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i cant believe it

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Yes. Portfolio screencaps are on my old phone though.

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yep, screenshots from blockfolio are on my old phone but here is an ancient 2017 meme from before sibos.

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i still didn't buy much link, but whatever.

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Sold about 1k of my Links around $2.85, big regret but hindsight is 20/20. If only I wasn’t a poorfag back then

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I bought 3500 in Q2 2018, even though I could've bought more, because Link was a big risk back then. I haven't added to the stack, but I haven't sold, either.

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I cut the bottom of mine off because the other shitcoins I was in were so embarrassing

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Same, spent $300 on a 1k suicide stack (yes people called it a suicide stack back then) and still holding to this day.

Best $300 I ever invested

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First came to /biz/ in mid-2017. I had about 8-9K LINK back at the end of the year and went all in, when it near bottomed out in Feb 2018. I've held on to just under 30.5K since and never once considered swinging or selling. It's nice knowing I'll have made more money off a little over $10k investment than my boomer parents have in their entire lives with the deck stacked completely in their favor.

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I just need a 3x and my networth is bigger than my dad's retirement account.

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I just dumped everything in from Dec 17-around summer 18. I believed all the autists here and I'll never be able to repay you. I even talked my dad into a suicide stack.

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i had 10k and lost it all swing trading and got stuck with bags around the 2-3$ era

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The few, the proud

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>Under 10k

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you think I haven't bought more in the last 2 years?

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I'm here, fren. Anything you'd like to know about the olden days?

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a few of us in here

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I'm in there, it's a great read and reminds me of the old days
just wanted to share my old, craziest looking folio screenshot fren

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I'm here fren. Former major current captain. Phone posting so no access to meme folder. Remember that faggot astro?

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Henlo frens still here with my stack. Remember link Jesus?

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I remember it all, I used to get so hyped up as I soaked it all in that I would have to get up and walk laps around my house because I was so excited. I'm numb now but I'm not complaining.

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reporting in

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Went back in my phone at found the oldest screenshot I have

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Oldest Blockfolio screenshot I have. Must have been excited to see it nearing ATH because I have mother other screenshots of Blockfolio on this phone dating back further then this

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Magic times. I upped my stack by 4K since then.

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My Blockfolio was similar but reverse between LINK and REKT... fucking lost 75% of my value and then finally just moved it all into LINK around $1.80... 2 k linklet

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My fellow Negro.

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Remember when hot and link were the make it stacks?

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You should have listened. We tried to tell em.

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Here's the oldest one I have.

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Here's another from 2018 before it dumped and I topped off my stack at 20k

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Still cant believe people loaded up the presale pools when they got leaked. They even got refunded where they went over the limit.
I remember one 300ETH pool the person posting said "don't put too much in so more people can get involved" and one anon dumped 150 ETH in there straight after :/

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You know it but. We so close now

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Damn anons it feels good today

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Haha yeah I spent like a month in hot and then sold it back for link lol

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I fucked my phone end of 17 so I lost most of the early stuff

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Bought like 300 In November 2017 because of the memes, I think they’re still in my binance wallet

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yea im here, went all in june/july 2018

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all true link marines were temporary holochads. it was THE make it stack

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We're here to connect but don't understand how

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2017 here, im looking for older screenshots but heres one from february of 18

fun fact, i never ended up selling that COSS and lost it all. it went to 0.
I could have swapped it for over 30,000 LINK. haha

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in all seriousness though, not a day goes by where i dont want to kill myself for not swapping COSS for LINK, i would be so much fucking further along right now.

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Only have 10k left


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Right here brother. Still holding on.

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All you had to do was not sell.

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Fuck COSS so hard I held mine to zero as well

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Never sold. And won't for a long time.

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What happened with coss anons? My exchange never listed it so I just kept buying link

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It really was fucking obvious from the start, and some people STILL don't get it. Brainlets think it's just another shitcoin currency coin.

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Man you must want to kill yourself

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ud have hit a mil already. and we arent even in full bullmode

the real question is:
if satoshi sells his btc is link going to crash?

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2017 marine here

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Hindsight is a bitch, you didnt hold through the brutal bear market. I've still got 45 btc so i think im doing better then 99.9% of you biz with their lunch money portfolios anyway

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Don't feel bad. I was one of those anons. I received 80k LINK from my pool, priced at 9.5 cents each.

And guess what. I sold most of them for 30 fucking cents. More people than you would believe did that.

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>It's nice knowing I'll have made more money off a little over $10k investment than my boomer parents have in their entire lives with the deck stacked completely in their favor.
This is seriously our just reward for having to live in this fucking clownworld. You’re god damn right I’m gonna be worth millions if I have to put up with this shit 24/7

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My parents are both on pensions, have over 1M in their 401k and their home is worth 3x what they paid for it. They're the textbook boomers who made it just by showing up every day. I'll never tell them how much I've made, but the reaction is going to be priceless when they find out I quit wagecucking and move to Uruguay to live a neet life on my own private compound.

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>you didnt hold through the brutal bear market
Oh, but I did.

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I haven't been here since like mid 2018, so stinkie linkies were actually right all along? I have a hard time wrapping my head around this

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hi fren

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This was my LINK ICO address

I transferred them to binance shortly after. I experienced so many rollercoasters. The pump from 13 cents to 55 cents as we all thought Sergay would announce a swift partnership at the sibos conference. And then the subsequent dump back to 15 cents while the 2017 bull was raging. Every other alt was 10xing. I sold bros. It's been a tough 3 years for me


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welcome to the future fren

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This is the first time I took a screenshot. I was ecstatic lol.

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I never touched that dog shit. Seemed like a pajeet scam. That's why I shooped fat sergey over all their memes

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>January 2020
>link casually 1k


Cope stinky faggots enjoy your scamcoin

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Godspeed marines don't sell no matter how bad it seems. Things are just going to get better

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here's a classique

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also i wish i knew what anon drew that. its really good

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Cool. Looks like it didn't work out too well for you.

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Me, bought some the first week of 2018, but I don't have any screenshots on this phone. I remember telling my friend to "get in now before it goes higher" at 60¢ lol, whenever that was. He didn't do it, but luckily some other friends of mine did listen, and one even bought some as low as 25¢. They're now LINK loyalists, and I've been glad to have them along for this wild ride we've all had.

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Bought the presale, but sold early and only kept a measly 1000 LINK. Still will be happy with another million EOY.

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Bought in around 20-30 cents this screenshot was right after mainnet announcement last year

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I'm with you bros.

Feeling comfy.

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Did you manage to hold everything or did you sell part of it?

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It would be fun to line all of you up and carve things in your foreheads.

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If nolinker syndrome is this bad before we hit double digits, imagine it at 1keoy

>> No.20975526

We moved to PNK
Better gains

>> No.20975758

With a massively increased risk factor, good luck.

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still here, never sold

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Nice stack bro, I was late as fuck to the party.

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How do you have less LINK than me when I bought in 2019?

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we all held through the same brutal bear

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First meme I ever download

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link wasnt that brutal in the bear market, it went up

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What do you guys realistically think this shit will hit in 2021

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That's a man.

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I remember the pic where he was having sex with a retarded girl, how did that get leaked in the first place???

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Yeah, I bought 100,000 in 2017 at 20 cents. Sold some at $5 and some at $8. Still have 50,000. Buying DIA with the gains. DIA sell target = $10-$20.

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I sold at a loss in November of 2017 and never touched it again

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It's been fun watching a $500 blackout drunk purchase turn to 20k

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>tfw sold my ico bags at $0.33

honestly thought it was just a meme

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Jesus probably posted it himself lmao

>> No.20978988

Incredibly based folio

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always here friend. We’ve come a long way, but have a long way to go

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This is based.

>> No.20979204

The fud during that time was brutal, almost sold a couple times

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Excellent portfolio. I want to diversify my stack to exactly that and told myself I would by a certain price, but as I became a multimillionaire after today’s pump, I feel nothing.

Went all in Spring 2018. It’s surreal knowing I’m living my life normally but I can just quit everything at any time. Holding out a little longer for further reassurance.

>> No.20979309

Only started lurking more at this board/ hearing about Link in 2019. Just bought a house & was concerned about finances.
It’s a shame: 4-6 months earlier and I probably would have bought $10,000 worth instead of $1,000.

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Sir, new all time high.

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>2017-18 marines still here?
Yup. Thank you /biz/ I love you faggots no homo. Post-clownworld is ours to create and rule over. Praise Jesus unironically.

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I had 7k fucking REq and bought 2k link and panic sold it. I ended up with a 4k stack now after buying at 1$ last summer and losing all my money in Zrx in 2018. Im not moving anything now.

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This is about when I first bought my first link. It was on either Ether or ForkDelta. I've been buying ever since. I did try to swing once or twice and it was the most stressful period for me ever and it just wasn't worth it. Been holding ever since. Pretty happy with my stack and waiting for steak.

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Yeah what’s up bros ?????

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Sure. 2020 is the make it year

>> No.20979814

Got in on the presale pool but only put in 2.5 eth

>> No.20979836

Crossed the 100k threshold today...still doesn’t feel real

>> No.20979892

yes we're still here but fuck you newfags

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Can someone post the webm that has the scene from American Psycho where they are all showing off their business cards but they got edited to be crypto holdings? It eventually ends with one of them showing he is all in on LINK.

>> No.20979944

I remember thinking it was a meme and then the new website launched and I immediately dumped all my shitcoin bags and loaded up tens of thousands of LINK at 2200-2500 sats and kept cost averaging for months after that

I used to be giddy with excitement but now I am just patiently waiting to give back some of my newfound wealth to my family, my church, and my community. I just want to start a family bros.

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Yes fren

Unfortunately I sold a chunk of my stack around black thursday, didn't touch 1 LINK until then but the collpases everywhere looked bad.

But luckily I had enough sense to keep just over half my stack left in as a gamble.

>> No.20979951

I bought 2000 at .25 and sold them at .40 like a poorfag because I was broke.

Second biggest mistake of my trading career

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Reporting in, could have had so much more but I'm happy I held through

>> No.20980030

Thanks fren I also sold about 40% of my stack but im holding tight.

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Yes but i'm a poorfag.

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File: 1.53 MB, 3024x4032, LINKpin3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep 5k poorfag from Nov'17 here.
Any of you OG Marines buy the original pins?
Godspeed frens.

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File: 1.38 MB, 2888x3972, LINKpin2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20980307

did his address end up getting many donations? id look but cbf typing it out

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File: 142 KB, 750x1334, 198A0281-6B29-4F8A-B621-FE27087DB050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Found my oldest Blockfolio screencap. I sold all that Neo within a small time frame around Feb-March 2017. All in ever since. Seems crazy I put that much money into such a random investment so early.

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File: 509 KB, 2196x2000, Thanks Link.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just thinking about how bad things could have been sends shivers down my spine sometimes. Thank fuck I listened to you autists.

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File: 1.43 MB, 1448x789, 1585901755564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2017 sibos marine checking in
Only 20k link but I will be holding for a very long time

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>> No.20980591

Didn’t check but seeing as how linkies are all bitter jaded joocooks now I very much doubt you fags helped him

>> No.20980706

i havent been a linky for almost 2 years anon, see >>20978909

>> No.20980814

all in wasn't that much at the time, i got fucking wreckd by a russian exchange that went under in 2017, then reappeared briefly in 2018 with a quarter of the funds

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File: 1.20 MB, 1330x1686, 1591066410192.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Anyone else receive flat out hostility from others when telling them about your investment? I never told many people, but a friend of mine back in summer 2018 got into a huge argument with me about how I was an idiot, and that I would lose all my money for investing in Link and crypto in general. I tried to explain what the project was, and its potential, but my words fell upon deaf ears. To this day he still sarcastically asks "how my bitcoins are doing :^)"
I still haven't told him the truth, and probably won't until much later.

>> No.20980948

Been in since january 2018
Have'nt bought any link in 7 months,
acquired myself a decent stack of 24,1k links

About to buy me a e class coupe

>> No.20981155

Even after the chainlink fud about chainlink presentation being next to the poo in the loo. I said fuck bought a stack sitting on a cz exchange. Best of luck to you whale marines where all in this together 15 eom

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File: 213 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180903-122446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep. Did nothing but add to my stack since then. Have 38k linkies now

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every day i want to kill myself for not putting all this dogshit into LINK

>> No.20981483

i also sold like 5k LINK at $1-2 to pay rent

>> No.20981542

>Getting REQ'd
I know the feel. I still feel like shit about that, and I barely put in $100.

>> No.20981571

when link started on biz i really couldnt wrap my head around it but after some redpills from some fellow marines i started realizing. so i rushed through my master to get a job asap.
about 9 months later, after way too much work, i finally got my 10k stack which i never touched since. last week i got fired which feels ok since this place has been hell, today im (almost) hitting 6 figures.

i want to thank all the ogs who did the digging and helped a brainlet out

>> No.20981643

of course he held fucktard, we didn't go all in link to take profit before 1k eoy

>> No.20981651

You are aware that your fingerprints can be read from that image and cross-referenced to other fingerprint databases and find out your identity from there? Be more cautious fren

>> No.20981705

Get a comfy job so you dont have to sell your linkies

>> No.20981748

Kek I sold req at ATH when I saw the team was a bunch of lazy frogs and niggers, and didn't invest in ADA because of the tranny.

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That's something else

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I bought some pins, keyrings, and some dice

>> No.20981855

i would never sell my linkies fren

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here you go fren

>> No.20982015

that's the norm in any investment in any market. Do people really think most are holding through a x20 or x30? No, they are selling and taking profits and buying back every each step of the way.

>> No.20982239

Don't be the typical anonymous that you are.

SELL THAT SHIT. Most of you have made considerable amounts of money to put downpayments on tangible assets like PROPERTY.

SELL and start your journey to a comfy life. Until you realize those profits you're still as poor and stupid as you were in 2017. Don't fall for the hodl memes longer than you have to.

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