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I really don't get the point of this board, I thought this was supposed to be a place to discuss business and finance, judging by it's name, but when I come here all I see is a fucking shitshow. All you talk about are crypto shitcoins, "pump" and "dump" schemes, ponzi schemes, people literally playing and gambling with money and absolutely nothing about real business or finance. Is there anywhere you can go to actually talk about business and finance?

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stay poor lol

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Here's how it works:
You pump, and we dump.
Such is the way of the world.

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everyone on this board will talk business and finance with you, you just have to make your own threads to do so.

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There's nothing wrong with this boarsd, you're the only motherfucker that appears to have a problem. Either lurk moar or gtfo faggot

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Do you even own a business? Or do you spend all day playing with virtual money? Where do you even get your money from?

Show me the real business threads then.

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There is a rare thread every so often on actual business, real estate, etc.
Otherwise the only good threads here are on stocks and precious metals. The rest is shilling shitcoin garbage.

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> has never tasted the sweet sweet rush of crypto gains

nobody gives a fuck about boomer stocks or real word boring-ass business bullshit, there are literal autistic NEETS making millions of dollars on pretend internet money, if you don't understand this you won't understand 'this board'

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That's a man.

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>coming to 4chan to have a serious business discussion

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Name one board who's culture actually matches the title of the board

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My shitcoin gambling habit is subsidized by the taxpayer.


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Whaddya wanna talk about? Keep in mind this board is smarter than you think.

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actually a lot of blue boards actually discuss what they are about. Only this blueboard is almost 70% crypto. 4chan could benefit by having a containment board specifically for crypto

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You could always go back to reddi

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This is really fucking sad, what is wrong with these people? What motives someone to spend their time talking about fake, useless virtual money?

I don't care about your crypto shitcoin bullshit, I can understand that something like Ethereum has value because it provides a way of payment and actually serves the purpose of a decentralized platform for programming, but all you talk about are useless shitcoins, you're just a gamer who games with money instead of video games.

What tax money from the government are you getting?

Tell me something about real finance, how does it work, what are the news, what do people do.

They really need a containment board.

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You came to the darkest, most foul neet, incel fucking wasteland on the internet and complain that you can't find viable business advice?? The retard is you my friend

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This board has produced countless millionaires, why do you want it to change?

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honestly most of this board are too lazy or autistic or poor enough to start a business. the current "meta" is crypto because it's the easiest way to get rich without putting in a lot of effort or starting capital. if you're a boomer however you can go to thefastlaneforum.com and talk with other boomers to discuss business and finance with. you'll get boomer-tier knowledge though. /smg/ /pmg/ /ptg/ is also kind of good but wallstreetbets beats it. also most of the people who used to talk business and finance before 2016 quit the board cause they've already made it in 2017 with "shitcoins" and "virtual money" however.

this, the smart fags don't actually post often though. i bet you there's 100+ people on this board with 20M+ net worth

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>Tell me something about real finance, how does it work, what are the news, what do people do
Lmao it sounds like you have literally nothing to contribute to a discussion about finance, so why are you even bitching about any of this?

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there were some good discussions as the FED was starting to ramp shit up but now the American economy is such a joke it's not worth discussing. we're about to go into a robotic revolution, business ideas are shaky at best. with stocks being this volatile crypto pumps are the only chance to make it for some people.

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Never mind you are just a retard.

Thread over fellas, let's pack it up.

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Imagine hopping on this bait
All fields

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>what is wrong with these people? What motives someone to spend their time talking about fake, useless virtual money?
are you talking about the dollar or???

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guys i can't use my own brain to research finance, i've never heard of leddit, can you make it all a bit easier for me to understand? maybe some leddit style stuff in here? please?

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>Tell me something about real finance, how does it work, what are the news, what do people do.
okay, yikes
leave and never come back

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These people don't really want to work, just some lazy fucks who want to play their way into richness.

Every single day there's some startup getting millions of dollars in investment, why do those people think that the only way to make money is crypto shit?

The dollar is legal tender, your shitcoins are no different than video game money. Also they're considered virtual assets, not currency, so you're completely fucked in the way you deal with taxes.

So this board is full of cucks too? What a surprise.

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This is the the crypto containment board you fucking newscum.

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That's a man

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Where's the real business and finance forum then?

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>hairy chewbecca arms

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You're 100% right. Before crypto, the board was still trash though. If your goal is to learn about investing and finance, there is nothing to be gained from coming here.

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Her arms are perfect.

Fuck off.

Where do you go to talk about actual business and finance?

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Gotta filter through the shit man, because there's some absolute gems hiding in plain sight

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>losing the opportunity of buying crypto this early
10 years or so from now you’ll see why you are a fucking retard

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Can you show me an example of any gem hidden in this shithole?

Yeah in 10 years I'll be a millionare from all the profits of my business, while you'll be a retard playing with fake virtual money with no skills, like you are today.

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fuck u retard im not looking to run a business i want to be rich

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There really should be a board called /nig/. So people know what they're getting into

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Many such cases

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First thing I noticed was the mustache

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fuck off and never come back

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Oh no no no no no.

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Nigger the entire economy is holding by a string of freshly pump bills. Next year your shitty business will go through the biggest depression the whole world has ever gone through. I hope you start your business and lose it all anon, you seriously deserve it.

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if you want to be a gay faggot slave they already have a board for you

>>>/lgbt/ ->

goodbye nigger

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Get fucked faggot, it doesn't matter if they keep printing money if all your money is already invested in real assets, who cares if money printer goes brrr if your yatch is still the same, your mansion is still the same, and your land is still the same no matter how much money they print?

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Nice try newfag. If you can't own the whole board, just make your own board. Honestly crypto board would be fun because we only expect crypto. No boomers fuding, no buy gold/silver threads. No more "Muh stocks are better".

Y the fuck would u want to stay here?

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i hope blm burns down ur business and then we can vote for them to beat all charges in kleros court

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Wrong, dumb, gay, and new.

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Small businesses are going to be driven to extinction by the sheer economy of scale and human algorithmic replacement of the 4IR. /biz/ doesn't discuss them because it comes through to the consequences of this conclusion instinctively as a neural network of autism, even if most don't articulate it that way.

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>Implying I'm from JewSA.
Europe is not burning down businesses, and private security is pretty cheap.

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Yes anon you are always correct. I stand absolutely btfo. Pls continue to belittle my intelligence, i like dirty talk.

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>I don't get the point of this board
Ok, then fuck off faggot. There's multi millions to be made here if you have a brain. Kys

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>and absolutely nothing about real business or finance
biz is the get rich the easy way discussion board which is understandable and doable by socially retarded neets

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Maybe you should try somewhere that isn't an anime imageboard. Or you could go to /qa/ and whine to the chink. Or you could just make a thread about your fucking tortilla chip warmer idea and stop being such a bitch.

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Ew gross wtf. OP's pick makes me think about what life's worth living for, your pic has a gross, manish face

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Good because I forgot poor.

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Yeah just keep playing with fake virtual money that you buy with real money, you'll "make it".

Where do you go to actually talk about business and finance?

Where to go?

This. If you have lived your life and have not achieved my OP pic, you'll have been a failure.

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I thought /biz/ was created because of the crypto threads and spam

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How about you figure something out for yourself for once in your retarded life.

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We can talk about FUND which is a business on the blockchain

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since for some reason nobody has fully explained it to you OP, this board was literally created because /g/ was being overrun by crypto faggots. so yes, this is in fact the crypto containment board.

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I just ignore 95% of the threads and I'm good

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since this looks like the off topic shitposting thread, and I'm pretty drunk/unproductive for the next hour or so

>just sold a shopify store I made in march, that only had $10k revenue, for $5k USD (was honestly a shit niche, my competitors were paying fucking kylie jenner to shill their shit). Only put about 20 hours into it, the vast majority of business operations were automated and outsourced.
>Just made another brand in a niche/product line that has absolutely dogshit competition, despite being in a really competitive space (kitchen + cooking).
High ticket versions of this product literally sell for thousands of dollars, but most are between $50-100, with good ones being like $200-400. There's just no one really going out there and marketing this shit online. If I can crack $10k/week with this I'm going to private label a bunch and handle my own fulfillment in NA (just currently dropshipping a quality product with a dogshit profit margins to test the waters with limited risk). I found a supplier who can make it for $2-5/unit, where most wholesalers sell them for $30-50.
>used to sell wholesale products on ebay/amazon before both those platforrms went to shit
>ran various service businesses in my city when I was younger

tl;dr, drunk af ecomm idiot, ama

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Shitcoins ARE biz + finance anon. When we all get rich off frog-posting on an inner mongolian Kleros board, you know we'll rule worlds.

>> No.20886502

Fuck, I didn't know that.

Why did you go into ecommerce and dropshipping when the field is dominated by Amazon? What are your qualifications?

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>special Indian Edition

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/biz/ is just for shitposting. You're taking things too seriously, nigger.

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hey im thinking about starting a brand. already got the name and philosophy (also am artist) - have some designs rn. what tips do you have? how do you get brand recognition? ads? facebook mainly or are there other platforms?

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Forget internet ads, it's a waste of money, you'll get botted into oblivion by some Indian bot farm and lose all your money. If you want brand recognition and ads pay some Youtuber to shill it for you, keep in mind I used the term YoutubeR, don't pay anything to Youtube's ad platform. Facebook is a boomer platform, pay some Instagram influencer to shill your product or brand instead.

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>people literally playing and gambling with money
>absolutely nothing about real business or finance
you're telling me there's a difference?

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The best way to gain wealth will be crypto for at least another decade; none of your bullshit actually matters;

> All I see is a shitsjow
The board brings out the the reality of business and finance; a cruel world were you basically scam yourself into wealth ; there is no other way; or do you think selling a product for $10 when you buy it for $2 is in some way fair ? All successful businesses must scam ; be greedy ; set up schemes ; gamble risk and play ; that's how you make it in the real world and that's why biz made more millionaires than any other internet place.

>> Muh real business;
Lmao kid doesn't know how the real world works

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ok thanks for the tip

>> No.20887198

Where do you think you are?

>> No.20887249

Well maybe it doesnt matter to you because it isnt boomer stocks but i have made 250k$ thanks to this board and i will be a millionaire this year.

>> No.20887280

there are stock market generals if you dont enjoy dabbling in wild crypto speculation

>> No.20887288

There isn't; obviously you really don't know anythig about business;

I give you a simple example;

A successful toy company; 50million USD yearly turnover ; 25mil profit;

>> Underpays employees in the factory scamming them so they have to work forever
>> Buys cheap plastics from China scamming his country
>> The CEO makes 100x the factory worker (exploiting)
>> Took over another failing toy manufacturer for a exploiting scamming price; that man is now homeless;
>> Sells plastic crap to lil kids; basically the only thing he adds to the world is plastic pollution
>> Exploits kids on TV with brainwashing ads

Do I have to go on ?

Crypto is less bad than 90pct of capitalistic companies and endeavours

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You make money by building a business not dealing with boomers stocks and much less fake virtual money.

I'm talking about actually building a business, not buying stock.

>> No.20887373

many people here make more money from crypto than traditional business & faster too. this is finance. this is the contemporary world. look around you. the office is dead. homeworking will become the norm. fiat money is on the way out. this board is unironically more business & finance in the contemporary sense than anywhere els. op you're living in the past, if you've found biz I suggest you stop being a raging faggot and actually pay attention to some of these "pump & dump" internet money threads. you'll thank me for it later

>t. up 1.4m on link & about to repeat this on sta

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How is it fake when you can buy real stuff with it? Just got a new computer with my "fake internet money".

>> No.20887501

jesus christ you’re either trolling or are legitimately 30 iq

>> No.20887639

What's your point? Capitalism bad? You're missing the entire point of the thread. If you want to make money you have to build a business, how you will build it is your choice, but you sure won't achieve anything by playing with fake virtual money.

Disclose your profits then, in real money that you have actually managed to withdraw, not fake virtual money.

It's fake because it is not legal tender, the moment a business stops accepting your fake virtual asset, you can't do business with them anymore. Good for any business that stops accepting the legal tender.

>> No.20887703

>but you sure won't achieve anything by playing with fake virtual money.

you clearly are a dumb person if you think crypto is "fake virtual money" in 2020.

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the FED is going to run the printing pess until 2023 and tho dollar is estimated to drop up to 35pct in purschasing power.

Pic related is the money you hold purchasing power on a chart.

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ok stay poor while the solution is right in front of you but you don't want to see it cause you are

- tech illiterate
- don't know how money works
- don't know how banks work
- dont know how businesses work

>> muh shitcoin gamblers

lmao. im done, bye.

>> No.20887813

you are retarded. unless you absolutely need money why cash out? you think fiat money is safer right? I'd rather have 90% of my wealth sitting in crypto right now than sitting in a bank. what's your financal status? ie how much do you earn, how much do you have in the bank, in other assests etc? BE HONEST

>> No.20888108

Read: >>20885488

>tech illiterate
I'm a computer scientist and run a software business, meanwhile you click buttons on a screen playing with virtual money and somehow you think you're a "tech guy".

I make 6 figures range, the majority of my money is invested in real assets that I own, not stock, the rest is used for cash flow.

>> No.20888189

>I'm a computer scientist and run a software business
and you still don't understand crypto? kek. Yeah I understand why your business is failing.

>> No.20888228

I understand it and that's exactly why I don't invest on it, there are much better and more profitable ways to invest and make money.

>> No.20888238

>there are much better and more profitable ways to invest and make money.
there aren't. later

>> No.20888279

What did you invest in where you beat my 20X over the last 2 years?

>> No.20888303

It's not about the value of your assets dude, it's gonna destroy the society around you. Who the fuck is gonna buy your gay boat when people are getting poorer as a whole.

>> No.20888311

I think he's larping at this point. Bitcoin wint from under a dollar to $20k in 10 years. there is no investment that even comes close. anyone claiming the things he claims is a larp troll

>> No.20888312

He is right. I made a thread about vending business and got some good replies. Another made a thread about ice cream truck. The good ones will talk about it. The pajeets will always shit

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everything is a ponzi
you just have to embrace it
that's it

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Now fuck off

>> No.20888421

Sure, keep gaming while I keep making money.

I invested my work in my business, and with the profits bought real assets, nothing beats 0 to 1. But I'm curious, how is your 20X? Have you ever managed to withdraw 20X of your invested money and how are your figures? Or are you talking about virtual money X20 sitting in more virtual money?

I didn't buy the "boat" to sell it, I use it.

Every single week there is someone cashing out of a million dollar business getting acquired by a billion dollar corporation, with profits of over X100,000, and it doesn't take 10 years.

>> No.20888429

ok boomer

>> No.20888477

kek, made me chuckle

>> No.20888485

larperino du larps I am a software business owner and computer scientist in 2020 and have never sent, received or cashed out crypto

>> No.20888521

Why is OP so salty? Is this a thinly veiled bobo thread? You wanna make us sell our coins OP? BUY THEM IN 20 YEARS KEK

>> No.20888571

mister holier than thou business owner, why are you trying to lecture this board`?

>> No.20888575

So you haven't beaten my 20X, didn't think so.
cope and seethe more weirdo

>> No.20888611

I have tested crypto since before Ethereum became a thing, never invested on it because it is not an efficient way to invest. If you are a NEET with no skills then gaming with crypto might be attractive, but not for me.

I have beaten your 20X, I went from 0 to 1. Are you illiterate?

I don't care about your fake virtual shit, that's why I started this thread.

I'm not trying to lecture anyone, I just want to find a place where you can actually discuss business and finance.

>> No.20888631

he's a faggot boomer who is quickly realizing nobody gives a shit about him
its quite sad

>> No.20888670

Lol, I have a job too moron. I turn 0 to 1 every two weeks in the form of a big fat silicon valley paycheck.
You're a moron.
inb4 some retarded argument where it doesn't count unless you start your own business.

>> No.20888709

look dude, if you're not trolling, you clearly don't fit in here, and can't seem to grasp anything that we're saying, so just go somewhere else. this place is not for you & trying to argue against it isn't going to get you anywhere. just go

>> No.20888731

>you're just a gamer who games with money instead of video games.
And this is our board, now if you want to have boomer discussions, fuck off to boomers forums, Internet is full of them.

>> No.20888805

You turn 0 to 1 and that's good, but as an employee how much you can turn is capped by your salary, also your taxes as an employee are very inefficient.

Awesome, it's really a pleasure to read that I do not fit in with the likes of you, could you point me to somewhere I can go and discuss actual business and finance?

Full of them? I can't find even a single one.

>> No.20888815

>Full of them? I can't find even a single one.

>> No.20888839

Just checked it and all I see are memes, seems like a shithole, any other suggestions?

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Do not forget that LINK is the chosen coin




>> No.20888921

Reddit, or in my country (France) we have many specialized website for serious stock discussions. Check in your native language.
My point is, /biz/ is a 4chan boards with it's load of autistics weebo maga retards, and we are proud of it, we don't want normal fags to flood us.

>> No.20889035

I don't have any problems with weebs, the problem I have is with a board being called "business and finance" when it should be called "crypto schemes".

Do you know of any website in English?

>> No.20889061

who cares about the board's name? it was created to contain crypto and it does it's job. if you want to make a "serious" business/finance related thread you'll get all the replies you want

stop crying and have sex

>> No.20889150

This faggot OP nocoiner still posting and convincing us to sell our coins. OP, if you wanna neck yourself you gotta do it by yourself. Kek.

>> No.20889216

listen this board is inclusive, not exclusive. everyone is welcome, & everyone is accepted, no matter who they are, how much of a missfit they've become, or how much they've fucked up/been rejected by the normal world. the problem here is not the board, but your closed mind. you are stuck in what is a very narrow and outdated view of "business & finance." there's no point arguing with you to try & show you that in actual fact, crypto is the most relevant aspect of finance today, and that it will be the single most important factor for business in the coming years, because your mind is too closed to even here ideas foreign to it

>> No.20889291

The problem is not discussing crypto, the problem is the entire board being flooded with it at over 90% of the threads made. Yet it is named "business and finance", I just wish there would be a board for actual business and finance discussion and crypto limited to a cap of 20% of the threads or even banned.

>> No.20889297

>I just wish there would be a board for actual business and finance discussion
you are posting on it right now retard

>> No.20889334

I'm sure this is bait at this point but if not, dude this is 4channel not Reddit. the 90% of shit is made to keep normies out. if you lurk more you'd notice that there are plenty of high q threads on wider topics

>> No.20889396

Can you point me to those threads?

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>> No.20889430


>> No.20889441

>waaah this board isn’t what I want to be and discusses things I don’t like
This board of this board and 4chan in general is that it is anything you want it to be, literally all you need to do is make a thread and the discussion will come. If you make a boring low iq whinge thread, all you will is attract low iq whingers. Make an interesting thread and you will get interesting discussion

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>> No.20889507

I have bad news for you
>we are unironically making money here

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File: 27 KB, 915x744, new business idea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is there anywhere you can go to actually talk about business and finance?
Yes there is, but you may need to start a thread to do it.
I remember helping a plumber get more business using the technique of sharing customers with non competing friendly businesses.

I highly recommend you look at crypto though, 99% are scams the good ones change the world though.

Have you tried to build any businesses anon?

>> No.20889516


Maybe develop the most basic of information sourcing skills, i've heard it can really help with Business and Finance

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Well said anon, based fren is based

>> No.20889576

What do you not understand about 0% crypto tax. Fucking faggot hasn’t moved to Portugal yet

>> No.20889594

This board was literally made in 2014 because people where discussing too much crypto on /g/.
Go and lurk more, I'm cringing so hard reading your newfag shitshow, this place here is probably the best board on 4chan if you aren't a narcissitic retard

>> No.20889626

Yes read my other posts.

My taxes are already highly optimized with offshore.

Yes I'm a newfag on this shithole, that's why I'm surprised by the dissonance between the title and what the board actually looks like.

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>> No.20889764

Honestly retard, lurk more, if you have a question make a thread, atm crypto is the biz meta. But when that changes the board will change too.

>> No.20889843

Wow introductory level textbooks

>> No.20889915

join the club

>> No.20889972

Just perfect...

>> No.20890787

so you study to become the outspurced accountant? noice job runshiieet.