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That even just 2,500-5,000 link will be enormous stacks.

Link looks like it is going to do what all the autists here have figured out. You don't think you have enough because you are literally comparing your stacks to others on this board with 20-50k.... but we are such a ridiculously small group of people who have figured this out.

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nulinker cope

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cope if you dont have at least one million links youre not going to make it at all.

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everyone laugh at this coping depigmented shitskin lmao

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I just made a thread right now on being chipped and this isn’t an organic thread I made this thread months ago

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Too bad 63 link isn't enough to make it...

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42 has always been the bare minimum

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I wish I had just bought 2K instead of 1k. Grinding up 300 more has been less satisfying. My punishment for not fully believing

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OP is right. We are all in this together.

50link =$5,000 @100$ ea
500link =$50,000 @100$ ea
1000link =$100,000 @100$ ea
10,000link =$1,000,000 @100$ ea

So you want 1k eoy? Multiply those amounts by 10.


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I don't believe sub 1k stacks are real. It's just anons LARPing and jerking each other off to make their actual stacks seem bigger.

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There are a MASSIVE amount of wallets with like <10link in them

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I only have 143. If I just get an extra grand off this, I’m happy as fuck.

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I had 1k... sold 50 for swipe due to self deprication.

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Dude 1k link doesn't even put you in the top 10,000 wallets, and there's like 200,000 wallets total.

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I bought 4 link tooday :)