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No pajeet tier stuff like bzrx

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what does her dad think when he sees pics like this

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That is a man

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uvwFi. Go figure

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Is 50k enough to make it

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literally bzrx faggot

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Can someone give me a quick rundown on how much of the Defi market LINK will capture

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There’s no way

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This is actually a woman

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Stop being a fuckin STINKY LINKY

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“Damn I wanna fuck her”

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This project literally defined defi before defi was a term. On the forefront

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It IS the DeFi market

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Based and AMPLpilled

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prob concern and disappointment

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Alpha Token looks very promising


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bzrx is the best defi play right now. platform relaunch in august and big announcements are coming

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> bzrx
Are you kidding?
So a defi with actual product which goes beyond meme farming is pajeet tier stuff?
God bless this board.

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nobody is using tthis. shit exchange

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>No pajeet tier stuff like bzrx
Implying any crypto is less than paneer tier

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I think he's fudding so he has more time to buy. Nobody here is that stupid

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girls like these typically thot out for rich guys who use her as a prop to show off, and then they inevitably leave her for a girl who doesn’t do coke everyday

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only 1/3 released in the circulating supply, plenty of room for the founders to dump on holders.
Tokenomics doesn't look good.

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goes full Chris Watts mode

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Maker and ETH is everything you need lol

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She doesn't have a dad

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Holy shit I went to highschool with this guy

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already in bed with a $33 billion company
why the fuck would you not buy this

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Alpha Token https://uniswap.info/token/0xffc63b9146967a1ba33066fb057ee3722221acf0

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"son, i had such hopes for you..."

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Aave looks promising

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$BRDG Real gem, 3 years development and only $300K MC.


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aave is good but it already pumped a lot. bzrx has a lot more room to grow

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"Can I get your onlyfans for free?"

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the only defi project that is not worth buying is ARPA the rest in the thread are pretty good

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probably nothing as he wasn't allowed to raise her due to her retarded feminist bossy wife

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lmao i'm fucking dead

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alright just drop the ig and move on paneer

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you're retarded. no founder is going to dump their tokens because as they get noticed everything's going to collapse like bitconnect

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Imagine her smile, guys

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Happens all the time in shitcoin projects. It killed Zilliqa.

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xdai $stake

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so these guys just spent money on audits and made restitution plans to make lenders whole after the hack AND give them bonuses for the downtime just to dump on the market?

what killed zilliqa was the fact that they were overly ambitious about the technological limitations. after they discovered (or maybe something they've known all along) they couldn't do what they told everyone they could do, they started dumping. THAT's what killed the project.

bzx has been operational and was right behind COMP before the hack. getting back to 400mm market cap is going to be easy.

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Total bullshit. It's always a red flag when the team own the majority of the tokens. They will dump them. Zilliqa seems to work as it said it would, sharding is operational as are smart contract, but the team dumped their tokens on the exchanges - not even OTC sales!

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It's XSN.

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Alpha (A) new website release tomorrow

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Dev & Cybercoin

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Wait a second is that actually a man or are you guys just joshing?

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100% this. The fact that this project is so outside your regular /biz/-lets perception baffles me.

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ICO Begins Tomorrow

Airdrop Address Chanel now up

Website is up and running

Join discord for more info

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He probably has fucked her

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Whats better than one defi project how about an index fund for defi and crypto

Website up, discord for more info

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link is centralized faggot

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ALEPH. Still room for a 10x within this year alone, nevermind 2021

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The very fact they are trying to make investors whole and didn’t exit scam shows the validity of the project, and that the founders are in for the long run... referencing bzrx.

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STA all the way. Reminder - balancer refund in <2 weeks, prepare yourselves accordingly.

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Yes, Statera will pump,

QQQF is going to have Statera Delta Token in their portfolio

QQQF >>20935761

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bzrx gave 200k vbzrx to chainlinkgod for free to shill it. kek total shitcoin

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Website is now up


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i would eat her pussy right after coming home from the club while telling her i want her to be my wife and if she ever fucks anyone else ill have to call bogdanoff

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i feel like maybe 5 people ITT are capable of explaining what defi actually is lmfao

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1000% this

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bzrx, obviously.

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$BZRX, comfiest HODL if the year.

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If you anons aren’t in bzrx you’re a pajeet

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Cns desu.

I legit see it landing in the top 75 on coingecko, let's say #67

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"I can't wait to have another daughter"

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Can you explain more about the refund ? are people being sent STA as a refund ? Won’t they dump?

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>No pajeet tier stuff like bzrx

1. YFI
2. secret
3. secret
4. link
5. eth

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SXP, Binance DeFi.

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Standard Crypto Fund . com (QQQF)

ICO begins tomorow

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MTA unironically

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The smell

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It's Stakenet. DEX launch this month.

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Is XSN only worth owning if you run a master node?

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trustswap, aave, $aced

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QQQF Standard Index Fund


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I mean, it's still a great investment considering the fundamentals. You will of course make many times your investment as the price goes up, just as you would from amything else. And you can still stake even if you don't have an MN. I've got 3 mns, thinking of investing another $1k for swinging on the way up just for the gains.

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That's a man