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We're going to make it boys (read: finally pay rent this month)

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ngmi. you need a fucking 5000 X... good luck on that

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Wow double digit link? Is this the new norm? Fk me I must be an old fk
Back in my days 4 digit and 5digit chainlink was a norm

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This is a staklet thread, brokebois only, go away

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16k STAcklet reporting. i know i should gradually put money in eth link etc but i’m more tempted to scoop up 100k of some generic uniswap shitcoin so i have a hope of truly making it.

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will eth ever break £300?

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yeah i get it but something in the triple digits isn’t going to 100x. i will always accumulate some on the side though.

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first person to reply with an xmr address and the book and chapter of The Road To Damascus gets a cool 500usd.

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Now I will have a new commander! Chap. 16

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Anon I...

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ur fast but you havent given the book and chapter (this is the bible)

the road to damascus aka the conversion of paul.

ill give you 30 min

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Act 26:16
'But get up and stand on your feet; for this purpose I have appeared to you, to appoint you a minister and a witness not only to the things which you have seen, but also to the things in which I will appear to you;

The Road To Damascus, New American Standard Bible

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thats what you meant?

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and as i get this right, God is everything, he is me witnessing what i see, which is the money in which he will appear as. Correct?

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ill send within 30min

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No mate this is just the start for anon, this isn’t going away for a while

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you understand me well fren

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Literal Japanese millionaire.
Also 6'1 white and handsome as fuck.
Contemplate suicide regularly over the value of my chainlink not being great enough to fund a family of three wives and 28 children :/

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share ur waifu with me once i make it

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Pity me

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Holy shit this is a masterpiece of how to fuck up diversification.

You have my pity.

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all them shitcoins except link and ...nope just link.

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I mean, I don't think you guys will make it with that but you will have enough cash to chase another investments.

Not you, this is a fucking atrocity holy shit

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i will pray to Jesus to incease your staxx for your goodness and wellbeing.

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holy HOLY!!! WTF I LOVE BIZ NOW!!! A Holy frend just sent me $500 in XMR and paid my rent. Cap this, i pray you all increase your staxx and have good lives.

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>2017 shitcoins
>2020 gains

What a confusing protfolio

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oh no bb what is u doing. this isn't horse racing D:

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Lets go

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now u can buy cp !

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Sell 0.125 LINK.

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Mainly 2017 shit Haven’t bothered for a while

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y tho

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ill take it. We split the SIMP investment in half and share the pussy rewards. Our babies will return some good % if we raise them right, fren.

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If you so much as look at my waifu the wrong way I will put a bullet in your skull let alone touch her. Back off buddy.

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I won’t be joining in the yacht parties and I got in late, but I have still made money for nothing, which isn’t bad for a poorfag.

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Good pplz in here

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That will be worth .1 BTC by the end of the year so if you can just get 10x more link you will have a whole BTC

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With that small amount of money you guys would be better off all-inning on a perspective nu-coin like DEV, DTH or some similar shit that hasn't mooned yet. It makes sense diversifying only once you have a more considerable capital (2K+ at least).

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finally, a folio thread for me. I 2xed with LINK recently and now wanna 5x

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Even if I only make a hundred quid I’ll be happy. I was happy to lose it all, I’m in no position to gamble what I can’t afford.

I’m just not as knowledgeable about other coins yet. Linky seemed a safe bet, and it hasn’t done bad for me so far.

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Alri lad

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Thinking of putting 500$ into kleros

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This is the position I’m in too, want free money but can’t afford to lose too much. I’m new to investing in general so this has been a great way to learn

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I just have 100 link

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is case 302 done yet with that? I bought a top of Kleros a couple weeks ago like a retard and watched it go way down, it’s what I deserved for FOMOing so hard

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I’m literally retarded when it comes to actual crypto. I just going in for the memes, if kleros crabs for today and tomorrow I’ll definitely buy.

>> No.20986345

Also I FOMO for RLC

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>owns xml
you're actually gonna make it

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I bought Link for the memes and ended up doubling my measly investment so gains may come your way too. Kek is real memes are magic etc etc

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Kek I know I bought back at 2018

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Tfw only 50k XLM

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stacklet reporting in

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wait, you bought Link in 2018? You must have bags senpai

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Why do this to yourself?

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do you feel like shilling Ocean to me?

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No family need it money :-/, I only have 132 link left. I don’t regret it though love my mom (dad died of cancer) if I ever make it i will buy a house for her

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Turned 800€ into 11k€

Just by using the pic related strategy

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Never take advice from red IDs ( kek magick is real)

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In 1 month!

Hardest part is going from 10k to 100k but I think I will make it EOY

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good on you for selling when you had to... RIP your pops I lost an uncle to cancer the shit is not fair

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Based I would never diversify so much, but I guess that’s the reason I got 1.2k and you got 12k

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what’s the pic related strategy lad cmon now

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guys? my blockfolio never updates when i buy more, is that apart of the "features"?

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Man I would really listen if you didn’t have a red ID ngl

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I manually add transactions

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Well it's easy, you check /biz/ board and look for good coins to invest in. Eventually you can see trough all shitcoins and pajeet scams.

I'm in /pmg/ and Stocks Market too. I want to do CFD's too, but it's hard to find a legit website

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Rip uncle, family situation is kinda fine now(2 brothers one lazy, and one lazy sister) although I’m slaving away in the army. Good thing is I got no expenses so I can start reinvesting in crypto. Also my college and Uni will be payed for and I can atleast finish my stem degree.

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Let's say you have 1k, you divide that into 10 different coins with potential x2-10. Sell half of it reinvest it into another coin.

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>Trips 9
>(255,0,0) RGB

It's devils advice to make a lot of money

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Fuck, you're right.
Sell 0.0125 link sorry my bad

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Thinking of getting more lto

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Judging by your situation and thinking, youre gonna make it fren

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Fingers crossed

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Kek I hope, I’m gonna suicide stack after I get my stem degree, thing is I went from /b/ to /pol/ to /biz/ to /pol/ to /pol/ and /biz/. I just don’t know if raising a family is good thing and the amount of money it will take.

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Help plz sir

>> No.20987270

>college and uni paid for
very based friend, and a STEM degree is basically the only undergrad worth having it seems like. I’ve got some college debt for a stupid degree but thankfully not much. I never wanted to go anyway and should have thought that through more - good on you for planning well for that sweet delayed gratification

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based frogposter

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Imagine teaching your son all the lessons from your failures in your life. Its like a climax, learning the hard way and guiding your child to the right path after

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I paid that much link to withdraw from binance back in ‘18

>> No.20987343

Army life sucks though, wish I signed up for chairforce.

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Please help, what do i have to do, just started

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Will I make it bros?

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But the media will reinforce all the negative shit, if I make it before I get a gf or married then, I’m gonna adopt white kids and raise them.(worse case scenario it’s more of a monetary loss rather than a loss of my own bloodline

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F for him
That green ID of yours should fill you with hope fren

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It does I have left my god for meme magic

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theres many environmental things that will influence your child, it would be your glorious life goal to help him build a strong mind and help him understand how to filter out the bullshit. Im in university doing sociology first year, 90% its all propaganda about being a woman when born a man, but i still see through it. Just want my grade and staxx after.

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Pls help me biz. I was thinking to get some more eth.

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never seen DTH before but youre doing fine.
where link at

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get link instead

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What is 6k link? I feel like a stacklet with all the people posting 5 and 6 figure stacks but then I see a thread like this.

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Kek 3 figure stack

>> No.20987691

Talking about my self, tried swinging to increase but lost a bit now I’m just hodling

>> No.20987761

I only swung once ever, made about 90 link (could have had more but got scared and bought back in), hoping I can look back on that in a few years and say I made 90k dollars.

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btw just set an amount you can afford to buy weekly or bi weekly and do it, you will see returns. I make a good amount of money so I'm not the best example but I went from like 4.5k to 6.1k link in just the past month by finally committing to investing a set amount weekly, and I'm confident I'll get past 10k link as long as we don't dramatically moon over $10 for the next few months. I think there will probably be at least 1 more crash at some point, and there's also likely to be heavy resistance at $10, a lot of 6 figure stacks will probably consider cashing out (not necessarily the ones here, but people who were shilled link without believing in the tech).

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fuckin kek. my buddy is in the army stationed in germany and all he does is answer phones and fuck literal whores. don’t know what he did to get that but I would be proud of at least actually doing some work if I were you

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Will i make it??

>> No.20988029

Nope I sign up as infantry 11B and ended up in fort Myer-Henderson(D.C base) I just do ceremonies and funerals

>> No.20988096

I might do that next month

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Stacklet reporting in, am i gonna make it?

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In moon waiting room

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>tfw biggest stacklet here
Any tips?

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Will I make it?

>> No.20988781

Cowed fag spotted, fuck BELA portfolio fags, no risk

Xmr, sys and lto to make it

>> No.20988815

Xamp and buidl

Ok sure buddy

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I swung my link and made 5 links worth of profit, and dumped it all in xrp.

>> No.20988841

Bonkbonk says ur brain

>> No.20988843

Would appreciate tips, usually go all in on LINK with maybe some in BTC but i pulled out of LINK a bit too early this time.

>> No.20988872

Has to be fake

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I would not be surprised if that will turn out to be a poor decision on your part.

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Why did you put it all in XRP? Not saying it’s the wrong move just wondering what’s good with them. My main right now is XSN which I’m pretty confident will pump up soon

>> No.20989018

Imagine swapping into the worst performing cryptoasset,unironically

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Eh, im new, $300 isnt too bad, i started with £180, and made £90 profit in two days.

Money just sitting there waiting for LINK to dip again, put it in XRP at the dip to see how it goes until the LINK dip.

>> No.20989182

you rly think link is gonna dip?

>> No.20989219

its done the same thing every week, it pumps hard near the end of the week, evens out at the start and dumps hard mid week.

>> No.20989292

What’s wrong with XAMP and BUIDL?
planning on selling my XAMP when it goes back up, I got in early so it’s okay for me

>> No.20989587

sell your memecoins, go all in on link and top3s

>> No.20989621

top 3s = BTC ETH LINK?

>> No.20990627

I only own doge

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Why not just make portfolio easier to manage buy buying an index fund that tracks crypto

ICO Ends August 8

Airdrop Address Channel closes Tonight

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thank me later

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File: 952 KB, 1242x2208, 741B4F4F-10AF-4961-BCB6-A60A59D21658.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Started with $300 last year.
All in link ATM.
What else is promising?

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