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thats it boys. thats fucknig it!!!

get your sui stack 25k xrp or buy rope.

link marines will be coping in disbelief.

check in stack size and entry

$.215 and 50k

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XLM their smolest holding

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I though 10k was suicide. What is a make it stack and what is f u money?

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Holy shit
Lawsuits dismissed too. Its just beginning to moon


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>tfw 1000~ XRP
Will I ever make it lads?

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2k xrp @.17

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Maybe when Fednow goes live between 2023-2025

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anon, a suicide stack is whatever you personally feel is enough so that you dont end your own life

for me it's 50 million, how much for you faggot

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umm... son..??

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We already knew about those that's old news

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Due the Day Change there is the change in USD value. Total AUM for XRP doubled, from what I can see here. The numbers are too small but it's from 3.7M to 6.2M. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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>not a boomer coin
they increased their holdings in btc cash, eth classic, ltc, and surprise surprise, xrp as well.

still don't care.

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lol they have more zcash than XRP, what the hell

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Who are the main backers of Grayscale?

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That's what I said, total AUM doubled for XRP. Fucking stupid nigger.

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which one of u link faggots is thsi?
buy a fucking rope or cope.

2 da moon bay bee. x are pea!

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Salsa on lawsuits dismissed?

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Can I get to $1m on a 5k XRP stack?

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Price is almost same as it was in february

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Mutch more!

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how does 10 mil sound?

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4k @.24
it's all I've got mate, but every bit of money I make in the coming weeks are going towards my stack

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I've only got 2.6k. Don't feel comfortable buying more at this price.

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You might regret that choice.

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buy now or buy rope.

you will be left in disbelief

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