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Oracle is nearly completed, and the dev is about to burn a large portion of the supply, and lock the rest of his liquidity up.


If you had listened last night you'd be up nearly 30%.


https://etherscan.io/address/0xb869e26f664dd96b9822374508c16119382277cd <- Contract owner
https://etherscan.io/address/0x7002815936d6fd486ed589486d76aaa01bb129a3 <- Appears to be mixer/new hot wallet?
https://etherscan.io/address/0xf0cde920490059600cdc9ad40a7b9c5b2c02ddd7 <- Appears to be a hot wallet where funds were sent from multiple addresses, calling this main hot wallet

A few example funding addresses
https://etherscan.io/address/0x29be89447007b6e56543db1829ffee07e731788e <- Mixer funded from Exchange account
https://etherscan.io/address/0x79619bf7c01e04634fc3fd6792f666108e48d9eb <- Mixer funded from Exchange account
https://etherscan.io/address/0x4da539b82a60c031ba57670079bf6d1333a132a3 <- Mixer funded from Exchange account

Whales funding main hot wallet:
https://etherscan.io/address/0x43eb788d2fff0f404fec64234e1b5ab969061795 <- $340k non-exchange address
https://etherscan.io/address/0xfa453aec042a837e4aebbadab9d4e25b15fad69d <- $6m wallet with cyclical, timed import/exports of stablecoins
https://etherscan.io/address/0x0c7719f1d7ed41271cbba92ec153afa6610228f8 <- Appears to be a cold/warm wallet where funds are being stored'


Twitter: https://twitter.com/burn_the_state




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Make it stack 1m reporting in. Most obvious 25x in biz history.

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you guys should get in if you haven't yet..

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How is biz not all over this? Are we underground or are people too dumb enough to DYOR.

The dev will be burning 33% of the total supply presumably this week and people still aren't in? Lol stay poor biz.

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It smells of pajeets in here. But just in case it isn't... Someone give me the rundown on why I should sell my stack of 4000 STA for this shit coin.

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People are skittish in general. They think everything is a scam, yada yada.

honestly, it's fine by me. I wish I kept my OG entry, but I just bought back here.

this coin is badass. in a way no others can really say. everybody should have an ETH on it just for the fuck of it honestly.

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When will this fucker moon?

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idk enough about STA to justify you doing that, but XAMP is specificially designed, correct me if i'm wrong literally for the fuck of it to see what will happen, with it's specific burn design.


its right on the website, explains it better than I can. it's very...pure.

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sooner than later I bet. not only do I expect it to make Polo like Tendies did very soon, but we've burned 13.5% of the entire supply already. it's honestly a timebomb.

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You shouldn't STA is going to moon after the refund wait two weeks...

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if this project is legit why has the burn history not been updated since jul 30?

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I threw 80 bucks just for shits and giggles last week.

Now I'm up $143.

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You dont have to wait two weeks for this coin. Right now is last chance to buy at this price level. once the 33% is burned and oracle goes live, then things truly kick off.

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how much needs to be burned for the price to start going up?

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Uniswap Stats:
Eth Pool: 885.75
Xamp Pool: 76,352,904.20
Xamp per Eth: 86,201.42
Eth per Xamp: 0.00001160
Usd per Xamp: $0.004
Total Liquidity: $690,270.62

Token Stats:
Market Cap: $3,889,966.00
Circulating Supply: 864,436,819.17
Supply Burned: 137,513,610.90 ($618,811.00)
% of Supply Burned: 13.75%

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can someone answer this please

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Its right here. Not sure where youre looking for burn history at.

Also, pic related. Im so fucking excited for you guys.

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on the website

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I have 150k stack should i try to sell at the peak after this burn and buy back in lower before the bigger burn later in the week?

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I just told the dev, he should update it soon. It is being burned tho. nearly 13% has been burned. Happens around 6PM Central time every day if the price is less than it was the previous day.

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When has that ever worked? Ask yourself

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Idk man, i think im just retarded

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i actually did this alot lol, works if you're patient
personally im going to wait till it goes to .0070 then dump, then buy back in at around .0035, free x2 lol

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Yeah thats not going to happen champ. If it gets up to .007 again it will go further cause that will have broke out of its resistance by a good amount if it goes there again.

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Do you think its going to pump to .006-7 tonight?

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I hope you guys can see obvious it is that the dev made this thread and is samefagging the same canned one-liner responses each thread.
>wow you guys gotta get this...
>whoa man I made a lot, guys you better get on board
>I just talked to the dev
obvious shill is obvious as fuck

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hmm, i hope, or else im gonna have to stay up
i don't really care lol, i bought in at 0.0006 and already made like $10k in profits lol, im playing with house money so i don't give a fuck

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mDoMcKms is the dev
and the first three replies are fake, low-effort posts
just like the other threads

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jesus bro i wish i found out that early

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Yeah i wish I was dev, too bad youre wrong though.


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Dev is literally in a telegram with us, stay poor.

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its getting hard to disagree at this point

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316k stack reporting

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Its okay, midwits probably wont get in until 2 cents +. I guess its in your nature.

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now that I've pointed it out no one looking at this thread can unsee it no matter how you try to cover.
and they will be looking out for the same pattern in the next shill threads. so you have two choices:
1. do the same thing and prove my point
2. samefag more with more effort to try to look organic (it won't, and that'll be obvious too)
you cant win here. see you next thread!

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I’m excited lads

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that already happened, followed by a massive dump and then slow decline to nothing
this shit is way too coordinated to not be a scam
still holding 12k meme stack in case im wrong but i dont think i am

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I sold my xamp for jamaica coin

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Low IQ confirmation bias is a disease anon. The dev is busy working on the oracle right now. Theres a telegram with like 700 of us. What youre saying isnt even fud and theres been various proofs that the dev has no intention to rugpull so theres 0 reason he's be on here shilling it. Stay poor and ignorant my friend.

Its funny, cause these are the same tactics I used in 2017-2018 for shilling chainlink... and well look where that got us. Im sure you own XRP tho judging by your low intelligence responses (which I think you are confusing for fud) but thanks for the thread bumps!

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lol 12k, why even waste your time poorfag

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the more you squirm the more obvious it gets. keep digging your hole!
>the dev is busy. I just talked to him! I-I mean, he, is such a genius!
lmaooo you can't think people believe this?

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i sold 95% of my stack when it became clear this was a scam

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I have 0 reason to squirm. I bought this at .0006, everytime your dumbass replies we get a bump, so please keep feeding it for me. And the dev isnt doing anything special that an anon with programming knowledge couldnt do, the idea for the token is pretty smart though, im sure you think all that kindof stuff is magic though.

So you sold at .0038? Sorry anon.

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It's fucking embarrassing, isn't it? How transparent and pathetic the shilling is here.
This samefag must be really poor to have to shill so desperately

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>Kms in id
it is meant to be

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I already made it off chainlink buddy. Whatever, stay poor and literally fucking meatloaf IQ retarded.

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>le bumps = suckers buying
oh no, the percentage of replies pointing out the scam is increasing, and that the bumps are increasing the percent of people seeing that it's a scam.
you don't understand; your scam is in danger.
when someone makes a shill thread they will have the above-mentioned aspects (shill replies), but they will also use ad-hominem attacks and also, they cannot resist replying. Unlike an organic thread, where an OP allows discussion and is mostly just another participant, this shill OP cannot resist attacking every negative reply. Because he has a vested interest in the discussion looking positive. think about it. would YOU emotionally react like this if it were your thread?

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>says the person going out of his way to type entire paragraphs to fud something. This shows your intelligence, truly intelligent people would just ignore it if they knew it was a scam. Youre afraid its not (probably and AMPL holder) so thats why youre expending so much energy on it.

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lol see guys, he CANT resist. it's nearly impossible

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I wonder what bill looks like irl

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>falls victim to his own logic.

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I can't even find this ticker on coingecko

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>STILL continuing to prove him right
triple kek

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How do I find the market cap? This some type of shitty ERC20? Where's their website?

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.. are you surprised people shill coins on this Zimbabwean hut decorating forum?

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Let him be Sergey.. Let this Xerp stay poor

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The reason we have updates from the dev is due to the fact he started the official telegram and is active with the community and providing updates. He has verified himself using Keybase.. again, stay poor

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>previous samefag 1 post per id comes back to shill. looks even MORE obvious

>> No.21011175

>again stay poor
oh no no no no, did you forget YOU didnt say stay poor. the other sock puppet id did.

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Hey man you should buy some xamp

>> No.21011238

kek... you must have got rekt when you sold the bottom Friday!

post one piece of evidence this is a scam and I'll sell you my bags cheap

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8 posts on our thread from this Raji trying to take our samples for the low.

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>> No.21011341

you guys notice how now THIS id is posting frequently meanwhile OP is quiet. bahahaha

>> No.21011366

>our thread
you realize your making it worse, right?

>> No.21011373

Ok so he posted this to twitter, but how does this actually show how many coins were burned?


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lmao your parents must have not given you enough attention as a child, no one fucking cares. Please keep bumping the thread, you have proven you are obsessed at this point, which means you definitely own AMPL, which shows youre afraid.

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Join the official Telegram and summon the bot using /burnitall. It will tell you the total burned

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I've honestly never used Telegram before. What exactly is it?

>> No.21011635

lol as soon as I pointed out that OP disappeared while the sock puppet was talking, he came back! it's a miracle.

>> No.21011697

It's just a chat application.. download telegram on IOS or Mac and join the official telegram @

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>11 pbtid
You either bought high and sold low, or forgot to buy at all, didn't you? No other reason you'd fud this hard and have such a bad attitude.
t. 370k stacked XAMPhibian

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>1 post by this id
we got another one boys!

>> No.21012090

Whoa! Now there's two posts!
What's your next weak attempt?

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Where is xamp listed?

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you'll see ;)

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