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congratulations you just put a satanic tattoo in your skin

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its uneven you colossal faggot
one job

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what are those pants you're wearing?

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youre a fucking dumbass

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oh retard

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Anon you should have gone with the OG logo, they'll probably change that one eventually.

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>boldly tattoos the mark of the beast on his arm
ok anon

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I would never get a tattoo, but a small Sergey shrine in my future estate would be sufficient enough for me.

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this, and on such a simple design

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that looks horrible they really fucked up the bottom right line.

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hahahahah holy fuck

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>that asymmetry

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>link goes to 0
>anon what's that tattoo?
>its the cube in mecca becky, im a moslem now

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If you're gonna do this at least do it Joestar birthmark style.

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Bigly sell signal.

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ITT: Seething no-linkers berate OP to take their minds off the rope

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ty for the signal
dumpin my bags

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It's being pulled uneven by the tape and cling wrap.
any retard would know this.

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they said this when a horde of women and brown dudes starting buying link, and it mooned beyond belief

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Aaaaaand market sold my entire stack. You'll never see a bigger sell signal

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look, i made a killing on linkies ... just thinking theres more potential out there. The run was great tho, up to this point.

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welcome to the club holmes!

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wtf did ur tattoo artist have parkinsons

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>It's being pulled uneven by the tape and cling wrap.
no it isn't lamo
it's completely fucked

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>marking your skin like an animal
>not even using the old design

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I'm Arab and I hold link

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I think I know what I'm talking about chap.

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but moooooommmmm i want a mark of the beast tattooo toooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Nice one OP, ignore the incel fucktards. Gonna get one as well, but after making it and cashing out some. The danger of the whole crypto scam going to 0 is still there. I mean, wtf - we are buying imaginary invisible internet chuck-o-cheese tokens.

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>I think I know what I'm talking about chap.
you're right. I concede you're exactly as retarded as OP

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Are tattoos still popular? God I can't stand looking at peoples trashy scribbles. When will it end?

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what are the supplies? what is currect marketcap?

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>having tattoos
>having big ass tattoos
>having COLORFUL big ass tattoos
I will never understand why NPCs do this and find it attractive. It just looks so fucking shit.

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Yeah I'd have thought nobody on 4chin has tattoos. They"re really just a normie marker

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Imagine tattooing a piece of chicken

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let's do this!

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Why no Sergay?

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>Melee shine tattoo
uh i hope you play, because you're gonna get asked that a lot

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oh you guise

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yeah ok flower boi. feeling pretty today are we? fucking faggot

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Really anon? A big ass blue flower is your tattoo?

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Remember the black BLM square everybody reposted on social media?

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Platinum mad
Love it

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fuck off, felon

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Imagine marking yourself as a Satanist.
May God forgive you, demon.

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This, lmao. Imagine not even getting the cube so long as you're tattooing yourself like a retard.

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This. Hopefully ops is a photoshop. The cube is interchangeable at least

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If you are going to get a link tattoo at least get the OG cube and not the soulless new hexagon

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This is pathetic. I'm not even going to give you the (You) that you so obviously desperately looking for. Go post this on reddit where it belongs.
The lines aren't even straight. You permanently marked your body with an uneven geometric shape. It was a bad idea and a shitty execution.

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*blocks your path*

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reading black cube by arthur moros rn


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lift weights

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what the fuck is this anon? that better be fucking permanent marker you dickchin

>> No.20982169

Are you people really afraid of geometry?

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Great way for niggers to spot who to rob. Thank you for the sacrifice.

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>I'll just advertise to everyone around me that I'm a crypto billionaire
Hope you're looking forward to being kidnapped by the cartel and tortured for your linkies

>> No.20982351

Sell signal

>> No.20982397

The contract is sealed.

>> No.20982494

>Black Cube by Arthur Moros
Digital copy? Can you link me where you found it?

>> No.20982535

absolute cringe. i'm tempted to sell.

>> No.20982639

Well... you do be a faggot though

>> No.20982676

go ahead
dont forget to post proof

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I feel like this is like having a permanent sign around your neck to you that reads “I hold crypto, please rob me”

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here u go

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Ok these are all terrible but at least the last one is just making the best of a difficult situation

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You fucking idiot

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No fucking way is that real. That's possibly the worst tattoo I've ever seen. I honestly feel sorry for anyone who genuinely has this, this is real mental illness.

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Colossal faggot. Kek

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It’s not even even faggot!

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>didn’t buy link at .20
>didn’t buy link at .50
>didn’t buy link at $1

I bought 20k link @ .20 in June 2018
You should buy 20k link @ $9 in August 2020

Then we sell @ $100 in September 2020

Don’t miss out, guys it’s free money!

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I like the hand that breaks the 4th wall.

>> No.20983097

Just the short signal I was looking for. I will make a lot of money.

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Tattoos dont have be as painful as that looks.

>> No.20983279

That's it, I'm fucking selling

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OG linker here, the trashy plebs is beginning to catch up

>> No.20983650

I love you

>> No.20983744

Get a more symmetrical tattoo. Link is in the money right now, you can afford it :)

>> No.20984003

Fuck you you fucking pussy, we’ll be at 10.20 before days end. Neck yourself

>> No.20984022

based as fuck

>> No.20984034

top kek

>> No.20984044

are tattoos supposed to be that bloody

>> No.20984146

Link is the real deal, I am getting a tat too.

>> No.20984187

Who's up for a LINK tattoo on the forehead if it hits $20 before Novrmber?

>> No.20984210

I am getting one this weekend too.

>> No.20984235

Should have been a Kleros tat
A bit sad desu

>> No.20984257

Looks good,a reminder of how far LINK has come.

>> No.20984274

Yep this is the absolute top. The Katy Perry of LINK.

>> No.20984283

a broken hand would look better

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>what's that on your arm, anon?
>yah well like there's this like decentralized blockchain middleware with a token and there's whole online community dedicated to its role in automating business processes through trustless.. hey, why are you leaving?

>> No.20984315

Nice vagins. Should went old school link. Newfag.

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>> No.20984327

That tattoo is not doing Chainlink any justice. Change the artist.

>> No.20984382

i sincerely hope you didn't pay a fortune for this. it's ok if it was cheap otherwise you're a fucking retard and need to check your impulse. do research next time

>> No.20984541

Catch me dead with such shitty ink on my skin

>> No.20984599

It's kinda uneven, but I am getting one too.

>> No.20984826

Planning to get one very soon

>> No.20984859

im not a fan of tattoos

>> No.20984916

I'm not into tattoos, but girls absolutely love those tattoo sleeves. It makes you attractive in a way.

>> No.20984949

I don't like tattoos,so its a no for me

>> No.20985474

Tattoos are cool

>> No.20985584

>You see this? *points tatoo .This means you're gonna make it

>> No.20985646

This pic is old af

State of newfags on biz kek

>> No.20985737

Tattoos are degenerate and a sad way for normies to mask their lack of personality.

>> No.20985779

If you're criminal

>> No.20985781

Only decent tattoo ive seen

>> No.20986022

>not getting the original logo

>> No.20986744


Guys come in here, feel with us, this guy needs help and recive it, good ppl in here

>> No.20986797

What a tatoo

>> No.20987495

Bucket list number 7 : Tattoo on my arm. //Forgot to include design

>> No.20987616

Literal mark of the beast

>> No.20987746

fake and gay

>> No.20987841

Please post the coverup when the next bear market ends faggot

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