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Landlords feel like they can do whatever it takes to make more money, whether it means throwing your cancer-struck grandma out onto the street or fining you a hundred dollars for paying rent late. So why do they think you're the asshole when you don't pay rent?

They'll tell you to your face: because they're running a business, and they want to make as much money as they can.

Well, they might be running a business, but we're running our lives. Why shouldn't we make as much money as we can? We don't need to be struck by cancer or lose our jobs or anything else. Why should we? They never have any 'reason' besides 'I own this property, so I get to make money off of it'. You rent it, so make money off of it.

STEP ONE, get a lease one way or another. The ideal way to do this is to step in on the lease of someone who wouldn't mind you doing this, e.g. a foreign student who's leaving soon. Of course, these opportunities are far apart and few between. You might have to end up, e.g. overstaying a 30-day AirBNB lease. The key is to make sure the landlord has as little an idea of who they are renting to as possible. Keep in mind, you need to stay for at least 30 days for this to work.


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STEP TWO, save up for a lawyer. I used legal insurance for this and had to pay nothing, but most people won't have an affordable group legal insurance plan like myself. A lawyer, for the whole case, should run you a few thousand dollars, which should still be FAR cheaper than rent over the period of the lawsuit. Make sure your lawyer is halfway competent and agrees with you in terms of general strategy. Does he know what a Delta motion to quash is, and the fact that some courts no longer accept them? Does his fee include writs of mandate, and does he know what a writ of mandate is? Will he demur to the complaint? How good is he with getting the clerk to calendar cases? What is his track record and experience? Is he afflicted with bourgeois sentiment, or will he fight tooth and nail for tenants, right or wrong? Will he file an affirmative lawsuit for you on contingency, or will you have to pay him hourly?

STEP THREE, go around your house. Start taking note of everything wrong with it. Doesn't matter how minor it seems - you'll find that it often adds up. Electrical problems? Bathtub clogged? Garbage disposal rattling? Heater malfunctioning? Cabinets not closing? Windows letting in a draft? Write it all down and take pictures if you can.

STEP FOUR, in coordination with your lawyer, start complaining, then withhold rent. If it is a less professional company, the landlord may bluster, threaten, etc. Keep logs of everything, and record everything after the first episode (this is an exception to the two-party consent law), then forward everything to your lawyer.

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why don't you just buy a house then idiot

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If these same people against landlords were taking the same stand against "people" who were selling overpriced houses... just imagine.

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STEP FIVE, do NOT answer the door for people you don't know. If they can't serve you, they'll have to seek an order to post and mail. This will add weeks or even a month or more to the process. Your lawyer should take care of everything else after that - make sure you've discussed strategy beforehand with them. At some point, your attorney will file a lawsuit against them demanding restitution for the habitability issues as well as any harassment you may have faced.

STEP SIX, when the trial date has been set, it's time to leave. As long as you deliver possession before the trial date, they cannot proceed and must dismiss or convert the case to a limited civil action. Go get an AirBNB or a group living situation and either reapply for a new place or take advantage of the situation you find yourself in next.

>What about my credit score or my public record?

There is no public record of an eviction in California unless the landlord actually wins. Landlords will rarely report to credit bureaus in general. However, you don't know this; as such, try to avoid giving them your SSN in the first place. Your lawyer should be able to get you a full release as part of the settlement for the affirmative lawsuit, so this should not be a problem. However, it's part of the risk you take.

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STEP FIVE: You run into someone like me who WILL find a way to kill you and get away with it.

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Imagine if this effort and autism was put into something useful to society.

Hint: rent would no longer be an issue

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>What if my landlord tries to harass or threaten me?

There is a risk your landlord might try to do something stupid. You look a lot more sympathetic as a victim of harassment, and this can substantially increase your payout. All this said, don't be dumb - be armed in case they try anything and by California law, if they attempt to break in, you may use lethal force against them if you feel your life is in danger. However, do not reveal that you're armed or anything of the sort unless you truly need to in order to defend your life. Brandishing, etc. when you are not in actual danger is a good way to get the police interested, which you do not want. In any case, if you have a corporate landlord, it is unlikely they will do all that much but put a notice up on your door.

>Isn't this his property? What stops him from just coming in?

Real property is a bundle of sticks. When a landlord leases to you, or to someone who then assigns the lease to you, he hands you the stick of possession, or equitable title. You effectively own the property as against the whole world, including the person holding legal title. He is nothing but a trespasser on your property, and you can deal with him as if he is nothing but a trespasser if he attempts to come in and fuck with you. While he can, by statute, enter upon giving 24 hours notice, he can only do so if he has a good reason, and he cannot do so if doing so would lead to a breach of the peace even if he does have a good reason.

>How am I going to get a good reference?

Usually, the landlord will agree to a positive or neutral reference as part of any settlement. If all else fails, you can simply hop on to a roommate situation and get friends to vouch for you/get an AirBNB, if you can't get good formal references or fake them. Then, use those references to push yourself into your next situation.

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I would say this if he were living in Texas.. Fucking Cali tho?

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>What about my record? Even if the eviction is confidential, won't future landlords see my lawsuits against the landlords?

Make sure you sue as a John Doe, alleging fear of retaliation, physical harm, etc. This works better if you are a former victim of domestic violence or something similar.

>Lawyers are evil; imprison us, lawyers make our lives hell. Why should I trust a lawyer?

Call some. Talk to them over the phone. Hire the one that sounds both friendly and sociopathic. They're evil, but if you get one they'll be evil for you. Or do it yourself, if you've got the time and resolve.

>I don't trust the law, and I'll never believe it's on my side.

You won't know unless you try. If you're in California, try to find a way to sue your landlord in San Francisco or some other liberal jurisdiction (for example, look up property records to see if the person that owns your property also has properties there). Your lawyer will help you with this.

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Pay your rent or no house for you

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Landlords are scum and shouldn't be allowed

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Release the hounds.

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We'll see who dies first, faggot.

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absolute state of the eternal rentcuck, just pay up like the filthy little paypigs you are

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If renting houses out for profit was illegal, petit bourgeois retards wouldn't buy them at upmarked prices because 'I can just rent it out until it's paid off bro!' No one would invest in real estate properties except people who actually wanted to own them to live there.

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Good. Landlords deserve the ovens.

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Uh. Yes. Good job on figuring that one out.

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Cool this house in SF costs $1.8m instead of $2m now

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>STEP FIVE: You run into someone like me who WILL find a way to kill you and get away with it.

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Enjoy your eventual home in Stockton faggot

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I work at CSP San Quentin and make six figs lmao, better hope I don't 'accidentally' mistake you for an escapee lil landcucked nigger :)

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KeK. I can do what ever I want wagie. I hope you got that job at Amazon because rent is going up this month by $100.
Also that puporino you have is in violation of your lease. So that will be a $100 fine. You got 15 days to get rid of it and pay your fine or you are out.
You wage cucks crying about rent only makes my penis harder.

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Before all of covid, old landlord fucked me over. I didnt have heat in the midwest. Learned my lesson...
>Also had those yellow classroom brick walls
>Mold in other room

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How is this not useful to society? Landlords are parasites

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Why dafuq this communist niggers find it "normal" to live in some other people home without paying anything?! They even come up with schemes to do so.

I payed rent myself, and 5 years ago i bought my own house.

Is really simple. There are 4 variants

- stay with your parents
- pay rent
- buy your own house
- be homeless

If you don't find appealing anyone of them, be homeless, but is pathetic to try and live in some other guy house, without paying. If you find this normal, you have no understanding of "private propriety".

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>not a free for all

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I fucking HATE commies FUCK

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>tfw can't rent a studio for less than 1600 near my job
>tfw only way to get a 1000$ apartment is to live among niggers and spics 90 minutes through NYC traffic one way to my job

kill boomers

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Mike Creek in da house

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>If you find this normal, you have no understanding of "private propriety".
I understand it and I disagree. Seethe harder faggot.

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why people talk here

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hey OP I got a solution to your problems

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a businesses is a livelihood too, you dumb fucking wagecuck

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Why do you live in NYC if 1600 is expensive for you?

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I already have a civil service position with the state government.

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got em

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Imgine being such a faggot like OP
you don't want to pay your bills.
Why don't you make more money OP and stop being a poor faggot ?
Also I'm going to have to ask you to go Back

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Cope harder faggot.

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