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now that you are about to make it with chainlink will you get a qt asian gf with your gains?

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Imagine having Napa kids topkek

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Mmm, pusy

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fffff why are you trying to reignite yellow fever from my teenage years

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Already got one. But might upgrade.

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None of your guys really want pussy though.
If your issue was pussy, then you would just get escorts everyday after you made it.
Minimum sex dolls or onaholes.
But what you REALLY want is someone who fucking love you, who actually enjoy your company...who actually find you sexually desirable....

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I can't wait to have a daughter.

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Correct, and the black pill is that women only find the top 10% actually sexually desirable. Whereas men rate women on a natural bell curve.

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the penis is tucked in

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you want pussy the same as you want food
nobody cares what the roasted is thinking

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Then just pay for it lol retard what

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Wow 3deep5me bro you got me. I just want frens with benefits and maybe she brings her girlfriends over for an intimate party. No jealousy just fun.

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I am the same as you bro, don’t shoot the messenger.
The real MAKING it is to Either be able to afford surgery that make you a 10 or have access to a sort of lobotomy that completely remove (somehow) that part of you that find women desirable...(kinda turn you to your 5 year old persona where you found girls boring and useless) then an only then you be happy.
Otherwise you still feel pathetic and useless and sad, specially if you come out of your house and see couples..

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Who is that girl op? I’d like to rent her for a few hours to cosplay as bully nico while I pop a viagra and do my best to ruin her holes

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Please delete this.

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pay for what
do you pay for used food ?
if the woman is not pure she is fucking useless

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Fuck no. The worst thing you could do with money is tie yourself down to one hole.

Will I smash lots of cute asian bitches tho? Fuckin right I will.

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Onaholes give you the kinda pleasure that no women pussy can’t provide.
Clean escorts everywhere...yet places like forever alone are booming with lonely people..why? It’s not sex...it’s that feel..that you being desired

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I am sorry if it’s too deep.
But I was tired and had to say it.
I am on the same boat.
A friend with benefit is much more difficult than you think...not only she is gonna see you as a friend who she can hangout with and be comfortable but also find you sexually desirable...sound too much for my psyche to accept..sounds like out of a cheesy dating sim scenario

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Race mixing is degenerate. Only get an azn qt if you are azn. You can't have White children without White parents.

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>or have access to a sort of lobotomy that completely remove (somehow) that part of you that find women desirable...(kinda turn you to your 5 year old persona where you found girls boring and useless) then an only then you be happy.

Fucking what? Are you nuts? That sounds like a living hell without end. Your idea of making it is intentionally giving yourself brain damage?

You need to sort your shit our before even thinking about making it. Youre on a path to self destruction money cant fix.

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Mixed race is master race.

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you are right in the since that all of us can afford all the pussy we want now

but somehow


rather spend all than value on shitcoins

how does this make you feel woman

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what you think is a blackpill is actually an atomic grade bluepill
the only thing this graph tells you is women don't rate men based on looks or words while windowshopping
but rather on the personal, emotional connection they form with a man through experience
here's a real blackpill: boomers have it right. most of you fail because you don't even show up

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Lol you don’t get what I just said do you?
If you have a desire and you never ever gonna fulfill in your life...and according to your brain it’s the most important goal in the entire world ( being sexually desired) then you just torturing yourself endlessly.
Removing that desire(with something..meditation, hypnosis, surgery (assuming they actually can pinpoint that spot ) is the only way...the other way is to change your physic somehow so you can bring that desire to reality.
A) remove the desire
B) change your body

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Dude I am a man too.
But I can FEEL the fucking PAIN.
Making threads about what kinda wife or gf you gonna have after making it is just a fucking delusion.
We never gonna get off this ride.

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you are too white to think
value is what supports life

you are not your body, the body has a logical unit to utilize it
you feel things to be motivated to produce solutions
it is a fucking adaptation

low IQ niggers

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And beside...you really think women don’t have the same thing happening to them as well?
I mean look they have access to machines and dragon dildos that are as big as two cans of soda next to each other...but they still chase 10/10s and feel “depressed” when they don’t get attention from them.
In reality humans are just slave to that part of brain
But women can at least do something ...we can’t even start..

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Lol I tried to read but Jesus.
Why do you have to be so aggressive to hearing truth.
If you want pussy go pay for it, but if you want to feel Sexually desires you have to be physically FINE.
And you don’t look for the first..you and I and everyone who wants to “get a cute gf” after making it looking for “being sexually desirable” to opposite sex.
That’s the truth and it hurts you.
But don’t yell at me, go yell at the universe.

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Play with the cards you've been dealt with. Shut up, pay for pussy and stop whining because no woman is going to love your ugly ass and suck your cock willingly.

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t roastie

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Supreme gentleman detected.

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value, money
get it nigger
fuck your feels

we don't care about pussy, just like we don't care about food

you need to ingest less onions, to be in optimal condition to make money

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>The real MAKING it is to Either be able to afford surgery that make you a 10 or have access to a sort of lobotomy that completely remove (somehow) that part of you that find women desirable...(kinda turn you to your 5 year old persona where you found girls boring and useless)
is there a way to do this? has it been demonstrated from some type of actual brain damage?

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lmao everyone is like
but it's true, feelsbad

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Dude like you are too dense to understand what i am saying.
Yes mother fucker money is above everything so let’s just keep it that way!
When someone make a thread saying “after I make it, this is my gf” it just tell me that there is a literal emotional hole in there and that’s finding a woman who see him as sexually desirable...it’s not pussy.
I hope your sense brain understand this simple concept

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I need to be in the business of selling GFs
you fags will pay good
YOU are really dumb to fall for the love meme

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It's all in your balls. Just cut those off, problem solved

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There were cases where an adult grows up and won’t feel any desire like none to a female or male. But they are kinda retarded(like the rain man kinda retard, smart retard)
There are also gays who don’t feel a thing for woman, but there are still need that feel of being desired fulfilled.
I suppose there are chemicals released (duh) that are give you the happiness of feeling desired (whenever you get a like on tinder, you get a text from a cutie that says hey, or you “think” that a girl have a crush on you.
I think if you can
A)use that chemical like a drug
B) somehow make your cells to lose the receptors for that chemicals
You will get to “make it” status

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Lol you are too retarded to even communicate with.
I am the last one to even “fall in love”, non the less pay for one.
All I am saying is that there is a literal part of you that really desire that female attention.
Tell me, won’t you feel happy when you get a tinder like? Or a text, or a hi? From a cute girl? Won’t you “kinda” feel happier when you work with a cute girl? Or there is a cute girl next to you?
It’s just that...

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i have a cute spergy japanese girlfriend and we talk about trading ever day together. i love her so much

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Thats a man

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The real making it is to feel someone actually like you...
I know that at the End your brain get bored of her, as she get bored Of you...but so many people like me here will never get to even start that feel to begin with

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there isn't a part like that in my being
get it

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what are you on
you have more in common with a sheep or a goat than a human

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And that’s why we never really gonna make it...
I have a list of surgeries that can cost about 50k..that’s my making it goal
The fact that the ultimate goal of people including me after making is to get gf...is just sad
Meanwhile there are millions of people who get a gf or wife and try to make it for them..

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Cool bro.
Now go to a corner and lie to yourself.
Unless you lobotomiesd yourself, you still feel the need to be loved and desired.
If your issue is pussy go to Thailand or Colombia and get a Virgin
Hell you can even find a Virgin in mid west.
But you can’t and that’s what reality is.
Becuase you know that no matter what you do, you won’t feel happy, unless they desire you and love you back.

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OR women just don't understand what average means. It seems they think almost all men are below average.

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I am not your bro
I am not oppressed nigger that needs to change reality
Needing to be loved is a cucked servile trait yo can see it in dogs and sheeple
I am happy dabbing on you

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Everyone in here who actually agreed with truth is 100x more man than you.
Becuase they faced what they lack
You though...you just lie to yourself...that’s mental instability..a short track to a mental asylum

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Enjoy it.
Keep crying bro and “dabbing”
It won’t change your brain.

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low IQ nigger - LOL BRO
you failed at all your points

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Ok bro.
Keep dabbing.
I actually gonna post the same shit in every thread about “‘making it”
Just to make you tear up and finally kill yourself

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Overall everyone agreed with me..just show the reality of the male brain...a normal human brain.

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You have serious issues man

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paying for something 5 other guys fucked that day? That doesn't sound appealing at all

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/biz/ - Business & Finance

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That's a man

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Pussy is pussy amiright? Who cares what the women thinks haha xD

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Not with that waist to hip ratio.

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Pls delet

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its true

i want the pusy to be connected to a great person who can breathe life and energy, knowledge and fire, experience and desire into my life

( v_v)

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Yeah idgaf about sex I just want a life partner more than anything

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This is actually not what I want but I have autism so. That intimacy stuff is not for me.

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Then you are a fucking lucky man.
Wish I could be like you.
I would PAY to have lose the intimacy need.

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incredibly bluepilled take

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>But what you REALLY want is someone who fucking love you, who actually enjoy your company...who actually find you sexually desirable....
thats literally what most people mean when they say they want pussy
thats what consensual sex is
and its not just any random person who loves you either. none of these threads are made with 5/10s

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Biz could use more of this desu. Well said anon. Truthpilled

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I just woke up from this illusion...with aid of many hours of meditation
Now everything feels dull and pointless but at least it’s real.

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My bad dude.
I just realized it and wanted to share..

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no I just want op's pussy but am not in chainlink or anything so ngmi

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>implying i want kids

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fuck off newfag

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They say that if you think about things that you don’t like they will Happen to you....funny enough things that you like and always think about never happens to you

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