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Ripple is literally BUYING BACK XRP.

>"liquidity is added into the XRP market. That said, Ripple has been a buyer in the secondary market and may continue to undertake purchases in the future at market prices."


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yeah, the Mellon threads said around this time it would start to rise up to $1-2, so all the 2018 hands will sell and try and make their money back.
This is all part of the plan.

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Fuck it, I'm buying some right now.

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Fine by me. By Ripple's own admission they are going to pump the price.

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Unironically just bought another 5000 XRP.

I'm so fucking bullish on this. Been around since 2015 but I never had this feeling before.

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Pure theater.
Laughing Out Loud!

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Have you had the sex?

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Lot of it's come true so far.
Said July 4th would be close to $2000. Turns out if you looked at the price on july 4th, it was another hint.
XRP: 0.1776
XAG: 17.76
XAU: 1776

So gold was close to $2000, and it lined up with silver and XRP. These things don't happen by coincidence very often.

Also pic related.

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God get fucking absolutely dumped on you cripple retard

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>just keeps going up
I feel like having a celebratory wank, lads

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feel so clean like a money machine

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This is the schizo pinnacle desu. If this turns out real we live in simulation

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trips confirm mellon / uhnwi is badass

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Should I sell at $0.33 or what?

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just bought 2k

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my paycheck comes in tomorrow, will i make it in time to buy?

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better tomorrow than next week

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yeah you'll make it. you have up until end of Sept-mid-Nov for the moon.

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why? what happens then?

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the recent buying spree is literally ripple itself. haha
>Ripple is reducing its emphasis on large treasury payments—to support individual, low-value transactions
ripple is reducing its emphasis on large treasury payments. so they can support individual, low-value transactions. it's unironically over.

also, the mellon larp never said 1-2, it was 3-5. IT. IS. OVER. LARPERS.

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XRP booms to 2000 USD per XRP is what happens then. :)

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except ripple itself says they are focusing on small, low value txns instead.. lol

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Jews pumping my bags. How can I refuse?

I should delete this thread.

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see pic related, and this guy. are you soooper fuggin bullish on xrp rn bruh? did you become soooper bullish on xrp in the last two weeks?
do you do what the tv says?

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Banks are adopting XRP as we speak. Even for individual transactions, do you think that $14.247.772.278 is enough money for that?

XRP is bound to move up in price brainlet.

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I'm hoping it drops back to 14 cents again so I can swing trade again.

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never again will you see XRP at 14 cents. It has already begun.

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I hope you're right becuase either way it's a win for me, but saying I'll believe it when i see it.

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>Ripple is literally BUYING XRP
thats nice dear
because for sure, no other cunt is touching this fucking garbage

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I bought xrp when Trump rolled the federal reserve and it was .17

17 = q
I trusted the plan, went full schizo and it's paying off

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Apple bought their own stocks
Amazon bought their own stocks

scams do not buy their own stocks anon. Wake up, they know something you don't. Do what they do, not what they say.

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It's a super fucking bullish signal when companies are buying up their own stock/coins you dumb faggot.

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when the time comes, you will be shown no mercy. the ripple has begun.

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lmao based

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fuck it i'm all in
5k stack lets go boys

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not having XRP at moments like these must be one of stupidest things one could do; there is still time

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>In every XRP thread
>Spamming the same images
Why are you so dedicated to fudding?

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5k xrp is that enough to make it??

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Yes of course, if you hold to 2k eoy.

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Didn't read. Not selling

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No, it's not. Buybacks are the best way for the insiders to pump the price by spreading the news and then proceed to dump on retards like you.

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He doesn't know.

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I actually do know my little zoomer. Not my first rodeo

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You really don't.

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>Ripple sells XRP
>Ripple buys XRP

Reminder that you cannot win with fudders.

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literally drug addled gay/whore normies have flooded xrp threads over the last couple weeks. there were no cocaine fueled 'WHOOO!! CHAINLINK! $XRP!!' threads up until two weeks ago. it's annoying when you're looking for something to read and the catalog is filled with 17 threads of 'WHOOO! $LINKIES'. can you retards fuck off please?

we get it. WHOOO XRP INVESTOR!!1!. been there, done that.

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>I have no argument against the product, so I will attack cherrypicked twitter accounts
You posted almost word for word, the same shit in another thread. Are you autistic? Just hide threads retard, you are way too invested in this to not have an ulterior motive.

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>posted the same thing word for word
lmao, no. go ahead a post a screenshot of it please.


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Can I realistically get to a million with just 7,600 XRP?

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>Muh gays and whores
Tell me that is not you, you brain-addled fudder.

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how does 15 million sound?

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That sounds like bullshit, can anyone else answer my question?

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When you have to call reality a fud you have a problem mate. If you bothered to even the article on the op you wouldnt be reacting the way you are. Ripple as a company values low volatility above all else.To add to it now, if you understood how their escrow scheme works you would get even more insight on why this nothing but a pump and dump to manipulate the token in two ways/for two reasons a) make the company execs a quick buck by dumping on fomoers b) fix the price of it to the amount they desire PERMANENTLY. Keep going through the motions and keep getting the short end of the stick. Maybe at some point you ll stop and realise you are uneducated and open a book instead of keep on memeing or following twitter/youtube crypto celebs. Best of luck to you man

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anon what is 7600 x $2000 ?

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The man speaks the truth.

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How will you deal with the reality of it breaking ATH this year? How do you deal with the reality of countless bank partnerships. How do you deal with the reality of pic related?

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>two of the words are the same


show me where it isn't hordes of gay/whore drug addled normies sweeping in to 'the future of finance'..

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no one here has a crystal ball so do your own research and have some price points or you will get rekt.
But no it doesn't sound realistic in my unprofessional opinion.

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you have no idea how lucky you are right now
pray you have the balls to hold as your investment whizzes past 1m

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please, just go..

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most of /biz/ will sell when they see 1 million in their accounts lol, then they go to pay taxes and realize they were never millionaires to begin with and should have HODLed.

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700k is enough

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FUD harder

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>Backpedaling on samefagging up every thread with the same shit
>Posts same cherrypicked twitter accounts
Really embarrassing, anon.

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If you do you better buy a rope

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It really isn't.

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>posting the same gay fud in every thread

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it's not fud when it's true bruh. can you take your drug fueled $$XRP FUTURE GOLD stuff elsewhere?

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>Now resorted to posting cropped pics with no context
God I love how fucking mad this project makes BTC maxis.

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which is why you move to a country that charges 0% capital gains tax and open your bank account there before withdrawing funds

>> No.20963968

Just calculated today that I'd need to take home 1,55mil€, pay 542 000€ in taxes, so I could be a millionaire :-D

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>cropped pics with no context
>tootally not a newfag jumping on the $$RIBBLE bandwagon of the last two weeks

guys, go back to feddit plz

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Move to switzerland.

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My point is, even a million is nothing in todays world. Which is why people need to HODL.

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You guys realize that they want a STABLE coin, right? That's what this is about. No one wants to trade money internationally with a coin if it can swing widely by the time the final transaction has taken place. Stability means no "to the moon". It means staying in the same range for weeks on end. This will be damn lucky to be .40 by EoY.

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If you hit anything between 5-10k be happy. A million kek... Dyor on what the purpose of the fuckin token is...

>> No.20964316

>by the time the final transaction has taken place
Haven't read about xrp at all I see, good luck with that

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Read the article in the OP you bloody retard. Their no1 selling point is low volatility and here your daydreaming about a x10000 in price

>> No.20964418

Increase in price ≠ volatility.

You are officially retarded.

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>Increase in price ≠ volatility
Have you even finished high school?

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Dude just stop it. Take some economy101 classes at the very least before talking here.

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No. I am a critical thinker that decided at the age of 18 I would not be going to high school since it would be a waste of time. I instead built up businesses from scratch starting with web design and seo and now I own millions of dollars in real estate.

I bet you did finish high school though. You're nothing but a cog in the wheel. Round and round you go.

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Fuckin kek. You people are hopeless. Brb burning my Msc in e/e and deleting any mention of workin in the fin sector from my bio so that retatds like you can feel comfortable. Which youtube channel do you suggest for a good start in eco 101?

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I own XRP that I bought at 20c, if it hits ATH I'm selling immediately, I don't have any delusions of grandeur about this coin but it's making me good profit right now. If I can bank 10k from a shitcoin that's more than good enough for me. I'll put the 10k into ETH or something else and rinse and repeat. Hodling forever seems pointless to me. There's way too much supply for this thing to ever get bitcoin level.

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who the hell starts high school at 18?

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The global remittances market is 1 trillion dollars alone, and growing. I am not even considering XRPs main purpose as a bridge for CBDCs. How does XRP handle that kind of volume at its current marketcap? Also, still waiting for a response to >>20963670

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This, it's a good sign

>> No.20964837

It's called a momentum ignition algorithm you brainlet. It's also illegal. They pump the price in order to get idiots like you to fomo in so they have liquidity to sell into (and at a high price). If you can't see this, you are a fucking moron and deserve to stay poor.

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it took you 4 years to decide not to go to high school at the age of 18.

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Swedish students.


I knew earlier, I just did left at 18 since tha'ts when we start high school or the equivalent here.

>> No.20964987

swedish students starts highschool at 16...

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You might be right, it's so irrelevant to me I don't even remember. I'm 29 now so it's been a while.

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How does XRP propose to solve the problem of banks colluding with each other to get profitable forex rates? We saw that this kind of collusion was possible with the LIBOR scandal.

>> No.20965251

>cherry picking
i find those accounts in 5 minutes while watching the latest twitter posts with XRP on them. the rest of the people are bots and accounts with memes. youre all fucking braindamaged

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>> No.20965355

I have 840 XRP

>> No.20965358

>that intro

>> No.20965382


banks will always win
if you are looking for a fair future, you'll never have it.

>> No.20965433

aa du

>> No.20965477

unironically yes

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Fucking checked

>> No.20965779


Selling at 0.70

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The hell it isn't, 1m would DRAMATICALLY change my life, hell even 10k would right now. How much money do you have to think 1m is nothing?

>> No.20965874

>Ripple as a company values low volatility above all else

How do you think they'll achieve very low volatility you brainlet? Oh right, a very very high price.

>> No.20965895

too soon

>> No.20965974

almost 9 million USD atm

I'm telling you, 1 million is not a lot of money. It would change your life, sure but you'd still need to wage slave.

XRP is the key to freedom so you do what you need to do, but having 2,3,4,5+ million is always better than 1.

I'm trying to provide for my future kids and their kids.

>> No.20966070

>almost 9 million USD atm
God I wish that were me. I don't mind wageslaving if I actually had a leg up to invest and do something with my life, I've grown up in a trailer park in bumfuck nowhere WV and I've never even owned a pair of new shoes. 1m seems like a pipe dream to me and if I ever made that I'd probably cry for a week out of sheer joy.

>> No.20966098

am in similar shoes brother. hopefully we'll all make it in the end

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dear sir, do you have any xrp predictions? I'd like to hear what you think. I have nearly no money but I have, I have invested in XRP. I have high hopes, because of schizo ramblings and youtube videos that I mostly don't understand. I just want to have a quiet comfy life where I don't have to slave away, so I can support a family without the assistance of my parents.

>> No.20966154

I grew up poor too anon, I am an immigrant, fled from a war. But I took risks, I didn't save money, I invested it and here I am. I promise, if you hold XRP until dec 31st you will be rich. How much XRP do you have rn?

>> No.20966177

i've got 3,500 xrp and poor af.
crossing my fingers this goes up soon

>> No.20966189

dubs say you will make it bro

>> No.20966234

According to all of my research, and I do this for every single project I invest in, be it real estate or business and it's made me pretty wealthy, XRP will be 2000 USD by the end of the year.

Hold until Dec 31st of this year and you will make it. Do not worry about ups and downs, if XRP goes to 50 bucks and drops to 3 dollars, do not worry. Simply hold.

Everything is already set for XRP.

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>2000 digits

>> No.20966271

Me too bro, me too. I was close to suicide when the covid shit cost me the only job I could find in 2 years of relentlessly applying.
I really hope you're right. Unfortunately I only have 500 XRP right now and the only reason I have that much is because I won some money off a lotto scratcher and something told me to look into investing and I found my way here.

>> No.20966276

Any predictions beyond 2k? Is that the cap or the beginning? I trust you bro.

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There’s no way it goes to $2000 though, you know how many new billionaires would be made?

>> No.20966341

People screaming wait till 2-3 means whales dumping before. Weak hands sell at 1.

0.70 is a safety I don't buy into the hype so x2.5 is fine with me. Might consider buying back if there's a drop. We'll see tho.

>> No.20966381

500 x 2000 = 1 million
Wait for a year or two and you will see XRP at 4k+

2k is just the beginning my friend

There are trillions of dollars locked away in nostro/vostro accounts anon. Those trillions of dollars would be freed up if someone decided to switch away from SWIFT system to Ripples ODL.

This would easily make many people billionaires.

>> No.20966410

i'll send some of that luck to you then bud

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do you realize it pains me a little to keep calling you retarded?
>all my research and due dilligence
results in the 2k price, as per the mellon LARP

don't quit your day job

>> No.20966530

>actually believing there would be enough buyers to support ripple for thousands of dollars

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thank you frens

>> No.20966575

Yeah after reading your posts here I'll hodl until it reaches a number that would dramatically change my life, if it tanks I'm out 100 bucks which is a lot for me but if I sell too early nothing will really change for me and I might miss out on something big.

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You eoy: "How can this be...?"

>> No.20966584

Kaka bubs says 2k

Baba keks says 3k

Kuku bebe from Nigeria says: send money to bank account for prince of ghana

Xrpcommunity sucks riddlers dicks

>> No.20966678

>but if I sell too early nothing will really change for me and I might miss out on something big.

This would haunt you forever.

Losing 100 bucks would haunt you for a month or 2.

I am happy you'll make the right choice anon. Good luck to you my friend.

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me too anon...

>> No.20966854

>almost 9 mil
How much of that have you put in XRP?

>> No.20966904

1 million, mostly bought at 18 cents, some bought at 28 cents

>> No.20966975


Wheres does 2k EOY come from? Why do you think 2k? What research? I know I know partnerships and whatever but where exactly does the 2k figure come from?

>> No.20966997

Jeez dude. You could start your own country when this takes off.

>> No.20967002

i demand xrp break .31 cent...


>> No.20967098

Damn, nice. What will you do when you become a billionaire?

>> No.20967275

Lmao like two Swiss banks are adopting

>> No.20967283

Good question, I wonder about that as well. The $589 meme at least had some weird theoretical calculation background...

>> No.20967302

which ones? it'd probably be comfy to open an account with one and withdraw xrp via that bank once it hits 2k+

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Babacugs on twitter
Mellon / UHNWI
Plenty of others on twitter too.



>Other Insider




>Conference Anon


Found these links in another xrp thread

Researching, I spent almost 8 months before I ever bought any XRP, just researching Ripple based on rumors from rich banker friends. I barely knew what crypto was 2 years ago.

There's honestly so much information its quite hard to confine it all into a 4chan thread.

I do not gamble with money, I do research, come to a logical conclusion and put money on it.

Keep it a secret to the best of my abilities.

>> No.20967360

if an "insider" drops 2kEOY with no reasoning, don't take them seriously. 2k EOY is sketchy with reasoning. I really cant imagine why a "insider" would be dropping that figure.

>> No.20967367

Yall really sucking baba keks dick and slurping bearableguys and mrloops buttholse you cripplet fucks

Lets bet they disappear after no 2000$ hahahahahahahaah utter cucks

>> No.20967405

Friendly reminder to take profits now

I don't want to see you Xripple friends holding heavy bags again :3

>> No.20967469

I will hold til the ends of time.

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why is google foreshadowing chris mellons death

>> No.20967663

Maybe he is the UHNWI lmao and they found him

>> No.20967673


>> No.20967674

Fucking hell, XRP can't even past 32 cents. It took a 2% dip right now. DUMP EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!

>> No.20967726

I did just cause, who knows

>> No.20967764

Part of me wants to think that it's to take a significant chunk out of circulation, to correlate with some of the theories floating around about it being a digit currency backed by gold for _x_ amount of XRP per ounce of gold and silver. Part of me also realizes that's venturing the into crypto autism

>> No.20967782

So buybacks to pump a dying asset are bullish now?

>> No.20967822

Best app to buy XRP? TN resident.

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File: 136 KB, 1073x1245, Eehwkj2WkAEHUFk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20967846

Don't buy xrp not my problem lul. Don't buy it stay far away from it

>> No.20967876

Sell now and get out
This board has hated ripple forever, now someone is paying for these fags to come in and astroturf this coin. This isn't natural, this is an exit scam. Get the fuck out

>> No.20967878

So would you say to start investing a little here and there into XRP.

>> No.20967888

This is a local top friend - Take some profits and buy back later

>> No.20967906

Yes. Buy all the dips that are coming. :)

>> No.20967910

On what fucking timeline are you from where there has been no cocaine fueled LINK threads the last 3 years all over this Bulgerian shoe smithing board?

>> No.20967935

i don't know about all the other enthusiast here but i came to this board only because xrp was taking off and i wanted to see what /biz/ thought

>> No.20968023

i am from /lit/ and checked /biz/ after buying XRP

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bruh buying more we gonna make it lads

>> No.20968109

based non-regular bro

>> No.20968462

Insider here, XRP $2000 end of September confirmed.

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What’s a nostro-vostro account?

>> No.20968626
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Anons, have iron hands if you want to make it, regardless of what happens, NEVER sell at less than 2k.
Don't fall for (((their))) tricks.

>> No.20968639


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I am forgotten

>> No.20969085
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Anyone who can't follow the breadcrumbs deserves to be poor

>> No.20969213

This. The coming weeks are going to be extremely volatile.

>> No.20969509

My heart anon
Top kek, based Jews

>> No.20969525

No, I don't think so. The price per XRP would have to be around 131 dollars... just shy of a 6 trillion dollar market cap. Buy more, and try to set a lower target.

>> No.20969780

$2000 EOY simply doesn't make sense man. As nice as it sounds, I can't believe in this.

>> No.20969801
File: 1.30 MB, 743x800, 1595482244247.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and trips

>> No.20969925

Is having 2k X-ray enough to make it?

>> No.20969926

I guess many of you are newfriends who never hoped for $589 then watched it slip away. You think a switch is going to turn on and it'll shoot up several dollars per day until the end of the year? Truly delusional. $1 by the end of the year if we're lucky boys. And that's a big if. You know in your heart I'm right.

>> No.20969966

I meant 2k xrp >>20969925

>> No.20970004

Nice fud

>> No.20970149

depends how long you hold

>> No.20970155

Im going to put my 5500 xrp stack into ark until it moons and then back into xrp.

>> No.20970306

As long as you hold until 2k, Yes.

>> No.20970405

Based Aqua avatar fag.
If I make it, I'll make a huge Aqua portrait in my mansion.

>> No.20970542

Why does everyone assume a stable coin has to be priced low? A stable coin could be priced at $500k each as long as it stayed stable.

>> No.20970601

>never again will you see XRP at 14 cents. It has already begun.
Wait, it's going down to $0.14? I just went long at 0.29

>> No.20970648

I, too, went long at $0.29.

>> No.20970791

no it will never go down to .14 again

>> No.20970911


please stop using marketcap as an indicator for crypto, this is not stocks.

>> No.20971021

Super fucking based and checked

>> No.20971367

fuckin hell this thread :o

>> No.20971757

$2000 EOY is a shocking level of delusion, even for /biz/. Why does anybody come here anymore?

>> No.20971774

The digits are strong in this thread. Its going to happen soon

>> No.20972349
File: 34 KB, 333x460, 4f8e3ceddaaa1dc89c94b3c28ea98af5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>post ends in 2000
holy fuck

>> No.20972999

Holy fuck

>> No.20973306
File: 64 KB, 758x644, gigachad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20973324

Double trips baby, we're going to pamp so hard

>> No.20973362
File: 584 KB, 1104x1112, cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we will be reach boys

>> No.20973400

$2 eoD
$2000 EOY

>> No.20973750

Checked and yes 2k EOY

>> No.20973796

Green ID'd.
$2K eoy

>> No.20973859

Thanks anon for the links, really useful
I also found this very useful:


The guy spent a lot of time researching this, it's really detailed.

Holy that was a good get i got.
2000 def means it'll be $2000 eoy

i'm having iron hands. Selling half at $2000, gonna sell other half 2 years later whatever the price is then.

>> No.20973906


>> No.20973992

i love the conspiracy collages, i don't care if they're accurate or not they're just fun reads

>> No.20974043

agreed. Literally what got me into XRP initially.
After reading more into it, specifically: https://coil.com/u/IamLegion
I'm sold. My stack is literally all XRP and LINK right now.

>> No.20974723

How long do you think you'll hold. How do I know when to sell?

>> No.20974839

Guy- plan to hold for five years.

>> No.20974906

hows a decade sound?

>> No.20974911

whats your strat gonna be anons?

I have 750 in so far, gonna keep buying until it hits $1. Sell half of whatever it is when it gets to 2k and sit on the remainder for the rest of decade.

>> No.20974943

i'm planning either it hits $2k,
or up to 10 years, whichever comes first.
I'm going to be accumulating until it reaches $50 too.

>> No.20975084

Selling half at 2k other half at 5k
XRP isnt going to take as long as BTC to become world dominate.

>> No.20975096
File: 111 KB, 917x871, feelsbadman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you guys fucking with me?

>> No.20975294

It isnt going to take ten years. XRP isnt BTC. XRP is going to moon much harder than BTC in a shorter time frame.

>> No.20975324

xrp pops green dildos harder than any other crypto. just make sure you're strapped the fuck in. at any time it's going warp speed

fuck around and get left behind

>> No.20975546

This is very true. I've been around XRP since 2016 and there really is nothing like an XRP green dildo. It's a glory to behold and I can't wait for the next one.

>> No.20975635 [DELETED] 

biz always gets random xrp threads out of nowhere before it hits. people discount them because "xrp is dead scam" then bam. over 100% gain instantly. people doubt. then it goes over 100% and holds it for over 24 hours. people still hesitate. xrp keeps ripping. then the others fomo.

watch it happen. witness it. behold the xrp rockets

>> No.20975848

Ancient Chinese proverb: When an hero is ready, the rope shall appear.

>> No.20976209

Currently 38 banks using XRP

>> No.20976583
File: 155 KB, 750x622, 1596504452170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20977005

this would be true for any other coin but XRP. That is why i am only in XRP, the only coin that has the potential to 10000% overnight

>> No.20977516
File: 146 KB, 640x882, CC0788AD-CCA8-407D-B347-88BC637678EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20978119
File: 3.78 MB, 6241x3613, XRP 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20978156

make a compilation please

>> No.20978184
File: 3.21 MB, 6483x2650, XRP 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20978239

>post dubs 55
>5:5 = loud and clear in Q lingo
based and Q pilled

>> No.20978450


>> No.20978506

sick dude
I'm all in as well but these FUD bastards are starting to wear on my faith
i believe though, I will hold

>> No.20978576

Those digits wtf.

>> No.20978760
File: 23 KB, 1652x60, 999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20978910

lol cant you see the adoption?

>> No.20979112

digits happen in alot of XRP threads.

>> No.20979390

if literally think anyone cares about some shit 4chan bored to organize and exit scam you are wrong, if you knew anything about xrp, you'd understand and invest. It's not fucking penny stocks dumb cunt, invest and wait for it to take off. Look into the tech and realize it's more efficient then bitcoin and will be back way before eth. How about you don't be stupid and just dca xrp and thank me later. Also check em

>> No.20979414

How do you explain the low price? 30 cents is a bit low for how busy this coin is

>> No.20979574

as far as I understand ripple its taking its time to make good connection and have a complete product for public use (eg: release the BETA of XUMM), and requires good consolidation before going up again... they understand that a rush to the top means a quick fall too, so, instead of running and push the project to keep buyers happy, they are creating the perfect environment for a solid investment, so yeah, xrp it's old, but not because of that means it's dead.

I don't think we will see a 3 digit coin with xrp, but for a mid term, seems as a good inversion, and if it reaches $3, that would mean a massive profit for every holder.

>> No.20979737

Well that comes across as a fud compared to the rest of the thread. I think that you could be right though. There seems to be a lot of big powerful money involved in this so they may not want it to be a 10 dollar coin. I will sit with my small stack for a while. Thank you

>> No.20979803

XRP reached beyond 3 dollars based on nothing already. What you are saying is stupid.

>> No.20979832
File: 87 KB, 388x432, 1596259814185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so xrp will have a market cap of $700trillion or something. that coin is an absolute pile of steaming shit, i hate everything it stands for but i still got fomo'd into it in the 2017 bubble. thankfully i dumped it before i got completely rekt but never again

>> No.20979888

Well why do you think that it is staying so cheap when it is so busy?

>> No.20979893

You posted the same exact ad hominem followed by this shit last night. Did you buy at $.17, sell around $.25 and now you're seething? Or maybe you're too autistic?

>> No.20979910
File: 22 KB, 320x422, 1595977058127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reached $3, and for how long?

stability is the name of the game for a coin that it's flirting with big banks.

if it reaches $3 it is not going to be a momentary success

>> No.20980052

It isn't busy. XRP has not even started yet, this price action you see now is not a bull run or utility. You'll eventually see eoy. It's quite tiring telling people the same thing over and over again, saying XRP will be at 3 dollars at its peak is crazy and unrealistic. It has to be in the thousands of dollars for what it's designed to do.

>> No.20980334

Sorry to bug you over shit you already explained. Thanks for the info. I will hodl until thousands. Hopefully it will be this year

>> No.20980344

The 888’s strike

>> No.20980414

You don't bug me. If you do decide to hodl, make sure you do not waver. The coming weeks will be volatile to hell, if you can, buy the dips and hodl. Easiest way, now is not the time to be greedy.

And it will be this year. 100%

>> No.20980430

Xrp is actually underpriced. Should be around $0.50 right now since it is historically half of eth marketcap.

When retailers come back into this market next year we will see $3 for certain. Possibly $10-20 if bitcoin goes to 100k. This is why I'm only selling a portion at $3 and not dumping my entire stack.

>> No.20980448

That shot of hopeum just made my dick spasm. Thanks fren. I will keep hodl. No homo

>> No.20980450

bitcoin was only at 20k for how long? It's all based on bitcoin.

>> No.20980528

Not selling, just buying dips until the new year. People are going to be looking back in a year, the same way they feel they could of got 20 cent chainlink.

>> No.20980576
File: 14 KB, 235x369, 1593460944310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you faggots all LARPing?

200 trillion market cap EOY?

Whats the point of this? Guiding noobs into FOMOing? There aren't enough people on this shithole of a forum anyway so that it would have an impact on price...

>> No.20980614


XRP has potential to do some warped shit. Out of all the other coins that are affordable, XRP is where a small bag can go big I feel. IDK anything tho

>> No.20980619

It is not the same pricing scenario, but I get you... I mean, Im holding my bag tight, and I really want to make good profit, but I'm not sure if its healthy to dream so big about something that we cannot control.

scary weeks for sure, even when there very clear resistance points on the chart.

>> No.20980624

you had 6 years anon

>> No.20980642
File: 384 KB, 962x1349, 1581615890817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.20980668


How exactly do you imagine XRPs market cap to go 15000x ?

>> No.20980975

>when niggers have more iq then you

>> No.20981179

will i make it with 1345 xrp? I bought it because i watched a few youtube videos
will it really hit 2k?

>> No.20981197

regardless of any of us think brrr will continue.

>> No.20981279

It’s been this price for years my dude.

>> No.20981325

>When btc price is 50k xrp is still 30cents
>hur dur

Being this retarded

>> No.20981382
File: 18 KB, 496x344, 100190848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thinking about xrp in park today, see cloud that look like Bull... Interesting.

>> No.20981416

Whales would have to infuse $50-70 billion dollars to make this 2x.
Good luck waiting for half a trillion or a trillion USD to be infused so you can make a profit

>> No.20981417

I can't believe all the hidden ripplefags that are on this board

>> No.20981649

You just revealed yourself to be a complete idiot.

>> No.20981923

Hahahahaahah jed mc Donald will have
4.300.000.000 × 2000 $

Hahahahahaahahaahahahahahahaha ypu really believe this ? Go and see a professional

>> No.20982205

$1 eoy

>> No.20982412

He will be so rich. We are making it frens

>> No.20982608

Amazing, just sold linkies for xrp. Q2 report too convincing.

>> No.20982626

I just bought $500 dollars worth an hour ago

>> No.20982665

2000 $ cancelled

By brad garglehouse

No amount of sucking strangers dicks will change the fact that baba keks lied to all of you.

But we all can take our money back. He told us everything we need to know about him.
His looks
Im going to rob him at a gunpoint and post it on twitter

>> No.20982706

Now they are trying to convince people that crypto/gold won't be used to replace dollars. They are desperate to convince people not to buy until we are all priced out. Meanwhile, they buy loads of XRP from OTC sellers.

>> No.20982754

Another desperate example of an "anon" forcing us to sell IMMEDIATELY.

The truth is out. XRP is the chosen one. Watch out for more people convincing you to sell your ticket to the moon for peanuts

>> No.20982836

Fuck it niggas.

Bought 600 XRP

am I gonna make it?

>> No.20982892

Indeed. Everyone is forgetting there is a "pandemic" going around, millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs. Economy is tanking, the US dollar which is the world reserve currency is tanking, it will take with it all other countries of the world because every single country has to buy oil with dollars.

When that crash comes, they will have their perfect moment to introduce blockchain as the savior. That is their plan according to mellon.

>> No.20983217

No... i just say im gonna take my money back from this lying piece of shit baba kek...
I mean hes rich.. and if he can give investment advice and lie to people about 2k he will be able to give refunds when it isnt happening right?