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Are you ready for one of the biggest news in crypto?

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already alll in bby

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there will be another presale?

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OAX on Polkadot defi is going to be a gamechanger

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tell me which coin so I can SELL the news.

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Oh the one billion dollar chain that doest work yet

Cool story anon

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fucking nigger literally 10 seconds of research will tell you the answer but you're good for nothing nigger tendencies are prevailing yet again.

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my time is precious. Tell me. Fren.

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Smart boi
You think this is the news im talking about?
One more month.

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Fuck, i need to buy more, but cant dump the piece of shit QNT for it.

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your time isnt more important than anyone else. go ask that nigger obama for welfare.

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Bags have already 2xed. Still buying as I got more of the free government money. Easiest 10x of the year

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>my time is precious

fucking kys faggot.

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Gaywin being a homo is not "biggest news in crypto", not even news

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/biz/ oblivious once again kek.

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is this stakenet?

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Inb4 biz says its a useless test net

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KSM is at 31m market cap

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how many to make it?

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20K KSM minimum, considering this WILL hit $50 before EOY

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Mmmmmmm Sweet Yayoi. Sweet Birdies. The greatest mega pumphaton is on its way.

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Legit worst FUD in crypto at the moment.

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Please no, I’m not ready yet.

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I smell binance or coinbase for sure. Currently at 7500 KSM. Need another 5K to be comfy. Literally all in this one as Gavin will not fail this time.

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Depends, if you can wait for a bit more, a lot less than that will is needed.

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Vitalik has been pushing eth 2.0 hard bros. I am not so confident in Dot getting the network effect behind it.

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The only thing that doesn’t work here is your brain anon

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Stay poor poopoo stinking licking pajeet. Keep losing money on uniswap shitcoins while you buy our bags at 10x.

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3000 ksm to make it. 300 usd per birdie within two years is feasible.

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I could of bought at $2!!

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That's the thing, Vitalik has been pushing it but so far, hasn't amount to shit.

DOT / KSM will beat ETH 2.0 to market and we know the advantages of first mover

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How? Coingecko says 86m

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/biz/ rather buys uniswap scams

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cmc says 31mil

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> we know the advantages of first mover
Doesn’t eth have the first movers advantage here?

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Coingecko is a pajeet tracking site. Stick to the pros anon

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this guy's face fucking screams that he's a pedo

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No. If they manage to release ETH 2.0 then yeah, they would. I highly doubt they will beat DOT to market though. A lot of big projects like LINK are already testing on KSM to go on DOT.

Biggest drawback for DOT is that it's limited to 100 parachains. HOWEVER, you get another 100 with KSM. This is just one of the reasons why KSM will be independent of DOT as some projects will be better suited to stay on KSM

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you're overestimate the interest in DOT, you're underestimating how long it will take for people to even know what DOT is, and in general you're underestimate the chokehold that ethereum has on the market

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$10 too expensive.. thanks tho.

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Yeah, CMC is closer to the actual mcap.

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This ain't rocket science my niggers what's the circulTing supply

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The dev interest in dot ecosystem is huge, but I do agree with you the normies, even the crypto ones don’t know about this layer 1. I guess if we get good l2 projects on it, things might change.

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the biggest drawback for DOT is nobody gives a fuck about DOT and it will take ages for that to change regardless of how much money VCs pour into marketing, which will illigitimize the project anyway. you have some stupid ass technical response to why anyone should care about DOT, meanwhile BITCOIN, the shittiest coin of them all, sits at #1 for 10 years. i wonder why???? can you figure out why that is????

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its going to 100usd minimum

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Good point, but normies will love it I think. So much memebility.

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He’s the founder of ethereum ya dingus, how do people now know these things. His new layer one solution is PolkaDot and Kusama the testnet.

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i have no idea how you found yourself in this delusional position

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Avalanche is better than Polkadot. Change my mind.

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So cmc is showing 3m circ supply while everyone else showing 8/10 m
Tfw you thought you were buying ksm @30m but instead its 90m hahaha. And I'm bullish on polkadot ecosystem.

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so should I buy dot or ksm??

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Wrong. In crypto space everything moves very fast. Check cmc 4 years ago and check it now.

You said that nobody gives a fuck about dot and the reality is that all the projects labeled with “web3”, “substrate” or “ksm” or “dot” are catching interest and pumping. The most prominent crypto influencers are already on board. On top of that, the key in the crypto space is getting adoption... Web3 is very well funded, by enough to be able to attract the most interesting projects in the crypto space by giving out grants and funds.

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KSM, if you want to catch the pump next month.

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It began when I was 6. A neighbour of my grandmother (whose house I spent a considerable amount of time at) had a child. The child, a girl, was called Elizabeth.

I probably shouldn't have been, but by the time she was two (and I nearly ten) I was called to babysit her for short periods of time. Her mother was certainly not everybody’s cup of tea, somewhat egregious and, in the eyes of many, irresponsible – that said, her life was hard, being a single-mother and having to support her daughter while working a drab job. A few years passed, and the babysitting became both more serious – for protracted periods – and enjoyable. Of course we became friends.

As I entered my teens and spent otherwise lonely weekends at my grandmother’s house, she would call upon me (she had since moved slightly farther away to a cheaper house) and we’d play on my computer or some more energetic game, inevitably involving running and hiding, out in the park. She always liked my computer, her mother being unable to afford to buy one of her own.


It was when I was 13 that during a blood test, routine for some minor operation she was having, she was found to have HIV and be in the advanced stages of AIDS. The theory was that she had inherited it from her father, with whom the mother had no lasting contact; the mother had, incredibly, managed to avoid infection. All involved were distraught. Being only 6, she barely understood and asked me to explain what was happening and why all the adults were being so nice to her. Though I know few of the details, I put it into words as best I could. She accepted it without question, and hugging me, told me she was scared. I nodded and told her we’d always be friends.

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Loving the fud. Keep it coming pajeets who failed to load their bags under $5

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Buy btc idiots, not some technical project. Cryptos have an inherent value when people start seeing them as wealth storage. No one is interested in the structural technical features of some shitty project. If it's do genius, any company in the world can copy it or pay the developers for running eg a network for smart contracts. No one will want your ico tokens in the future, fucking get that in your heads, although this may hurt your feelings.

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The shittiest project in uniswap has more potential to make good returns than btc. As simple as that.

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Cant wait for the juicy 50% profit over the next year anon!!!

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But we already know XRP will sell for $2000 apiece next month thanks to UHNWI insider anon.

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