier to store safely long term

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i'd worry about the bible verse method just because people will develop algos to try and sift through the bible (and torah and quran and all famous public books) and try to "crack" private seed phrases from them

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Should I just move all my shit to Coinbase. Ledger is pissing me off. To think I was gonna buy five more as presents.

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I wish XSN would release Viper, this french shit is pissing me off

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You sound like panicky redditors. Every bit of software and hardware has bugs eventually, make a rational decision based on the severity and causes etc. Most of the comments in this thread are goldfish brain tier, they also reek of fud, very similar to the "former trump voter here, fuck guys its over isn't it, shit, fuck"

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Trezor! Do you trust coinbase??

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>read OP
>read thread
>realize there are still people on this board right NOW that unironically think reddit is worse or dumber

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So this is why Mellon / UHNWI said don't use ledger...

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Coinbase seems to be the most stable and "legit" hot wallet seeing how it's bending over so hard for the government.

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So what is the consensus safest way to hold crypto? Trezor hard wallet?

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I prefer Delta to manage my crypto, it has all the coins

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Safest way is just doing everything manually in an offline computer. I'm an idiot so ask someone else.

If you're gonna buy a hard wallet get a coldwallet or trezor. Trezor is easily better than Ledger simply because it's open source (unlike Ledger). With Ledger you have no idea what fuckery the company is doing to your device and firmware.

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u s e
t r e z o r
what the fuck is wrong with you stupid fucking newfags we figured this shit out in 2014

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Wow please just give me your money boomer by

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I don’t trust Trezor. It’s only a master of time until something is discovered

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no definitely not any hardware wallet
they don't actually add to your security for holding and their standard backup and restore protocol is so retarded it's actually a security breach in itself.

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>i don't trust open source software
>i only trust closed source black boxes with jews at the helm
you must be american

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people who post shit like this are always poor and you can tell because they've never had to face the issue of actually spending their money

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WTF, they actually do add security. You have to physically press a button on the Ledger to accept any transaction involving your funds, including, you know, a hacker trying to drain your shit.

I'm not saying Ledger and Trezor are infallible, but to say they add nothing re: security is baseless FUD.

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i agree with this anon sadly.

redundantly stored bip38 paper wallets with strong passphrase (20+ chars) will bankrupt a galactic empire to break open.
most hardware wallets can be cracked with a few grand of equipment and some technical know how. unencrypted seeds are just beyond retarded.

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>WTF, they actually do add security.
no they don't. not for holding at least. for a hot wallet yes they do add to security altho i would still use one in multisig setup.

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also have to add if you use trezor properly as on should then you can come close to the security a bip38 paper wallet adds for storing while maintaining the transactional security of the hardware wallets.
however almost no one uses them as one should and it's not the standard protocol.
and paper wallet still offer way better and way way cheaper secure redundancy for cold store.

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Does this effect the price I locked in?

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Unless you have some shitty $100 android phone where you download all sorts of 3rd party shit, I can't see you getting hacked as long as your phone's pass is secure enough and your phone isn't rooted. Personally I keep more than half of my LINKs on Coinbase and other half on Binance to use as a collateral.

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Not an issue for me as I don't own any of Kikestreams altcoin BTC.

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Some of you want to learn the hard way. Exchanges can go down, particularly during times of high volume (eg, bull runs). Not fun trying to move your funds around when the exchange won't let you.

Not your keys, not your coins, anons.

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No it has no affect on that

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The problem isn't really getting your password cracked. It's more about the vulnerabilities that come when you are accessing your wallet to send crypto. I'm holding LINK so when the staking comes out, I want to setup some secure laptop device which I will only use for my LINK wallet access point and managing staking. I'd probably need to do a lot of reading to completely understand what the real vulnerabilities are and so on, so I could genuinely feel comfy. Currently I can't be bothered so I trust CB to not get fully drained and if they do get a bit drained, that they will repay their customers due to the sheer size and influence they have on crypto.

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>Unless you have some shitty $100 android phone where you download all sorts of 3rd party shit, I can't see you getting hacked as long as your phone's pass is secure enough and your phone isn't rooted.

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>The problem isn't really getting your password cracked. It's more about the vulnerabilities that come when you are accessing your wallet to send crypto.
Lol no, quite the contrary, that is pretty much the only problem that hardware wallets actually solve.

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I'm not going to be dumping over half my LINKs all of a sudden at any time unless it literally shoots up 300% due to some incredible mania phase and if both CB and Binance are down, I could not sell LINK even if I had it on my own wallet. These exchanges aren't some shady $50m volume Bulgarian origin exchanges. These are big companies with regulations. The day CB or Binance gets completely drained is the day all cryptos go -95%.

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>trust CB to not get fully drained and if they do get a bit drained, that they will repay their customers due to the sheer size and influence they have on crypto.
Retarded dumbfuck

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ledgerbros... we got too cocky...

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Coinbase's revenue was $2bn last year. You really think they won't repay a $50m crypto hack? Or do you think they will get absolutely fucking drained? All coins are tracked. Not a single exchange will accept the hacked cryptos. You fucking fools forget that we are not dealing with shit companies like MtGox anymore when there was fuck all regulations or any improved security features.
Thanks for explaining why you fucking idiot boomer.

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Oh thank god. I’m still sitting at $17k/btc

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based desuu. trezor loving this shit

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>You are absolute nigger tier

nah, you fumbled the OP and you obviously gargle dicks for a living

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>Coinbase's revenue was $2bn last year.
truly it's not the ones panning for gold that got rich quick mining, but the folks that sold them the shovels and tools that made bank

>> No.21027490

While you're waiting for them to repay hyour hacked funds, you'll also watch the price of your tokens go from "OMG I CANNOT WAIT TO TAKE THESE DELICIOUS PROFITS" to "WTF WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO REPAY ME?"

Ask the Mt. Gox BTC holders or the Bitgrail Nano holders how their repayments are going.


The entire point of crypto is removing the middle man (ie, centralized third-parties) from your finances.

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where the fuck else am i supposed to keep my alts

>> No.21027603

The ePrison purse

>> No.21027662

i dont have any btc on my ledger, if i send myself shitcoins will I get bitcoins?
>wave at u from my lambo, nerds

>> No.21027692

literally had a page open to buy another Ledger... Now will wait for the Trezor marketing campaign.

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meh this isn't as bad as the headline makes it sound. basically the risk is if you are running a malicious app, it can pretend a litecoin transfer is actually a bitcoin transfer on the ledger interface.

just stick to using the ledger apps and you will be fine

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Safepal looks fantastic. Anyone used it?

>> No.21027753

Trezor masterrace

>> No.21027968

Great now i have to get a trezor unless someone knows how to stake from a paper wallet

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Fundamentally this

>> No.21028013

yes except if the exchanges came out of the retarded state and implemented swiping of encrypted wallets then you would only decrypt the keys in their safe and secure system where you plan on selling anyhow. in which case you may still have issues about hackers remote controlling your pc or something but not much else and it's unrelated to wallet security anyhow.

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Posting a cap of an article without the link should be a bannable offense.

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I'm a bit of a brainlet when it comes to the technical side of these physical wallets. Am I able to input my ledger generated passphrase to trezor? I suppose that should be how it works?

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>he doesn't use a Coldcard for Bitcoin only vaulting

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thanks, I've been thinking of getting a trezor to try it out

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Is the Cool Wallet S any good?

>> No.21028863

The top is in
Sell sell sell

>> No.21029246

Are there any Trezor users out there? How is it? I have ledger but I need to get off of this french piece of shit.

>> No.21029838


so effectively this article is just "Hey fellas maybe if you have a ledger just wait for a little bit until they patch things"

I don't see why this is a big deal

>> No.21030014

>make a claim
>too stupid or lazy to support the claim
>calls others nigger

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>BC vault
they are closed source and their recovery method is also proprietary, if they go out of business you are fucked

NGRAVE looks promising but I don't think the battery is replaceable. But at least if the hardware fails you're not forced to buy another one as they use a standard recovery format

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>holding bitcoin

>> No.21030354

>holding hands

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Ok but I'm pretty sure as long as I use metamask as my front end, I'm fine right? Which I always do. I don't use my ledger to hold anything other than eth shitcoins.

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You’re a faggot

>> No.21030437

Paper wallet you dumb fuck

>> No.21030487

Trezor is great.

>> No.21030698

I just throw all my keys in a txt file in a veracrypt container with a decent password. I can keep copies on the cloud, multiple hard drives etc, If it were to get compromised, it would still take years to crack. You can even set up a duress scheme in case of the 5$ wrench attack.

>> No.21030731

I own both. I far prefer my Trezor.

>> No.21030752

I heard some people put their ledger password into veracrypto containers and store that at multiple places (cloud etc)...

>> No.21030807

except mine is 2 layers: i can keep porn, tax returns, and cheap "decoy" wallets in the visible partion, but on the hidden parition i have all the real keys

>> No.21030808

Ledger is a fucking embarrassment
>but muh smartcard tech

>> No.21030953

XSN will be solving this.

>> No.21030977

Smart, just make sure you are keeping redundant copies and don't actually use the 1st layer. Even stuff like thumbnails can overwrite the hidden partition. Veracrypt has ways to prevent it in the mount options, but still good to keep copies just in case.

>> No.21030985

it's a hit piece to scare normies into moving their assets into paper wallets where they are more likely to get lost or destroyed, thus driving up crypto prices due to scarcity

>> No.21031132

>and don't actually use the 1st layer
checked and yeah that's SUPER Imporant:
once you make the front "visible" partition NEVER ADD OR DELETE ANY FILES FROM THAT PARTITION- if you do it can damage the hidden partition, since the hidden partition is "built around" what is already in the visible partition (so if you fuck with the visible partition you're indirectly fucking with and corrupting the hidden partition)

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>falling for the wallet meme
gemini insures your crypto for up to 100k

>> No.21031339

Did you retards even try to read the fucking article? All hardware wallet exploits always require a compromised computer and/or physical access to the device itself, this exploit most likely never happened to anyone because it was discovered by the dude who disclosed it to Ledger.

All Bitcorn fork holders absolutely deserve shit like this though.

>> No.21031347

You also have the option to mount as read only when you do so yourself to prevent any OS shenanigans, or "protect hidden volume" if you want to make changes. You then verify the volume is intact and the make/replace the redundant copies.

>> No.21031381

i might have to unironically buy some of this
how is it different from other exchange coins?

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>checked and yeah that's SUPER Imporant:
>once you make the front "visible" partition NEVER ADD OR DELETE ANY FILES FROM THAT PARTITION- if you do it can damage the hidden partition, since the hidden partition is "built around" what is already in the visible partition (so if you fuck with the visible partition you're indirectly fucking with and corrupting the hidden partition)

>> No.21031436

if so i literally might open a gemini account
i used to hear coinbase did something similar but i heard someone else here say it's only for USD (not! USDC!) or for any other crypto

>> No.21031458

problem i see is: there's already been security issues with ledger (from stupid shit like their website hack)
this one just came to light
it's not open source, so what other hidden fuck ups are there we don't even know about yet?

>> No.21031463

so when does mr darkweb and his buddies come fvoer for avisit?

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I ordered one a few days ago fml

>> No.21031587

they actually appear to have removed the 100k cap, that was the number when i signed up years ago

>> No.21031606

Not even Trezor is 100% secure just because it is open source. Again, no one can remotely flip a switch and just open up your Ledger or Trezor. You always need access to the physical device itself to get your funds stolen if that's what you're worried about.

>> No.21031803

oh shit, nice
i now need to research if coinbase does this still or not
i heard forever ago they did up to X dollars, but then i heard someone else say "no only USD like a bank so 250k USD" so idk
i COULD see coinbase reimbursing after a hack so they don't lose rep, but if they get big "fuck you"-hacked the literally might not be able to
thank you for sharing that anon, i got research to do

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BTC is secure, why the fuck would you trust your wallets to second, third, fourth parties?
WHY? WHY? Why people are stupid?

>> No.21031805

Has blockfolio been hacked? I've been using them for years

>> No.21031836

>Not even Trezor is 100% secure just because it is open source.
true but usually open source means there's a lot of eyes on it to find potential flaws (that might go unnoticed for years on a closed source platform)
i don't hold either so i'm not biased, i just know if i got one i'd get the open source one

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File: 105 KB, 750x547, 1C0D9F62-57F8-4447-9AE3-D04E0271F535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What’s with all you newfags that don’t know about trust wallet ? Use below link to set up trust wallet. I hold over $13k on it so far (plus other thousands of $ in shitcoin that don’t even show the value yet )

>> No.21032068

Dammit, i just ordered a ledger, its being delivered today.. how bad did i fuck up?

>> No.21032096

something between bankruptcy and a pair of wrench beaten kneecaps

>> No.21032107

hardware wallets have always been a scam baka

>> No.21032127


>> No.21032161

why the heck would i trust something called "trustwallet"
that's like investing in "not a scam" corporation(tm)

>> No.21032373

trezor is comfy and open source unlike ledger

>> No.21032433

more like get normies to send their coins to coinbase

>> No.21032489

send it back

>> No.21032503

can this be done years later if one changes their mind?

>> No.21032545

sorry anon your address is probably still out there after the hack
literally consider moving if you have enough in crypto to afford it (yes it is that bad of a fuck up they did)

>> No.21032576

yeah, maybe i need to start sleeping with a hammer or an axe under my pillow

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>how do paper wallets work
Imagine this is a piece of paper

>> No.21032623 [DELETED] 

>newfag showing how green he is
Do your research in trust wallet. It’s one of the most secure wallets. It works flawlessly with uniswap . Binance acquired Trust Wallet too. Fucking fag.

>> No.21032647

Except I'm not even the OP you inattentive cocksucker. God no wonder this place is going down the drain

>> No.21032655 [DELETED] 

Anon this overreaction to ledger is really immature. Your funds are safe on ledger.

>> No.21032676

I think coinbase is safest place just saying

>> No.21032678

Yes I am too lazy to paste the article it literally takes 3 seconds to google. And you are a cunt

>> No.21032691 [DELETED] 

Can’t believe I’m spoon feeding you entitled giga fags

>> No.21032708

Here's your (you), you original cunt

>> No.21032723

found the nirty digger

>> No.21032745

colt 45 and 2 zig zags

>> No.21032765

maybe i f i was american instead of european. :D

>> No.21032789

what's the pros of trust wallet over metamask?
if it's an all-in-one wallet i'd pass, only because with my different wallets (btc wallet, bch wallet, metamask wallet, other coin wallets i have) they're at least separate and if one gets hacked somehow the others won't get fucked

>> No.21032802

You can only fuck up if someone else ever gets access to the device/recovery phrase

>> No.21032815

we're all here to learn anon
and the more you teach the more you understand it yourself

>> No.21032822

is this a meme? are people this retarded?

>> No.21032871 [DELETED] 

A lot of anons complain about meta mask since it lets you configure the amount of gas to send. They complain they try to buy shitcoins, transaction never goes through (Not enough gas) then their coin goes up and they now can’t buy as much coin. Trust wallet works really well with uniswap. I haven’t had problems with meta mask but I prefer trust wallet .

>> No.21032879

you've never used it? lol

>> No.21032937 [DELETED] 
File: 66 KB, 500x625, 693F96A6-E88B-45B5-BB10-661D79A50A09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21032962

UHNWI's threads and posts seem more true by the minute.

>> No.21032976

So much ledger hate. What if i have my alt coins on it I transferred from metamask and are just sitting on it?

>> No.21032992

Is Atomic Wallet safe to store crypto in (In an offline brand new windows installation laptop)?

>> No.21033005

say hello to a gang of eastern european men who will torture you until you tell them every single dirty little sercret you know.

>> No.21033034

if im reading it correctly this only affects bitcoin and bitcoin shitcoins, but doesnt affect bitcoin used with eth shitcoins?

>> No.21033038

Don't bother, biz will ignore this and continue to make retarded claims about Ledger while shilling their literal hot wallets and shitty paper wallets.

>> No.21033090

Is it really so hard in this day to take a single string and hide it securely? You're better off buying a shitload of tiny hard drives and writing the key on all of them than this Black Box shit.

>> No.21033151

Wtf I wanted to dump my stinkies cause tokens not needed and my bitcoin are now gone reeee

>> No.21033164

tried both & I agree with other anons, prefer trezor & only use that. got everything on there, had no problems, have restored numerous different trezors with my seed phrase & it's been fine. can only recommend

>> No.21033192

so true

>> No.21033194

I keep my passwords in gpg encrypted files in a git repo I have on a vps and on my devices, I wonder if this would be sufficient for crypto as well. An attacker would need to retrieve my private key and then they would need the password for that key. The argument for hardware wallets is that your key never leaves the device so the attacker can't get it. If an attacker had installed a keylogger on my pc plus got my key then I would be compromised but I find that highly unlikely for now

>> No.21033199

Look guys he said nigger

>> No.21033226

This, most people in this thread don't seem to grasp even the absolute basics of how a hardware wallet works

>> No.21033231

Find a usb drive laying around. Download Tails OS. Format the drive and install Tails on it. Restart your PC and boot into Tails OS. Navigate to https://github.com/Bithomp/xrp-paper-wallet and download the html file. MOST SECURE: Locate a spare laptop, wipe it and install an encrypted Linux distro offline. Never connect this laptop to the internet. Connect Tails USB to laptop and boot into Tails. LEAST SECURE: Disconnect from internet from your current PC and restart into Tails offline. Navigate to the html file and open it in browser. Print/Write both public and private keys. You will deposit XRP into the wallet using the public address. You will never key in the private key anywhere until you are ready to withdraw XRP from the wallet. Consider the wallet hot after your first use of the private key, and you will need to create a new wallet for future offline security. Create at least two copies, one for a safe in your home and one for a lock box at your bank. Metal stamping, engraving or 3D printing should only be fully trusted if done yourself, otherwise understand the liability you introduce having this service provided for you. Alternatively, an encrypted usb drive packed away in a faraday bag works as well.

>> No.21033248

cool i'll check into it
ty for the tip

>> No.21033288

this sounds like the bigbrain approach

>> No.21033316

this sounds pretty legit too
(but come on anon, seriously... ripple?)

>> No.21033317

imagine using your ledger to trade on idex. jesus christ thats retarded

>> No.21033381

Go back

>> No.21033403

are you braindead? this has literally nothing to do with ledger itself

>> No.21033412

it still blows my brain why non boomers buy these things to store actual fucking money on. you really shouldn't be too upset if something happens to you when you buy anything like that.

it really pickles my eggs.

>> No.21033445
File: 33 KB, 600x400, 1583958502137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the best solution would be that plus stamp a separate cold wallet for max security. Keep any longterm savings on there, use the encrypted repo keys for occasional transactions and then keep a hot wallet on your phone for day to day stuff

>> No.21033493

>my brain

mongoloid, you just said crypto is actually stored on the hardware wallet, you have to brain

>> No.21033538

The dataleak revealed to the world the incompetent baquettes that run this scam. The company has already tanked 10%. Once Ledger breaks through the 25% resistance the panic will begin and ledger owners will collectively begin returning them all, with the engineers already long gone. Once it barts straight to -50%, unabated FEAR will ripe through all Ledgies. With all those who put their current savings onto these scams are twitching at their arsehole continuously while refreshing Ledger.com. The -90% mark will be met, making this company look like a 2017-2018 shitcoin. The final deluded Ledgies will begin to go offline, and wagecuckers with their entire crypto holdings loaded up on a Ledger will be left with it stuck in their wallet, unable to move it to Uniswap to salvage some self respect. TThe company goes bankrupt, somehow temporarily going -110%. From that day forward the deluded Ledgie wagecucking engineering nerds who bought this hardware wallet thinking it had security will go back to their jobs, with no money in their wallets, to be made redundant by the next wave of pajeets arriving to undercut their wages. Deluded Ledgies will hold onto their wallets FOREVER, with no job, no money, and no crypto. I warned you Ledgies. There’s still time to get out. SELL NOW. Don’t be deluded, don’t be a Ledgie.

>> No.21033556

Bb that's all we need

>> No.21033574

Must have been more BTC funneled to AAVE then, explains the performance vs LINK

>> No.21033662

oh damn, i never thought of using a dogtag for that

>> No.21033754


>> No.21033867

yeah I found this tutorial

so you can make 25 keys for $30. I think there's companies that charge that just to have 1 metal key

>> No.21034014

If it was false why did they send fucking emails to everyone

>> No.21034016

Ledger has to keep the lights on, or my holdings are forever trapped? Would the ledger live app cease to exist? Fuuuck

>> No.21034038

Oh the same blockfi who leaked ALL their user data? Yeah no thanks.

>> No.21034056

if the ledger live collapses, it puts your holdings in a black hole. good luck getting them out if that happens.

>> No.21034073
File: 76 KB, 1094x1280, 60x8o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21034387

instructables is good shit
i might make a couple of these for my relatives

>> No.21034402


>> No.21034953

The fix is live, you just have to upgrade the Bitcoin app

>> No.21035321

I have a question about the recovery seed (the 24 words list) for these hardware wallets
I know everyone says it's best to only write them down on paper when you get them and store the paper somewhere safe, and not to store the word list on a text file on a computer because of hackers/malware/keyloggers
But what if I do the following?
>create a blank text file on my computer
>once a day, add 50 completely random words to the text file and save
>do this for about 20 days until I have a huge mass of 1,000 random words in the text file
>start up the hardware wallet for the first time then get my 24-word recovery seed
>write it down on a piece of paper
>after that, once a day type out 50 random words to add onto the text file, except one of those words is actually one of the words from the recovery seed
>repeat this for 23 more days until all 24 words from the list are now in the text file
>all 24 words are now placed in a certain pattern among the mass of hundreds of other random words in the text file, so that only I would be able to pick out the right words in the right order from the text file by memorizing that certain pattern
>zip and password-protect text file with a simple number-based password that I can easily remember
>store several copies of the zipped text file in several forms of storage, online and offline
>destroy the paper with the 24-word recovery seed on it
Is there any way someone is likely to still be able to steal my recovery seed if I do things this way?
This is just an idea from a smoothbrain who knows hardly anything about hardware wallets or the risks that come with them, pls no bully

>> No.21035560


>> No.21035563

i'm not good at math, but my gut says "don't", because 1000 random words is a lotlotlot less than the total number of random words that exist

the whole point of random words is there's a LOT of them, and A LOT to the 24th power is FUCKING HUGE HOLY SHIT IT'S A BIG NUMBER
which is why it's impossible to guess it with any brute force method
but if you drop the pool down to 1000 random words, the number of possible configurations becomes 1000^24 which is still insanely huge but it narrows down possible guesses by a lot
actual mathfags could come along and say "1000^24 still takes how-ever-many-thousands-of-years of brute force to crack" but i know it's going to be orders of magnitude smaller than the true full dictionary of possible random words (and not just 1000)
if i'm wrong someone let me know though

>> No.21036209

No it doesn’t, as long as you know your seed phrase you can recover the funds in any compatible wallet, including trezor.

>> No.21036218

dammit that tears it....I'm replacing my nano with a trezor

>> No.21036258

About a month ago I was ridiculed on here for suggesting that these hardware wallets have known exploits.

Get fucked

>> No.21036441

it's still retarded to keep your seed unencrypted
at least for gods sake do a partial!! leave 6 words out and commit to memory!

>> No.21036649

So wtf is actually the best way to store your crypto? I am getting paranoid now.

>> No.21036873
File: 411 KB, 624x624, 1589859159938.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Me? I use Coinomi on my everyday phone

>> No.21036913

that could have some serious drawbacks, mainly if you die you can at least leave it to a relative. Or if you suffer brain damage or mild amnesia you won't lose access to your key if you suddenly can't remember the words. So I don't think relying on your memory is a good idea for long term storage.

Obviously with these, you don't just leave them out in the open or under your mattress, you would store them in a vault in a secure location, either in your home or in a safety deposit box.

Maybe you write the key across multiple tags and store each of those in a separate location for max paranoia levels. Although then you run the risk of if one key gets lost, you're fucked

right now I think it's what I described, stamp the key onto some metal and store it in a secure location

>> No.21036979

>they're French too if I recall correctly
Have a croissant baby

>> No.21036997

cold storage paper wallet (doesn't have to be literally paper, carve it into steel if you want)
if you want even more security do what this anon says and encrypt it. you can use BIP39 to make really easy ciphers for seed phrases

>> No.21037011

>JS for generation
Lmao is this what /biz/ considers security?

>> No.21037100

yeah but what if i have way more than 100k

>> No.21037153

actually here's probably the most secure solution:
stamp each seed word onto a seperate tag. Make three copies of each tag, store these tags in 36 separate vaults across your state/country. I mean it's pretty insane at that point but if you had a few million in bitcoin it's probably worth it

of course now you have to remember the location of all 36 vaults plus the word order, but you could probably devise a scheme to do that

>> No.21037164

>Yeah dude, just trust this javascript generator, totally secure :^)

>> No.21037186

anon are you handicapped?

>> No.21037221







>> No.21037224

what are you talking about, nothing in my post says anything about relying on a javascript generator

>> No.21037248

based, this is the patrician way

>> No.21037251

use Rust https://docs.rs/wallet-gen/0.4.1/wallet_gen/


>> No.21037306


>> No.21037317

>use Rust
No thanks tranny

>> No.21037339
File: 1.87 MB, 480x640, 1574389355861.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hehe and you called me retarded for keeping my linkies on binance

>> No.21037351


They aren't complicated, lol. Paper wallets will always be the most secure. You just generate them on an offline computer, then make backups. You can do this with any wallet software. Download electrum, run it on a computer that never goes online, create wallet, backup, send funds to wallet, done. Cold storage.

>> No.21037442

i ubuntu but redpill me on gpg

>> No.21037445

How do you securely access the funds on the paper wallet after storing them? Yes brainlet confirmed

>> No.21037578


There are ways to send transactions from an offline computer, though it's a bit tedious. I think Electrum has a guide. I plan to hodl most of my crypto until I dump it en masse, and in that case you can just sweep the funds into a hot wallet by importing the private key, then send the coins to your exchange from there.

If you trade regularly then an offline paper wallet won't be ideal for you. It's mainly for storing bulk savings medium-to-long term.

>> No.21037619

Trezor's hardware is a joke thought.
> Voltage glitch
> Not using a secure element
> Arm Cortex M3
> No hardware obfuscation

>> No.21037673

it's just openPGP, it's used to encrypt/decrypt data

>> No.21037686

gpg is an FOSS implementation of pgp, which is program that let's you encrypt data with public key cryptography. You encrypt the data with a public key, and the only person who can decrypt it is the person with the private key.

You sign a transaction with your key to send funds, to actually do that you usually need to import it into wallet software

>> No.21037735

is that another layer to use in conjunction with something if you're already encrypting with veracrypt?

>> No.21037801

Fucking same, its getting here in 2 days. On one hand I want to cancel and get a Trezor but on the other I already ordered the Ledger

>> No.21037829

the private key you are keeping on the paper wallet is basically the password to your public keys (the addresses you use to trade with). with that private key, you can access your money from any btc client you want

>> No.21037933


>> No.21037946

pgp uses public keys so you can send encrypted data over unencrypted channels, it's not quite the same thing as standard file encryption. as far as I understand veracrypt, it encrypts files on your computer, pgp encrypts the data itself. I could post my private key right now run though GPG and it would just look like a random sequence of gibberish (unless you had my private key it decrypt it)

>> No.21037969

Bro just get a Ledger or a Trezor. Neither of them have ever been hacked in crypto's history. You are fucking fine holy shit stop listening to this schizo retards. There is nothing wrong with a hardware wallet and it is the best solution for a brainlet. If you don't know what the fuck you are doing, get a hardware wallet and you will be safe. If you are a pro you can try other methods but you clearly are a brainlet.

>> No.21037979

You could store gpg encrypted data inside a veracrypt partition, but it's kind of overkill at that point

>> No.21037982

imagine all those threads were people were pushing for hw ledgers when one based screecher was trying to tell them otherwise because he cared about people
fucking [email protected] niggers

>> No.21038006

Best android hot wallet?

>> No.21038029

>Neither of them have ever been hacked in crypto's history.
once one is hacked though, they're all hacked

>> No.21038049

i'm starting to understand this now
i'll try and use this in the future

>> No.21038083

Alright, so fuck hardware wallets. What's the best method for cold storage?

>> No.21038109

>Paying 200$ to lost your life savings.
Seems like a good deal to me.

>> No.21038246

Samourai - BTC only w/ privacy feature

>> No.21038253

Stamp your key onto some metal, make at least three copies, and store them in secure but separate locations

>> No.21038344

Also never ever tell anyone about it except someone you really trust

>> No.21038773

u can't swing trade

>> No.21039046
File: 46 KB, 600x600, Special bogged.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21039320

Guys my ledger says Link price is at 9.84, it has slowly been retracing for an hour now. it is at 9.79 now. I've closed it, syncrhonized it and there's no updates. WHAT IS GOING ON I SHOULD'VE BOUGHT TREZOR FUCK

>> No.21039481

LMAO using fucking ;open source' hardware wallets.

>> No.21039501

Your coins don't leave your ownership until you execute the trade.

>> No.21039793

>open source' hardware wallets.
What exactly is wrong with that? Please be specific

>> No.21039850

directly storing the key seems a little two inconvenient. What's the best program to use for generating a secure seed phrase? Then storing that securely as mentioned.

>> No.21040346

Bro, I have way more than a 100K.

>> No.21040433

actual nothingburger. ledger is still safe

>> No.21040491

Lol BCVault for the win baybeeee!!!

>> No.21040641

>Closed source

>> No.21040888

>ENTER 2020

>> No.21040930

What happens when idex goes down?

>> No.21040978

ColdCard + ColdPower, never touch anything connected to the internet directly

>> No.21041023

At least you didn't use it yet, just return it

>> No.21041263

wait, you retards actually bought a hardware wallet?

>> No.21041366
File: 154 KB, 454x308, 1593470676494.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not your keys, not your crypto
>Not your source code, not your crypto
>Not your internet service, not your crypto
>Not your hardware, not your crypto
>Not your city, not your crypto
>Not your country, not your crypto
>Not your planet, not your crypto
>Not your crypto, not your crypto

>> No.21041532

You cant. Thats the thing. eth and maybe btc has offline signing but thats about it . Good luck staking or swinging or doing anything without a hardware wallet. Everyone shits on hw wallets but there is no alternative if you want to do anything other than let your coins rot untouched. And then you have to transfer them to a unsecure hot wallet eventually to send then to an exchange to sell anyways.

>> No.21042188
File: 913 KB, 2272x1704, saddam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is bullish for metals

>> No.21042316

Yeah. Tubing of coolant or water and all. Teen Titans kinda cyborg. Or full exo-skeleton.

>> No.21042548

oh absolutely :)

>> No.21042604

>he didn't lock in at 19k

>> No.21042641

I told my friend to use coinomi for android to keep all his stuff
Am I a bad person?

>> No.21042879

I've been avoiding hardware wallets just so all these security breaches and hacks happen first.

Now that they happened, I can safely order without worrying that my info will be share or that my coins will be fucked, thanks guys

>> No.21042947

Does anyone else think that private wallets are actually less safe? For example, on my exchange It needs 2 factor and it also sends an e-mail confirmation when sending any crypto.
With my own wallet, someone could rob my house and find a piece of paper and completely clean me out, theres 0 security. Or what if I want to travel? do I have to keep a piece of paper with all my funds on me at all times? It would have been so much safer if we could add a passphrase in addition to our recovery code.

>> No.21043064


Good god, just encrypt your keys in a Veracrypt container. Memorize your (lengthy and complex) password and carry a copy around on USB, upload it to cloud, etc. Perfectly secure and you don't have to worry about someone robbing you.

>> No.21043618

Thanks, I didn't consider that. Much better than having the words written out.

>> No.21043992

>24 word keyphrase
You dumb nigger, I never jeopardized my wallet's cryptographic security by generating it with a stupid multiword phrase
Your wallet is hackable, bro; I never used a seed phrase, and generated totally arbitrary public & private keys.

The likelihood of someone guessing your private key is approximately equal to them selecting the correct grain of sand from all the beaches & deserts of planet Earth....

The likelihood of someone guessing *my* private key is roughly equal to someone picking the correct grain of sand from all of the beaches & deserts... of all planets & moons in the observable universe.

How hard is it to memorize a 34-character alphanumeric code? I'll bet you don't even remember your own phone number.

>> No.21044680

>muh vulnerability
>makes dumb goys spend BTC instead of a shitcoin
How about cracking the seed words? Oh wait, I forgot that 4chan has become a cesspool of braindead normies.

>> No.21045054

Jews made BTC.

>> No.21045606

>On one hand I want to cancel and get a Trezor
Same. the Trezor UI looks better too

>> No.21045976

1. hardware fails.
2. you don't know circuitry

>> No.21046005

agreed, anon. A little too laissez-faire for my liking (pardon the pun kek)

>> No.21046196

how many robbers are going around with the brainpower to id a private key?

>> No.21046274

if we're going with the general paranoia premise of this entire thread; only one.

>> No.21046396

All this trezor shilling lmfao yet everyone conveniently forgot about this fatal flaw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pKuHYwrGkU

Absolutely nothing wrong with Ledger if you aren't a fucking retard and dont get social engineered.

>> No.21046959

>fatal flaw
>is only 'fatal' if I'm retarded enough to let my device get stolen and not use a strong passphrase

>> No.21048113

kys trezor shill, everyone in this thread shilling trezor is also talking about how ledger is going to send assassins to your house due to email leaks.
Ledger is still perfectly fine.

>> No.21048172

i love my ledger. i love how i can just plug in the device, input my PIN, and send LINK to binance safely and quickly. i used to use my fucking private key for that shit, never again

>> No.21048656


>> No.21049126

gay opinion

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