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Will there be a time when 1000 LINK will be considered a "big" stack?

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On twitter that time is already now. You regularly see people talking about their sub 100 stacks.

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You must be kidding.
I mean even $8k is not much and basically everybody should be able to still afford a suicide stack at this point

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Of course people might be lying, and the link community on twitter doesn't approve of people posting their stacks for bragging/security reasons.
But think of how retarded your average normie or average crypto investor is. What normie just has money lying around, they spend it as soon as they get it. Also they might just not really understand what link could become and so don't go all in.

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Those dubs confirm

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depends on how much you spent on it to get the 1000 linkies but you are going to be reaching at least $10

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first of all, what makes a stack "big" or worthy of praise?

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More than a couple thousand dollars in any particular crypto is an enormous stack for an average retail investor. Stinktards are totally removed from objective reality, and exist in the twilight zone of cult perception.

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I have 5000 LINK and feel better day by day kek

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yes, when LINK reaches $1000 (it will)

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Link is about to fucking pump
Prep for mid double figures
Then a retrace to $12-$13
Then we flex on the normies forever
>pic related

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impressive, very nice

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this but it's great. Without the echo chamber of /biz/ I'd be like my normie friends "investing" $50 at a time

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>that big fat fucking red dildo
kek even with tens/hundreds of millions of dollars of selling pressure, whales can't keep this shit down, it always rebounds right after.

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>this but it's great. Without the echo chamber of /biz/ I'd be like my normie friends "investing" $50 at a time
Exactly. /biz/ is the reason why we make it, and we make it big. NEVER FUCKING SELLING, EVER.

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Most EU countries average sallary is around $20-$40k a year. It's not that weird that people can't afford a suicide stack, so technically people with 1k are already above average.

t. lucky poorfag with a 10k suicide stack

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Using Ethplorer data for ETH addresses with >1 Chainlink token, the mean holding is 4363 and the median is around 100. Given the presence of exchange wallets and the Chainlink team wallets the median is likely a more accurate figure.

>100 link is the average wallet size
t. Second Lieutenant

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>mean 4k
>median 100
jesus, those fat whales off in the distance...

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thanks bro nice to hear that for once. usually you get laughed at if you don't have at least a 10k stack

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Disregard every LINK wallet holding less than 5 LINK and the median will be significantly higher imo

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Tried that, only increases it to 120.
>10: 145
>50: 252
>100: 348
Sitting real fucking comfy with my 16k stack

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Interesting data anon.
Makes me feel less like a LINKlet with my 5000 stack

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You're in the top 5% of all holders >1 link nibba

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I would do the needfull every day if Ranjesh looked like this

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8k is a lot of money right now with the coronacrash going on. Also most people dont understand what link can do unless you spoonfood them and they are willing to throw money away.

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>8k is a lot of money with the corona crash

Maybe if you have bad money management, 8k is peanuts.

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The median networth of people under 35 in the USA is like 12k. So that includes all savings, car, home etc. The average is way higher like 75k. But still. Shows you there are tons of people out there who would be impressed by a 1k stack of link.

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Wait what? There's more people in the 100 - 350 range than the 350+ range?

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Holy shit, we are truly going to make it

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~69500 wallets with >1 link, only 17429 have over 350 link
I don't think you grasp the bottom-heavy nature of link distribution, this image was from June but it's not much different now.

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Kek I used to be a linklet with my 2000

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I got into cryptocurrency last week. Should I put 5000$ into LINK? I know that it's late but I have no idea about what I should do

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0.1 will be a big stack

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Well my $500 is now worth $15,000 so I think yes I’ll just enjoy living in my twilight zone

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For you

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For maximum comfy, realize the people with 6 figure stacks are already near or over 7 figures in fiat...and they aren’t selling.